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Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: This is my entry for @hunters-from-stark-tower ‘s 3k Movie AU challenge. Follows Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge pretty closely, save some parts. (Note: there are quotes in this that do not belong to me)

Words: approx. 3.4k

Prompt: Moulin Rouge AU

Warnings: kissing, bad writing, death



The click click click of the man’s fingers upon the keys of the typewriter fill the air with a sense of melancholy.

This man, he does not remember happiness. Only emptiness.

His love’s lips had been cold when he’d last kissed her. Cold. So cold. The taste of blood filling his mouth with its iron tang. Her eyes had been so lifeless, staring into empty chaos.

He remembered pleading for her to come back to him. She hadn’t listened.

And now he sits, a lonely man in a lonely land, telling a story of a lost love and a lost hope that no one will hear.

This my friends is the story of James Buchanan Barnes. The man who’s one aspiration is to teach a lesson of love:

The greatest thing
You’ll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved.
…in return


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Why I Love Anson Jones House: The changing face of Sherbourne Street

The affluent and sketchy history of Sherbourne St.

Sherbourne Street is undergoing a metamorphosis and one only needs to look at the rising tower behind the historic Gooderham Mansion and the James Cooper Mansion. The street was once home to an upscale neighbourhood, but fell into despair with many mansions being abandoned and a rise in prostitution and drug dealings, which attracted the homeless. For more on the history of Sherbourne Street, read my post on the Gooderham Mansion.

While the street has a number of major developments occurring, there are still pockets yet to be developed. One development that has been in limbo for years is the Anson Jones House, which sits on the corner of Sherbourne and Howard. In December 2016, The Globe and Mail reported the rebirth on Howard Street, which has been subject to pending gentrification since 2010. The rebirth is happening east of Sherbourne Street, but there are promises it will extend west to the Anson Jones House.

Until then, all we can do is use our imagination to envision the beauty it once had.

A home time has yet to fully destroy

The heritage home was built for Anson Jones, a ledger keeper for the Quebec Bank (Royal Bank of Canada), whose family lived in the dwelling until 1930. It was built by famed architect Edmund Burke (Hudson’s Bay/ Robert Simpson Store, Casa Loma) in 1895 during a time when he was working alone. The home was designed in a Queen Anne Revival style, which many historians say Burke introduced to the city. What is even more brilliant is the original drawing below by Burke of the house found in the Toronto Archives.

The illustration shows the true beauty of this heritage home, which now is in despair and covered with graffiti, posters and broken windows. Like all of Burke’s work, the house was an architectural wonder on a smaller scale than he is used to building. Notable elements of the home include:

  • The red brick and stone cladding, with brick, stone and wood trim
  • The cross-gable roof with chimneys and hipped dormers
  • The placement and detailing of the main entrance on the south façade on Howard Street
  • The decorative brickwork and stonework on the west elevation facing Sherbourne Street
  • Sunporches with decorative shingles
  • Terra Cotta trim

According to an ERA Architect report the home has “minimal damage to the existing heritage fabric of the house” with “many historic decorative elements and finishes remaining.” Apparently, recent interior photos illustrate cabinetwork in the Great Room, a grand honey-coloured staircase and a tiled fireplace in a condition rare with many of these abandoned homes.  

While the home is still boarded up, locked and monitored, one can only hope the Howard Street restoration/ development project extends west. The home is bound to be restored, with the ongoing development in the area, but the question is when?

The Way You Walk

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16. “I think I might be falling in love with you.”

The Way You Walk

She knew she was bugging him, edging him on to the brim. But he was so good hearted, he could never sway her away like the others always do when they had enough of her. Albeit her curiosity was the most annoying thing to grace the lands of earth.

And yet, he was enchanted by her spell, Her brown hair would always grace the tip of her waist shaping her round ass, her short legs perfect for her body, and her eyes boring into his cold baby blues, big and doughy.

