Ghostly Force


Danny: Waves hand in front of his face in a circular motion

Danny: The mess is very big, and the situations very bad, but we shouldn’t blow up and give detention or fire people at the drop of a pen.

Lancer: Stands in a trance

Danny: It is better if we find an alternate solution and make sure this never happens again. Students could have been very injured. Thank goodness everyone is safe.

Lancer: …….

Danny: Snaps fingers

Lancer: Oh great Lord of the flies, are you okay Danny!?

Danny: Yeah I’m okay

Danny: Dust’s some dirt off of his T-shirt

Danny: Just a little debris, that’s all 

Danny: Smiles

Lancer: Good, that’s good, now if you excuse me I have to go see what caused this and make sure to find a well thought out solution so this never happens again. 

Lancer: No one’s going to get fired or put into detention on my watch!!

Lancer: Storms away

Danny: Looks down at hands

Danny: OMG Whispers mind trick….


Danny: Holds head with hands

Danny: Ghostly force!!

Vidcon Pt.1 - Thomas Sanders x reader Fanfiction

AN: I’m not a native Speaker but I did my best! Please feel free to tell me if you find mistakes.

Story: You are a Youtuber. You have to stay in LA for Vidcon but your Reservation got lost. Guess who also is in your Hotel.

 Y/N - your Name Y/LN -your lastname  YT/N - Youtube name

Y/C - your fav coffee ( or hot chocolate ;) )

“Can you PLEASE look for my reservation again?” you whined and the man behind the counter gave you an annoyed glance.
“Listen, I’ve already checked three times. There seemes to be something wrong with the system. It’s not there and as long as you can’t prove your reservation I can’t do anything.”
“I have the paper stuff! … but… well not here.” You left them at your flat in florida, clumsy as you are. “Then I can’t help you. I’m sorry but we are full.” He didn’t seem really sorry in your opinion as he turned to the next guest.
“Argh!” you grabbed your suitcase. And went back to the couch in the lobby. Even the lobby was packed. Buissness people, mostly. You booked a hotel near some kind of important buisness event because you suspected to have some more privacy than in a hotel near vidcon.
Not really knowing what to do you went on twitter.
Clever Y/N forgot the reservation. -.- yey. Anyone knows a comfy bridge near #vidcon ???
After that you sat there for a while watching those people in suits, you decided to call the penguins, rushing through the lobby. “Goddammit…” you mumbled. The only option was to look for another place to stay that wouldn’t make you poor. Good luck with all those conventions in the city you thought. As your glance went through the place you discovered something that brightened up your mood instantly. There was nothing better than a good coffee in shitty situations, so you stood up and made your way to the coffee machine, dragging your suitcase behind you.
Fuck you though as you searched for your money, you’ll have to walk through the streets with this goddamn suitcase. Urgh.
But all the bad thoughts about your own stupidity went away as you heard the wonderful machine working and you smelled the brown gold.
You laughed a little as you though about the meme you someone in the Fandom made saying “Find someone who looks at you like Y/N looks at coffee”
