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Since Assan (my canon elf Inquisitor, I talk about way too much to the point he has ran companion content) is pretty fleshed out and at a good place, I’ve been working on putting together my Adaar. And I’m loving this guy.

His mothers are a Ben-Hassarath agent (biological), who respects strength and is a very affectionate, good-natured person, and a Tamassaran (adopted) who is very measured, though curt.

And so most of his stuff that has been built up is his family and his past. Which is basically his biological mother couldn’t quite bear the thought of giving Askaas up, so her Kadan, the Tamassaran (She chooses Kiaas, but called Tama by her children obviously), helps her come up with an elaborate plan to escape the Qun. Both of them smuggling at this baby who was supposed to be put in the Kadan’s care as a numbered child.

And so Vida (biological mother) and Kiaas raise this baby boy in lower Rivain, Vida working as a blacksmith and Kiaas is a scribe. They take in orphans too, mostly taking Qunari children from the northern Qunari settlements that for some reason were left or pushed out. So Kaas has like 2 qunari sisters, a qunari brother (Kaariss), and 2 elven siblings, because Tama is so used to running a house of kids and it almost feels lonely without having all that commotion.

So Askaas grows up in a loving home, until he begins to show signs of magic and it becomes a thing to watch. But Tama, puts the worries to ease and “this is not the Qun”. Taught to control and respect his power things she believes her son will come out stronger for his gift. And Vida gave up so much for her son, no one is taking her away not even a group of southern mage hunters. Her son is to be loved, the term saarebas be damned. Especially since Kaas grows up to be such a kind and thoughtful man, though a bit vain.

Which of course he joins the Valo-Kas (with his brother) and he rises to be a respected member among, so on and so forth. Until he gets cornered and captured by a karataam of arvaarad and Qun saarebas, who threaten his life and break his horns. It puts a fear of his own people (outside of his close friends and merc group) in him, while also breaks his vanity a bit (his horns are snapped, something he was proud of). He is saved by his mercs though and his mothers can only curse the cruelty of their own people, the system and laws that they were raised in and respected for so long.

And that’s how far I’ve gotten, but I’m still working and cleaning things up.

honestly every homestuck character should be into video games in a humanstuck au because the entire premise of homestuck is kids playing a game together i mean i think only equius initially didnt want to

its like a matter of what type of games they like and how hardcore they are with vriska being the most hardcore built her own pc has a 100$ headset and feferi being an iphone-gamer and plays candycrush and battlecats

Resident Evil 8 is already in the planning stages, Capcom confirms.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard had good sales numbers so it’s no surprise to know that Capcom is already planning the next title in the series. In the last chapter of the game’s making of series, producer Jun Takeuchi confirmed the information.

“As I worked on Resident Evil 7, I wanted it to be seen as a modern masterpiece of terror,” said Takeuchi. “We wanted this title to be the beginning of a new kind of terror, and a new series. We are already thinking about various plans for our game, but we also want to see how we can continue to evolve the survival horror itself.”

In Resident Evil 7, the protagonist Ethan travels to a mansion supposedly abandoned in Dulvey, Louisiana, in search of his wife, who disappeared three years ago, but is captured by an insane family. With a first-person perspective, the player must escape the horrors of the place with the aid of firearms.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 24 with a free demo also available on all three platforms. On the Sony console, you can play the entire campaign with virtual reality.

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is it expensive building your own pc? like, does it cost a lot of money to get the parts? (also what did you mean by 'debugging errors'?)

the cost really depends on what parts you want in it and what you want to run. i believe my PC was around £800? and that was a year ago in febuary. heres my specs

an old picture cause i have two monitors now but yeah. 

if you’re looking for just a solid PC to work and not play games on, i would say it could easily be around £200/300 (without including the cost of monitors, mice and keyboard) but if you’re looking to do PC gaming with ultra graphics and flawless 60fps, you’d be looking at a price roughly around mine. 

so the short answer is, yes, it is pretty expensive to build your own pc. however, it is only expensive because the parts themselves are- if you buy a pre-built PC, i PROMISE you that it would cost less to just build it yourself.

to put it into perspective, after i bought this pc, i saw a site selling a build that was more or less identical to mine for £400 more than i paid. 

also, if you build a solid pc it will last you a super long time. i bought mine a year ago and i have no plans to upgrade it for a few more years. 

also debugging errors just means that sometimes even if you do everything right, your pc may do something weird. it may be a case of you’ve plugged something in in the wrong place, or you haven’t plugged something in at all, or you’re using the wrong cable. but thats really easy to figure out because if its something like your RAM not being seated correctly, your PC will do a set of beeps when you turn it on! etc etc. 