“If I tap your metal plates, would you feel it?” She asked, scotching closer to his body on the couch, while he furthered himself from her prying musk slamming right into the couches rest arm  

“ Not much,” He whispered, Bucky learned the hard way that if he didn’t answer her questions it would just lead to her answering her own questions by rambling on and on about stupid crap he didn’t even understand. She was just a nurse that works at the compound, although she had found a sudden interest in one of her recent patient.

“What If I lick it?” She placed her fingers under her chin and purled her brows together.

“I really hope you wont do that,” He asked annoyed by her sudden change of attitude. He looked horrified, because if he learned anything, it would be that this nurse would do anything that strung from between her lips. 

“What does your hair feel like?” She asked, forgetting about his arm, she leaned closer to his shoulder, her slim fingers just inches away from his dry locks. She stood for a second, blinking a few times before her gaze shifted to Bucky’s eyes, he knew she was asking for permission. At least she gave him a choice. 

“Go ahead…” He grumbled, slumping deeper into the couch. She knew he was angry, he even looked pissed. Yet the personal medic still found her nails digging into the man’s skull, softly pulling at his roots before grabbing strands from the rim of his forehead. She gathered all his hair, until she reached the part of his other ear. James was about to say something, ask if she’s done or if she had just found something in his hair- he was ready to defend his case, Natasha got angry at him this morning and threw a pancake his way.- He had took three showers just to get the syrup out. But before he could get an utter out from between his chapped pink lips, the girl was pulling his head in between her breasts and continued to finish the braid with much thought. 

“There, your done!” She exclaimed, letting go of Buchanan’s head. His body instantly shot back up, arms still crossed over his chest, face still stoic. “Can I take a picture?” Her voice sounded scared, that was probably the only time he saw the girl tucked close to him sound worried. 

“Maybe later-”

“Can I put flowers in between your braid?” 

Buchanan released an audible sigh of exhaustion. She was wearing him out, either he liked to admit or not, she was a handful. He never understood why she kept coming to him, Bothering, annoying, pestering, he guessed it was partly because he doesn’t have the guts to shut her off like rest of the team- Even Steve sometimes rudly walks away from her rambling. Bucky was always there to pick up the shattered pieces.

“Can we go in the garden, I want to put flowers in your hair please.” She held onto his metal arm and pulled hard. Causing his frame to bend down to where she was. He thought if he didn’t do much she would get the message, but the girl just egged him on more. “Come on, please Bucky!” She went ahead and stood up, dusting her shorts before fixing Steve’s shirt that’s she most likely stole from the dryers down stairs. “Please…” Her bangs framed the side of her face. As she now held onto Bucky’s fingers trying to intertwine hers with the metal ones. 

“Why won’t you leave me alone?” Bucky asked, his attention diverted behind the medic as he closely listened to the food network. His words weren’t meant to hurt the girl, in fact he wanted nothing of the sorts, he just hoped she would leave him alone. But that proved futile when she jumped back next to him and shoved her face in between his neck. He was surprised at first, stiff even. But gave it a rest once she spoke the next sentence.

“I won’t move until we go to the gardens.” 

And like that, James found himself staring at the screen trying his very hardest to ignore the prying big baby beside him. She noted his attitude, figuring out that he could go on hours without being annoyed from her smothering her face next to his neck, so she draped her arms around his body, pouting for a bigger effect.

“Fine!” Bucky exclaimed, pushing her warm body away from him. He stood up, but was surprised when he found the bubbly girl already exiting the compound. “Dammit.” He muttered defeated. 

Once he was outside, in Starks garden, he found the girl lazily picking flowers that seemed to interest her. She would grab one, bend down from the waist and sniff it before moving on to the next. Everytime she would bend her hair would escape from between her bitty ears and frame her face. She was an angle, roaming the earth, and Barnes just hoped she was his.

Bucky was beyond annoyed at this point, but watching the girl before him prancing about had slightly loosened the dark feeling. He loved her, but could sometimes say otherwise when her nagging contrasted with his patience. 

