I actually want to piggyback off of @navy-spew‘s idea about the Winchester house. Because, while I know a lot of people in the clue crew complain about CUR and TRT being too confined to one place and they wish we were given more locations to explore, I actually think it’s a strength for the games. Mostly because that sense of claustrophobia is really good for psychological suspense. But the Winchester house would be like if both of those games had a child and that child was also raised by MHM. Because tldr version, house is big and haunted and has lots of weird things that lead to nowhere and there were lots of seances and shit there during Sarah Winchester’s life. 

Sarah Winchester is in herself a mystery. Like aside from the little portrait her when she was young, this is the only photo we have of her (to my knowledge)

How fucking creepy is that? She was intensely reclusive. We also have no idea why she built the house the way she did (look into it it’s super fucking weird because it was meant to “confuse the spirits”) but the story goes that after the deaths of her infant daughter and husband she was so devastated and grief stricken she consulted a lot of spiritualists and mediums to try to get in touch with them/understand her loss. Because her husband was the son (?) of the guy who invented the Winchester rifle, one medium told her that she was basically being cursed and haunted by the ghosts of those who had been killed by the rifle and the only way to life the curse was to move, build a house, and never stop building. The good spirits supposedly would tell her what to build and if she didn’t then the bad spirits would haunt her forever and she would die. I think it’s got just the right amount of is it haunted? is it grief? is it something else? for the typical HeR take on a ghost game. They also keep finding strange new rooms? I think the mystery of the house, the hauntings, and the mystery of Sarah Winchester herself would be a really cool premise to base a mystery on. 

BTS worked their way up, they didn’t blow up at once or get fame off what company their from. They built their way, want proof.....Here it is

Added: With recent events that have occurred I think its fair to say Army and Bts are on their own now, not matter how much records we break or achievements we make, aniti’s will always accuse us of cheating the system. They will make projects and organised plans to ruin Bts chances of ever winning (note some fandoms already are joining together so that Bts will never win a award) but now more than ever we need to be here for Bts and stick together and not bash other armies and just VOTE for bts like crazy!!!! Spreading love to all my fellow armies, my family

Honestly speaking, if AO3′s cold culture had been my first introduction to writing fic? I can’t guarantee I’d still be writing it.

Livejournal was a lot of (mostly bad, towards the end) things, but at minimum it was a community of readers that were excited to read and talk about your work. Their feedback was essential to my early evolution as a fic writer. Absolutely essential.

So I’m not posting numbers in an attempt to whine or look for more attention. I just want everyone to consider dropping some Kudos if you take the few minutes to read the entire story, and maybe leaving a comment if you liked it - especially if you’ve read it multiple times. Many of these writers might not even know how talented they are, since AO3′s not the kind of place that’s very keen on revealing your worth.

But we can help change that, you know? We can all do something about it. We don’t just have to accept it as “that’s the way it is” and shrug it off. That’s how you lose writers. That’s the kind of lonely, quiet environment that makes someone facing a writer’s block instead choose to close up shop. Then you’re wondering why they never continued their epic series, when all they ever got were about 3% of people leaving Kudos and five comments for days and days of work.

And I just think that’s a damn shame. 


Root and Shaw // Alex and Maggie

Okay, but imagine how freaking unimpressed the Lions probably were that day the Paladins were trying to learn how to form voltron…like, these are supposed to be our new paladins?? They literally just stood there for 5 minutes with us stacked on top of each other? These are the pilots we chose for the greatest weapon in the universe? 

And it definitely wasn’t good for the lions to be like that either? Def not built to be used that way. And since the lions all have their own personalities i wouldnt be surprised if they were a little cranky after this fiasco and just refused to turn into voltron for a while. 

Like all afternoon when Allura is testing the defenses on the paladins, the Lions are probs like, you know, they’re actually doing pretty good and are able to form voltron rn….but also earlier today they stacked us on top of one another so fuck em.

you know what the most relatable part of the episode is? when alex kisses maggie and says “i’ve been waiting to do that.” because she’s not just talking about kissing maggie. she’s talking about waiting for kissing to finally feel right. because she’s been intimate with men before, and it was always just fine. nothing special, maybe she just wasn’t built that way. but then she kisses maggie and she gets it. this is what kissing is supposed to feel like. that moment, that self-acceptance and realizing, “hey, this is who i am. this is how i feel.” that is what alex had been waiting for.

