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1962 Dodge Power Wagon (TX) - $65,000

Exterior: Army Green w/ Clear Coat
Interior: Camo Vinyl
Transmission: Turbo 400 Overdrive Automatic (Mopar Bell Housing)
Engine: Hemi 568 V-8
Mileage: 6,900

Custom M37 Power Wagon, has a Dana 60 with 4:11 gears, posi, moser axles, 4 link coil overs. Rear tires are 33x22x15 Mickey Thompson Radials. Motor is all Aluminum block and heads, 568 cubic inch Hemi with a 1471 Supercharger with 900 cfm demon carbs. Motor was built by Roy Anamia, South State Speed Shop in New Jersey. Have all paper work, motor Dyno-ed at 1450 hp but is street-able and always driven to car shows and events, runs on pump gas. Has a custom built aluminum 32 gallon gas tank, March pulley system, Power steering and power brakes, AC and Heat, two aluminum radiators, ididit steering column, 4 wheel disc brakes. Transmission is a Chevy turbo 400 pro built by JW Performance with a Mopar bell housing, reverse manual valve body and a 2600 stall converter also installed is a Gear Vender Overdrive which makes it really nice driving down the highway. Has a Lokar shifter. Painted a drab green with clear coat, no decals all paint. Top is fiberglass. Over $125,000 invested.

This vehicle is located in China Springs TX 76633.
Please call Roger @ 254-447-9640 to see this Power Wagon.


Eisbrecher (Icebreaker) Stettin :)

A friend and I went to Cuxhaven on this ship (^-^)
It was a great idea to take this ship instead of the usual ones :3
It was a bit more expensive but to an engineer and kind of technology Otaku this was just so much fun :3
Especially because you could see the steam engine running and on old ships like this one most things that move are visible like the steering cables running to the rudder, the gears of the winches, the linkage for the oil pump, etc. :3

Steam engines like this one are quite fascinating as they take advantage of water steams properties to increase efficiency by using differently sized pistons and rather than feeding all the cylinders from one line the steam is fed successively through all the cylinders :)
This way you can optimise the first cylinder for fresh steam off of the boilers, the second one for the used steam of the first cylinder and so one leaving a fairly cooled down and low energy steam to escape the system and really using most of the energy within the steam :3

Seeing the engine run is fascinating :3

Since back when the ship was built electric motors were kind of soso for most applications they used small and tiny steam engines to run all he auxiliary things like the winches articulation for the air intakes and pumps :D
This ship is basically a steampunk fans dream :D

I don’t think I’d want to feed the boiler furnaces though (^-^;)
The guys doing this were quite busy and it seemed like a very exhausting job (^-^;)
<=Not that I mind hard work but it seemed awfully dull to me (^-^;)
I felt very happy that they seemed to like their work though :)

The ships hull is a steel plate and rivet construction which looks kind of nice :)

I was very happy throughout the trip and had a lot of fun that day (o^-^o)
I’m quite thankful and happy my friend (who’s neither an engineer nor too much into technology) was patient enough to bear with me being kind of in Otaku mode and talking a lot about how the ship works and things related to ship construction and things (^-^;)

One thing that I like about steam engines is that they are relatively silent and don’t make too much noise :)
You can be next to the engine and still talk with each other without having to raise your voice :) <=I don’t like loud things (^-^;)

The ships crew was very friendly too :)

One thing made me chuckle while visiting the engine room was the “Panda Generator” :D <=last photo :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend too and some friends who are patient despite not necessarily sharing the same fascination with something you find oddly captivating (^-^)

I wish everyone a great start into this new week and sweet dreams (^-^)/


Pontiac Deluxe Six ‘Ghost car’, 1939. Built by General Motors and chemical company Rohm and Haas, the ghost car has plexiglass bodywork. It was made for the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair, where it was part of General Motors’ ‘Highways and Horizons’ pavilion. Though two cars were made only one is known to have survived. Happy Halloween!


The Japanese “Horned” Flamethrower Tank

When this vehicle was found abandoned in northern Luzon US Marines wondered if they had to fight it would they have needed a bazooka or red cape.