So true you though and took your F/C . You took as sip and turned around. That was the moment everything went really fast all of the sudden. You crashed into somebody and all the coffee dripped on you favourite shirt. “Shit.” Your hand shot in the air in your shock of the hot drink and you heard a strange sound. As you looked up the person in front of you was holding their face.
“Oh fuck, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to slap you!” you rambeld and your eyes went the size of the moon, forgetting the drink you just spilled over yourself.
“Oh god, are you okay?” You reached forward to the person. He the tilted his head to you chuckling.
“Yes, I’m alright” He said rubbing his cheek.
You froze. “Thomas?” you asked in surprise.
“Y/N Y/LN?!” he returned and smiled wide.
“You actually know me?” the whole scenario was now blowing your mind completely. You only had one conversation on twitter so far but didn’t think Thomas fucking Sanders REALLY knew you. That whole youtube thing was still strange for you.
“Yes! I LOVE your videos! Gosh, I’m so sorry for ruinning your shirt. That wasn’t actually how I wanted to meet you.” He rubbed his neck and gave you a goofy smile as he noticed he started to ramble. He wanted to meet you? “Sorry.” He quickly said. “I’m making this awkward.”
You finally went out of your freeze.  “Oh non no no, it’s okay” you laughed. “I’m used to awkward. It’s kind of my life to be honest.” He laughed too and you decided that it sounded even better in reallife.
“I’m just – very overwhelmed by EVERTHING at the moment.” The whole day seemed to be a rollercoaster of chaos.
“Well seems like I didn’t help.” He pointed to your shirt. You waved it away. “Nah. I care more about my F/C , shirts can be changed.”
Thomas smiled teasingly “Well probably not in your hotel room.” You frowned. That statement sounded a little bit creepy but he quickly pulled out his phone and wiggled it in front of your face. “Twitter.” Was his explanation.
You mentally facepalmed yourself. “Ahhh. Yeah that was a total fail.” You let out a sigh and grapped your suitcase.
“Uhm you can put your stuff in my room if you want to.” Thomas blurted out a little bit more determined than he wanted probably. You raised your eyebrows.
“I mean it will take a while to find another place, right? So you don’t have to carry to much. And you can change if you want to. You propably want to, with that look. I mean not that you look bad, you look great. I just think you’d look even better without that coffee. That sounded-“
“Thomas!” you took him by the shoulders and stared into his paniced eyes. “You had me at the don’t carry so much.”
Weight fell from his shoulders as he saw you cracking a smile. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to sound strange.”
“I like strange.” You simply stated and the two of you looked at each other a little while. “So, which room?” You asked.
“334!” He shouted and made an epic gesture, what made you laugh really loud. “Shh! Not every penguin needs to know your room.” You joked.
“Penguin?” Thomas asked as you went to the lift. “The suit guys. Don’t ask.” You laughed and pressed the button.

