Just Like Heღven || A Nick and Dani Valentine's Day Special >>-|)-->

 ღAt 18:00 in Provence, in a chateau by the sea, upstairs there is Nicholas Dunbar; seventeen and a bit of a bat caver. Raised in the Cote d'Azur by English musicians. His accent is a mixture of Suburban English and Southern French, but he pronounces all of his ‘h’s’ and listens to Punk and New Romanticism. He lived by the words of Joy Division, wrote love poems inspired by the Cure, punched walls to Black Flag, The Sex Pistols, and the Ramones. Does homework to the Clash, and thinks to Patti Smith. The Police was for the beach and Bow wow wow was a very good day. Nicholas (Goes by Nick) preferred 1960s Kubrick flicks to the modern Fright Night specials like Friday the 13th and Jaws. He loves Dawn of the Dead, Psycho, A Clockwork Orange, Rosemary’s Baby, the Shining, Carrie, and Eyes without a Face. Nick rather walk than drive or ride a bike, he likes dogs and cats for different reasons and has an issue with spiders but not Scorpions, although he is no fan of the sun, the warmth of the Mediterranean he grew up in was a comfort to him, he wanted to wear layers by choice not because he wanted to. The Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop were the only music from his parents days that he really liked, sometimes he liked old Bowie but modern Bowie was too cheesie. Uncle David is a nice guy but Dancing in the Street was an embarrassment he could have avoided. Nick read Rimbaud, Poe, Nabokov, Ginsberg, Hugo, Bukawski, Burgess, and when no one was looking he was hooked on Austen and Colette. American Ice Cream and Candy and Soft Drinks were devoured by him, and sometimes he liked to spend a lot of time with his family, have serious talks with his dad, shop with his mom, and sail with his sisters, ride horses with his brothers and then most of all…he was hopelessly, thoughtlessly, and carelessly in love with Dandelion Angela Richards.

It was typical yes, the girl next door his best friend in the whole entire world but can you blame him? She’s gorgeous looking like a selkie, gentle but can be firm when necessary, has extraordinary music taste and finds the best bootleg, can hold a conversation without losing interest with his, she listens and speaks but not too much and she’s honest. She smells like a little girl and a flower shop, the Razzle Queen, always something sweet in her mouth. No one at their school understood their fascination with American Culture, but they didn’t care, they knew what was good what was raw. Their simplicity probably was inherited from their environment, the French only need love, sex, food, and the arts to satisfy them.

As he fixes his waistcoat and slicks his hair back with gel, Nicholas begins to think about his sweet Dandelion. He has loved her always, even before he understood the romantic definition of love rather than the platonic. He has always been jealous by every man who dared to even look at her, he threatened Guy Lecroix for asking her out.

He had to admit, he’s a bit possessive and very jealous. For the most part Nick is an easy going and kind natured guy, but when it comes to his Dani, if she’s in harms way or some man looks at her in an inappropriate way or a way that shows that they are even slightly interested; Nick hulks out, he becomes threatening and very envious, it doesn’t look like Dani likes that very much it bothers her, and that scares him because he could lose her easily to that side of him.

He bit his lip and shook his head. He studied his attire for the dance, the dance will be in the town square, they’ll be flowers and wreaths and lanterns, all ready for the celebration of love. Nick didn’t plan on he and Dani staying long, midway through the dance he planned on taking her away not to their special place but to somewhere else, and hoping the night will end with something very special, he told his dad all about it and agreed it sounded fantastic. But now the young gent was nervous, he kept reentering that fear of losing her.

He was throwing it away again and took a deep breath, his parents and everyone was at Dani’s house, they all were going to gather for pictures, apparently they all saw this day coming. With a deep breath he closed the door, left the house and headed over to the Villa.