Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Of Dragons And Fairies

In a medieval land where kings and queens rule over their subjects, knights and magicians are plenty, and where fairy tales are true…

Dragon Types and Fairy Types ravage the land with their wars, with innocent bystanders being caught in between. The Land of Faydra has been plagued with this war between Dragons and Fairies for as long as anyone could remember.

To help aid those in need, various knights, magicians, and thieves have created Guilds where other Pokemon can go to for help. The Meadow Knights, the Volcano Magicians, and the Swamp Rogues are the major Guilds in the Kingdom of Shelmot.

Join a Guild and explore the Land of Faydra, while trying to resolve the conflicts between Dragons and Fairies…

If you can…~

Follow the journey of two new recruits in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Of Dragons and Fairies, a novel by BltKnight.

Day 2. Draw the main character/protagonist.

This is Quill the Cyndaquil and Jake the Oshawott, the two main characters in PMD PotOS.

At the beginning of the story, Quill had just joined a Pokemon Crew about a week ago and finally got to do a little exploring, even if it was just on the beach. There, he finds Jake unconscious in the sand. Jake’s only memories are that of his name and that he was actually a human.

Heh, I’ll tell you guys more about these two later, probably~