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“My father built our empire on the backs of resemblance. The universe can no longer doubt our strength. Each ally gained only makes us stronger. All those who continue to stand against us… will be crushed.”

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Provinces of Tamriel: Morrowind

“We built our Houses on the backs of a proud and mysterious people whose lives we destroy with reckless abandon. Our Lady of Mercy, Blessed Almalexia, teaches us compassion and charity, but are we not like the gluttonous netches that kill out of greed? Are we not like the child-Seht who makes sport of suffering? One day soon there will come a reckoning. All our manifest sins will swell and consume us. We will deserve it.”

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–Mod Mercy

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Lotor:</b> My father built our empire on the backs of his enemies. The Universe can no longer doubt our strength. Each ally gained only makes us stronger. All those who continue to stand against us.. will be crushed.<p/><b>Meanwhile Allura:</b> My father built Voltron alongside his enemies. The Universe can no longer doubt it's strength. Each ally gained only makes us stronger. All those who continue to stand against us.. will be crushed.<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Meanwhile Keith: When I was a young boy, MY FATHER TOOK ME INTO THE CITY, TO SEE A MARCHING BAND-
To My fellow DC/DCEU fans

It’s no secret to anyone who had paid attention that the DCEU and it’s fandom has had to put up with a lot of shit: Bad reviews that got basic facts about the films wrong, vitriolic and disproportionate hatred for the films and Zack Snyder personally displayed seemingly any time he did anything, endless negative comparisons to Marvel and the MCU along with stupid insults from Their smug cast members, backhanded compliments and snide remarks from people who aren’t as clever as They think They are, endless negative rumors without a shred of proof to Their name and calls for a complete reboot or even for the rights to be given away completely to Marvel. Detractors tossed around buzzwords like ‘’gritty’’ and said the films lacked ‘’hope’’ and ‘’optimism’’ and went out of Their way to avoid saying anything nice about Them or anyone involved and acted like complete pricks to fans. Tags got clogged with moronic posts from people barely a step above trolls. Gifsets and positivity posts got hijacked, fans were out right insulted and told They were ‘’stupid’’ and had ‘’bad taste’’ and people couldn’t praise Marvel or another DC property without insulting the current films. I wrote a post around the time of BvS http://comingupforblair.tumblr.com/post/142890316123/to-be-honest-even-though-its-a-film-ill-defend about how hard seeing it get ridiculed and insulted was for us after all the shit we’d been through and those feelings only increased as the year went on.

It seemed as though the films would never get the respect that They deserved, that we would either lose something we cared about deeply or keep it and have to spend all our time defending it from people who tried to make us feel ashamed of what we love, seemingly without consideration or empathy for what They mean to us. We never lost faith in the studio or Their abilities but it seemed hopeless that we would ever see the films get the love that They deserve.

Then Wonder Woman happened.

It’s difficult to overstate just how great it feels to see a DCEU film get this kind of respect and love from people in the mainstream. To see it get held up as equal and even superior to the rest of the genre. To see Gal Gadot who has gotten endless shit from the moment she was announced finally be respected. I don’t know what the future holds. JL will likely get torn to shreds but I have high hopes for Aquaman and every other film doing well. But that doesn’t really matter.

Wonder Woman showed the world that the DCEU can go the distance and that’s all I wanted.

Through it all, throughout all the insults and negative comparisons, throughout every bullshit rumor and half-assed criticism, through every article about Gal Gadot being too skinny or not having armpit hair and generally trying to dull our excitement for this film, through every idiot who suddenly gained a business degree and tried to say how the DCEU was a financial failure and everyone who hyperbolically treated the DCEU as a toxic entity that needed to be erased from existence and memory for the company and humanity as a whole to ever thrive.

Through it all, the fans were there, standing by the company and one another.

We never lost faith. We persevered. We called out bullshit rumors that anyone would half a brain could see were nonsense. We built our own community and supported one another. We fought back against everyone who refused to see a single positive aspect to the films, everyone who said how Marvel were always going to be superior and how They would do a real female led film if/when Captain Marvel comes out, everyone who said how the DCEU was over and done for and should just give up.

We fought back and our faith was rewarded. This is our moment of victory and we have earned the right to feel proud.

Don’t let anyone take that away from us. Not the people who still don’t and never will like anything from the DCEU, not the pricks who can’t praise the film without insulting what came before, not the people trying to rewrite history to make it seem like They were on the right side the whole time, not the seemingly endless stream of morons who will never let go of Their negativity or bitterness and don’t deserve our consideration or thought.

I don’t know what will come in the future but I’m proud to say that I never lost faith in this universe and I have never been happier to be in a fandom.

Two Voltron Trailers thoughts

So for the official trailer:

We start off with a ship coming at a larger space station like ship, let’s just call this the Deep Space 9 space station since I don’t know exactly what it is.

It’s clear that the focus is on the ship coming in and coming to the ship. Could this very well be the ship that is bringing Prince Lotor to meet with Haggar? I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on here since this trailer is clearly about him and all aspects seem to indicate some sort of connection to the Prince. So keeping this in mind. Let’s talk about two things here.

Firstly we see that the ship is smaller, a nonmilitary vessel. This very well could be connected to the second trailer where we see the two Galra commanders, one which is Throk (thank you @aquaburst07 for the reminder) and the other whom we don’t have a name for. (I’m going to hazard a guess and say Commander Holtis who was in charge of the outer planets defense) watching Lotor in an arena. This could very well be after those events and the duo have dragged (persuaded) Lotor to come with them back to the ship and see Haggar. I get the feeling that if she did hail him he ignored that and she had to send others to find him and get him to agree to come back.

Secondly, let’s talk about the size of this ship. While previously we’ve seen the space fortresses that Zarkon has mobilized, this is almost a cross between a station, white base from Gundam, and the Macross. 