“Come over here Bucky.” The small cinnamon haired lady whispered as she placed a hand over her eyes to shield from the seeping suns rays. 

He walked over, or more like marched with dignity. Lips pieced shut, eyes grazing hard into her warm chocolate ones. She giggled once he came over, handing him the flowers after demanding he sits between the tulips so she would wrangle some flowers in his hair. 

“Why are you still laughing?” Bucky murmured, his eyes closed from the relaxing sensation her hands did to his hairlines. 

“Why do you walk like that?” She softly asked, patting the flowers in place and opening a few to keep them from closing in. 

“Walking with a different amount of weigh on one side does that to you.” He shrugged. His pupils opening once she stopped touching him. She fell to her knees and wrapped her frail arms around his built fame. Her hands didn’t even reach beyond his forearms. He was two built and wide. 

“(Y/N)?” Bucky asked, his own hand over hers. 

She hummed in satisfaction, giving him the willpower to continue. 

“I think I might be falling in love with you.” 

They both stood up, surprised at Bucky’s sudden confession. He looked nervous, ready to bolt it out from here, but her next words kept him grounded in place.  

“I think I might be falling in love with you too.” 

Like that, the solider had grasped the back of her neck, pulling her closer to him, he placed his nose right beside hers, foreheads aligned. He didn’t wast much time before his lips molded with hers, trying his hardest to dip her. But she broke the kiss with a string of giggles. 

He couldn’t help but pant, a small smirk gracing his features. Allowing her to push him back a bit. 

“Not in public…” Her whisper came sandwiched between her breathes as she ran her fingertips across her plump lips. Turning around and leaving the garden with the longest record of being quite. He didn’t avert his gaze, he watched her enter the building before hanging his head in worry.

“Well at least now you know how to shut her up…” Scott stated as a matter of factly, reverting back to his normal size, surprising the former assassin. 

“Fucks sake!”

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Profiling Victor's background fascinates me, and I'm interested in what you might have inferred or headcanoned about it since you're a deep thinker about this series. For example, where do you think Victor's family and friends are? He seems very lonely at the beginning of YOI, and it makes me wonder who if anyone outside of his coaches, rinkmates and competitors was there during his early years and rise. He's isolated at the top with no-one he confides in about his lack of inspiration and [1/3]

[2/3] motivation, so working backwards can we infer how he might have come to be that way? He seems so good, sweet and caring underneath the facade he’s built up to deal with fame, it’s hard to believe someone like that has no close friends or family before Yuuri who cared about him as a person first and foremost. Who if anyone special came to support Victor while he competed and won his medals? Does he have anyone out there like Yuuri has in his support system? Is Yakov the only one Victor [3/3] called and told when he decided to take the season off to become a coach? Pressing questions like these keep me up at night (lol), but seriously I’m just trying to round out in my mind how Victor might have come to attach so much about life and love to Yuuri’s presence. What might that indicate about lack of life and love in the rest of his earlier life specifically? Like, who might his models have been on how to be?

I’ve written at length about Victor’s loneliness and how I believe it’s an integral part of his character. Taking that, I think it’s safe to assume that loneliness and loss is something that’s been a constant for Victor since his early years. 

We don’t know a lot about Victor’s background, but let’s look at what we do know about him, pre-series timeline:

  • Victor started skating when he was really young, younger than seven years old, and he’s been fully dedicated to it since then
  • He was a skating prodigy
  • He was a world champion by 16
  • He has had more than one coach but Yakov was “the best” and “the only one for him”
  • He was rebellious towards his instructors when he was young, akin to Yurio
  • He was gracious and kind towards fellow skaters, as shown in Chris’ flashback where Victor goes as far as to motivate him
  • He always slept in until the last minute during competitions
  • He felt like he couldn’t rely on others and could only find strength on his own
  • I can’t find the source for this one, but I recall a translation of the magazine article from Yuuri’s flashback in episode 1 saying that young Victor’s hobby was to “go to the movies by himself” (correct me if I’m wrong though, I can’t find that post anymore)

To start skating so young with such a level of dedication to it that he himself says it made him neglect life and love since he started it, there’s one of two possible scenarios here: one, is that someone in Victor’s family pressured him into competitive skating, or two, Victor’s home situation was so bad that he immersed himself in skating. 

