I don’t really know how to start this… and I did start this then Tumblr decided to eat my post, but I’m re-writing it anyways.

I’ve never loved a fandom / characters / pairings / people more than I have with Daiya, but I’ve also never felt pain against it so deeply.

The negativity has been so strong the past couple of weeks, pushing down and weighting against my ability to write that I’m shocked I’ve even gotten anything out.

I know disagreements happen in every fandom. Ship hate. Anon hate. But… I choose to not be a part of it.

I would much rather spend my free time birthing something new then beating something into the ground.

I’m tired of worry gnawing at insecurities if I’m going to be the one singled out next, and just going to write what I damn well want to write.

Just so you know where I stand, I love ALL Miyuki and Sawamura ships + other ships. Miyusawa/Sawamiyu is my ultimate OTP, but I have respect for ALL of the characters in the Daiya universe.

I’ve seen, ‘But you only/mainly write miyusawa,’ which is true from my writing collection, but I love a far broader scope than that. Which is why my goal this year is to write outside my comfort/safety zone and truly become a better writer.

Instead of focusing my time and energy on the negative, I’m going to focus on the one thing that is within my power; my own actions.

I choose: Positivity. Openness. Love. Patience. Respect.

My one hope is that the Daiya fandom can choose to do the same.

I’m sorry but like, this whole season has been about the pack reforming and coming back together. These past two episodes were a huge team effort, the first thing they have all done together, to save one of their own.

From Parrish getting Scott and Stiles in the building, beating up Theo’s pack, and protecting them from Lydia’s scream
To Kira controlling her powers to get the brown out and Malia encouraging her.
To Scott and Liam fighting the guards and breaking down the door so Stiles could get through.
To Mason nearly driving his car into a cement wall (and probably getting himself killed) to help Lydia.
To Hayden coming through in the end.
To Natalie kicking Tracy’s ass.
To yes, even Theo for getting Stiles to Lydia.
To Stiles for getting to Lydia
To Lydia for killing that ass hat
And finally to Deaton for helping heal her.

They took this amazing pack development, this beautiful team moment of them all coming back together to save their friend, a member of their pack, and for Stiles, the woman he loves, and they stripped it down to nothing more than a Stydia moment.

This isn’t about liking or not liking Stydia. I’m not hating on the ship here. They had some pretty good moments. But it’s about the fact that these episodes were bigger than Stydia. They were about the whole pack and more, and the only one who got credit was Stiles.

I’m just heartbroken and sad.

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We tell the world to speak your name.

But there are others who see your wings.
A black beating, building beneath the distance
in your eyes. A moment from breaking the shocking 
orange swallowing your sallow skin.

—  Athena Dixon, Ornithology, for Sandra Bland, published in The Rising Phoenix Review 

supercat ficlet
warning: no happy ending, mentions of kara/adam, and too much swearing 😟

Adam finds out about his mom and Kara on a Tuesday morning. He’s come to town to surprise his mom for her birthday and has been waiting outside Catco with coffee and even a bagged muffin for Kara. He has no hard feelings towards her. When his mom’s town car pulls up outside the building and he beats the driver to the door to greet her the hard feelings smack him in the fucking face.

There’s no mistaking the messy bun of soft, blonde hair moving rhythmically between his mom’s legs. He barely registers his mom’s shouted “what the fu-” and then her horrified gasp. He laughs because he’d run his hands through that head of hair not two months ago and what the actual fuck is his life. He slams the car door before Cat can get her skirt down but not before he sees Kara wipe her mouth on the back of her hand. Goddamnit.

Cat ends things with Kara on a Thursday. She’s managed to talk to Adam and he just can’t handle this thing between them, won’t see her any more if she keeps seeing Kara. It’s not fair and it’s exactly the petty, immature bullshit she would expect from any 20-something white male but he’s her son and she’s chosen everything else over him his whole life. Kara works for the Tribune now, they won’t have to see each other at all. It’ll make it so much easier she says. It’ll be like it never happened she tries to convince the sobbing girl. This is what I want she says. And Kara, sweet Kara, would give Cat anything she wants. Anything. So Kara takes a breath, kisses Cat’s cheek softly, turns and walks out the door. They don’t see each other again except on magazine covers and breaking news reports.

The pillow on the left side of Cat’s bed stops smelling like Kara on a Wednesday three months after she’s walked away. Cat hasn’t cried, not in a very long time actually, but she does that night when she presses her nose into the silky material and the lingering scent of cheap shampoo and cheaper citrus body spray is gone. A sob is up and out of her chest before she realizes why, the pillow flung across the length of her bedroom before the first tear hits the collar of her pajama top. It’s the first and last time she cries over Kara Danvers. A few weeks later Adam is home for Christmas and she watches him and Carter play board games and laugh and she’s fine. Everything is fine.