Hey buddies.

I know we are all dreading tomorrow, we’re afraid of what’s already happened and what’s already in motion, and we’re doubly afraid of what the next four years are going to bring. We’re afraid of what’s in store for all of us, and the people we love, and the people we want to protect, and it’s hard to think of real ways to stop it.

But at the same time:

There is no violation or embarrassment he can heap upon all of our heads that will make us less compassionate or less capable or less ourselves.

We’re going to make art, consume art, plant trees, walk the streets, and hold on.

My inbox is always open, come talk to me if you need to, I’m a dumb gay chucklehead but I’m hard to kill and I’m happy to tell you everything I know about not dying and not eating your own heart. I’m here, we’re all here, we love you, we’re gonna take care of each other. 

how to prevent sensory overwhelm

The downside of being autistic is that our nervous systems tend to be very sensitive to sensory input, and tend to go into overwhelm, causing meltdowns or shutdowns. (AKA “sensory processing disorder”.) That’s a simplistic explanation, but this piece is aimed at people who already know what I’m talking about :-D

The beauty of being autistic is that we come with built-in ways to calm our nervous systems. I think of these as autistic superpowers (and not the only ones we have, imho). But a lot of allistic people play a kind of “unless you’re a savant/genius, autistic people aren’t worthwhile human beings” game with us so some of us are not into the idea of having superpowers. If that’s you, just think of it as a handy built-in tool.

The downside (again) is that many of us are forced out of using those built-in tools by people who don’t want us to “seem autistic.” So, often, we never discover them, or are viciously forced to suppress them. Additionally, each of us has slightly different tools. For example, rocking might help me, but make someone else feel seasick.

The following is a short guide to how to find the tools that will get YOU out of overwhelm, or prevent you from even going into it.

First, you need some options for what your tools might be. I’ll put a bunch of suggestions at the end of this post. You may also have some things that have helped you in the past.

My experience was that I had a handful of things that I knew helped, but I didn’t use them consistently. Part of the purpose of this piece is to encourage you to be aware not only of what works for you, but of when you need to use it. It is A LOT easier to do this kind of self-care when you have a sense that it will actually work consistently, and a sense of how well it will work for you!!

Also, if you are the parent of an autistic child: this is the shit you should be teaching them. Thank you. Sincerely, a former autistic child.

STEP ONE: On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is “perfectly calm,” 5 is “getting overwhelmed,” and 10 is “already having a meltdown/shutdown,” rate how close you are to sensory overwhelm. 

Autistics, please note: it does not matter if you “get it right.” There really is no objective gauge for this. It doesn’t matter, because we are measuring how much (or whether) this number changes.

So if today you say you’re at a 7, and tomorrow you feel the same way but you have a better sense of how overwhelmed you can get and you now call the same feeling a 3… it doesn’t matter.

All we care about here is how far you currently feel like you are from 0, and then, how close we can get the number to 0. So just pick something that sounds pretty accurate. 

STEP TWO: Write it down. Please and thank you.

STEP THREE: Pick a thing to try.

STEP FOUR: Set a timer and try it for three minutes. UNLESS you hate it. If you hate it, or even just find it really annoying, please stop immediately, pick something else, and try THAT for three minutes.

(Please note: three minutes is a little bit of an arbitrary number. I find that it’s a pretty good amount of time to actually shift things, while not taking too long to try something else. But if you want to try it for more or less time, go right ahead. I do recommend trying everything (that you don’t immediately reject) for the same amount of time - it just doesn’t have to be three minutes long.)

STEP FIVE: Stop doing the thing, and gauge where you are on the same 0-10 scale.

STEP SIX: Write your current number down.