A large city like structure that seems to be a hub for a lot of activity. This brings me back to a theory I’ve had for a while, that the Galra don’t have a home planet base, but like the Quarians from the Mass Effect franchise, they’re mobile in nature and willing to invade to find a place to live.

Which brings us to scene two, the discovery of Haggar watching over Zarkon.

This is a rather powerful scene. Haggar is set distantly for a reason, clearly she’s trying to decide how to approach Zarkon. She knows he must rest, but it also seems like she’s waiting for Lotor to come and join her there. Normally in a sequence like this the child, in this case Lotor, is sent to see their dead, or injured, parent alone and the nurse or aid, or in this case vizer of sorts, waits off to the side to give them some privacy. I have a feeling that that is what we’re seeing here. Haggar is waiting on Lotor to come and see Zarkon and say his thoughts or prayers or whatever that Galra will do.

This is probably going to be a moment where Lotor makes a pledge to take on the role as ruler, although he will probably still come in conflict with Haggar over things. This is probably going to be an emotional scene, though we have no way of knowing for sure as of yet.

Following this we have a bunch of jet fighters getting ready for a flight in the hanger area.

We see that the red lights light up as they are switched on, so there’s going to be a war going on very soon. Someone is sending in the troops, that much is clear.

So next we have a city. The architecture reminds me of a Middle Eastern, or South American village or smaller city from the desert area. There’s also roman architecture there as well, which is interesting since there’s a gate way (portcullis?) that’s leading to a walkway sort of like how they had it in Rome during the “great age.

We see a man on a roof dealing with some pots (the way they’re lined up remind me of a Zelda reference), and people walking a main road. There looks to be some larger buildings in the distance. The homes look to be a of rock nature, and there’s sand there on the ground (or at least something similar in nature).  We see a large shadow come looming over darkening the clearly bright day and the man has a look of shock and surprise on his face as he turns to look up at whatever it is that is flying overhead. My guess, one of the Galra fleets larger ships.

We also get the first words of Lotor, “My father built our empire on the back of (something, screaming gets in the way so I can’t tell what he’s saying there) our (his) enemies (?)”

We then get a shot of the fighter ships shooting and attacking civilians on the ground.

Take a note of the ship off to the right of the picture, that ship design will be important later because similar ships show up in a later scene that has me worried that since Zarkon lost control the Galra haven’t been so noble in their actions. Or that’s the rebellion attacking the allies of the Galra and not caring who they hit.

People are running away, there’s a woman with a baby on the right, a guy to the front of the screen. I’m not sure what the large silver things are, since they seem a bit blurred to me, but they possibly could be launch areas? Or defense stations –actually I think they are defense turrets since it looks like there’s someone on top shooting back.

The shot that follows is a cut from the ground being hit to an explosion and the city being blown up.

This is the same city that we see the man on the roof from, so we can hazard a guess that this is from the same episode. So the Galra, or someone, is blowing up this city. Possibly to get Voltron’s attention. Possibly to root out a rebellion.

Next shot is interesting because we see a ship going through a worm hole and it’s not the Castle.

What does this mean? Well there’s been a lot of speculation about the type of person Lotor is and I’ve been saying I think he’s going to be more science base then magic base like his father was. In this case this could confirm that the Weblum Galra that we saw was indeed Lotor and that he did take the scaultrite for use of creating a way to do a wormhole. The fact that it’s just this ship that goes through, also pretty much confirms that he’s doing it for his own uses rather than the Galra as a whole, which does show that he doesn’t view the whole of the Galra with the same respect that his father did.

This very well could mean that he doesn’t fully embrace that side of himself and that he’s willing to embrace part of his other side the Altean, something that his counterpart didn’t seem to want to do, and his Japanese counterpart, Sincline, didn’t known about and it drove him mad. This would be a very different take on Lotor if he’s not so unwilling to use that Altean side of himself for his own goals.

So the ship flys through the wormhole and ends up at the end in a battle area.

We see a gray moon sized planet in the distance as well as larger ships that are firing off at something. So clearly the Galra are trying to attack some planet. We can see that this ship has arrived and is heading towards the battle. It’s interesting to note that unlike Zarkon, if this is Lotor’s ship, then he’s willing to head out to fight earlier then his father and want to be involved. Making me think we’re going to see a sort of Char Aznable like character where there’s good in him but also he’s very much for his own cause and if that means killing and destroying things to get to his end goal, well then so be it. He also says during this moment, “The Universe can no longer doubt our strength.”

Next shot is a bunch of purple ships, more than likely Galra, flying away from a location.

 The weird thing about the shot is that the ground area reminds me very much of the shot from the ground with the teaser trailer had where the five lions fly past some mountains. This was later the location of the Olkarion, however this might not be the same planet. It’s hard to tell as we could be looking from a view port window as the ship goes up.

There’s one thing to note here, there’s no shooting so the Galra here are not fighting with others. So when these ships were made there wasn’t a war going on, or at least there wasn’t a fight going on at this moment in time. This also seems to allude to the fact that he’s not going to go out of his way to war with others as a later line shows this.

Next shot we see a new sort of ship flying over two horned aliens (one green male, single horn, and one duel horned pink female), who are standing with each other as this giant ship flies over head. The female is hiding behind the male looking over his shoulder at the ships as they fly over, and there are strange glowing lights, could be connected to the quintessence of the planet.

What’s interesting is that the two scenes are of the same ships. The first one is of them leaving a location, the second is of them flying over another area. These ships are far bigger than the smaller fortresses we’ve seen in the main story.

Again they very much remind me of the large world ships that the Quarians live in in mass effect. 

As the fortresses 

reminded me of the fortresses used in Escaflowne, 

these seem to be settlement ships as they are large, move slower, and are probably of limited fighting capabilities. The fact that they are so big makes me again think the population of the Galra home world had to leave the planet and was forced to see the world die. We know that the Weblum was found in the ruins of a planet that was unnaturally destroyed, and that the galra was there as they knew that would be where the Weblum was to be found. What’s interesting is that Hunk noted that the area was supposed to be in one piece and that it wasn’t, Keith then noted the fact that it seemed to have died unnaturally.