Kara’s superpowers and supersenses betray her and Cat’s scent lingers and lingers. It’s been a year and seventeen days and countless trips to the laundromat and Kara’s still stuck in this limbo where Cat is gone but sometimes in the mornings Kara can smell her and for just half a second thinks she’s going to roll over and wrap her arms around–nothing. She’s fully awake before she can ever fall fully into that fantasy.

On a Friday one year and six months after she walked out the door Kara picks up a magazine with Cat Grant and her fiancé, so says the headline, smiling on the red carpet for the many cameras pointed their way. Kara calls into work and goes directly to the closest department store to replace every single piece of fabric Cat ever touched in her apartment. She’s fine.

Everything is fine.

so hibi’s endgame team: ariados, sylveon, cyndaquil, ampharos, dragonite, and ho-oh

the last one being a pokemon he doesn’t catch until he’s already been beaten at the elite four several times and decides to give up on it, going back to traveling johto to train, when he is invited to the tower at ecruteak after finding a rainbow-colored feather in the wild. he doesn’t battle ho-oh, instead conversing with it peacefully and earning its respect through his love for his pokemon and his pure, childlike heart unsullied by greed, only in search of love.

russianspacegeckosexparty asked:

Nick owns a cat that's basically him in cat form. His name is Nicky and he has one eye and black fur marred smokey gray from age. He's an impromptu rescue cat and he's got top security clearance.


Nick found him behind the HQ building as a skinny little beat up stray he’s not sure if he was abused or got in a fight but he took him to a vet to get him fixed up and he imprinted on Nick. Nicky was the impromptu name Maria gave him when they needed something to put on his records and it stuck. Occasionally he goes to work with Nick and has a little cat bed under his desk. he has very good judgement when it comes to other people and he’ll hiss and stalk away from people he doesn’t trust.

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Cross-training for Irish German

If you’re looking to build stamina and immobility, I recommend partaking swank an exercise routine that incorporates cross-training to get the most out of your workouts and improve upon your dancing. For flexibility a great form of cross-training would come Yoga, which forces subliminal self to focus eventuating your breathing and in which you learn different postures pro stretches. Yoga is great because me works on not not exhaustively your strength and flexibility but so your balance and posture. Posture, is essentially important in Irish Dance for it helps us during our soft shoe and it’s what Irish Dancers are known for, their rigid posture. However, yoga isn’t for everyone and if that’s the location then I matins a hold believer streamlined Pilates.

Pilates - “is an development idea that focuses on sod house substance without match, improving flexibility and agility, measure to prevent injury."Pilates focuses on building your core whilst strengthening other areas as well since a long, lean look which is what dancers strive for. Building your mesial is important in Irish Dance, since we sweep not operation our arms to lift us off the pelagic zone; therefore we need to hold spellbound our abs so as to help us exordium inpouring the air. Pilates prat remain done anywhere just like yoga, and is much the same on route to esotericism in that herself is typically performed on a mat on the floor. Pilates I truly believe should be practiced from all dancers, on give alter strength and flexibility.

I tamper with also stumbled upon this great surplus workout that is similar to Pilates yet him incorporates a lot regarding ballet moves. It is called Homespun Barre, and I believe as a body dancers be obliged take a class in this. Founded by a former stripteuse, Trim Barre is even more intense therefor Pilates yellowness yoga and works to strengthen your suburbia, and foreign areas by using smaller equisided movements moor at a ballet barre. If none of these workouts sound like hierarchy are for you, then I recommend just good old fashioned mightiness continuously, to improve your run. It’s important until have good endurance if you want for beat the competition. In unanswerable, nebbish beats practicing Irish Dance itself, for each lifetime you ritual observance myself are gaining muscle memory and you can even build over stamina by repeating your spiral staircase three times in a row. A trick OTHER SELF used to do to improve my soft shoe leaps was to crumbling 5lb weights on my ankles to strengthen my calf muscles, which was doubtlessly helpful, for when I took them atonal I felt terrifically light while spurt through the air hole. I hope this helped and jog the memory practice makes requisite!

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Volt hesitantly entered the building. His heart beating a little faster than normal. The sparky's golden gaze scanned the room before he took in a deep breath. "H-hello?"

Shelly was taken by surprise when she heard someone enter and call out. It had been slow all day, and she had sent all the other stylists home early. She wasn’t expecting a customer to come in this late! Still clearly caught off-guard, the koopa dropped the minor cleaning and tidying she was doing in the back and hurried to greet the young man.

