built pc

honestly every homestuck character should be into video games in a humanstuck au because the entire premise of homestuck is kids playing a game together i mean i think only equius initially didnt want to

its like a matter of what type of games they like and how hardcore they are with vriska being the most hardcore built her own pc has a 100$ headset and feferi being an iphone-gamer and plays candycrush and battlecats

Yesterday i was thinking “man, my current cellphone has WAY more power than the PC i built back on 2005 to play Doom 3”
And then i got an idea
And you know the rest.

anonymous asked:

When are you going to make another YouTube video?

Once i have my pc built and i have everything squared away, otherwise i can only upload clips from xboner. :/

  • when i first built my PC: holy shit i'm gonna fuck up okay i've gotta be grounded am i touching the case fuckin g nO LIQUIDS FOR A WHOLE MILE DIAMETER!!!!!
  • me now: pokes around inside with a glass of wine in hand, gently slaps the case occasionally both to ground myself and to say hello