Whatever his family situation was, I don’t believe that Victor was getting much (emotional) support from them. Considering his attachment to Yakov, the fact that Victor lived alone with Makkachin and how only Yakov came to see him off when he moved to a different country, Victor seems to have no family ties whatsoever to speak of at 27.

Many things could have happened. He could be an orphan. But figure skating is not exactly a cheap sport and, again, he started very young. Though he probably got rich very fast (and Victor is ridiculously rich at this point in his life) as he rose in popularity and rank (drowning in sponsors most likely), enough to support himself once he was of age, there has to have been a period of time when someone else was paying for his expenses in the sport. I also feel that Stammi Vicino indicates that there was someone in Victor’s life he considered a loved one at some point.

Victor commissions his songs. I already covered how Stammi Vicino is a cry for help. Well, what’s the second line in the lyrics of said cry for help? “Have you been abandoned as well?” So Victor has been abandoned. By someone he loved. Stammi Vicino, while expressing a longing for love in its dialogue, goes on to talk about love like something painful, about wanting to destroy love and resenting people who have it (note that these lines are omitted from the duet version for obvious reasons).

There’s also the matter of the garage scene in episode 7. Any time Victor is unsure of how to deal with Yuuri he thinks back on how people dealt with him. Taking this into consideration, it means that Victor’s idea of shattering Yuuri’s heart as a source of motivation is something that has been done to him in the past.

Like I mentioned here, I don’t think he had any real friends to speak of either. He was friendly and charming and polite, sure, but no friends. You can’t have friends when you’re a man in Victor’s position. He has pretty much confirmed this with his inner monologue in episodes 10 and 11. 

His family most likely abandoned him in some way, and because of his quick and early rise to stardom, he lacked any meaningful bonds with people around his own age. I’m sorry I don’t have any more concrete headcanons for tiny Victor, but I really believe that he he’s been alone for most of his life, or at least felt alone.

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Tbh I want them to get caught bc this faking an illness for sympathy thing is disgusting and needs to be exposed but people are so stupid, when health is involved they lose their minds and get super defensive as if faking illness is something new. Yolanda built her entire fame around this, she knows exactly what she's doing, she's making millions for sure thanks to this, but you show people facts and they say you're not a human for doubting a poor woman with a chronic unkown disease.

They wont get caught, though. I made a whole post about this situation, idk if you read it, but because of the illegitimacy and controversy around Chronic Lyme and how easy it is to get a diagnosis, I’m sure they could whip out a piece of paper saying they’re sick (especially since they are wealthy and famous so not only can they buy it but doctors will wanna give them something chronic so they could suck money out of them). Maybe Bella could get caught with how clearly fake her Olympics story thing was but Yolanda has done so much advocacy with her GLA board and now her book that people ignore when she compares her situation to AIDs, lies about being sick to get out of functions and goes on vacation, endorses clearly made up pseudo science treatments, claims she broke her back and had brain swelling (or Bella claiming she was bed ridden for weeks when she was a teen because she lost her vision) none of which Lyme can do to you or is typical with usual Chronic Lyme cases or is provable or even consistent stories from them.

I hate the taboo around calling people out for lying in general, disease or not. People are so quick to believe anything a celebrity says as if they don’t have something to gain in situations by lying or something. Yolanda and Bella both gain a shit ton from this –it’s Yo’s entire career and the only thing of note Bella can say and a constant excuse to cover up her shitty behaviour. People fake being sick all the time even on a small scale to get out of school or work, is really all the insane that people (celebs in even higher stake situations would do riskier versions of the same things we all do? No. No, it’s not.

If you’re thinking, “wow, lots of women in combat on this blog lately,” don’t worry, I’m with you. Bear with me - you’ll wish you had learned about this particular woman earlier.