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i just read your get to know me tag post and i wanted to say i'm sorry you split up with your bf and i hope you're doing alright!!

this is the sweetest message oh my gosh? i don’t think i ever really brought up our split so you must’ve been following me for a while to remember me mentioning him! i am doing well though! we actually broke up almost a year ago now (that was actually the reason for my hiatus since we built our pc together and i told him to keep it) we’re still friends and talk a fair bit and he actually built the pc i have now for me! we’re able to move on and be happy for each other and i know that’s more than a lot of exes can say so i’m thankful for that!!
thank you again though, this was still just so sweet ♡


Thank you all so much for your support during my 4th of July sale! I had mentioned that the whole purpose of the sale was to buy a new motherboard and a few new computer parts.

Thanks to you guys, the sale went so well that I was able to replace every part of my computer tower. Even got a nice new graphics card for smoother digital art and photo editing and gaming let’s be honest.

I have this habit of basically seeing any large, blank surface as a blank canvas, so of course I went and bought some vinyl and made a little fern design for a personal touch.

So, meet the new Moss HQ, and it’s all thanks to you wonderful people! Thank you again!

Tagged by sweet @lithialetheia​, thank you, I was playing way too much Dragon Age so really I needed a distraction x) (this girl just built herself a new PC!!! So I can finally record and start editing my shitty videos again!) <33

Birthday: 6th of March, born on the planet of Mars. I’m also a marsipan. 

Gender: Batman.

Relationship status: Let’s see here. Married to Avallac’h and Regis, second-wife to Caranthir and Eredin, third-wife to Cullen and Blackwall. Also, slightly infatuated with Solas and Sera, AND OMG DORIAN. Have I forgotten my 43 other fictional partners? I can’t remember as I often lose count. Maybe I’m picky, maybe I’m just messed up, but if I do ever meet someone who’s as interesting as these characters, sure, I could give it a try. Haven’t happened for 20 years though so I doubt it’ll happen in the future either. 

Favorite color: Usually switches between red and blue. Today I like blue. 

Pets: I have a dog who looks like a mop, does that count for a bonus?
(he may look cute, but he’s seriously the sassiest little shit I’ve ever met)

up time: I know it’s common to hear about people referring to themselves as “night owls” instead of morning people. But then they go to sleep at like… midnight. When I say I’m night person, I’m seeeeeeerious. I don’t go to sleep at all. The sun is coming up earlier now, so I go to sleep when the sun comes up basically, around 5. So usually I wake up at 12. (my dog has a habit of barging my door open with his head every morning at 10-11 tho)

Love or lust?: It’s more complicated for me. I think love is so beautiful when it heals people, and when it’s deep, non-shallow and loyal. But I’m pretty sure I’m aromantic, though I’m constantly denying it, because I don’t want to be. I love the idea of love, but I hate the reality of people being romantic with me. I find it repulsive and smothering. (Tho again, I don’t want it to be like that, I’ve just always felt that way) Lust is different though, since I’m not asexual, but then again, I have problems with physical contact too. So I don’t know, neither and both. I like to talk about how much I’d like to marry Avallac’h for example, but would he be standing in front of me in person? I think I’d be pretty terrified of the idea then, it’s a lot of fun in my head though.  

Favorite food: I loooove raw salmon and herring soooo much. (and sun dried tomatoes) (also anything italian) 

Met a celebrity?: Not a single one, I don’t think I would’ve cared about it though, if they’re nice, I’m nice, but I don’t idolize celebrities one bit. 

Last song listened to: Old Money by Lana Del Rey, it’s not often I find a song that weirdly reminds me of myself. Have you guys found a song like that? 

First kiss: When I was 19 before my graduation. A fellow advice to those who haven’t experienced it yet; I used to ponder about it so much before I had kissed someone, what it would feel like, romanticize it, but then I suddenly gained a lot of experience in just a year and realized I hadn’t been missing out on much. Maybe it’s different if you actually like the person, though. But to me, it felt so strange, I was always uncomfortable and I thought it was gross. 

Tall or short: If I’m tall or short or if I like tall or short people? I’m short, especially in a country of giants, but in others I don’t care or even notice their height. 

I’m tagging, firstly anyone who wants to do it (also I don’t know who has already done it): @cirillach @vaporeox @vernon-roche @ferelden-doglord @lunedin @the-sweet-fox @the-night-mother @shadanakara @annarieta @alifelongpassed @dandelionandbuttercup :) i’m sorry I’m too lazy to tag any more

After so much hard work, here it is! Admin Tay and I made this for your guys! Cause we love y’all.

I hope you ladies like it and it works well. Leave me a note and let me know where the bugs were, or if you liked it, if you’d like to see more as well!

This shit was hard! LOL I built my PC and it wasn’t as hard as this lol