Yoon Jisung Royalty Au

Y’all really love Jisung and honestly, same.

•You love life in the city,
• You grew up moving back and forth between the hustle and bustle of the city and to your family’s farms in a small village in the country, so yanno, an equal balance,
• But yeah, you decided to start a buissness in the city after years of internal debate and struggle ™ (because decision making is hard and scary okay),
• Because whilst growing up you had strong tactics in making friends:
• Baked goods.
• 10/10 good thinking, well done.
• Because you moved back and forth, it was kinda hard to maintain friendships?
• So you did what any wise 9 year old would do:
• Bought their friendship (Probably didn’t have to but you likes making cakes anyway so eh),
• No, seriously though, people then understood you were really friendly and kind, and it was always good with old friends because it was like a ‘sorry you haven’t seen me in 6 months but look I have pastries’
• So, baking was like a safety blanket with good connotations, and you were seriously awesome at it.
• Family recipe? Pffft, you made the family recipe.
• So what better investment than a small bakery in the city?
• People in the city missed the home cooked feeling you could bake and if business was quiet you could people-watch through the glass front, the royal palace nearby drawing in lots of tourism,
• So you make your cakes and chat with regulars in your dainty little bakery, aesthetic goals,
• You’re slipping some warm cookies into the glass showcase that you use as your counter when your bell jingles, telling you that you have your first customer,
• You smile at the man sliding through your pastel blue door; he’s elegant looking, clean, and you can feel his aura instantly, holding himself well,
• His face is covered with a mask, a common accessory, especially in the colder weather, and a bobble hat pulled down adorably all the way down, so you can’t see much of his face,
• Although his eyes seem somehow piercing, they’re warm and gentle looking and you can tell the man in front of you can’t be much older than yourself,
• You greet him and then make yourself look busy with some cinnamon buns so he doesn’t feel any pressure to buy anything,
• “Have you had this place long?”
• His voice makes you jump, and you laugh at yourself for being so skittish, but the man’s voice is smooth and oddly familiar,
• “Only around 9 months, but I’ve been baking since I was small,”
• You see his eyes crease, indicating a smile that warms your heart,
• “I enjoy cooking but I never get the time to do so,”
• You take your time in appreciating how he pronounces every syllable of what he says, making him sound like he means every word,
• You have a feeling he could say 'shrek is a cinematic masterpiece’ and you’d believe him whole heartedly,
• “That’s sad, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what stops you? You should be able to do what makes you happy,”
• “I have a family business which makes time quite scarce, and I do not entirely know how to make anything as complex as these chocolate cookies,” his tone is quite and almost sorrowful, but lilts upwards at the end, joking,
• You can’t hold back the giggle that escapes your lips, although his words hang slightly on your heart,
• You push the sliding door open and scoop 4 of the large chocolate cookies into a paper bag, taping down the top with a flourish and presenting it to the man with an exaggerated bow, as if he was royalty,
• *nervous laughter*
• The man behind the counter starts searching his pockets, but you cross your arms with a soft smile,
• “Free for such a lovely first customer,”
• He begins to refuse but you sigh and lightly push his hands away from searching his pocket,
• Because you’re nothing but bold AmIRight,
• His hands are covered in some black silk gloves, a clue that keys in with his speech that this man may be of higher class,
• Despite the gloves, his warmth radiates through them and sends a small shiver up your back,
• (Someone walking over your grave my ass),
• “Listen, if you can’t do what you enjoy, you should at least get to enjoy the finished product,”
• The man looks reluctant as you watch something shift in his coffee coloured eyes, but nods anyway,
• And that is not the last encounter with this regal man,
• He starts to come every other day, making his way through your whole menu, and the two of you becoming casual friends,
• You have a habit of watching his eyes, desperate for any type emotion you can read,
• You always have the radio on and if there’s no customers you’ll dance and, on rare occasions, get the man to do a jig with you, he swirls you around and it takes an extra 5 seconds for you heart to stop spinning,
•  You test new bakes on him, and you can always count on him to tell you the honest truth,
• You hug him spur of the moment sometimes, When he comes into the shop or helps you in any way,
• Self control, what’s that?
•He always freezes at first and then melts into you, wrapping one arm around you,
• If he ever has a minute of spare time he’ll people-watch with you,
• His shady and sassy comments always make you crack up,
• “Those kids running, they have not yet experienced the cruel world,”
• “Jisung they look to be 6, I hope they haven’t,”
•  or
• “ That dog looks to have more swag than you, Y/N,”
• So yeah you develop a slight crush on this complete stranger,
• Who suspiciously has never taken his mask off but you don’t pressure him,
• But tbh how couldn’t you fall for this guy,
• Jisung,