Could what we be seeing in these shots is the Galra having to evacuate their home? And then of them trying to find a new one?

During the next scene we hear this line from Lotor, “Each ally gained only makes us stronger.”

We see a number of Galra stand, three in the front stand out.

The first one has a red armor piece on his fore and upper arm and only on the right side of the body. The one next to him reminds me very much of Commander Mogor who helped out Lotor, and the one before him reminds me of Cossack, Mogor’s replacement.

I think at the very least we’re seeing a new type of officer with the red armed one. Also the shot is them standing up and saluting someone. My guess either Thork or Lotor. One or the other is making a rousing speech to get them on his side. Honestly I think this is where Lotor’s speech we’re hearing is coming from and we’re seeing the end reaction to it. There’s probably a “Join me” line in there at the end because this doesn’t sound like a complete speech.

Then following this shot we have the Voltron crew looking like they’re preparing to deal with trouble.

This shot I think is rather important. It frames things in a unique way, and possibly subtle look at some conflict to come up in the series, maybe?

So to break down this frame let’s start with what we see point blank. Keith is standing clearly center front where Shiro normally is meaning that he’s starting to embrace his role as leader. Then we have Pidge to his left, who is almost standing next to him, and slightly behind her is Hunk who is right behind her. Across we have Lance who is on his own, and behind him and Keith, framed, is Allura and Coran. Allura is before Coran, and Coran is in the back of them all.

Breaking the shot down even more it’s clear that they want your eyes to wander around the page from Keith’s side to Lance’s and then back to Allura. Leaving Lance on his own could mean a number of things. It could mean that it’s a visual cue that he’s feeling left out of the group and has embraced things having Keith be the leader. It should be noted that He and Keith are almost equal in where they’re standing. Meaning that while they may not be seeing eye to eye on things, they’re probably on the same wave length about whose the real enemy here.

Also important is how Pidge and Hunk are both set up. Pidge is nearly side by side with Keith which could indicate that he’s putting more responsibility in her and her role in the team. He’s also trusting her more as his left hand man, so to speak, in this case. Hunk is right behind her, showing that he’s got her back and that of Keith’s in this case.

Then you have Allura and Coran in the back, both are standing in a refined way, Allura in the front standing like a lady of the court would with Coran seemingly having hands on hips.

Now the interesting thing here also is how they’re dressed, body language and the hands in this case. Lance and Hunk seems to be sharing a curious but not trusting look as they stare at something. Lance’s hands are less clenched meaning he’s open to what they’re seeing, but that he doesn’t trust or believe everything that is being fed to him, which is good since Lance is far more trusting then Keith is. Hunk at the same time has learned from his time with the mermaids and is clearly not willing to buy in to things at sight. In this case he looks more like he’s questioning what he’s seeing and hearing.

Pidge and Keith on the other hand are not quiet opposite each other but they convey different emotions here. Pidge looks curious, almost sad. She’s the most relaxed at this point and seems less worried then the others are. It’s like she’s trying to figure out what she should believe in this case, or is curious about this. This makes me wonder if she knows the person that they’re looking at, maybe this could be a rebel who knows where Matt is? Or it is Matt? Conversely we have Keith who is clearly not buying any of this at all, he looks very untrusting and suspect of the person that they are with and seems to be giving them side eyes. His fists are also clenched, meaning that he’s being resolute and firm about something. The fact that his thumbs aren’t tucked in means that he’s not ready for a fight but he’s not going to back down either.

Allura and Coran are showing different meanings as well. Hands folded in the front as she’s doing means that she’s trying to show respect and confidence, but really at the moment she’s feeling very vulnerable and worried. Her face, though blurred, shows something of confusion or worry as well. Coran, I can’t see his face, but it looks like his hands are behind his back and that normally means confidence and that he’s being serious. He’s trying to show an air of intimidation, or protection over the Princess and the others there.

It’s also important to note that they’re in their normal attire. This means that this is not a mission situation, but rather someone has invited them some place as this isn’t the ship, and they left their suits behind. So this is someone they’re trying to show trust in, thus the whole letting their guard down in this case, but being on edge here. Again, I’m going to guess the Rebels or some similar group.

Lotor states over this and several other scenes, “All those who (something) appear (?) choose (?) to stand against us…Will be crushed.”

Following the shot of the Voltron crew we have a ship that looks like a gun that fires out a laser blast.

We haven’t seen this before. Most of the ships that engage in battle are the smaller ones or the Robeasts, so this is new and rather frightening that the Galra are now firing lasers. To make matters worse, it looks like the next shot shows them blowing up a bunch of civilian ships.

So remember that ship from earlier I mentioned when the smaller fighters were firing on the ground? 

Yeah I think that the ships that were taking off from there were attacked and what we see in this moment is what happened to them as they were trying to flee the planet. The fact that this shot with the “Will be crushed” line tells me at the very least that Lotor isn’t playing around and that he intends to destroy anyone that gets in his way, or at least that’s what he wants the Galra to think so he can control them. What that means for the character as a whole I’m not sure.

However this very dark shot is then followed by an even darker image. We see Voltron knelling down on rocks looking defeated.

I think this might be a volcano, maybe Keith’s lion will get some much needed boost ala Pidge, Lance and Hunk last season. Not sure what’s going on, but clearly there is going to be a hard fight for the group.

As for the speech, this I think is making things clear at least in regard to how Lotor WANTS to be seen by his men. He starts off noting the accomplishments of his father, whom is well loved among the general population as shown with the various officers in the army, although the Commanders have other thoughts, this speech though isn’t for them. As you see in that one shot there is no Commanders or Generals there, only officers.