BASIC BIO: (c. 1200 BC) Fu Hao’s introduction to the historical record began when she became one of the king Wu Ding’s sixty wives. Though the marriage was a political one, Fu Hao distinguished herself and became a prolific and successful military leader. Additionally, she took on the unusual responsibilities of a spiritual leader, a sign that she was held in great esteem by her husband. Upon her death, Wu Ding had a tomb built to befit a famed and respected general, and he made sacrifices here to ask for her spiritual assistance in battle.

HER IMPACT: Fu Hao burst back into public consciousness in 1976, when her tomb was discovered largely intact. Weapons and military supplies were found buried alongside her, which shed new light on the role women were playing in her time.  A statue of her now graces Yinxu, the now-ruined city she would have known and lived in.

Open Starter: Dramatic

Dramatic. It was a word that everyone would use to describe April, including her own mother. She was at the Duckburg Library in an effort to study. It really wasn’t her thing. She was built for fame and glory; things you did not get sitting at a desk studying the history of Calisota. The crowd was thinning out as it grew later in the evening. April would probably be one of the last people to exit the library.

Feeling trapped by her surroundings, she laid her head down and splayed her arms out over the table in front of her. “How has no one ever noticed that studying is just ‘student’ and ‘dying’ put together?” She dramatically wailed, not really caring about her volume level.

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Given Bella’s resemblance with Jennifer Lawrence, do you think her Dior contract could have been a bad deal coming from Bella’s team. Like Dior aren’t going to use Bella over Jennifer Lawerence considering Jennifer Lawerence is getting paid at least 10x( I read JLaws’s Dior contract is $15million for 3 years) as much as Bella is.

Another ask:

Dior makeup has built their fame around celebrities, I always see youtube comments saying their stuff sucks and are just like cheap things you can get at a drugstore. Bella needs to have a lipstick campaign for them, would’ve been better if it was the first thing she had instead of that mascara nobody talks about. Even better would’ve been a perfume contract, Bulgari is OK but we know that Dior perfume ads are something else, that would’ve been something she could’ve proudly brag about.

No, I don’t think so. Bella is nowhere near as popular as Jennifer so there was no point for Bella’s team to ask for raise. I have never tried their product so I don’t know if they are good or bad but Dior is a huge brand and the fact that Bella is associated with them is good for her career.

It’s understandable that the world didn’t much care about Gamergate. The 2014 hashtag campaign, ostensibly founded to protest about perceived ethical failures in games journalism, clearly thrived on hate – even though many of those who aligned themselves with the movement either denied there was a problem with harassment, or wrote it off as an unfortunate side effect. Sure, women, minorities and progressive voices within the industry were suddenly living in fear. Sure, those who spoke out in their defence were quickly silenced through exhausting bursts of online abuse. But that wasn’t why people supported it, right? They were disenfranchised, felt ignored, and wanted to see a systematic change.

Is this all sounding rather familiar now? Does it remind you of something? If you’re just discovering the world of angry, anonymous online dudes masquerading as victims – hi, come in. Some of us have been here for a while.

The similarities between Gamergate and the far-right online movement, the “alt-right”, are huge, startling and in no way a coincidence. After all, the culture war that began in games now has a senior representative in The White House. As a founder member and former executive chair of Brietbart News, Steve Bannon had a hand in creating media monster Milo Yiannopoulos, who built his fame and Twitter following by supporting and cheerleading Gamergate. This hashtag was the canary in the coalmine, and we ignored it.


I would like to share some research on Seoul from urban design studio. We are currently doing eight comparative urban study related to their “city of design” designation endowed by UNESCO. Those cities are leveraging their economic development through design related industry, and each city has its very different history and culture background. It is interesting to investigate how they strategically created their design brand and integrated design into urban environment design.

Seoul is my chosen city, and it indeed achieve pretty amazing urban transformation under the help of design since 2005. Various creative study center and design festival were erected, normal people got involved into daily design activity through government funding. As the hosting city, Seoul was named the 2010 world design capital, and serials of events and fair built its fame around the world and also won its status in UNESCO’s creative city network.