• He obviously thought the name Jisung was common enough not to raise suspicions about who he was but,
• It’s when he tells you his name that you put the pieces together,
• Expensive clothes, articulate, little time to himself because of his 'family business’, always covering his face,
• Jisung is the name of one of your country’s princes, to be particular, the one who will inherit the throne, the oldest of 11,
• And then you start realising things,
• How much Jisung composes himself, and how precious the moments he lets himself go are,
• Grace and elegance seem to be drilled into him,
• His eyes seem to be wise beyond his years, observing and omniscient, the way they track you with a caring sheen making you trip over your own feet,
• The way his eyes take in every detail about your baked goods and cozy little shop,
• How he always seems to take deep breaths, inhaling the sweet smell of cooked bread that you always have in your store,
• Because how could you be a bakery without having that classic smell™,
• And how he always seems to buzz and relax in your shop, in the early hours of the day before any customers will arrive, how much softer he is in your shop than he ever is on TV or at royal gatherings or in public,
• Upon your discovery, yeah, you have a mini mental breakdown because you’ve been chatting to the future king so casually and he likes your pastries!!!!!
• But you don’t tell him you found out, or act differently, because if he wanted you to know he’d tell you,
• But man have you fallen head over heels for this gentle, regal Jisung,
• “I was thinking, whenever you have the tiniest amount of spare time, head right here. I’ll show you how to bake those brownies you always eye up as if they offer you the answer to your dreams,”
• Oh boy, does your heart do the pla dunk when you ask him, trying not to sound awkward or desperate,
• But at this point, do you really care? Jisung will judge you anyway,
• He laughs and your heart soars because YOU could make that melodic sound come to life,
• The next morning when your bell dingles, and your heart warms like always when in Jisung’s aura,
• “I thought I’d take you up on your offer,”
• Jisung’s stood at the door, an apron in hand and you laugh as he ties it over his jumper,
•One of the superman aprons, he’d obviously seen before that you had the wonder woman one,
•" But, uh, Y/N, I have something to, ah, tell you?“ He seems nervous, shifty and a little jittery before he pulls himself together to stand tall and confident, probably what he’d been taught to do, before leaning forward onto the counter,
• "Would it, perhaps be, I don’t know, the fact that you’re Prince Yoon Jisung, the nation’s cutie?”
• You also lean forward in your counter, your faces closer than predicted, but you use all of your willpower,
• A l l  of your will power,
• To focus on Jisung’s reaction,
• His eyebrows shoot to the sky and he straightens immediately in surprise,
• “What, y-you knew?”
• “Us commoners aren’t that slow, Jisung,” You tease, pulling at his mask and nabbing his hat to slide into your own head, grinning at him, the low light bouncing off his chocolate hair, matching his eyes,
• It takes a solid 15 minutes for you to stop giggling at the amount of shocked questions Jisung fires at you, and he seems incredibly revealed you haven’t changed the way you act around him,
• But then he admits he wants to bake with you,
• And Ho Boy, who are you to refuse a man of achieving his dreams?
• So you’re showing Jisung how to make your secret recipe chocolate orange and lime cupcakes (it works with the magic of your hands trust me) when Jisung kinda just stops stirring and just stares at you,
• And your like bruh have I got it on my face? I mean you aren’t complaining about the attention but you’re v on edge at his open staring,
• “I’m to inherit this whole country, but all I want to do is spend the rest of my days in this bakery with you Y/N, and I can’t bring myself to care that that’s wrong,”
• What’s this? You’ve flat lined? Me too bro, me too,
• “Everyone’s allowed to have a dream Jisung,”
• You smile through your radiating red cheeks and heart that doesn’t want to beat to the right rhythm,
• “What if it didn’t have to be a dream, Y/N, would you let me stay here? With you?”
• Tbh, you don’t even need to say anything, that soft smile is all he needs,
• But through this whole conversation, he has some chocolate mix resting on the corner of his lips and yes this is very important and heart racing but the chOcOlAte MiX Is DisTRacTinG,
• So you lean forward to kiss him, the icing seemingly melting into the kiss as well as the two of you,
• It’s sweet, quite literally, and slow and exactly like a prince charming,
• His hands skim your back and you drape your arms over his shoulders and his hair’s damn soft and there’s fireworks,
• It all sorta tumbles from then on,
• Jisung has many, many, m a n y negotiations with his family about what he wants to do,
• Upside to having 10 brother’s, at least one of them won’t mind taking the throne instead,
• And the king and queen are understanding and you pretend not to know they’re a little pissed atm about all the hassle for your own health if nothing else,(They love you after a while dw),
• News of Jisung sorta stepping down from royalty to co own a tiny bakery spreads like wild fire and the bakery is swarmed with press and people and pure hell, and some people think it’s cute and your adorable but some think you’re a gold digger and he shouldn’t step down from royalty for something so stupid,