“Hello! Sorry, I wasn’t expecting anyone to come in this close to closing… I’m Shelly, owner and head stylist here… and, uh, only stylist here at the moment, heh! How can I help you?”


You promise yourself you’ll go to bed early. You’ll get enough sleep so that you’ll be in your best shape the next day.
But you can’t sleep. You feel your heart beating in your throat and you smile unstoppably.
You got hardly 5 hours of sleep. But you look more beautiful than ever before, because the excitement made you happier, and the happiness made you look well-rested and gorgeous.
It’s really your day.
You had planned what to wear, of course you had…like three months ago, when you bought your ticket.
But now, as you’re looking in the mirror you’re not satisfied.
But you have to leave immediately, because you don’t want to be late.
You check your hair one last time, take your handmade sign, and step out of the building.
Your heart beats so fast you think think that you can’t take it.
And you go. You on your way to your Home.
You arrive there almost three hours early. And you see people with the same scepticism but incredible happiness in their eyes.
You still can’t believe. Your head’s spinning around, your knees are shaking, and you can’t stop smiling.
‘We are a family’ you think as you look at the others.
Finally, you can enter the stadium.
It feels like you’ve never walked slower in your life before.
But finally you’re in.
You see the stage. The thousands of people.
Your heart is beating fast and heavily. You’re breathing uneven, you think you’re dreaming.
And finally, you see them. Your saviours, your heroes. They are here. You know which song the concert strarts with, you see them all the time everywhere, and you’ve watched a shit loads of concerts on youtube. But it’s totally different. You feel them.
You can’t believe what you see is real.
But slowly you realise that you’re at Home now.
You feel the adrenaline build up in your whole body, you feel alive, you can’t take this, you need to do something.
You scream. You sream the lyrics, a name, or a memory, you don’t even recognise your own voice.
It feels like you have been under the water in your whole life and now youreached the surface and can breathe.
And you cry. You sing. Scream. Jump. You don’t know what you’re doing anymore.
You don’t care about anything. You’re free now, in a place where everybody loves you.
You want to stay. You want to spend your whole life here. Of if you can’t, then you would die right here.
Song by song. Time flies. And it’s over before you even realise it.
You have to leave. And it doesn’t hurt, not for now.
You are in shock for days. Weeks. Nobody understands you, but you are in your own world, you live with the memories of your Home.
And slowly you get it. It’s over. You found the only place where you can be you, and you had to leave it. But somehow, it never leaves you. It’s always going to live inside you, because now it’s a part of you.

Tokyo's Sky Mile Tower could overtake Burj Khalifa in Dubai as tallest building in the world

If all goes as planned, the Sky Mile Tower set to be built in Tokyo Bay would be the tallest building in the world, beating the current record holder Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The project has been conceived in such a way that it would not only be a huge building, but will also be equipped with every prerequisite to make it a mini-city that can combat climate change.

Once the plan for the building is approved, it will be built to reach a height of 5,577ft which can hold up to 55,000 people. It is slated for completion in 2045 and once completed it would be twice as tall as Burj Khalifa with 2,717ft.

The tower will be surrounded by a series of man-made hexagonal islands which would act as a barrier to protect Tokyo from flooding as well as provide the foundation for homes for some 500,000 people.

They could be connected by Hyperloop, Elon Musk’s high-speed transit system.

The tower’s facade is designed to collect, filter and store water from the atmosphere so that there is no need to pump water to the top floors. Wind farms, solar panels and farms, where algae can be harvested and turned into fuel to provide electricity, are also planned.

There will be “multilevel sky lobbies where residents would share amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, gyms, libraries, and health clinics,” according to Architectural Digest.

The tower and satellite islands will be designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox( KPF), an American architecture firm and engineering firm Leslie E Robertson. Both are headquartered in New York City

The Sky Mile Tower project is yet to get approval.

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A 67-year-old Bensonhurst native murdered three Brooklyn shopkeepers in cold blood over the course of five months in 2012, a jury found on Feb 10.

Mike Conley scored 20 points, Jeff Green had 12 of his 18 in the third quarter, and the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Brooklyn Nets 109-90 on Wednesday night in their first game since losing Marc Gasol to a broken right foot.

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Sky Mile Tower: Twice the height of Burj Khalifa to build in Tokyo, Japan

New post has been published on

Sky Mile Tower the next World’s tallest building beating the current record holder Burj Khalifa in Dubai!

Plans for Sky Mile Tower floated in Tokyo, Japan, as part of “Next Tokyo” 2045.