Inspection showed this the hull of this Japanese full-tracked, armored vehicle
was constructed in 1939, but that the interior parts, such as the flame-throwing equipment and the motor, were built in 1940 and 1941.

With an over-all length of 19 ½ feet, and width of 7 feet, the vehicle was approximately 5 feet high. This low silhouette was broken only by a small “conning tower” which rose about 5 inches above the otherwise completely flat top. Perhaps the most outstanding feature, which was found on some of the vehicles, is a horn-like fork arranged over the tracks on each side of the tank front. These forks, gave the tank a weird and distinct appearance and were presumably intended for uprooting mines or tearing down barbed wire in advance of the tank.

The armament examined was not particularly formidable, consisting of two Type 97 7.7-mm tank machine guns in addition to the flame-throwing apparatus. 

Turbos, superchargers, quickshifters and nitrous oxide: At the @sultansofsprint drag series, it’s anything goes.
We’ve picked out eight of the craziest machines due to line up for Round #1 at @wheels_and_waves in Biarritz next weekend.

This is the incredible Sprintbeemer from @luckycatgarage: built around an R100RS motor with nitrous injection, big valves, Dell’Orto PHM 40 carbs, a hot cam and an HPN ceramic clutch. The smart money’s on this one.

Hit the link in our bio to see 7 more incredible machines due to line up on the drag strip.

Photo: Daniel Beres #bmw #bmwmotorrad #punkspeak #caferacersofinstagram #wheelsandwaves2016 #makelifearide #bikeexif

Goddamn Pumpkins - IwaKyou

This was supposed to be all fluff but I actually like this better. For the Rarepair Halloween Fest hosted by @hq-rare-pairs

Pairing - Iwaizumi Hajime x Kyoutani Kentarou

Prompt - Pumpkins

“Fuck!” Kyoutani finally lets out his frustration. It’s been more than half an hour since he joined his fiancé at the table, and so far he has already destroyed one of the six pumpkins they bought beyond repair, and was well on his way to do the same to the second. He feels awful about it even though Hajime assured him earlier that it doesn’t matter.

“Kyou, calm down, it’s just pumpkins. I can do them all myself if it’s going to upset you.” Iwaizumi says gently.

“No, no. I can fucking do this, okay?” He grumbles stubbornly. He lied. He can’t do this. He has no fucking clue how Iwaizumi, the ever perfectly capable man he was, manages to carve into the pumpkins the way he means to.

Kyoutani’s hands are rough and calloused, not built for fine motor skills. Hajime’s hands are, of course, undeniably manly, but they’re not as crude and unpracticed as his own. His fingers have some fineness to them that Kyoutani’s lack. He loves those hands with a passion. But right now, he’s envious of them. He wants to help. He wants to contribute, set his creations proudly next to Hajime’s on the porch of their disgustingly suburban home. Because that’s what soon to be married couples do on Halloween, right? And they were a normal, civilized couple.

“If you insist.” Iwaizumi muses. His wrist flicks right and up, the knife slices through the orange fruit with sharp precision, and the second perfectly carved pumpkin is ready. Kyoutani eyes it, his jaw tightening. He shaped an evil grin this time, as opposed to the manic grin Hajime finished earlier. How the fuck was he good at this to the point of creating different expressions when Kentarou couldn’t even carve the simplest of smile without fucking it up? Not even a creepy one. Just a regular fucking smile.

Not two minutes later, Kyoutani’s hand slips again for the god knows how many time now. He nearly cuts himself as the knife slices through the pumpkin like batter, getting dangerously close to his other hand. “Fucking shit! Jesus fucking christ why fuck is this so fucking hard?! Fuck this goddamn pumpkin!” He snaps, standing up and slamming the big round fruit back on the table, knife still stuck in it’s side.

He runs his hands through his short, bleached hair while Hajime stands up and slowly approaches him. “Sorry,” Looking away, he mumbles the word even before the man reaches him.