Right now, Seoul is hosting its first Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, laying its exciting future on urban design and innovative architecture.


My artsy contribution to this years Reverse Big Bang! Written by the amazing duo of ikeracity​ and black–betty​: A September as Sunny as Spring

Charles Xavier was part of a famous vaudeville act before an accident cost him his career and his ability to walk. He’s pulled together a new life as a musician in Hollywood, but is finding it difficult to navigate his feelings for his old friend and partner, Erik Lehnsherr, the most sought after matinee idol of their generation.
Famous film duo Frost and Lehnsherr are two of the most well-known and admired mutants in the public eye, having built their fame and fortune on silent film blockbusters.When the rise of the new “talking pictures” phenomenon threatens all their careers, they must band together to try to prove that their days of stardom are far from over.

dark chocolate
three hours to read important poetry in a lazy fashion
seventy degrees at 7pm
glint off metallic paint as a Chevelle rounds a corner
new friends who get you immediately
old friends who adapt to your transformations
barbells and the clang of plates
desire for good fame built slow
desire for good money built even slower
conversations that make you praise consonants
heartache making you glad for vowels
late night pauses
whims over worries
budding of yourself into new mountains and forests
purity of the honest friend
allure of a forthright enemy
the sacred what’s next
live and let live as a foundation philosophy
the use of your body beyond expectations
the concordance of your flesh with air with sand with sweat
the knowledge you are living each day, a wild thing
and the joy of knowing how many cages they make for you mind
for it speaks of the god vibe within, the divine yeah
the everlasting imagination no propaganda has touched yet
and you at any minute–the possibility of you
turning into the Real Thing You
feel that breath skip–shiver that timber
fall into it, lean, sway, swerve
Just get there Glorious
and get there
—  King Stimie

Lee Pace. Casually ruining your life, raising your boyfriend standards and destroying your reproductive organs. Jokes aside, he seems like he’s a genuinely nice person and built his fame not on looks alone but through talent. Have you seen the man act?! He just becomes the characters that he plays. His passion and dedication to the craft is amazing. I only have respect for him and hope that he gets more recognition. Good luck Mr. Pace!

anonymous asked:

One of your questions got me thinking about the difference between 'fame whoring' & ambition. It made me think of a David Bowie interview I read a while back & his take on things these days. He says back in the day, you might have ambition to be famous, but that ambition came with the understanding that you needed to strive to be the best in your artistic field. That's the difference I see in some of the Cara clique. It's ambition for fame with only a dilettante level of talent/skill/ability.

Things have changed a lot in the world of celebrity. Social media plays a huge role now. 1D actually built up their fame on social media - they didn’t become successful the old-fashioned way either, and I think it’s fairly disingenuous to say that they succeeded solely due to their talent. Their looks, personality, and intraband dynamic were all absolutely critical to their success. Also, they had to chase that fame really hard, especially on social media.

It seems to me that the public has a weird relationship with celebrity. We want celebrities to appreciate their fame and their fans, while at the same time not caring at all about being famous (or perhaps even disliking it). This “ideal” sometimes colours how we think about our favourite celebs. Let’s consider Harry. A lot of his fans consider him to be the ideal celebrity because (1) he is always polite and kind to his fans, (2) he appears to be genuinely grateful to his fans, but (3) he doesn’t care about being famous and indeed is probably sick of it. But I think if we look a bit closer, maybe this image doesn’t hold together? He is always making connections, being seen, being papped etc. etc. etc. That doesn’t look like someone who is avoiding or minimising his own celebrity to me. And that is 100% totally okay. It’s fine to want to continue to be successful. 

Anyway, moving on to the subject at hand. Yes, Cara and Kendall promote themselves. They pretty much HAVE to, if they want to increase their success and notoriety. That’s how it works. I don’t have a problem with that. If you don’t like them, that’s completely legitimate, don’t be a fan. But in their industry, self-promotion is part of the package, and I don’t blame them for engaging in it.

