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17-29 please :)))

17. You can press a button that will make any one person explode. Who would you blow up?

      ♔ Myself, tbh.

18. Who would you really like to just punch in the face?

       ♔ Tyler, because why with that face I can’t hahaahahaha jk jk

19. If anyone could be your slave for a day, who would it be and what would they have to do?

      ♔ caesarsley HAHAAHAHAHAHA I would like you to fix my life. jk jk

20. What is your best physical attribute? (showing said attribute is optional)

      ♔ I don’t have none. Oooh, double negative.

21. If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?

      ♔ I will look just like my father.

22. Do you have a secret talent? If yes, what is it?

      ♔ I can eat fast. I don’t chew I just swallow. Like pacman. Or something. IS THAT A TALENT THO???

23. What is one unique thing you’re afraid of?

      ♔ This will sound realstupid but I’m scared of the idea of bluetooth and how the fucking file is being transferred. It’s really frustrating that I’m scared of this.

24. You can only have one kind of sandwich. Every sandwich ingredient known to humankind is at your disposal.

      ♔ I’d definitely put cheesedog there, lots of cheese, mushroom, chili con carne thingy, potato chips, yeah that’s it.

25. You just found $100! How are you going to spend it?

      ♔ Food. Pizza, most def. Fries. other variations of potato. idk food bruh food.

26. You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, but you have to leave immediately. Where are you going to go?

      ♔ Greece.

27. An angel appears out of Heaven and offers you a lifetime supply of the alcoholic beverage of your choice. “Be brand-specific” it says. Man! What are you gonna say about that? Even if you don’t drink booze there’s something you can figure out… so what’s it gonna be?

      ♔ I don’t drink that much and I only know of a few, San Mig Light na lang. HAHAHAHAAHAH

28. You discover a beautiful island upon which you may build your own society. You make the rules. What is the first rule you put into place?


29. What is your favorite expletive?

      ♔ fuck (and other variations)

cuddles and shit // buke

Beatrice was currently waiting for Luke to come to her house so they could cuddle. She had the two one year old’s on her bed as she was playing with them. “You are too cute.” She told them both with a big smile on her face.

Check out this playlist on @8tracks: Gonna Get My Canteen Filled and all that by shinofdestruct.

  1. Old Piano by Frou Frou
  2. It’s Easy-Eeeee To Be Full Of Shit And Look Good In Black by Giraffes? Giraffes!
  3. Year of Silence by Crystal Castles
  4. Mirror, Mirror by Dr. Dog
  5. Coat Check Dream Song by Bright Eyes
  6. O, Porcupine by mewithoutYou
  7. Split Like a Lip, No Blood on the Beard by Buke and Gase
  8. Too Old to Die Young by Timber Timbre
  9. Infinite Power by Krill
  10. Lump Sum by Bon Iver
  11. Year of Our Lord by Sufjan Stevens
  12. How Long by the Soil & the Sun
  13. Blow Your Mind by Langhorne Slim
  14. Galileo by Indigo Girls
  15. I Won’t Be Found by The Tallest Man on Earth
  16. Get Away Song by Rye ’n Clover
  17. The Sound by Human Highway
  18. Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind, More Ash) by Anathallo
  19. Magic Trick by M. Ward
That 'Feeling KO'
  • Convo w/ MP.
  • Me:Sayang talaga kayo..
  • Her:...
  • Me:Feeling ko talaga mga someday saka siya aamin, yung kumukuha pa siya ng courage and strength di 'ba?
  • Her:Feeling ko- ay feeling mo...
  • HAHAHAHAHA ano? buking ka no? hahaha

nagugulat na lang ako sa mga taong napapadpad sa blog ko. like waht, SCHOOLMATE KOOOOOOOOOOOOO?! pano nangyari yon? -_- Sinooooooooooo? Ni hindi nga ako madaldal sa personal account ko sa Facebook na may blog ako tapos ughhhhhhhhhhhh. DI MAG-SINK IN SAKIN UGH. nakakaloka. buking na mga kalandian ko. haha hays. si Riojie lang naman may alam ng url ko eh, kaiyaaaaaaaaaaaaak :/


Došlo je od gore ka dole, tako bojažljivo
čuvao je sve konce u ruci nimalo sigurno
a polako, kad je vatra došla, u bujici promjene
znao sam, i pored teksta, da je palo na mene,

Bilo je nekad davno, kad se preselila kod Ane
da je kupila sve što je mogla, da ne primijeti da su same
ali nisu mogli ćuti tišinu od buke opsade
kao sjeme mraka u danu noći, palo je na mene.

I nekada u maju, pod daskama crnoga broda
pod zelenim jedrom, pjenom plave i crvenilom svoda
ruka se grči, ka meni trči, traže valove
i u ljuljanju, i u ćutanju, žali se na mene.

Nisam nikad znao da će me toliko pogoditi
sve one parade i lica, što ću morati voditi
ali kad su karte pale, nije bilo zamjene
koja god da je scena bila, bila je na mene.

Sklonili su štaku iza ugla, sad je morao pasti
tako je i trebalo biti, nije mogao dobiti koliko je mogao krasti
i dalje mislim o svakoj noći, mislim na tebe
i svaka misao, i svaka suza, je pala na mene.

I stvorenja noći i sve što znaš u sebi
hipnoze svih strijela lakog okreta, zakrivljenog meni,
postoje pjesme koje ljudi ne pjevaju, teške, olovne
znaj, te pjesme padaju na mene,

-Berin Češkić  

Yes you have some white folk backing you and you don’t want to face them because nothing is worse for a black man than to be humiliated by white folk. I know all about that too; ole doc’s been ‘buked and scorned and all of that. I just don’t sing about it in chapel, I know about it. But you’ll get over it; its foolish and expensive and a lot of dead weight. You let white folk worry about pride and dignity–you learn where you are and get yourself power, influence, contacts with powerful and influential people–then stay in the dark and use it!
—  Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

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hello ^____________^ how was you day?