“Hey, Kyou. Babe. Look at me.” Hajime coos gently, placing his warm hands on Kyoutani’s waist and rubbing soothing circles into it.

Kentarou glances at him, but quickly looks away again. He hates it when he snaps. It feels shameful, like he can’t keep his emotions in check. Bursting out over stupid things and letting his fiancé see just how little control he has over himself.

“Hey. No. Kyou. Come on, babe.” Iwaizumi tries again.

Familiar fingers slide up his chest, coming to rest on both sides of his neck. Hajime gently turns his head so they face each other, but Kentarou still avoids his eyes. He clenches and unclenches his palms periodically. They itch with the urge to touch the man holding him so painfully tenderly, but if he can’t even meet his eyes, how could he dare to touch him?

“Kentarou. My beautiful boy. My love. We talked about this, remember? You can’t go hiding inside yourself like this. Look at me.” The last three words weren’t a request anymore. Biting down hard on his bottom lip, Kyoutani complies, looking slightly downwards to meet the dark green eyes. As soon as he does, Iwaizumi leans in and presses their lips together. They kiss softly, nipping at each other, only a hint of tongue involved. It’s warm, soothing, comforting.

Kyoutani isn’t sure when it happened, but when they pull apart and he opens his eyes, he finds that his fingers are curled around his fiancé’s wrists.

“Better?” Hajime asks, only the barest twinkle of tease in his eyes.

“Yeah.” Kentarou lets out gruffly. “Thanks.”

“So what’s this really about?”  

Kyoutani starts looking away again, but Iwaizumi doesn’t let him. “Uh. uh, uh. Kyou.” He warns.

The taller huffs, but makes his best effort to keep their eyes locked anyway. “It’s just.” He starts. Hajime is patient, he doesn’t raise an eyebrow at him, doesn’t try to make him spill it out already. Kyoutani is incredibly grateful for it. “Everything here is so normal. The house, the neighborhood, carving pumpkins and getting ready for trick or treating.”

“And normal is bad?” The shorter asks.

“Normal is fucking weird.” Kyoutani snorts. “It’s just… What if I can’t do normal after all?”

“Babe. It doesn’t fucking matter. You don’t need to be what anyone says is normal. I love you as you are, no matter what. Fuck what others think.” Iwaizumi squeezes his face a little as he says the last sentence. It helps. A lot.

Kentarou presses their lips together in a quick, chaste kiss before letting go of his wrists. “Okay.”

Hajime releases him. “Good.” He smiles. “Want me to help you save that?” he gestures at the table, where the mostly ruined pumpkin still lay.

Kyoutani snorts again, the sound much more relaxed and amused than it was less than a minute ago. “Fuck no. I don’t want to touch a pumpkin ever again unless it’s inside my pumpkin spice latte.”

Iwaizumi mock gasps at him. “Lazy little shit. It’s probably for the best, though. We don’t want your disfigured pumpkins scaring the kids for real.” He teases.

“Whatever, have fun carving those for the next six hours while I watch TV.” Kyoutani waves his hand dismissively, already on his way to the living room.

“At least keep me company, you ass!” Hajime calls after him.

They end up displaying all six pumpkins, even Kyoutani’s horribly deformed ones.

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Raven gets super frustrated about a project and the reader diffuses all of her anger by making out with her.

Originally posted by bell-clarke

“This thing is a piece of junk.” Raven hurls the half-built motor across the tent and you arch an eyebrow.  You’ve been watching her mess with the machinery for almost an hour now; growing more frustrated by the second.  You, on the other hand, love watching her work.  Honestly, it turns you on.

You need a distraction.” You climb onto the irritated mechanic’s lap and drape your arms around her neck.  The scowl on her face shifts and you capture her lips in an aggressive kiss.  


The International Scout: before the Bronco or Blazer, there was Scout!