The reason he starts off this way is to call to mind who he is related to. He notes “His Father” meaning he wants that connection in the minds of the officers. He goes on to list that his father built the Galra Empire on the backs of his (or our) enemies. If it’s his, then he’s trying to invoke the accomplishments that his father achieved against those that he warred with and that he built the empire on those that fell before him. If it’s our, then he’s indicating that the Galra empire has been built with the help of the people and that they have pushed down those that would oppose them to build a great empire (very much like the Roman empire in a lot of ways).

He then goes on to say that the universe can no longer doubt how strong they are. Meaning that at some point in time the Galra came off as a weaker group and that others didn’t believe that they could achieve what they had done. This indicates that he wants them to feel pride in what they have accomplished and that others now can’t reject them and that they are the ones in power. The other cities and planets will have to know their power and strength. Again very much like a roman Emperor here.  Note too he says Universe, meaning that it’s not just one solar system, it’s the whole of the universe, and even places they have yet to go to.

Then Lotor goes on to say that each ally that they gain makes them stronger. Again this seems to very much mimic some of what the Romans did during the time that they were the Holy Roman Empire. Lotor is telling us that each time they gain someone to their side it only makes them more powerful, stronger, and more capable of achieving what they need to achieve. He’s trying to show that there is strength in numbers and that the Galra should not reject or ignore those that are allied with them, rather embrace them and move forward using their abilities. (This has me thinking that the Pollux plot will either be in this season or the next since the notion of the Galra having allies means that he’s going to go for diplomacy which could help them out in showing that the Galra are more benevolent at points.)

Then he goes on to say that those that oppose them will be crushed. This is key here. I think again they’re trying to invoke a lot of Rome into the Galra with how they operate, and in this case Lotor is trying to get his men to not only feel that they have achieved something, that they’re strong and powerful, that others are willing to stand by them, but that if those who come after them try and defeat them, they will crush them.

Note though, crush doesn’t mean destroy. Crush means to violently control or subdue something. Break the will and they will follow you then. You don’t need to eradicate them. Destroy means to wipe them out completely, and I think this shows something about Lotor. He doesn’t want to destroy others, he wants to control them. So we’re not going to get a killer Lotor in this case, we’re going to get one that uses a lot of unconventional ways of dealing with issues.

What we can tell from the speech is that clearly Lotor wants to be seen as a powerful person and one that his troops can rally around and he can hold the empire together, and it looks like his men buy this. On the other hand we can tell from his choice of words that he’s not like Zarkon. Zarkon was serious, relying a lot on Haggar and was very contemplative about his actions. He wouldn’t engage with Voltron directly, rather he would let other things go after them. Lotor seems to be more proactive on this front.

However where they differ is that Zarkon, while he wanted Voltron, he had no intention of keeping the Paladins alive. This is where I think the difference will come into play. Lotor wants to control over possessing. He probably knows that the lions have picked their Paladins and will want to get the users under his control. It’s also clear that he’s not against making allies, which means that he’s probably going to be more diplomatic and making concessions, unlike his father who seemed to just invade and take over. This I think will make things harder for the Rebels as well as allow others to come join the Galra for not only protection, but to get some political power as well as land and colonization.

Then you have the April fools trailer, which has some key notes as well.

It starts off with the fighting arena. This I think is the same place that Shiro went to.

Note the four claw finger rocks that seem to form the barrier for the fight. We see two mini people in the area and it’s clear that one has been bested. People are cheering, so this is a normal fight night.

We then cut to Throk and another commander. They are watching the fight and the larger of the two says, “Who’s this little fella.” Meaning that he doesn’t recognize the Prince that’s in the ring.

This one is leaning back meaning he’s less impressed and that he’s relaxed, not as interested in what he’s seeing. Throk though is leaning forward, clearly interested in what is about to be revealed and wants to know what’s going on. By the way his eyes go wide then narrow as he speaks meaning he’s curious but also a bit annoyed by the fact that this smaller person won.

Throk says to his fellow commander, “I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before.”

This indicates that Throk frequents this arena, and that this is the first time that he’s seeing the Prince there. This could also mean that Lotor hasn’t come here often or at all and that he’s testing something out in a place of battle. What that could mean, who knows. New skill or a new item that gives him an advantage in a fight. Maybe a teleporting device based on teladove tech?

Next shot is of Lotor and we see him standing there in his armor.

This is interesting as it’s very similar to the Weblum Galra, but there’s some slight diffrences. Either because this was newly animated for this piece, or a different animator group (B group) did this shot for them. In any case what’s important is that the color’s match, as does the neck ring around the collar. What’s odd is that he doesn’t have on the shoulder pads, but does have on a waist cape. So we do still have some of that “I’m hot and I know it and I want to look fine,” aspect of Lotor still in there.

We see that the waist cape has the blue markings, much like the Galra from before, and now the arms are covered at the top, meaning that he changed his outfit some but is retaining that custom look that he has. His sword is also unique. It is similar to the sword that Lotor used in DoU, but has pink on the hilt showing the same glow as Allura (hints of them being related?) and on the top as well. This energy at least tells me that he can use some form of magic, after all why have it at all if he couldn’t?

Then comes the zoom in and the hair reveal.

And we at once see he has Altean ears, meaning we can at least confirm that he’s half Altean. We also get a sense of scale on him as well, and I think possibly his fighting theme. Also that hair looks great.

Since we don’t get his face, well we do get the front of the armor and that’s where things get weird.

While the neck marking is the same as the weblum with the orange V shape, the chest marking is different. 

This is either because it’s a different set of armor, as @aquaburst07 mentioned to me, which is the most likely, or the Weblum Galra and Lotor are two different people and they work for him. Either way we can at the very least say that the armor is similar.

Outside of that, it’s a animation error and will be fixed later. 