STEP SEVEN: If you have found something that significantly reduced your overwhelm, you can stop. I mean, you can stop any time anyway, I’m not the boss of you. But you don’t have to go through and test everything on the list below. Just find as many things as you want; or spend as much time doing this at once as you want. You can always do it again later if you want more tools.

That’s it!

anniegst served as my guinea pig for this method yesterday. Thanks, Annie!

She rated her overwhelm as an 8 initially. I found a no-talking, crinkle-sounds ASMR video and handed her the headphones. She almost immediately was like, “this is reaaaaallly annoying, sorry.”

I asked her if there were other sounds that would not be annoying. She said that she thought even white noise would be okay, like rain or something. I switched to the white noise app we both use (Relax and Sleep, which is awesome bc you can play more than one sound at once – it’s free on both Android and iOS) and put the fountain noise on.

She listened to it for about three minutes, and re-rated her overwhelm. As a 2!!

She said that she thought if she kept listening (or if the dog in the other room stopped barking) she would be able to get down to a zero.

I didn’t check in with her to see if she did. But I did get the dog to stop barking!

Here is the list of different things people said helped them, when I requested your “autistic swiss army knives”. There are A LOT OF THEM, and there are likely far more out there. I think this gives a great overview of the possibilities though, thanks everybody!!!!

I’ll give you the summary first: By far the most common ones were rocking, and pressure from blankets/sheets, either weighted or wrapped tightly. Flapping and music – in general or loud, or on repeat, or specific pieces – were also extremely popular. I’ve mostly tried to only put each of these once when many people suggested them, but I’ve included a few variants below.

There were also multiple people mentioning echolalia, chewing on things (gum/chew necklaces/toys/fingers), singing, playing with one’s hair, reading, drinking tea, playing with textures, drawing/coloring, and showering!

Try whatever you like, and enjoy!

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Alex Coming Out Again

From an Ao3 user, 1984 – Hey I love your writing it’s beautiful and honest. And I don’t know if your taking any prompts anymore…but if you can and want to of course can you write a post of Alex being  or figuring out that she is ace and Maggie loves her still. Kinda feeling scared that me being ace will lead to me being alone forever…

Maggie had told her she only got one.

She told her, and Alex listened, but Alex is panicking.

Because she’d told Maggie she’d never felt comfortable with intimacy. That she’d thought she wasn’t built that way.

And they’d gotten together, because of two kisses: Alex kissed her, and, a week or so later, Maggie kissed her back in earnest, and it was, in a world, breathtaking.

So Alex figured she could do the intimacy thing after all. Because she loved kissing Maggie. She loved kissing her and she loved holding her and she loved being held by her and she loved cuddling with her and she loved their evolving pet names and their flirting and their teasing and their brushing fingers and their burning desire for, simply, each other.

She loved touching Maggie’s skin and she loved when Maggie touched hers, fingertips on cheeks, fingertips on arms, fingertips on abs, fingertips running through each other’s hair, because god, did Maggie have gorgeous hair.

But now she’s panicking, because she knows that Maggie would never pressure her – hell, Maggie always seeks permission before even kissing her – but she also knows that Maggie wants more. Sexually.

And Alex? Alex doesn’t.

She wants more of Maggie. Wants more of her time, more of her affection, more of her voice, more of her stories, more of her laughter, more of her body warm and close and safe next to hers.

But Alex doesn’t want more sexually. And she knows Maggie does.

So she’s panicking, and she wants to run.

But Maggie had said she only got one, so instead of running, Alex calls her, and Alex paces, and Alex waits, and Alex resists finishing the bottle of bourbon in the cabinet.

“You know how scary it is to just be told to come over because we need to talk, right?” Maggie half-teases when Alex opens the door for her, and Maggie’s body language is guarded, and Alex’s stomach swoops unpleasantly because she’s afraid she’s lost her before she even properly tried to explain.

“Yeah, I do, I’m sorry, I just… I’m not trying to run. You said I get one, and I heard you, so I’m… I’m not trying to run, Maggie, but I…”

Maggie blinks and crosses her arms over her chest and sets her jaw. “But you?”