It’s sad to see the demise of so many car brands during the past few years: Ford got rid of Mercury, Chrysler doesn’t make Plymouths anymore and GM has really reduced what with the elimination of Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn etc. Now I know what it feels like when my parents witnessed the end of Desoto, Studebaker and Nash. And I can still remember as a teen-ager saying goodbye to quirky little AMC. But I think one of the rigs I miss the most is the International Harvester trucks. “Binders”, as my Dad and others called them (a spin-off of “corn binder”, a popular field tractor) were perhaps a little more plain than some of their contemporaries but they were immensely stout and hard to kill. And out of the various models they offered, it was the Scout that stood out as my favorite.
The little International Scout was introduced in 1961, which clears up a common error I frequently see in articles about the Ford Bronco. Namely, that the Bronco was the first vehicle to use the popular SUV basic design that we see today. It wasn’t. It was the other-way around and the Bronco was, in fact, designed to directly compete with the popular Scout but was not introduced until 1966. To be fair, the Scout was likewise designed to grab a share of the civilian 4x4 market that was at that time completely the domain of Jeep. However, the Scout used a far different, more-enclosed, and modern design.
Scouts were a mainstay of International Harvester’s truck sales from 1961 until the demise of their passenger-vehicle division in 1980 whereby International focused solely on large trucks and buses. While some would point out the number of changes that the Scout saw during its 19-yr run, there was really only one significant change to the overall design. 1971 saw the change from the original Scout to the aptly-named “Scout II” which had several different, obvious cosmetic changes and was a bit larger and more modernized. Several different engines, transmissions and axles were available for the Scouts over the years. 4, 6 and 8 cylinder motors were all used with some earning a reputation for being extremely long-lived and efficient. For its time, the 20 mpg that some of the 4 cylinder Scouts could achieve was considered nothing short of amazing. This was due to the simple approach International used in designing the 4 cylinder which consisted of basically using one-half of their 304 and 392 V8s. This made for an overly-built motor with excellent cooling (the water jackets had been designed to cool a V8, after all.)
Sadly, Scouts (like all International passenger trucks) are becoming a rarity. They were never sold in the same numbers as the Jeep, Bronco or Blazer and once production ceased they began to dwindle as many people simply stopped trying to maintain them. Availability of parts can be more difficult than most other trucks. Many have been lost to over-zealous off-road enthusiasts while others have been kept on the road albeit with a GM or other engine that has more readily-available parts. Still others simply rot away behind a garage, barn or out in a field as they have not quite achieved the desired collectability (yet) to see them worth the time and money for restoration. Among car enthusiasts, Internationals are often described as having a “cult” following but are almost always rewarded with a smile and attention whenever spotted in restored or otherwise good condition…especially the 1st generation examples.
In my opinion, a Scout that is still in reasonably good condition could be a good investment. I would seriously consider taking a closer look at an unmolested, original or near-original condition Scout provided the seller wasn’t too obnoxious with the price.

Watch the FULL VIDEO here: https://youtu.be/L2Y-yeggOfM

GWORL, GET #DONALDTRUMP’S ASS FAR AWAY FROM ME! He’s doing everything from dragging sports players who protest to trying to shut down the ObamaCare site during the period of enrollment. There’s nothing that I want that man to do more than to wash that toupee and give his motor boat built ass mouth a rest before we end up in some world-ending war with Kim’s pressed ass! #Kylie’s ass being pregnant doesn’t shock me. I think they have a special coming up so there’s your story line. #Howard dragged the shit out of #JamesComey ass and I got my fucking life. #BetsyDevos and her team of vampires have completed their mission to put victims and future victims of sexual assault in even more danger by shredding Title IX. It’s dragging season!

power armour is massive (and heavy) enough to where it has inbuilt systems aiding in the movement and orientation of itself, because if powered just by human effort it would be nigh-impossible to move, much less use effectively in military scenarios. there’s an auto-gyro system in place to keep it upright, a capacity to lock certain joints in place, and the armour itself has to be “powered” due of the multitude of servo-motors built within it that make joint/limb movement possible.

the t-45d mentions needing another set of apparel to aid the “link” between the wearer’s movements and the response of the servos, so there’s a chance that power armour moves itself completely independently, and is just guided by the wearer’s actions.