Not much to add on this speculation at this point. Other then I think he’s gonna look great and then Throk is going to recognize him and be like “Prince Lotor!” as if shocked to see him there. Question now is, what has the Prince been doing all this time?

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I messed up the first time! Sorry! I have two estranged half-siblings, one Ashkenazi and the other Sephardi, both Israeli, that are reunited. They fight a lot, because they believe each other traitors and look down on each other's traditions (Brother says she's disrespecting the family, Sister says he's inferior to her) I did some research, and found out that relationships between Ashkenazi and Sephardi tend to be full of vitriol. They work things out in the end. But is it OK to portray this?

Estranged Jewish Siblings, Conflicting Traditions

I’m not gonna say “this has never existed” because obviously that would be naive of me, but in my one specific life, I’ve never seen siblings/half-siblings (or friends, for that matter) get into a fight badly enough to estrange them over whose customs are better. 

I’ve seen families get in massive, “not speaking to you” fights over:

-someone being a baby about someone else not picking up sale items for him when he slept through the sale

-inheritance drama (x2)

-favoritism (i.e. who the parents are being nicer to) 

For example. Since it’s asking me as a reader to imagine a situation I’ve never seen, you’d have to do a really good job of portraying it. Same with this “relationships between Ashkies and Sephardim being full of vitriol” thing – it’s not something I’ve personally witnessed, so if an outsider wrote it, I might – possibly wrongly – assume that they were making stuff up.

Ashkenazim tend to dominate Jewish representation and culture so there might be some justified resentment floating around from Jews of other ethnicities, but that’s not so much a mutual vitriol as “you folks are privileged specifically within our community and need to recognize that.”

It’s just so hard for me to imagine Jews getting mad at each other over whose customs are better when healthy disagreement for fun is built into our philosophy. 

If you need them to be estranged and get back together as siblings for plot reasons, I’d feel more comfortable with their quarrels being secular instead of cultural or religious, unless you’re writing about your own experiences. I don’t know  your background, but if an outsider wrote this there’s this tendency for it to come across as “look at these dysfunctional X’s!”


P.S. If you’re Jewish and you’ve actually had the experience OP is asking about, or witnessed it, please feel free to share in a reblog and tag them, because my answer only reflects my own experiences. I still want outsiders–and I have no idea if the OP is an outsider or not–to keep in mind that if they portray marginalized groups as dysfunctional when writing from outside the group, it may come off as condemnation from a place of privilege.

It Just Gets Better

Dean X Reader, Sam

Request by Anon: Can I request a oneshot with Dean and the readers first time together? :) (it’s okay if you don’t write smut tho, I’d also love to see their talk!) And Dean talks with Sam about it while she’s still asleep in his room and Sam tells him that sex feels different if you have feelings for this person and he agrees.

Warnings: A smidge of language. Kind of smut, not really though idk haha 

A/N: Okay, so I kind of strayed a little bit because you sparked an idea, and I just ran with it. I hope you still like it though :)  

I decided to not go full on smut with this one, and to arrange it the way that I did, becuase I wanted to really be able to get into Dean’s head and to convey what he was feeling. Therefor, it’s not outright smut, sorry guys. Haha 

~Reader’s POV~

Dean and I had always danced around the boundary between friends and something more. There we’re many times we’d thrown flirtatious comments out, times I’d maybe shown a little more skin than needed, times he’d make his usual jokes about helping me to “relieve some stress.” But that was just what it looked like between us. It was the only way we knew to be around each other. 

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How The French View Americans: Negative Stereotypes Explained

We all have preconceived notions of certain countries and cultures. We might even understand that these are gross generalizations but that doesn’t keep us from believing them. The French have quite a few preconceived ideas on what it means to be American. I’m going to explore where these stereotypes might come from.  

*Disclaimer: This is all (slightly researched) speculation. *

1. Americans are stupid 

Americans have the unfortunate stereotype of being not so bright. Many Europeans would agree. Is there some truth to this? Well according to OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the U.S ranks 26th worldwide in scholastic test scores, below other world powers such as France, Germany, and China. But this is only proof if you believe that test scores accurately define intelligence. Also, the typical French person probably doesn’t know this statistic…so why do they think we’re “idiots”?

Probably because we are generally ignorant of the world around us. Who’s the Prime Minister of the UK? What political scandal is currently going on in Brazil? What is ISIS? The reality is many Europeans could answer these questions and many Americans could not. The other day I watched this American girl try to order at a french bakery. This first thing she said was “Hola” (*face palm*) and then she very loudly asked for a sandwhich in english, as if yelling would help the cashier understand her better. This is the American traveler in a nutshell - we go overseas without any regard for common practices, norms, or courtesies. This lack of cultural curiosity is what probably makes us seem uninformed, silly, and quite frankly, stupid. 

2. Americans are superficial

Outsiders believe that all we care about is our looks, status, and wealth. Materialistic is our name and consumerism is our game. But like, we can’t like, be bothered with things like “inner beauty”. I mean, duh, we have reps to protect! 

It’s not hard to understand why one would come to this conclusion of us. Watch American TV for 30 minutes and you will see how we eat up ideas of popularity and wealth. I mean we are the same country that has made famous-for-nothing Kardashians a household name. We’re also the same country that lets Channing Tatum “act” and lets Taylor Swift whine on every stage. I must admit (ashamedly) that I’ve thought to myself, “Wow, french actors and singers are not attractive”. But their celebrities are actually famous for being talented. Crazy concept, right? 

3. Americans are conservative 

One day when I was babysitting, I took the kids to the park. On the side of a building was a LARGE ad for a burlesque show with a topless woman gracing center stage. I remember feeling appalled. This is a park where children come to play! I looked around and none of the moms or their kids paid it any attention, almost as if this was normal. Am I a prude? No, I’m just American.

