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Do you have any advice for writing characters undercover? Thanks!

So, we’ve covered this topic a lot in the past. Undercover operatives, intelligence agents, black ops, assassins, and spies I’d start with a spies search on our website, as that’ll get you started. The really good references will be there. My big advice for writing any kind of spy fiction is to have a clear idea of what you want and which genre you’re chasing. Do want James Bond or George Smiley? You can blend these genres, but it’s a good idea to have a clear idea as that’ll define your narrative.

The first thing to understand about spies and any sort of shadow operative is the Burn Notice quote: “A spy is just a criminal with a government paycheck.”

Take a look at this passage. This is a character (Thirteen) trained as an undercover operative exiting a bad situation. What do you see?

Limping down the hall, I forced one foot before the other. Slowly, my stride lengthened. The silver door at the end didn’t open, so I pushed it, and stumbled out onto the launch pad. My gaze fell on a string of oval automatic airstreams parked all in a row. No, I frowned, eyes sweeping to street and the vehicles winging by in the air overhead. No self-respecting AI would let me drive in this condition. Robots always insisted on hospital, and I had no time to hack. To get out fast, I needed a human. A cabbie. Older, preferably female. Fingers to my neck, I tapped twice. Up came the ODS, my thoughts linking to: call a cab. Human.

A string of numbers and faces appeared before my eyes, the oldworld men and women working a dying industry. Better for No Questions Asked rides in our digital world, no one else called when they could pay a corporate run robot for half the cost.

I picked the first female face that flashed across my dash.

Time to pick up… thirty seconds.

I gripped my injured arm, and ran an analysis. Tucked out of sight, Sixteen’s pistol rested against my ribs. Ammunition at less than half a magazine, so seven rounds. Eight, if I counted the one in the chamber. The Uplink already registered the irreparable damage and severed the blood flow to the damaged limb. So, no more bleeding out. My upper lip curled. A bad trade off for no more arm. Damn, Sixteen.

Fifteen seconds.

I couldn’t hide in the shadows. Needed to seem desperate, distraught. Call up tears.

Ten seconds.

My blurred gaze flicked to the skyline, watching for black. The Ghosts wouldn’t appear in the datastream. Still, NIS hadn’t cut my access. Not yet.


A beat up airstream in ruby red dropped out of the sky to the left, pulling up to the curb. They were early. From the shabby state of their car, probably desperate. Good.

I limped over quickly. Even if they weren’t my ride, they were human and sitting in the driver’s seat. A car enthusiast who needed no AI systems to handle the steering. Likely to have built in cameras. More likely to possess a slow Uplink. Slow data received poor police service. My fingers seized the handle, flung open the door, and threw myself inside.

“Need a ride?” the voice was sympathetic, unfamiliar.

I slid across the bench into the seat behind the driver. My free hand tight on my damaged limb, couldn’t do much about my nose. So, instead, I tilted my head and caught her reflection in the mirror. Younger. Mid-thirties. Red hair worn short with one gray streak, tied back in a severe bun. Clear hazel eyes. Talk like you’re in pain, scared, but putting on a brave face. Tears. I wiped the blood from underneath my nose, sniffling. “Y-y-yeah.” I cleared my throat. “Yeah. Thanks.” I tried for a half-smile, half-grimace, and leaned on the window. “Just looking to get away. The address should be—”

“You don’t need to worry, I have it,” the driver said. “Came in with your order. Grace, right? You want to go downbelow, the Rep Shop.”

“Yeah.” Resting my cheek against the glass, I closed my eyes; Uplink sizing up her car’s systems. Automatic turned off, but easy enough to hijack. My free hand drifted off my injury, and moved near the pistol hilt jabbing my ribs.

“I’m Marla, I’ll be your driver today.” A pause followed. “You sure a pretty girl like you wants the Rep Shop? Not a hospital? You look pretty banged up.”

“No,” I replied. I got what she suggested, this was a nice neighborhood. “I just need… need to go…”

“Boyfriend trouble?”

I grimaced, eyes squeezing shut, and wished I felt a twinge of guilt. It’s like the Overseer always says, love is just a cover.

“Don’t worry, no need to say it,” Marla said as the engine revved, the floorplates shook, and the airstream lifted skyward. “Shipped enough victims out of here to know.”

Notice, she pays attention to her surroundings and makes choices based on her condition in service of her needs. She needs to get out quickly, but would run into more trouble stealing a car so she calls up a cab driven by a human. Human’s are easier to manipulate in short order than code cracking. She specifically aims for a female cab driver, one preferably older than she is.


She’s female. Another woman is more likely to assume her injuries are because of a man, and a cab driver will have encountered this scenario often enough to not pry too deeply into it. An older woman is likelier to be maternal and protective, but not so protective that she’ll stay beyond when Thirteen needs her too. However, pay attention to the fact that Thirteen never verbally confirms it was a man who caused her injuries. She lets Marla assume, and fill in the blanks herself. This gives her an out later if she needs to change her story and place the blame on Marla’s shoulders for misunderstanding.

This is an example of what’s called social engineering. Deliberately manipulating the people in your environment to divulge confidential information or getting them to do what you want.

Notice also: After getting into the vehicle, Thirteen’s hand goes to the gun she stole. As she is playing to Marla’s sympathies, she is also assessing the possibility of killing this woman and taking control of the car if things don’t go the way she’s planned. Thirteen would prefer to exit by the easiest means possible, but a good spy always has a contingency. She won’t compromise her safety, and civilian lives mean next to nothing. A dead body is one more problem to deal with, one more attention getter that she doesn’t want, but she’ll go there. Violence is messy, and sometimes necessary.

There’s no real difference between a spy and a conman. Still, if you want to trick people there’s a few rules to follow.

What a spy isn’t:

A compulsive liar, an overseller, or lies all the time. An undercover operative needs to maintain their identity, that is one identity, singular. While a spy can create many false personalities, they should only be using one at a time with the goal of giving away as little information in trade as possible.

Notice: Thirteen does not tell Marla a story, she lets Marla create the story and then plays along. It is easier to convince someone of a lie when they’ll craft it themselves. Why say something when you can get just as much by saying nothing at all?

“You’ve told her three lies. Suppose she’s an asset, now you have to make all three lies true.” - Spy Game

Your character can’t just lie, a liar will be caught after a prolonged period of time. They need to manipulate the truth by creating a fiction. A cover is a fictional person with a fictional job who people think really exists when they check the character’s identity. Assume their identity will be checked, re-checked, and checked again. They are not maintaining a cover to a singular individual, but multiple ones. Their assets are the locals they are manipulating in order gain access to information, and who often run the jobs for them. These assets will, most of the time, not know the truth or not know the whole truth about who the spy really is.

Assets can be friends, business associates, girlfriends/boyfriends, wives/husbands, disgruntled employees, janitors, etc.

Your character can’t enter a business or government agency as a pretend janitor if they’re also going there everyday as a reporter or contractor or some other job. They must maintain the fiction of their identity.

This is the biggest problem most authors will get into when writing spy fiction. The concept of telling lies is something that comes easily to most of us, the problem comes in with keeping up a fiction over a prolonged period of time. The next step is to be able to lie without guilt and throw over people who help you without remorse. Crafting that dual identity of a person who genuinely cares about their friends and allies versus the real one who… really doesn’t.

You need a solid grasp of social functions, mores, and conventions in order to write a spy because a spy is manipulating all those points to gain access. You also need to understand these rules change based on what society your character is entering. Social rules change based on social groups, be it economic or cultural. The expectations for a man or woman in Mexico City versus Seattle are vast, and your character needs to be versed in the world they’re walking into. They need a cover identity to suit their work. Someone who has the freedom to go many places without being questioned, but unimportant enough to be neither needed nor remembered.

A spy is always looking for a way in, to slide into your confidences or sympathies however they can. They are going to use you to get where they need to go. They are very convincing actors and they are changing, modifying themselves slightly for each person they encounter. Not so much though that their falseness becomes obvious to the other people who know them.

When we’re working with a female spy, for example, all the “bad woman” societal traits you’re inclined to throw away are exactly what she needs to succeed. She will flirt, and flatter, and seduce, and manipulate the men (and women) around her to gain entry. She may rotate between being a gorgeous woman and an unremarkable one by the use of fashion and makeup. She is exactly what so many men are afraid of, a social climber who is manipulating their feelings and her attractiveness in order to get what she wants because it is the most expedient method to get what she needs. The one who is manipulating society’s view of women as nonentities, nonthreatening/replaceable objects in order to do her job.

Don’t be afraid of these characters. Don’t be afraid of “unlikeable” characters.

Spies are bad people who do bad things. They are often cold, calculating, impersonal manipulators looking for the most expedient method to get what they need. Your spy’s cover is just a cover. Never forget the real person underneath, especially when they’re lying to themselves.


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The Daqri Qube™ is ruggedized to withstand the modern business environment, with ISO-3103 compliant impact resistance, waterproofing tested up to thirty meters, an ablative carapace that can regenerate in less than six seconds after sustaining small arms fire, and the award-winning DoomEye™ point defense system.

The Daqri Qube™ is compatible with a wide variety of connectors and communications protocols, including USB, wi-fi, FireWire, serial port, point-to-point laser communications, telepathy, and dripping messages written in blood that spontaneously manifest on the walls. Additionally, from time to time it emits a low, ominous chanting in an unknown language. The meaning is as-yet unknown, but our top linguistic engineers are exploring the exciting business uses.

The Daqri Qube™ is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for long periods of use, with cushioned handles, a carrying strap (sold separately,) and seventeen separate mucous membranes to provide ample hand lubrication at all times.

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The Daqri Qube™ has a battery life of up to seventeen hours under normal conditions, and can be recharged in the field with standard USB battery packs or by leaving it on an obsidian plinth during a solar eclipse.

The Daqri Qube™ comes with a lifetime limited warrantee, with full parts and replacement for the first two years. The Daqri Qube™ w̠̦͓i̱͡l̟̜͖͠l̛̲ ͚̭̯͍̕o̹͜u̖̰̳t̘̞̟̝͓̖̜͘l͍͈͙̩͔͔͝ìv̼̬͓̜̀e͏̮̼̫͈ ̙̦̤̠̖͙̠͠u̧̘̬s̳͎͓͞ ạ̴ͅl̖̺̦͜l.͏̼̝

—  the project manager sent us a message asking us to look up something named the Daqri Qube for him, aka google it for him. I sent him this and he thanked me for being the first person to give an actual answer after reading the first ten words or so.
Park Chanyeol// Feasible - Part 1

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Prompt: You’re a work-for-hire girl - for the criminals and criminally rich. Your job is to threaten, steal from, frighten or hurt whoever you’ve been employed to - but your newest job involves a person you swore you’d never talk to again. Someone who brought you into this entire business - and tried to get you out. Someone who, should you accept this challenge, would open a Pandora’s box of disaster…(/2 /3 /4 5 /6)
Scenario: AU, angst, miniseries
Word Count: 3,560

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CAMGIRL 101 - Shit to do first

So you’re broke as fuck and you are stoked on camming and want to shred off all your clothes and make a million bucks right this fucking second. I get it. Read this first. It’s worth it to be prepared.


1) Lock down your personal social media. Instagram, facebook, twitter - set all that stuff to private, or if you’re not partial to it, delete it. If you’re using your full first and last name on Facebook, don’t. At the very least, change your last name to a nickname. If you’ve got the time and the patience (and you’re paranoid like I am), go through and lock or shut down or privatize any old blogs or profiles you may have set up elsewhere - tumblr, livejournal, wordpress, bla bla bla. Why? A shitty potential problem with cam work is having someone get a hold of your first and last name and post photos/videos/screenshots/whatever of you on sites where you can’t get things removed. Ultimately this means that if someone were to google your First + Last name, they’d see your ladybits, and that might potentially fuck some shit up for you later on in life. Obviously it’s a risk no matter what you do, but it’s better to at least put some precautionary work in.

2) Create a cam-related snapchat and a twitter. Twitter is king in the cam world. You can use it to tell people when you’re going to be online, to connect with members and to make friends with other camgirls! I used to hate twitter and now I adore it. I 100% recommend making a twitter and a snapchat for cam purposes before you get on cam because it’s a good way to make money and a good way to market yourself. Most camgirls allow a tip option to receive a snapchat add, whereas twitter is usually shared with members for free. Post your twitter link in your chat when you cam and people will know how to find you next time you’re online.


Yes, the site you work on needs your actual name and actual information because they’re going to pay you with actual money. And yes, you also need to show your face. If any of this seems too risky for you, close up shop and look for something else.


1 token = 0.05USD. To check what you’re making, plug in your token amount x 0.05 (NOT 0.5. I have had people think they were making shit tons of money on their first show, show their vaginas to the world and then realize after the fact that they made $50 not $500. BE MATH SMART lol).

i.e: 500 tokens = 500 x 0.05 = $25.


You will need a webcam, a computer and some half decent lighting. If you’re broke as shit and can’t afford fancy stuff, it’s okay, you can always start basic and work your way up. I used a second hand macbook and it’s built in camera for the first year of camming and it worked fine. I’d say more important than high tech stuff is good lighting, so if you can haul a couple lamps from around your house, you’re golden.

From the model admin page…

GEOBLOCK YOUR STATE OR PROVINCE. from the Model Admin page, on the left hand side, scroll down until you see a link called “model settings”. You will see an option there for “Blocked Locations” – use this to block your area or others you want to keep away from you. This will prevent people from within the province from seeing your profile or being able to see your webcam stream!

From the web broadcaster…

You have three basic modes on MFC: free chat, group chat and private chat (private/true private). The majority of the highest earning girls spend most of their time in free chat. Stay in free chat for your first few shows. Save group and private chat for prizes or special occasions. Under the “options” button on the left hand bottom side of your screen, click “chat” and make sure you aren’t accepting group, private or true private requests.

BLOCK PRIVATE MESSAGES FROM NON-FRIENDS. From your Web Broadcaster page, on the bottom left hand side of the page is a button that says “options”. Click that, then click “chat”. Make sure to only accept private messages from friends. It is also wise to block other models from your chat room (some models will attempt to “poach” tipping members by sending PMs to anyone who tips you).

BLOCK GUESTS AND BASICS FROM CHATTING. Guests do not have an MFC account and are viewing your cam but can’t tip until they sign up and buy tokens. Basics do have an MFC account but have never purchased tokens, so they also can’t tip (until they buy tokens). The first time you buy tokens, your account becomes ‘premium’ - these members either have tokens or have bought tokens before, therefore are the most likely members to tip (in most cases). For this reason, most models block guests and basics from chatting - on the top of your screen you’ll see two little buttons beside the topic bar. Holding your mouse over them will bring up a note that says “block guests from chat” and “block basics from chat”. Make sure you click both of them so that you’re only talking to people who are most likely to tip you.

BLOCK ASSHOLES AND TROLLS. Yes, there’s a fine line between being ban happy and being assertive, but you’ll figure out your own stance on that as you mature on the site. In the mean time, if people are bothering you, ban them. You can do this by clicking on their name in the chat: notice that a box shows up on the left hand side with their information on it. There’s a drop down menu you can click that gives you a number of options, one of them being “ban” - this will shut them out of your cam room for 6 hours, and hopefully get them out of your face while you’re trying to figure shit out. Remember that annoying members don’t only annoy you, they annoy potential tipping members, too - it’s best to get them out and keep the vibe of your room positive.


Do not accept paypal as a new model. Scamming members will offer new models paypal for things/shows/blabla – it’s against MFC rules to accept paypal for shit and they will always, always cancel the payment before you get it and you end up with nothing.

Skype is the same. Don’t let people tip you for skype – stay on the website, if people want to tip you they can tip you for your time on cam.


New model status is a small yellow icon that appears next to your name for the first six hours that you stream on MFC. It’s a way for members to pay attention to models that just start out. Some people consider new model status really important and valuable … personally, I think it’s hit or miss. Yes, it boosts your visibility, so you should aim to use those six hours wisely. No, it doesn’t guarantee quality members or tippers; if anything, I’d say it guarantees more trolls and douchebags who are looking to take advantage of a girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing. Regardless, people will know you’re new for the first six hours, so make what you will of that.

Camscore is a model points system. It’s complicated as fuck and makes zero sense but essentially speaking, the more tips you make in an hour, the higher your camscore, the higher your camscore, the higher up on the front page you appear, aka the better the exposure and the more members you are able to meet (more or less). Aim to make a minimum of 1000 tokens an hour. This will help keep your score competitive. If you notice that after an hour you haven’t made that, don’t be afraid to encourage the room to help you reach your goals (“I’m really trying to hit the 1000 token mark this hour, every tip helps”, etc etc).

Miss MFC is a monthly rank competition that numbers girls according to their token earnings for that month. The #1 girl is whoever makes the most tokens, so on and so forth. This is a huge point of interest on the site and many girls use “rank push” months to boost their team moral and their incomes. For now, you don’t have to worry about it.


TOPIC: You can get creative with how you do this in future, but here’s a good idea for a start point:

@remain top off – 25 Spank, 200 Friend Add, 550 Snapchat, 900 Name On Booty [First Day On MFC!]

Now you have a basic idea of what people charge for, and members have an idea of what they can tip you to get you to do. The options here are endless – I have tips for making a pot of Kraft Dinner, for example – so do whatever you feel comfortable with! You’d be surprised what people will tip for.

COUNTDOWN: MFC does this for you automatically. When you hit broadcast, on the right hand upper side of your screen (beside your topic bar) you’ll see a button that says “Start Countdown” or something like that. When you put a number there, as members tip, MFC automatically keeps track of how many tokens have been put toward that countdown. You can automatically display your countdown in your topic so that your members can see the progress by typing @remain in your topic bar – this will display the number and update it all for you.

TIP: It is customary on the site for members to ask about a request before tipping it. If someone tips you 10,000 tokens and says “flash ur tits” and you don’t have an option for flashing anywhere on your profile or in your topic, YOU DO NOT NEED TO FLASH YOUR TITS. You’re under no obligation to do anything you haven’t advertised, and even if you do advertise it, you’re never going to be in trouble for not following through. Tips are not payment for a service: tips are a gratuity. People will try to take advantage of new models in this way. If someone tips you to do something you’re not comfortable with, thank them for their tip but remind them that you don’t do whatever they’re asking and move on.

There are three types of tips on MFC: public tip, “ninja” tip and anonymous tip. A public tip shows up as a yellow bar: you and all of the members of your room can see who the tip came from and how many tokens the tip was. It is customary to thank the member and use their name for public tips. “Ninja tips” are tips that only you, the model, can see: the room cannot see the tip amount nor who sent a tip. They will appear as a grey bar, not a yellow bar. Because these tips are hidden from the rest of the room, it is customary to thank “ninja” for the tip and NOT use the member’s username. Anonymous tips show a username of anonymous to both you and the chat room. Sometimes, anonymous tips are also ninja tips - the room can’t see the anonymous tip but you can. There’s no weird ass name for these kinds of tips even though it seems like there should be.


BANS: Like I said before, if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to ban them. Doesn’t matter how much they’ve tipped – your comfort is paramount and you need to be in control of your room. Once again, if you click on a member’s name, on the left hand side you’ll see a little menu option: you can hit “ban” and they won’t be able to see your chat room for six hours. You can also perma-ban people, which I’ll teach you later because it doesn’t really matter right now lol

FRIEND ADD: If someone wants to PM you (and tips for an add), you add them similar to how you’d ban them: click their name and on the left hand side of your screen you’ll see a little heart option to “add as a friend”. You can also remove them using this same method. Their private messages will pop up near your topic bar at the top of your screen. While it’s nice to talk one on one, I usually try to keep PM conversations short and give most of my focus to the chat room.


As mentioned, new model status can be a huge draw for assholes who assume you have no idea what you’re doing and can be taken advantage of. Think about what people are saying to you before you take advice from even seemingly helpful members, especially in your first few days. They’re gonna offer you tons of advice and some of them are honestly great people but others are really manipulative little shits so USE YOUR OWN INTUITION AND OTHER CAMGIRLS AS YOUR SOURCE OF INFORMATION and take what members tell you with a grain of salt.

Be grateful for every tip. Avoid the word “slow”. People tip on MFC because they enjoy the vibe of the room and think you’re cool/hot/fun – so your number one job is to create a fun environment where people can relax and laugh and feel good about themselves. Try to remember people’s names. Don’t be afraid to be a little over the top if someone tips you a lot.

Play music that makes you feel good, dance around, show off your bod, be confident and feel cute and people will notice!! Having the jitters is normal. Feeling frazzled on your first show is normal. It’s also cute as fuck. Work it to your advantage – you’re bound to make mistakes and do things you regret in the first little while but as long as you’re willing to make a couple mistakes along the way, it’ll be a fun experience.

Value yourself highly and others will be forced to do the same. Sometimes I offer deals on raffle tickets or videos, but very rarely will I make my countdowns cheaper. Never, ever will I do what the countdown was for if we don’t make the count. Say you put a 1000 token countdown up and you only make it halfway, but since it’s slow you think that maybe being topless would draw a crowd, so you pop the top off anyway. You have effectively just taught all of the freeloaders in your room that if they wait long enough, they’ll get to see what you offer for sale … for free. It’s better to wait it out or walk away and consider a slightly lower countdown for next time than it is to reduce the count during the show.

It pays to be friendly and kind. People want to feel liked. Don’t be a doormat, but try not to be an asshole. People are always more motivated to help a friend than they are to help someone who they fear might turn on them or be using them.


Countdowns: 1000 for top off, 1200 for panties off (I wear a thong underneath booty shorts usually), 1500 for “braless tease” (sort of like a pin-up-esque dance, lots of covering my nipples with my hands and sexydancing lol), and then 2000 for a “show” like lotion (rubbing lotion on my butt), bath tease (I wear a bikini top and a thong in the bath and get soapy), something like that. This usually takes two or three hours. If I’m near my “day goal” (which is usually 4000 to 6000 tokens), I’ll put up a countdown just to reach that goal, with no show or anything tied to it – people are usually pretty motivated to help out. These are obviously non-nude tips. If you’re up to getting naked, don’t be afraid to ask for more! In fact never be afraid to ask for more. Again, you’d be surprised what people are up to helping you for.

Don’t be afraid to chill between countdowns. If you finish a countdown really fast, give it five or ten minutes before you put up a new one! Chatting and getting to know people is important so leaving some space between shows gives you room to relax – and people will still often tip in between countdowns, too, so you can sneak extra tokens in like that.

Don’t worry about your profile for now. I’ll talk about that in another post. With what you’ve just read, you should be more than ready to tackle your first few shows.

Keep in mind these countdown numbers are my numbers. I used them on my first day and I continue to use them today. If you aren’t hitting your goals and it’s bumming you out there is nothing wrong with asking for less. If you want to do 500 token counts instead, nothing is stopping you. Some models prefer to do higher countdowns with the chance of not finishing them, others perfer to do lower countdowns in order to feel successful every show. This is personal preference. Wiggle around and see what suits you best.

powerovernothing  asked:

Honestly, I have several Yondad related ideas and concepts that either deal with a young Peter and his first few years with the Ravagers, or perhaps just in general where Yondu is overly protective and worried. But like he would ever admit it. So how about an idea where Peter, maybe barely a teenager, is taking on a solo mission and gets in way over his head. Barely half alive, and Yondu has to come and save his ass. And there's no way he's worried, or afraid of Peter dying. No way~ ;)

You got it, dude!

“Alright, listen up, boy. Tonight, in honor of your 13th Terran year, I’m giving ya special permission to go on yer first solo raid.”

Yondu held up an evaporative facial rig in front of Peter’s face. His birthday gift. Quill’s eyes went wide at the earpiece offered to him.

He wished that they’d waited another year.

“Is..this mine?”

“Only if ya know what it’s for!” The elder Ravager teased.

Peter snatched the earpiece from Yondu’s hand, placed it in his right ear, and fumbled for the switch that would activate the full mask. With the press of a button, the full rig materialized from thin air, covering his face.

This was a big mistake. It had all been a big mistake. And he’d let the boy get caught up in the middle.

“Whoa!!” He exclaimed, the mask’s view ports igniting a bright, glowing red.

“This here rig is what’ll keep ya breathin’ in the event y'all screw up and get yourself sucked out an airlock or sumthin’. And in addition, we’ll be able to watch you makin’ us proud from right here on the ship, nice and cozy. It’s got a built in camera in the lenses.”

That damned camera. He’d had to watch it all..they’d all had to. While those assholes had beaten Quill black and blue and some in between. All over some dumb-assed little trinket he’d HAD to have for his console, so he could rub it in everyone’s faces.

“Your target is a mobile Gallery. This ship is stuffed to the brim with some of the finest art in the galaxy. And I have a mighty want for this little beauty.”

Peter struggled into his boots and leather jacket, way too excited to be efficient, as Yondu flashed him a hologram of a small, bird-like statue. It’s wings and feathers were made up of gems and crystals in shades of gold, red, and turquoise. It was very pretty.

“What’s the security team like?” He asked, carefully making sure that both his Walkman and his earpiece were secure.

Not to be trifled with.

“Aw, don’t pay them no mind, Quill, they’s nothing. There’s only five ‘a them.”

There had been so many more than five. They. Were. Not. Nothing. They damn near killed his boy. But then who was he to know they’d enlisted an entire battalion to serve guard over a BIRD of all things.

The crew watched silently from the ship as the hulking guardsmen beat Quill into the ground. He screamed for help. Anyone’s name he could remember on the crew, he yelled it. But he cried for Yondu the most. Eventually he stopped talking all together.

Finally the Ravager captain could take no more and ordered a counter strike. He and the crew silently boarded the gallery ship and made their way to the exhibition hall, where the watchmen were still pummeling the poor kid.

Yondu waited behind a bit while his men tore in and started going toe to toe with the guards. Once most of them had been distracted, he swooped in, scraped Quill off the floor, and then proceeded to haul ass back to his own vessel.

He ran as fast as he could, hurrying to get Peter to medical, heart pounding the entire way. The Terran boy was hardly conscious, the only indication of his being awake a pained moan or a wheeze.

“C'mon, c'mon! Don’t you quit me, boy!” He shakes him lightly as they move. Probably a bad idea, but the reassurance that Pete’s awake grounds him more than anything.

They round the corner into the medical wing and Yondu lays Quill on the table, resetting the machinery to treat Terran injuries. Peter’s looking paler by the minute. Yondu flips the switch to start up the diagnostic scanner.

Scans come up showing cracked ribs, bruising on the majority of his digestive tract and then some, and what appears to be internal hemorrhaging.

“Shit boy..you messed yourself up real good this time, didn’t ya?”

Thankfully (due to advanced space tech, that is probably stolen) the bleeding is an easy, reversible fix. A regeneration beam bathes Quill in a warm light the blood flow begins to staunch and return to it’s designated places in the body. Yondu pulls the boy’s jacket off as gently as possible, and lifts the edge of his shirt.

A clear, detailed bruise in the shape of a boot print mars Peter’s stomach, standing out in a vibrant aray of reds and purples. It sticks out like a brand. The centurian is so enraged by this that he nearly sends his yaka arrow into a wall. But he doesn’t. Instead, he pulls Quill’s shirt back down, sets the boy up with some oxygen, and waits.

Then next 12 minutes are the longest of his life so far. Peter’s ribs and bruises will unfortunately have to heal on their own. They can’t waste that much energy. But that’s ok. He’s doesn’t need to be going out on any more runs where Yondu can’t keep an eye on him at all times.

Kraglin’s voice comes in staticky over his comm by the time Peter finally starts to come around.

He says that the guards are dead. He asks if he still wants the bird. Yondu tells him no. The bird was a bust. It’s not worth it.

Peter mumbles something that sounds like his name and he relaxes visibly in relief. Yondu pulls the boy into his arms, wary of his ribs and the regeneration beam, and just holds him. He’d never admit it to the crew, but a few rogue tears escaped him that night.

“Don’t you ever do anything to scare me like that again, Quill. Never.” He snivels.

Peter leans against his chest bonelessly, completely spent. He wheezes a little when he breathes, but it isn’t anything to worry about too much. Kiddo’s alive. That’s all that matters right now.

The moment is sweet. Almost tender, akin to that of a real father and son. That is, until Pete spews what was left of dinner all over Yondu’s Ravager garb. Then it’s less sweet.

“Boy-o, I hope you know that you’s the one gonna be cleanin’ this up.” Comes out in a grumble, but secretly, he doesn’t mean it.

Not that the comment’s intended target had heard him, anyway. Quill was solidly out cold now.

Yondu’ll probably end up sneaking both of their laundry to be done while everyone else is asleep. Or have Kraglin make himself useful.


After hearing Mighty’s countless tales of strange and wonderful new zones, Tails grew so curious that he built a camera for him.  Though Mighty admitted being quite witless with technology, the thought of other people seeing all the places he wandered filled him with joy, and he now takes pictures at an enthusiastic rate (+ some selfies from time to time).

anonymous asked:

which program do you find the most comfortable for animation? photoshop toon boom or tvpaint? also which one do you use at uni/ is used in the industry?

I’ve never used tvpaint but I’ve heard awesome things about it! From what I’ve heard it’s trying to kinda emulate paper animation?

Between toon boom and photoshop toon boom is definitely more convenient for animation bc that’s what it was built for. It has tweening, camera, multiplaning n stuff as well as x sheets and better onion skinning etc. Its a big program used in the industry so it has lotsa stuff

Photoshop is definitely not built for animation and you kinda need to know your way around the program to make animation more bareable but I still like animating in it and it’s totally possible! Some things are just a bit more straight forward in photoshop in comparison to toon boom, but I think that’s purely just bc I have more photoshop experience

I use toon boom at uni and it’s used a lot in the industry but I don’t think it’s the same everywhere O:

Over 15 Years’ Worth Of Dazzling Art At Burning Man

Photographer NK Guy has been capturing the artworks built for Burning Man on camera for over a decade, recently anthologized his findings in a new book, Art of Burning Man. In it, he pays poetic homage to the way the sun rises over the event’s central sculpture in the mornings, and the glow of LED lights and lasers after sunset. He emphasizes the structures’ ability to bring people together from all walks of life – accomplishing, according to Guy, the feelings of connection that art should achieve, but so often fails to inside of a museum.  

See more stunning art from Burning Man here. 

No, this isn’t a scene from The Life Aquatic. What you’re seeing is two biofluorescent catsharks.  

A team of researchers led by scientists from the Museum has found that catsharks are not only able to see the bright green biofluorescence they produce, but that they increase contrast of their glowing pattern when deep underwater. The study, conducted with a custom-built “shark-eye” camera that simulates how the sharks see underwater, shows that that fluorescence helps catsharks see  each other and may even offer them a way to communicate.

Learn more about this research. 

Never play alone

Lazy day at the cave Jason spots Tim piling marshmallows into his mouth, and this loser is so fascinated that when he gets back to whatever hideout of the week, he’s curious enough to try to find out how many he could fit. Raiding the stockpile he knows that Red Robin not so secretly keeps in his more frequently used haunts for a bag of marshmallows, stopping by his room for a hand held mirror. He plops himself on his worn couch, mirror perched on the coffee table.

Three is fine.

Four still in the clear.

Six it’s a tight fit.

Eight his mouth gapes open, saliva is dripping down his chin. Jason grunts in frustration, Tim somehow managed at least twelve of these damn things! He was not one to be outdone he’s sucked enough dick he should definitely be able to fit more mama didn’t raise no quitter! 

Pressing on Jason takes a deep breath through his nose before cramming in more.

 He makes it to eleven when his comm beeps, Oracles voice coming through requesting his help on an investigation in his part of town. Jason attempts to remove the marshmallows to answer, only to find that they melted together forming one massive ball that feel fused to his tongue and teeth.

Grunts and gurgles the only sounds that can escape. Oracles calls growing with worry the longer he doesn’t respond. Jason is ripping out chunks of goo at this point getting it everywhere, he’s pretty much wearing it now. He catches Babs hurriedly saying she’s sending someone to his location, and absolute horror floods his system. Nothing could be worse than if one of the bats found him in this situation. 

The shame!

The utter humiliation! 

The great Red Hood nearly taken down by goddamn balls of fluff!

He would have to move. 

Leave and never come back, cut all contact.

Get a whole new identity, change his name to something they would never expect then flee the country. Yes! He could go to south america, give up the vigilante life so never to risk running in to them. He saw in a movie that Roy had dragged him out to see that the hero quit the life and turned to farming as an escape. Jason could do that! Drop everything and become a farmer! Or well…maybe not exactly a farmer, maybe raise llamas, no alpacas! Become an alpaca farmer! raiser?? herder??? whatever.

  Yornima Porkine the alpaca farmer is a perfect cover! 

Jason isn’t entirely sure how exactly you raise alpacas, but he could probably manage….but what if he cant, and he can’t make any money. What if they took the farm? he would have no way to make a living! Jason wouldn’t even be able to access his old accounts Bats would definitely be watching those. He’ll have to live on the streets, do some side show act to try to rake in some change to keep from starving. Dancing! No, Jason couldn’t dance to save his life. What if- the rest of the thought is cut off when the window to his right shatters, Nightwing smoothly tumbling in to a crouch taking in the surroundings. 

Closing the distance between them Nightwing takes in Jason’s appearance. What a sight he probably was, on his knees, marshmallows scattered everywhere, couch and coffee table pushed askew during his struggles, face flushed covered in white sticky goo, tears mixing with saliva.

One final cough dislodges the last of the marshmallows, falling to the wooden floor with a wet squelch.

Nightwing simply watching, silence stretching on.

“We’re going to pretend I was just giving head instead of what actually happened right?” Jason tries, voice hoarse.

Finally a snicker slips from Dick’s lips, turning into a full body laugh bracing his hands on his knees, bringing him to just the right level to outright laugh in Jason’s face.

“Not a chance!” Dick manages to choke out.

Heat fills his cheeks to the tips of his ears. Jason is about to angrily reply when cackling comes over his comm.

“Well looks like we found our Christmas card!” Oracle wheezes out No the cameras built into their masks! The rest following with comments. 

“Congratulations your place as a fool has been secured” 

“Master Jason! One child cramming food into their trap is enough thank you!”

“How many did you fit? My record is fifteen.”

“If you were that hungry Ma co-” “Get out of here Clark!”

Groaning Jason buries his face in his hands, laughter ringing in his ear.

The next day Dick receives a call from Roy, asking why he had to talk Jason down from moving to south america to raise alpacas. The only response he gets is near maniacal laugh through the phone and a picture message of Jason lying on the floor in full gear sans mask, surrounded by marshmallows with a little sign resting against his stomach with “I PLAYED CHUBBY BUNNY ALONE″ printed on it. 

the great instagram war of 6969

okay but,,, dirk and hal do this to each other. all the time.

whe e ze that is tru e

they just expose each other’s bullshit all the time it’s hilarious

like oh you wanted to do this specific thing so that you’d look good well guess what behind the scenes you look like a dumbass merry Christmas

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