• Honestly it’s a lot to take in and there are several emotional points where you question whether this was the right idea but then Jisung walks over to you with some new cookies, warm heart and comforting words and everything’s okay,
• but within a year it’s died down, although you definitely still get some press or whatever it’s not so bad,
• You meet Jisungs’ brothers, which is an adventure™ oh boy, and your family all swoon for Jisungs’ proper manners and royal charm and at first you feel incredibly judged by the king and queen but then you settle down and everything’s calm,

• Then one day you realize you’re a flippin’ princess! You visit the royal palace and are in love with a prince and this is definitely not how you planned your life but can you complain?
• And most importantly, the two of you sell the best cinnabons in the country partly due to the fact you’re both cinnamon rolls, okay? So soft and sweet.

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for the anon asking how a shy Slytherin could possibly exist: My best friend is a slytherin. Yes, she is very shy but she warms up as soon as someone approches her. Not all Slytherins are confident buissness men and women. Ambition isn't only shown in your job or at school. Slytherins are ambitious about things they think are necessary in their lives and if school isn't and if they don't like their job or anything similar they won't give a f*ck. By the way Slytherin has way more characteristics.

Very very true.
I have to work at school but when it comes to things I like (theatre, writing, etc.) I thrive at because I have an interest in it.
Slytherins aren’t just creatures of ambition and we’re not always such fast talkers, especially with new people.
- Mel (the Slytherin)

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Rhodey, what's it like being Tony's guardian? Was it hard for you to become one for someone as famous as him?

Rhodey: It was kind of just a formality to become his guardian to keep Tony away from any buissness competitors from feeling suddenly “heroic and charitable ” and adopting Tony after his parents passed. But we did have that short time where our faces were on every TV across the country. It was hard,especially with the greiving, but I clean up his messes now just the same as before.

Tony: Thanks,Rhodes.

Rhodey: Enough with the sarcasm–

Tony: No, I mean it. Thank you.

Rhodey :….Don’t get mushy we’ll both blow chunks.

Tony: And that’s why you’re the best friend. That right there.

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That whole buissness car shit: Dude i have a 3 year old vw jetta that gets me to work. Hell my uncle who owns his own property management company gets to work in a toyota camry. He can also afford a Tesla. He said, "I like my toyota. It gets me to work." You don't need a fucking over $60,000 tesla as your business car. Gurg you are digging yourself into a bigger whole

He has a model X, those run from $90,000 and higher depending on what options you may want to add.


John: How’s case, Sherlock?
Sherlock: Something’s wrong with this client. He claims that he saw this secret station with illegal weapon on the North Pole accidentally, only because he visited his friend working nearby in penguins breeding. But it’s obvious that penguins don’t live in the Arctic. He didn’t visit any friend, he went there by himself. He’s either an agent or…
John: Can you repeat it?
Sherlock: Repeat what? I didn’t finish my mind.
John: How do you pronounce ‘penguin’, Sherlock?
Mycroft: Oh, no. It starts… *sighs*
Sherlock: What do you mean? You mean that I can’t say flightless bird’s name correctly? That’s everyone’s own buisses how they pronounce ‘PENG-WING’ word!
*John and Mycroft start to giggle*
Sherlock: Shut up, you two - - *starts to mumble something under breath*
Mycroft: *on side to John* Childhood trauma. Makes him mad every time.

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Do you know what geiko and maiko bring to their appointments? Pictures of them always show them carrying purses (I don't know the proper name for it) and sometimes packages wrapped in cloth. Would it be props for dancing or something else?

In “Begin Japanology: Geiko and Maiko”, then-Maiko Sayaka shows us what she carries in her bag: Her mai ougi (her dancing fan), a compact mirror, a comb for her hair, a white powder compact, a notebook, her wallet, a sensu fan, a notebook and pen, her hanameichi (buissness-cards) and more makeup-items (she had a small makeup-bag with her). By now, most Geiko and also many Maiko, especially senior Maiko, also have phones, so they carry them with them as well. They are very helpful for calling taxis or calling the okiya if something has happened.

If she knows beforehand which dances she will perform, which is rarer, she may also carry props for dancing, like a mai tenugui, with her. For bigger props, like hanagasa hats, usually a Shikomi or a maid is sent, or the ochaya even has them on hand.

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Logan do you care that Wade is gay (or bi or something) and completely in love with Peter?

Wade: I’m Omnisexual, actually. And Logans bi as a–…As a…what can someone be bi as?

Logan: Stop talking. And no, I really don’t care. At all. It’s none of my buissness.