When it comes to nudity, cursing, or anything else considered taboo, we tend to censure it. These things are typically reserved for private spaces among adults. But in France, whether its in the media or in real life, they are much less likely to censor themselves. 

Theory time: Part of this may be because we are a much more religious country than France. Although we express freedom of religion within our Constitution, we cannot deny that our country was founded on Christian principles and those principles manifest themselves within our political, social, and cultural identity. Around 88% of American citizens are affiliated with a religion compared to almost 55% of French citizens. Why are LGBT and female reproductive rights hot button issues? Why is the drinking age still 21 years old? Because of persisting conservative sentiments. Perhaps we hold more modest values because of our country’s subconscious (or maybe not so subconscious) ties to religion. 

4. America is dangerous and racist 

To many outsiders, most of our major cities are synonymous with danger. New York. Miami. Chicago. I’ve been asked several times by wide-eyed Frenchies if I’ve ever visited these cities and if I’ve ever felt unsafe. What puzzles them most is why, oh why, can’t America solve its gun issue? Trust me, we’re asking ourselves the same thing. Mass shootings have become unnervingly commonplace and we are just as exhausted.  

As for the racism thing, French people have televisions. They see our public discourse on police brutality, the physical aggression at Trump rallies and that same presidential candidate’s stance on Mexican immigrants. They know well that our country was built on the backs of slaves and immigrants and has a 400 year history of racial oppression and discrimination. But don’t be fooled, France is not at all a racial utopia. They’ve had their fare share of discriminatory laws over the years. However, due to our track record, its the U.S that usually wins the prize of most racist world power. 

5. Americans are fat 

This is without doubt the number one stereotype about Americans and unfortunately there’s a lot of merit to it. We are one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. In 2015, 74 million Americans, almost 2/3 of the country, were considered overweight or obese. Researchers predict that these numbers will only increase and by 2020, 75% of the nation will be overweight. Compared to the 40% of overweight French citizens, these numbers are quite egregious.

But what’s ironic is that we are by far more obsessed with exercise and healthy eating. We have a strong “work out culture” in the states and for most Americans the question is not whether you’re dieting but which diet you’re on. As a whole, French people don’t actively work out. In fact in the 9 months I’ve been here, I have seen one gym. ONE. And it was extremely empty. They don’t have to work at being healthy because they just naturally are. It’s not in their culture to eat large fast food portions or eat out for that matter. Where as in the US, we love to dine outside the home. Not only is it a great way to connect with friends but its convenient. And from drive-thrus to 24/7 restaurants, you cant deny our love affair with conveniency.

6. Americans are self-involved workaholics

“You can be anything you put your mind to” “Reach for the stars” “You could be the next president of the United States!”

From an early age we are told that everyone is special. That hard work is the key to success and to dream as big as possible. I asked a couple of my students what they wanted to be when they grew up and none of them had an answer. From an American perspective this is very strange. Every American child knows exactly what they want to be by the age of 3. Even if the answer is a Princess, we raise children to have a very clear and confident vision of who they are and where they are going in life. 

Our society is characterized by individualism. What that means is that we emphasis personal achievements, we value independence, and much of what we do in life is self-enhancing. Many countries fall into this category and you can argue that there’s nothing wrong with it. But the inevitable result of individualism is that we lose sight in the importance of people around us. We are less family-oriented and instead place more value on our personal success, which typically translates to how we perform in our careers. 

Everyone is chasing the “American Dream”, hoping to make something of themselves. But instead of enjoying life, we’re too busy working hard for the money. We work 30% more than Europeans, have significantly less paid vacation time, and we’re one of the only countries that doesn’t guarantee parental leave for new mothers and fathers. We don’t value leisure time for ourselves or with our family. Maybe we are not personally “self-involved workaholics”, but the way our society is set up its almost impossible not to be. 

Feeling bitter? Well let’s glance at some positive stereotypes. 

7. Americans are very self-confident 

8. Americans are charitable

9. Americans are super friendly

10. Americans are good looking 

See, it’s not all bad. 

Is She?

Continued from here. A request.

Jimin sat on the floor, as Yoongi took the phone from his hands just as Jin opened the door. “What are you doing?” Yoongi asked him. “Get up and get out, I’ve told you guys about bothering me when I am sleeping.” 

Taehyung held onto Jimin’s hand pulling him from the floor as Jimin stared at Jin. “You knew, for the past two years you’ve known…and you said nothing to me.” 

Jin shook his head. “I am have no jurisdiction in that. She asked me to keep my mouth shut and I did, it’s just…I couldn’t hold it any longer.” 

“You didn’t think that before!” Jimin yelled at his hyung, shaking Taehyung off of him. Pushing past everyone he went into his room and closed the door. 

“Jimin, listen.” Jin started, but Namjoon held onto his hand and shook his head no. 

Jimin didn’t want to hear anything, he didn’t want to see anyone. Opening his closet door, he pulled out a photo album that he had hidden under boxes and opened it. His thumb moved over pictures of him and >>> together. They had been so happy. He grinned at a picture of him comparing his height to hers, finally someone smaller than him. An ache in his chest started at a picture she took of them kissing, her full lips enveloping his own. 

Her and Jin in the kitchen cooking, a fusion of soul food and Korean food. She had her arm wrapped around Jin, her head on his shoulder. Jimin had taken that one, then one of her feeding Jimin, Yoongi rolling his eyes in the background. 

He missed her, and she probably never knew. He remembered the harsh words of his fans, all the hate BTS was getting. Namjoon, Jin and Yoongi didn’t care, it was his life, he had to live. They loved their fans but they didn’t control everything. Jungkook didn’t like people jeering at him, and Tae was sensitive. Hobi kept a smile on his face no matter what, his members happiness was important to him. 

But when the managers came to him straight from PD-Nim himself, he didn’t know what to do. He panicked, and he let her go. Closing his eyes, Jimin remembered taking her out that night, she seemed off. Nervous, but when he asked her about it, she just smiled and said it was fine. 