This morning I felt great! I exercised, I rode my buke for almost and hour and then went to the beach and read my book. But then my mom got home and we had a terrible row, and now she doesn’t talk to me. So.. I guess it wasn’t such a good day.


  me te bukura kujtime
qe i kam ne zemren time
je vendlindja ime
ato rruge,shtepi me gur
me lulekuqe per mbi mur
nuk i harroj kurr

nje cop buke me pak sheqer
vrapoja me femijet tjere
e lire si flutur
me priste nana te dera
buke e pjekur m'vinte era

aaa isha e lumtur

aa shtepi e vjeter
s'do te doja asgje tjeter
perseri une prane te isha
ah sikur te ish e mundur
si at'her te jem e lumtur
dhe dy prindet prane ti kisha

te kujtoj ty moj nane
sofren sa her e shtroj
me behreqetin plot
po shijen e bukes tane
as nje her nuk e kerkoj
buka e nanes ma e mira ne bote

aaa shtepi e vjeter
s'do te doja asgje tjeter
perseri une prane te isha
ah sikur te ish e mundur
si at'her te jem e lumtur
dhe dy prindet prane ti kisha


It’s beginning to look a lot like summer

Lickestra is a musical licking performance by Emilie Baltz at the intersection of food design and smart objects developed in collaboration with smart object designer Carla Diana and composer Arone Dyer of Buke&Gase.

Old Diary entry #1

I dont care about you
you’re just a fuck
just a pretty smile
your buke acne bothers me
your attitude is slap worthy
your laugh shakes a babies rattle
my jokes are funnier
maybe you are more self deprecating
maybe im too confident
but you havent seen me like that
you’ve never seen the lonely me at all
its a fucked up kind of understanding
if you saw the darkest me it would probably turn you on
if i have one regret its that i did change myself
condition myself to a degree
ever since I was a child
It was pushed on me constantly that I would never be happy the way I was
my attitude sucked
I was rude and selfish
I tried to be a vegetarian
I tried to be a sympathy humaniser
when I should of been a fouth mouthed symphony
instead of a synthesiser
adapting to my surroundings
sociopathic 11 year old
acting always
always acting
I thought my dream girl didnt exist
I thought my other half was the voice in my head
I thought she slit her wrists when I was 7
now im glad the neutral blood didnt quite soak my bed
or the milk in the hotel minifridge i used to masturbate over you
you were winning
you were germinating while I was modifying
now that ive met you I dont know how to be
what to do
Ive lost a part of myself that I dont think I can ever get back
but you are definitly showing me something
my lifes been one long running gag and the biggest irony is that you will probably see some of my behaviour as an attempt at being you
or being close to you
when really you are reteaching the 13 year old in me to be himself
and not to let people put scars on his body
and not to pretend he doesnt want to fuck his teacher
and not pretend he doesnt hate his family
and not to pretend he doesnt find every fucker a fucker and hate them too
and also you are validating the 21 year old in me
making me wholey responsible
making me make myself bleed truth
Act 1 is over
the teenage idiot savant has grown up
and a camera and a stage are my only playgrounds now
you have brought me clarity
my eyes aren’t closed anymore
no longer are they fixed
my eyes are rolling around in my skull like a ball in a bingo cage
which number comes out doesnt matter
its no longer all just matter
its no longer a tiresome myriad of bother  then anger then repression
just wait and see what I can really do
and tell me you arent impressed
ill cum twice and you’ll cum 5 times and we’ll say thats even
even our biology says you’re entitled to more
in a society where an orgasm is no longer a tool for breeding
we must evolve as men, me must evolve our genitalia
all the femdomist poetry in the world couldnt change my mind
ill forcibly fuck jack and cum in his dyke blonde hair
and she can write a poem about it
and it will be exactly like wire in a fire
effortless to ignore
but definitly there
ill tune out
tune out
tune out
zone out away from the rhymes on your tongue
destroy myself every night with the ink tipped bullets of my pen shaped gun
deface the statue just to do it why not
everybody else is doing it
im sick of people breaking eye contact with me when i walk past them on the street
fucking look at me cunt i want to feel your soul burn my soul for a second thats all
I dont want to fight or fuck
I said
look how aesthetically compatible we are right now
we both got up this morning and decided to dress exactly the same
and thats not enough for you to treat me like a person?
turqoise and pink is everywhere
I like your hair
thanks yours too
or rather we like that chemical
i love you or did my dick just inject you with oxytocin
i hate you or did I just do what I wanted to do
i desire you or do I just sing nice
i want you well you cant have me im mine
i am belonging over here right now
far away from that black hole
i will fade into white not black
it annoys your eyes more
these are my goals
make enough money to be able to sometimes splurge and not die of malnourishment
have enough sex
and swim high enough to be happy in the cesspool that your moral great ancestors throat was cut in and his cousin with ethical hepititis was vaccinated in and we didnt bother to boil the needles and knives
to save or destroy lives with words and music and paint
id say im doing pretty well but im not quite there yet
i havent killed a man before but you could make me culpable
stop asking me for a dollar
stop smoking durries in the park and writing songs about it
stop listening to the red man telling you to stop
tune out

I like it how you keep on thinking about someone and remember those old days and suddenly they just appear in front of you. Lately i’ve been thinking about the time when i started working in TRU, my first job. How can i be so loyal with them, i have no idea. I really hate to see people come and go but that is life. Especially when they comeback and visit😢 Jom buke buase same-same lagi? #photogrid @photogridorg