Same with Taylor. I think a lot of people don’t like her because she is constantly self-promoting and playing the game. It doesn’t bother me at all. She is massively successful, and wants to be more successful. That’s ambition, and ambition is great. [Yes I know, many of you dislike her for being disingenuous.]

Even celebrities that are absolutely beloved within our part of the fandom do promote themselves. NPH and David Burtka post absolutely adorable pics of their family on their social media for a reason. Michael Sam and Vito Cammisano have definitely been using their relationship for promo ever since Michael came out. Sam Smith came out shortly before the release of In The Lonely Hour as part of a promo strategy. Ed Sheeran played up the Niall/Ed/Ellie drama in the press to promote Don’t.

This is how it works. It’s fine. Hating someone simply because they promote themselves is, to me, unfair. Also, I think that people often claim to dislike a person due to their self-promotion, when in fact that is just and excuse covering up the real reason for the dislike (which, I’m afraid, in this fandom often comes down to being linked to Harry).

Submit:  Benedict behaving badly

I’ve seen a few asks in skeptics boxes suggesting that BC is acting like a dick to his fans spec. because of skeptics. Lots of good points made. I would also like to mention that suggesting that BC is behaving badly w regards to his fans because of skeptics is to really devalue him as a person as well an artist. This suggests that his confidence in his work is so shallow that a couple dozen gossip blogs in a dark corner of tumblr are enough to get him to question the quality of his work, it also suggests that as a person he is so easily upset, so completely incapable of withstanding crit from a handful of blogs that it causes him to lose his emotional balance. That’s pretty damming assessment of his char. imo.  

I will say that there may some truth to whether or not he is emotionally and psych. robust enough to manage fame. If we are all wrong and his personal life is perfect, then what does that say about his Oscar camp? To me, that would suggest he is not built for real fame during his Oscar camp. He has behaved, on more than one occasion, in an unprofessional manner. He has shown that any amount of pressure beyond the bare min w regards to camp. is completely beyond his ability to manage. He couldn’t even conduct himself professionally and w grace whilst chatting w children about a kids movie! This is all assuming (which is very possible) that skeptics are dead wrong and he is thrilled w his personal life.  

That means, if I were a producer, he would be the very last person I would want leading any sort of film related award campaign. I don’t care how talented an actor he is, if he simply cannot show up and do his job promoting the film/ work w/o behaving like an spoiled, ungrateful child who is half way to tantrum town because waah I don’t want to do interviews, then boy is he not strong enough for the big time imo. It is BC responsibility to behave as a professional, not a teenager who loses his shit if he is not being constantly praised.   

The fact of the matter is being a celeb means being in the pub eye. It mean interacting w fans. Every adult in every job is subject to crit. granted fame is another animal, but as I said before, perhaps he doesn’t have the muscle to be a big time Hollywood player. Female celebs get the shit end of the crit stick waaay worse than BC has, way worse than anything we are saying here. The professionals don’t throw tantys. They keep their personal lives off twitter and out of tabs and they get on w the job at hand. Everyone has bad days. BC has had a bad few months. If this is real, then he cannot be a massive star a la Pitt.  

Tho, to be fair, he doesn’t seem to be getting too many gigs booked these days. Everything we see is pre gag. Even if he has a baby coming, there is nothing lined up even months aft it’s born. He has to go back to work sometime, and if he was highly in demand, projects can shift (marvel anyone?) yet no one is booking him. Let’s see how this plays out. Maybe they meaning production, directors, want to risk that if they get noms or go to promote, BC will be in a pissy mood and rep their company, brand, and movie in a bad light. No one wants to have the face of their brand behaving so badly that they cannot even conduct themselves for 15-20 min online chatting w children. Not worth the risk when there is so much talent out there.

Ballsy:  Just on the first point - the skeptics appeared BECAUSE he started acting pissy, not the other way around.