“I think…this is the last time we should see each other.” He said softly, he was too much of a coward to even look at her. 

He heard her scoff. “The fans right? All that shit about you with a black girl…”

“I don’t care what color your skin is jagi, but-”

She cut him off, holding a hand in the air. “Yea…you don’t want the backlash and your image will suffer cause of the black girl right?”

Jimin frowned, why was she being like this. “It’s not like that entirely, I keep telling you in Korea-”

“Korea is racist? Just say it. Korea has a colorism problem, and instead of pointing at that and saying no you’re wrong, you sacrifice us.” 

Jimin threw his hands into the air. “I’m not just going to talk shit about my country, Korea has problems yes, don’t act like America is so squeaky clean.”

“You have never heard me say that! America is shit when it comes to issues for black people, when it was built on our backs! But if we walked down the street hand in hand you wouldn’t have people about to ruin your career over it!” She sat down on a stone bench her face in her hands. 

Jimin knelt down in front of her, grasping her hands he kissed her knuckles. “Let me sort this out, let’s just take a break, when it’s settled we can go back to where we were.” 

“No.” She didn’t whisper it. She said it loud and clear and he was taken aback by the stern look on her face. As she stood up, she walked past him, snatching the necklace with the J on it from around her neck. It landed on the ground next to him. “What makes you think I’d want you back, after you threw me away when it was convenient for you?” 

Opening his eyes, Jimin looked down at the necklace in the small baggy that he taped to the book. His eyes filled with tears. She was pregnant then, she was alone. She had went into labor alone, she stayed in Korea alone, she was raising their daughter alone. Closing the book, he placed it back in it’s hiding space. He wiped his face, setting his shoulders straight, he wasn’t a boy, he was a man. He was a man who made dumb choices and paid for them. 

His daughter had paid for them, he wouldn’t let her face anything else alone. You never walk alone. That was one of their albums. How ironic that he allowed her to do just that. 

Opening the door to his room he called for Jin. “Hyung, please come here.” 

He heard Jin and Namjoon in the kitchen arguing, and Jin peeked his head from the doorway, regarding him with a squinted glare. “What?” 

“Please?” Jimin asked, clearing his throat.

As Jin came down the hall he looked at Jimin’s eyes and pulled a tissue from his pocket, handing it to him. “I didn’t mean to make you cry Jimin.” 

“it’s fine. She’s probably been through worse, just tell me everything you know.” Jimin sat on his bed, signaling for Jin to close the door. 

Jin clucked his tongue. “She didn’t want you to know. Her name is Aziah, she’s two, she looks just like you. She tries to sing too.” Jin grinned. “I can tell you where she lives, but I cannot make her take you back, or even let you see Aziah. You hurt her really bad Jimin.” 

“I know.” Jimin sighed. “I wasn’t thinking…”

Just then Yoongi opened the door, with the rest of the guys standing behind him. “You know we would have stood with you, Chim.” 

Jimin smiled at his nickname being called. “I have to see her. I have to see my daughter.” 

“We all do.” Hoseok grinned. “I’m an uncle now!” 

“Me too!” Taehyung said, clapping his hands. 

Jungkook smirked. “Now you can stop calling me a baby.” 

Walking into the room, Namjoon sat down next to Jimin, clasping his hand on the younger’s shoulder. “So this is it. We are going to her? You don’t care?” 

“As long as my family has my back why do I care what anyone thinks?” Everyone nodded, agreeing. Standing up, Jimin looked at Jin. “Let’s plan a trip, we’re going to see my daughter.”  

Long Forgotten Sons | pt 4

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Pairing: OT7
Genre: Zombie!AU, mature (includes violence, gore, death, explicit language, future major character death)
Word Count: 3.5k

“So… What brings you here?”

Yoongi all but scoffed at the question. “Not sure. It’s either being on the run from brain dead zombies trying to eat us alive, or a nice, long, romantic road trip. A broad trip if you will.”

“Yoongi,” Namjoon warned, but he was smiling. Yoongi rolled his eyes and puffed out a laugh.

“Right. Technically, they’re everything but brain dead. I heard you the first seven times.”

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i love america. i really do. i love my country and i don’t think i could ever live anywhere else.

that being said, let’s move on. america is a shitty place full of shitty people with a shitty government built on the backs of oppression and exploitation. our history is shameful. we were made of greed and piety. we stole and beat and hurt and killed. we celebrate people who kept slaves and violated women and perpetuated war. we’re a ticking time bomb just itching to explode.

and now you’re probably wondering, “well, how the fuck do you love america when we have such a terrible background?” to which i’d answer this: i love our potential. i love the future we could create.

america’s future is black. america’s future is muslim. america’s future is gay. our future is neurodivergent, disabled, non-cis, every oppressed class you can think of. our future is full of the working class and “fuck you” to the 1%. our future is diversity and acceptance and dignity, all of which belong to the minorities that actually built our country in the first place.

we can change the course of our history. america is still fairly young. instead of standing around and complaining about how much our country sucks, why don’t we actually get out and do something about it? we have problems. big problems. (that’s a huge understatement.) but if there’s one thing i like amongst this country’s wreckage, it’s our determination. if we make a better america our goal and actually work together to get shit done, then we can achieve it. it won’t be easy, but when we look back at our work, it will be worth it.

happy fourth of july. let’s create a different kind of revolution.

as I’ve mentioned, @seasonoftowers and me had this long conversation about how you can re-write tton without throwing absolutely everything out, so here we go

Okay, so imagine: a game where you can time-travel to change the events of the past, but only through memories of people who were there. An ancient scientist\mage who goes by the name of The Changing God genetically engineers new bodies and transfers his consciousness between them to achieve immortality, and you play as his last abandoned vessel. All these people who were once vessels for The Changing god - called Castoffs - are mentally connected with each other. They can access each other’s minds, travel to the specific memory they want to influence, take control of the Castoff whose mind they’ve entered and change what happened in the past by changing actions of that Castoff.  

