forgive yourself. whether you fail a test, eat too many cookies, say the wrong thing, fail a class, or spend a whole day in bed — learn to forgive yourself. the next day will be better. the next day will be a day closer to your next success. you can do it.

tag urself as a student type

coffee: always frantic, has a crammed schedule, never stops consuming caffeine, will agree to go to a party even if they have a six a.m. shift the next day

bujo: organized, likes to makes lists and keep track of things, plans outfit the night before, stresses when they get a grade less than a B

oops: stopped caring in the third grade, somehow manages to get okay grades, never studies, kind of lazy, would eat Waffle House at 3 in the morning

sweatshirt: is trying as hard as they possibly can, has to study and work hard for their grades, constantly stressing, has social anxiety, tries to do every extra curricular under the sun

aesthetique: probably vegetarian or vegan, has a “mom jean” 80′s aesthetic, glorifies local cafes, wants to live in Europe, always wants to cut their hair

gothique: black clothes only, still stans my chemical romance, uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism, desperately wants some tattoos, likes the black lipstick look but too shy to do it

It’s okay to romanticise the small things about your day-to-day life. It’s okay to romanticise sleeping in, waking up to the sun tickling your skin. It’s okay to romanticise the texture of fingers against a page. Sometimes to save your day you need to romanticise sitting at a desk and working, or romanticise studying hyped up on coffee. It’s okay to picture yourself as if you were the mc in a movie. Watch yourself go through shit and know that it’s just the climax of your own story, and that while you sit in your room sobbing to sad songs, good things are just around the corner.

Sometimes to be okay or get through the day you need to romanticise the simple things.

getting healthy as a student pt.1

Okay so this year I’ve been on a MISSION to get healthy since previously in year 9 through 10 I was developing extremely unhealthy eating habits and, was overweight, couldn’t perform in sport the way I wanted and was depressed. I know other people want advice as a young student trying to get healthy so here’s how I’ve gotten to where I am.

  1. I stopped buying unhealthy foods.
    Honestly this meant doing my RESEARCH and finding out what is good for my body and what isn’t. Writing a shopping list specific to the meals I knew I was going to make during the week and STICKING to this list. 
  2. I joined sports I liked
    In my case this was going to weekly squash training, going on runs and doing heaps of interval training in my bedroom when I was crushed for time with a heavy workload.
  3. I replaced my granola bars with fruit
    Snacking is something I do! and something that helps me throughout the day but I realised that those protein/granola bars I was eating were LOADED with sugar and were truly not healthy for me! So I stopped buying them!
  4. I found a couple recipes I loved and rotated them!
    It’s about finding alternatives to the things you love and replacing them! e.g. whenever im on my period I halve a wrap, put some pasta sauce and cheese on it and put it on the sandwich press and have that instead of pizza with a heap of veg on the side!! Every now and again I get a heap of new recipes and change it up!
  5. I forgave myself and allowed myself to enjoy unhealthy foods
    This might sound counter intuitive to some but if I’m out with friends, I’ll buy chips and a salad!! I didn’t punish myself for enjoying these treats, it’s just something I ate! I remind myself that I don’t have these things often and move on!
  6. I started walking places
    That local shopping centre you need to go to for some supplies? Walk there! Your school is only a 30 minute walk? Go for it! Or even just going for a walk for the sake of going for a walk! Stuff like that is not only good for the soul, it can VASTLY improve your metabolism!! 
  7. I became calorie conscious
    This meant I became AWARE of how many calories I was eating and how many I should be eating. I don’t count calories by any means, I’m just aware. This helped me realise that by eating ‘clean’ I was actually only eating around 1100 calories which was WAYYYYYY under the amount I should be eating for how active I am so I was able to increase my calories and feel SO much more energetic
  8. I started eating more protein
    So i’m ‘flexitarian’? I guess? I don’t eat meat but I sometimes eat fish when I’m in a bind and I rarely eat dairy. Increasing your protein will speed up your metabolism because the body expends more trying to digest it. I increased my protein by eating a source of protein in every meal, protein powder with breakfast, eggs with lunch and maybe dinner or even with tuna! You DEFINITELY don’t need meat in every meal, that’s not what I’m saying. In fact, eating meat in every meal is very bad for you! Find other ways of incorporating protein, whether it be with yoghurt, eggs or tofu!

Hey! so i just created my very first studygram (shameless self promo @decafstudy follow me) and one of my irl friends saw my stories and posts and asked “How many hours does your day have? ´cause mine only has 24″ and that got me thinking abt how i take the most advantage of my days to make them feel (or look) 48 hours long! Here are a few of the things I incorporate on my daily student life to be more productive!