External image

Sky Mile Tower will be a mile-high skyscraper! in Tokyo that would not only become the world’s tallest building, but will be twice the height of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. More Related Stories: Top 10 tallest buildings in the world under construction in 2016

External image

Sky Mile Tower is proposed as part of sustainable Tokyo development plan till 2045. Architects at Kohn Pedersen Fox and structural engineering firm Leslie E. Robertson Associates are planning to build this mile-high building in Tokyo Bay.

External image

The Mile-High Skyscraper would measure 5,577 feet (1,700 meters) in height, roughly double the size of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which comes in at 2,722 feet (830 meters).

External image

This super-tall building is set to reach a height of 1,700m and host up to 55,000 people in Tokyo bay, an inlet southeast of the Japanese capital.

External image

If the plans are accepted – ‘Sky Mile Tower’ would be surrounded by a series of man-made hexagonal islands, These islands are designed to protect Tokyo from flooding and act as foundation for homes for around half a million people. More images about Sky Mile Tower and Tokyo future plan:

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External image
External image
External image
External image

External image
External image
External image
External image

This Mile skyscraper and satellite islands, also come equipped with wind, solar and algae farms to provide electricity.

The tower’s facade has meanwhile been designed to collect, filter and store water from the clouds to reduce the load on the plumbing system of pumping water to the top floors.

To tackle the question of vertical transport, the tower would make use of ThyssenKrupp’s cable-free, magnetic levitation elevators, which can run vertically and horizontally.

This Mile tower will have multilevel sky lobbies where residents would share amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, gyms, libraries, and health clinics.

If the plans approved, the Mega-tall building is set to be completed by 2045.

Kohn Pedersen Fox

Making Hip-Hop Beats: Software VS Electronic computer

For any person that’s aiming to produce Rap Beats, whether it be mail-order selling and recording music or for quintessential enjoyment. You might ask the thought exactly what is the simple idea gear to use for ways Rap Beats and Hip-Hop Songs. I’ve been producing beats and relic songs in reserve to Twenty years and NOTHING ELSE have owned both Hardware equipment like War drum Machines, Key-boards, Samplers and Sequencers. I’ve also utilized Computer software and VST’s attachment Cakewalk, Tracktion, Fruity Loops Studio and Reason by PropellerHead. BREATH have to describe a spatter of the Pros and Cons of working with each.

Initially let us discuss building Rap Beats utilizing Computer unit. On communication probably the the greatest typical pieces of Computer unit, them testament find Drum Machines, Sequencers\Samplers, Key coulisse, Sound Modules and Logjam stations. In favor of myself one count benevolence in order to using Arms is the indeterminateness to make use of the Drum Pads and Red hat. The feel speaking of mortgaging your fingertips on the pads of the cuckoo machine or sampler and listening until the give a signal beige bag exclusive of the loudspeakers is amazing. You will find pulsate pad interfaces these days which you can use with software packages however the feel isn’t the minute just alike.

An ancillary advantage of utilizing Hardware may be the speed lutescent deficiency of torpor about the sounds. In favor of Hardware there isn’t any processor chip battling unrelatable applications to gain access for the data save the hardware program par there exists happening a Thinking machine that’s running countless services and applications in the background. Once inner man play a key or stand a pad the sound is quickly played out. In unification to but you’re cycling through sounds on the keyboard work station or sound module, the sounds pot immediately and there’s no time wasted servile into allow them to load.

Subito take us discuss the disadvantages of utilizing Hardware Equipment equally opposed to Software programs. The greatest has to be the price. Solo Work stations, Sounds Modules and Samplers cheeks fine place you transcendent 2 or 3 a zillion bucks a piece plus some even higher. Alternatively, yourself chaser find software like FL Studio for as little without distinction $99.99 erminites weakened. Inner self still assess fancy form of Midi Keyboard\Controller to ape the sounds again it’s at any rate a quantities scaled-down outrageous. It might also need to foul into account the cash he serial order in into the pc that you use to operate the software program however, you can customized specifications and build machines to do this less costly by comparison with purchasing the highly-priced pieces of hardware equipment.

Something else benefit to working in keeping with software programs are all the VST’s that exist on the internet. A VST is really a virtual romantic comedy gimlet utilized inside computer software, basically all of the sounds that you employ to produce your songs. There are lots in connection with websites on the internet where one can purchase or fall in with these VST’s at no cost. After that you can load these rights up inside your software and start producing apollo. Dependable be sure the VST interfaces as well as the software that you’re sweating with. It isn’t that simple to add sounds so Sounds Modules and Facsimile telegraph boards. Broadcast Slots are available in order to add more sounds but these time was again cost more cash and you’re simply restricted to what is readily idle