- the difference with TToN is that you don’t just stumble upon random memories of random people with no context of what is happening or why it’s important, and change the past with no meaningful consequences for you. Instead, it’s a central game mechanic that you can control yourself and use to achieve your own goals.

- Example: you, as a player, need to get into the King’s palace. But the Palace is closed off to visitors because the Assassin killed the King and tried to kill his heir, so now the Queen doesn’t let anyone in, protecting her son. But you find out that the Assassin’s lover was one of the Castoffs. You could then through his mind travel to the day of the assassination to stop it with various options. The easiest one is to just kill the Assassin, but you might subtly thwart his plans. Oh heck, you can even convince him to not kill the King through the conversation. You return back to your own mind and the palace is open for entry, because the King is alive.

- you don’t need some artifacts with poorly explained memories placed there, you just need to know who you want to find and at what point of time.

- btw, we’re scraping the Tides completely. They are canceled.

- there’s no morality system, because you won’t need colored glitter to tell you what people think about you. Instead, you’ll get the consequences.

- say, you killed the Assassin and saved the King. Then you went into the palace, became friends with the King because he’s a great guy, did a quest for him. He really loves you now, he even gave you a title. And the player character leveling system is closely tied with History Traits now. You don’t level up quickly, but instead after some story event or achievement, you get a Trait that gives you bonuses. For example, now you’re The King’s Friend, which gives you major discounts in the area and conversation bonuses.

- remember how I said Castoffs can access *each other* minds? Yeah, so not only you can change other people’s history. Other Castoffs can change yours.

- so you go on about your business and then suddenly there’s a loading screen.  After it’s done loading, you find yourself in a throne room at the moment right after you completed the King’s quest and the King is granting you a title. But you don’t have control over PC, because the Assasin’s lover took control over you. He’s furious because you used him to kill his loved one, so in revenge he uses you to kill the entire royal family. The King’s Friend trait is replaced with Enemy Of The Crown, and the kingdom is thrown into chaos.

- the main theme of the game is all the ways people influence each other, directly or indirectly, often in a way no one can predict, and how it reflects back to us, how our identities are built in relation to other people, how no one is inconsequential, because even the absence of someone can be an influence.

- say, you didn’t kill the Assassin, you just thwarted his plans. So his lover Castoff is not that furious with you. But now he knows you exist, so he gets into your mind to use your memories to change some event of the past. Maybe you don’t care about this event, maybe you do. But the fact is, he used you to his own advantage. Does it make it fair, because you did exactly the same thing?

- or maybe you didn’t stop the Assassin, and instead helped him, and he managed to kill King, Queen and the heir. When you return to your mind, the country is in disarray, but the entry to palace is open now too!

- in that case, the Lover castoff is not angry with you, he’s kinda grateful. So he wants to help you. For example, you have a companion who’s grumpy, doesn’t trust you and generally very closed off. In your travels, you talk with him and slowly get to know him better, he starts to open up bit by bit. And then the loading screen happens, and the Lover takes over, and you see glimpses of intense conversation with that companion, but can’t really grasp the whole meaning. When you get back to being yourself, this companion now adores you. You don’t need to work to gain his trust anymore! Are you glad? Or do you feel robbed, because it’s not you who he admires now, it’s not you that he trusts. Even the positive result can not feel rewarding, if you were deprived of agency.

- there is some contextual challenge that happens before the invader takes over your mind, and there are some defense mechanisms that you can learn that help you protect yourself, but it’s still gonna be hard, and the advantage is always on the side of an invader.

- because this is how The Changing God designed this system to function, this is why he made so many different Castoffs and tried to spread them across the world as much as possible. So he’d have as many entry points to change history as he can.

- and in this context we can actually talk about parental influence, of parents projecting their expectations on their kids, and how the kids twist around these expectations

- we’re scraping the daughter in refrigerator storyline, btw. The PS:T successor should not steal it’s plot from Mr.Freeze from “Batman & Robin”.

- there’s a war between Castoffs supporting The Changing God and the ones who oppose him, and it’s called Endless, because both sides keep rewriting the history

- there’s also an extremely powerful entity called The Sorrow that sends the shadows to hunt Castoffs. Because every time Castoff changes the past, that version of reality changes, and the Sorrow is collided energy of these realities-that-were-changed, and the shadows it sends are the versions of people who do not exist anymore. People who could be, if you didn’t change them.

- this game is about memory too, about how little of what we remember are actual facts and how much it’s fantasy we invent, and how much they were colored by own perception, and how we try to make sense of things that happened to us. How our minds adapt and re-shape our memories to process the reality

- Calliestige is a Castoff who found a way to keep her shadows from slipping away. Her “sisters” are always with her, the different versions of who she is. When you re-write Calliestige, you just basically swap them.

- Tybir was in love with one of the Castoffs who fought in the Endless War and he had to see his lover being taken over so many times, acting like a different, strange person. And he knew why it happens, he understood, he tried to be patient, but it just became too much, to always expect your closest person to snap, to always be on guard, to keep understanding. Tybir left after his lover was taken over and burned their own camp

- Matkina is a Castoff who is tired of constant betrayal and of being used. And because there’s no perfect way to protect herself from being invaded, she decided to go the other way - not hide away, not be in any important event that someone else would want to get changed. In order to feel safe, she’s isolating and denying herself.

- Erritis is a Castoff who happened to be in very important juncture of the Endless War, so both sides keep re-writing his memories over and over again. His mind, unable to cope with these conflicting memories, shut itself down to complete dissociation, leaving Erritis only the shallow identity of a “hero”. He only knows that he needs to act, to do whatever the voices in his head are telling him without trying to think about it.

- we’re cancelling Aligern and Rhin, tho