Wade: AS A BICYCLE– okay no I should’ve stopped.


you may not know who this is but you really should. shes already singing live on stage and getting up there in top hits. she is such a huge inspiration for me and im so glad i took the time ti listen to her music. shes only 18 and started the music buissness when she was 14. If she can do that then i can too :) anyway you guys should check out her music, i suggest the album “evolution”

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What do you think about a 15 years old girl who smokes?

It does not only apply to girls but to everyone at the age of 15 or less.
It’s a common knowledge that smoking can kill, but everybody can do with their lives whatever they want, so It’s not my buissness.
When it comes to people at the age of 15 that smoke…
If they do it just to get more popular, for me It’s pathetic. It’s only my opinion.
If they do it for the other reason or for No reason at all, It’s their lives.

Life works that way: you do smth wrong or good, you have to take the consequences.

  • Ronan: *stretching*
  • Ronan: *i hope Adam is watching*
  • Ronan: *maybe i should flex some muscles?*
  • Ronan: *he is not even watching me!*
  • Ronan: *what a loser*
  • Ronan: *god, his face is so elegant*
  • Ronan: *c'mon man, look at me*
  • Ronan: *what is he thinking about?*
  • Ronan: *is he thinking about Blue?*
  • Ronan: *fuck, of course he is thinking about Blue! He was so excited to met her*
  • Ronan: *i have no chances*
  • Ronan: *fuck*
  • Ronan: *oh yeah, we should do it*
  • Ronan: *like, you know, fuck*
  • Ronan: *I bet he wouldn't mind*
  • Ronan: *maybe I should ask him? Like, you know, casual*
  • Ronan: *his eyes are pretty*
  • Ronan: *fuck, that was gay as shit!*
  • Ronan: *wait, his eyes!*
  • Ronan: *fuck! He is looking at me!*
  • Ronan: *ok, be nonchalante*
  • Ronan: *like you don't care*
  • Ronan: *but I care!*
  • Adam: what's up?
  • Ronan: mind your own buissness, loser
  • Adam: fine
  • Ronan: *what the fuck was that Lynch?*
  • Ronan: *he was trying to be nice!*
  • Ronan: *god, I suck at this*
  • Ronan: *do I smell gasoline?*
  • Ronan: *fuck, Parrish! It's you!*
  • Ronan: *god, I want to lean closer and smell him more*
  • Ronan: *his neck*
  • Ronan: *wait, that was creepy!*
  • Ronan: *nevermind*
  • Ronan: *i hope he is not a mind reader!*
  • Ronan: *fuck, that would be bad!*
  • Ronan: *he would know what I want to do with him*
  • Ronan: *kiss him*
  • Ronan: *and make him happy*
  • Ronan: *and let him bang me*
  • Ronan: *wait! Am I a bottom?*
  • Ronan: *no*
  • Ronan: *or am I?*
  • Ronan: *fuck! I didn't think about it!*
  • Ronan: *nevermind, I will think about it later*
  • Ronan: *...*
  • Ronan: *I can't believe I'm a bottom! What the hell?*
  • Ronan: *shit and fuck and shit*
  • Ronan: *maybe I should ask him if he wants to hang out with me?*
  • Ronan: *but only with me. Not with the rest of guys*
  • Ronan: Adam
  • Adam: Yes?
  • Ronan: got any plans for later?
  • Adam: not really
  • Ronan: want to go grab some pizza then?
  • Adam: sure. Should we call rest?
  • Ronan: *of course he wouldn't like to go just with me*
  • Ronan: *what was I thinking?*
  • Ronan: if you want
  • Adam: I don't have phone...
  • Ronan: and I don't bring mine
  • Adam: Well, then It's two of us I guess
  • Ronan: *he agreed?*
  • Ronan: *fuck, he agreed!*
  • Ronan: *stay calm*
  • Ronan: Cool. I'm kinda hungry
  • Ronan: *so are my eyes*
  • Ronan: *he is smiling!*
  • Ronan: *let me kiss you dude!*
  • Ronan: *he is so handsome. Lord, kill me*
  • Ronan: *i hope he will be my boyfriend one day*
  • Ronan: *god, I am so gay.*