“I’m scared this isn’t going to work. For… for you.”

“For me.”


“Why… why would you think that?”

“I don’t know how to explain.”

Maggie takes a deep breath and tries to quell the growing pit in her stomach. “You’ve gotta give me more than that, Danvers.”

Alex perches on the edge of the couch and she stares up into Maggie’s shuttered, guarded eyes and she tries to trust, to trust, to believe, to hope.

“You want to have sex with me,” Alex winds up spluttering, and Maggie tilts her head and quirks her lips and uncrosses her arms.

“I… yes. Yeah, I do, but not until you’re ready, Alex, I – I don’t – “

“I don’t want to have sex with you.”

Maggie’s arms are crossed again and she backs up a small step. “I… I knew this would… you meet someone? I told you it was all just shiny, it – “

“What? No, Maggie, I don’t want to have sex with someone else. I told you I don’t know how to explain, I… I like… I love… I love being with you. I love kissing you and I love when you hold me and I love holding you, I love everything we’ve been doing, I love that you’re my girlfriend, I want you to be my girlfriend, I just… I don’t think I want to have sex.”

Maggie stills and watches her for a moment, tilted head and slowly unshuttering eyes and slowly uncrossing arms. She leans back against the counter and nods to herself, slowly, quietly, watching Alex’s rapidly reddening face, her rapidly tear-filling eyes.

“So you’re figuring out that you do like intimacy with girls. With me. But not all kinds of intimacy. Not sex.”

Alex’s lips trembles and Alex nods and Alex starts to creak out an apology, but suddenly Alex is wrapped in Maggie’s arms because suddenly Maggie is cradling her close to her chest and kissing her hair and rubbing small circles on her back.

“Shit, Danvers, I thought you were trying to leave me for someone else, this… it’s okay, it’s alright, you know you – hey, Al, look at me, babe – babe, you can be gay and you can be asexual – did you know there’s a word, a lot of them, for what you’re describing? – shit, Alex, I’m sorry, I thought you were trying to break up with me, I wouldn’t’v been so… Alex, it’s okay – “

“How is it okay?” Alex chokes. “You like having sex. You like sex. You want sex. With me.

Maggie nods and Maggie smiles and leans down to kiss the tears off of Alex’s cheek. “Yeah. I like having sex. I like sex. I want sex. With you. But I don’t want sex with you if you don’t want it, Al, if that’s not the kind of intimacy you want. I want you, Alex, I… I’m falling in love with you. Not your body, not…”

“But how – “

“Does it make you uncomfortable? That I want you sexually?”

Alex shakes her head and sniffles, and Maggie nods.

“You trust that I wouldn’t try to get more from you than you want to give me?”

Alex nods and brings her hands up to Maggie’s face, and Maggie turns her face to kiss Alex’s palms.

“Would it make you uncomfortable if I um… if I thought about you? When I um… on my own… when I masturbate?”

“You would want to?”

“Think about my girlfriend when I need to make myself cum, yeah, but only if it doesn’t make you feel objectified or uncomfortable or – “

“No. It – no. You can, it… but won’t you… miss it?”

“You like what we’ve been doing so far? The kissing, the touching, the cuddling?”

Alex smiles through a sheen of tears. “I love it.”

“I only need from you the things you love sharing. I only want from you the things you love sharing. Alex, this… you being ace, it… you’re perfect, Alex. You are perfect. And if you wanna be with me, I wanna be with you. Only with you. I told you, Al: I don’t wanna imagine my life without you in it. And now, now that you’re my girlfriend, I don’t… I don’t wanna imagine my life without you as exactly that. As my girlfriend. And maybe, one day, as more. You’re perfect, Alex, okay? Perfect.”

“You’re not mad?”

“I have zero reason to be.”

“You wanna be with me?”

Maggie glances at Alex’s mouth and raises her eyebrows, and Alex answers her question by bringing her lips up to meet Maggie’s.

Maggie smiles into their kiss, and Alex does, too.

“Yes, Alex Danvers. Of course I wanna be with you.”

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell