Little Soldier Mechs

It was the day of the new ranks to come in, new recruits. They were all young, just mechlings in most eyes from those that had been in the army ranks. The older warriors, soldiers, knights that protected the lands looked at the young group and then began to split them apart.

They barked at them to go and sort themselves to go from one side to the next. Those who left in the midle were ging to be throtled.

Cyclonus hummed as they did this and moved to go to the left, walking with some other mechs that were from his sector of the village they hailed from. He, though, was an aerial, most weren’t. Aerials in the army were rare as most often, they would be sent to the main kingdom to fight for the aerial persuit.

The seeker, though, had not been taken there during recruitment. They didn’t think he was ‘builked up’ enough to do well in training. So he was here instead, with grounders and other aerials that were not seen as 'fit’ for the current time being.

Cyclonus looked around after they were split and then had one of the other commanders come to them and told them to strip themselves of their civilian clothing and move to get fitted with heavier armor that they would be hulking around and working with to get use to weight.

He vented in and began to remove his outer garments and then stood with several dozen other nude mechs around him. This… was going to be a very different change from what he remembered from the small temple he came from.