IF YOUR FIRST CLASS STARTS LATE IN THE MORNING WAKE UP 2 HOURS EARLIER THAN NEEDED i know, am i crazy? ok so here´s the deal. If your first class starts, let´s say, at 11:00 A.M you might be tempted to wake up at 10:00 A.M, get dressed, and head to school. Not only does this create bad habits for when you get assigned a 7:00 A.M class (which will happen) but you lose MANY HOURS OF PRECIOUS TIME. Get your 8-9 hours of sleep and do not let yourself wake up later than needed. My class sometimes starts at 11:30 A.M so i wake up at 8:00 have a nice morning, relax, work out a bit, light up a candle and get ahead on reading and work for school! Your day will start and feel more productive!

NEVER LEAVE CLASS WITH A DOUBT ON YOUR MIND I know this might create anxiety for people who are shy and do not like asking questions during class (i am one of those people) If you feel just too scared to ask during class APPROACH THE TEACHER AFTER CLASS ENDS. as soon as he dismisses class, approach him and ask the question. If you are not able to do so DO NOT STRESS, BUT WRITE THAT QUESTION DOWN ASAP ON A POST IT AND STICK IT YOUR NOTEBOOK. that way you will have the question at hand and you can seek tutoring later and ask, or even ask a friend BUT NEVER LET A QUESTION GO, NEVER think “i will ask it later” BECAUSE YOU WON´T and IT WILL DOOM YOU. This will save so much time when you study, because all your questions will be at hand and you will know what you have to focus on studying.

WHENEVER YOU HAVE FREE TIME, USE IT TO WORK WHILE DOING SOMETHING FUN instead of just diving head first into watching a movie, ask yourself if there is something more productive that you could be doing rn (reading ahead, reviewing, doing extra math exercises) if the answer is yes, then put that movie on mute and work while taking a peek at the movie ever once in a while. This will not only help you with discipline and learning to keep yourself from distractions, but it will occupy your free time in something that your future self will thank you for later on.

NEVER ASSUME THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT LATER again, think in terms of your FUTURE SELF how much would your future self love it if instead of studying 3 days before the exam, you studied a week before it? How much would your future self love it of instead of reading until 12:00 PM tomorrow, you divided the reading between today and tomorrow? never assume that you will have spare time ahead because chances are that you won´t and you will end up with A BUNCH of work that you didn´t do and that you can´t do at the moment. FUTURE SELF THINKING has saved my life.

LEAVE TIME OPEN FOR MENTAL HEALTH/PHYSICAL/RECREATIVE CARE as much as i always put work first, I KEEP MY THERAPIST VISIT AND MY GYM ROUTINE STABLE no matter how much work i have. This helps me feel more balanced and like i am on top of everything, not just school, feeling good=more productivity.

POMODORO TECHNIQUE i know many people know about this but if you don´t, this is basically a studying technique in which you work or study for 25-30 minutes straight NO DISTRACTIONS and then have a 5-6 minute break, and then repeat the process as many hours as you need. This really helps me not get burnt out when I have a heavy load of work. Watching study with me videos on yt is a good way of keeping the pomodoro system going. Some good apps that I use for POMODORO are Forest and Tide.

HAVE AN APP CARPET ON YOUR PHONE THAT IS CALLED “PRODUCTIVITY” ie. download a BUNCH of cute as hell apps that help you get motivated and organised when you look at them. This will make you more prone to look at your phone as an INSTRUMENT rather than a DISTRACTION. (my fave apps are Taskade, Forest, Tide, Brainscape and Pocket)

Lastly, GET MOTIVATED i know this sounds cliché, but the reason why i love keeping my day busy is because i surround myself with a romanticised idea of studying. Doing these kinds of posts, following a bunch of accounts with pretty notes, having a clean room and desk, going to the library and appreciating the color scheme or sounds around you, listening to relaxing sounds or music while working, downloading many pretty apps to keep myself on track while having a cute aesthetic… all of these things might seem small, but they make you feel cleaner, more balanced and more prone to LIKING the work you do.

Anyways i know most of you already do these cause yall are on top of your game alllll the tiiiiime girl, but if any of these helps, ill be very happy!


🥞 список дел на 26 июля~

• выучить 10 иностранных слов
• купить новый цветочек
• угостить своего домашнего любимца чем-то вкусненьким 🐣

why is being kind and having an optimistic out-view on life associated with naivety? Why is being an adult having to be hard and serious? A life spent being serious and having contempt for the world around you is a life lived in misery. So don’t worry about it, make a mess in the kitchen, make mistakes and laugh at yourself, let yourself think only the best of tomorrow even if today was the worst. You can be educated and aware of the world around you and still be positive. You can be intelligent but still make silly jokes and funny faces. Be the adult you would have wanted to look up to when you were a kid. 


I finally started a bujo 😄😄 but tbh I’m prolly gonna be too lazy to update it hehe. Also the schedule page is empty bc I don’t know what my class schedule is yet, in case you were confused.

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Marathon! Change your life!

How often do you say to yourself, “I’ll Start on Monday!“and still put off for later? Are you ready to challenge yourself and turn your life upside down, starting with small steps? Are you ready to be the best version of yourself? Ready to learn to go to your goal, to go to the end? Then participate! I suggest we start on Monday! //symbolic// Only this time, no excuses!

let’s Call it ‘Change your life’. Goal: Get a bunch of good habits.

What do you need for this? You need to print that wonderful sign in the photos, or draw yourself. It needs to be done today, because tomorrow we start. Next, you need to determine what habits you want to put in your life rhythm. Put them in the tracker. Thank u @emmastudies for this Monthly Habit Tracker!🍉 And you need motivation and persistence!

How do you keep motivated?

I thought about that too. We will motivate each other! Every day you can summarize on your blog using the hashtag #marathonwithstudypeachs . So all participants will be easier to find each other’s posts, and thus receive a portion of motivation and boldly go to the end!

And now let’s talk about those habits that should be in each tracker.

🌟 Wake up at 7:00 am!

🌟 Drink 2 glasses of water in the morning and drink plenty of water during the day.

🌟 Morning yoga. Exercises can be found online or replaced with normal charging.

🌟Read 30-35 pages of the book every day.Choose the book you got today)

🌟 Move 20 minutes per day. you can run, walk with friends, jump, swim, but not sit!

🌟 Hug at least one person a day!this is also important. Hugs will cheer you up)

🌟 Plan your day from the evening! Every night you will make a plan for the next day. This habit will help you become more organized.

🌟 Do not use the device during operation! You’d be surprised how much time you’ll have and how much productivity you’ll have.

🌟Take 15 minutes to develop yourself! you can watch thematic videos on YouTube or read self-development books, find useful sites and learn something new.

🌟 Read 1 random Wikipedia article every day!as a result, you will fit 31 articles in your head. And, if it becomes a habit, you will get knowledge from different areas and further, which will make you a versatile person.

🌟 Spend 30-40 minutes in a foreign language! have you been wanting to learn English or German, Chinese or Italian for A long time? Start now! Get closer to the dream every day.

🌟 Go to bed at 11:00 pm!you need 8 hours for a good rest.

Well, are you in? Will you challenge yourself?! I hope so.

make a reblog to have more participants! Together we can!

health tips for ppl with periods

okay so I know I’ve been advertising health tips for students but this one is specifically motivation for ppl who menstruate!! I honestly had no idea how MUCH making a few simple changes to my lifestyle made my load not only lighter but I have yet to experience period cramps and I’m three days in. 


  1.  have one meal a day be a MASSIVE salad!!
    In mine I include mixed leafy greens, usually ethically caught tuna, tomatoes, carrots, avocado or a healthy source of fat and here’s what truly helped my gut DRIZZLING IT WITH A SQUEEZE OF LEMON AND SOME APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!! (honestly it’s crazy how much this has helped my skin, bloating and really everything)
  2. Drink ya damn water!!!
    Since I started drinking warm water with every meal and heaps in between! My cramps! HAVE PRACTICALLY GONE!!!!! 
  3. Vitamin C girl!
    I actually started making ‘juice’ with a third of a grapefruit, half an orange, one kiwi fruit and half a lemon all in a food processor or blender with some ice and water and this has helped my energy levels, fought off a cold, protected me from legit all my sick friends AND HELPED WITH MY PERIOD!
    I see you with your mars bar!! put the mars bar down and get some fruit! I get the temptation but honestly, your body will be thanking you for this one. Avoid processed foods as well and keep it simple, trust me, you won’t regret it.
    honestly helps so much, I know you don’t feel like it, I know you just want to stay curled up with a heat pack but this will help. Try it out, doesn’t have to be anything intense, just get yourself moving for a little bit!

and that’s all i’ve been doing but I’ve gone from having really heavy loads and doubled over in pain for a week a month do being able to function somewhat normally! (p.s. I am not a medical practitioner or an expert and this is just the stuff I’ve figured out works for me. No guarantees it will work for everyone but, i mean, it’s worth a shot!)