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I recently visited the Renzo's Cy Twombly gallery and I was really inspired by the absolutely amazing natural light. Are there any other examples similar to that? Preferably on a similar scale or smaller?

The Cy Twombly Gallery (above) is lit through the roof, but here with an external canopy of louvers, shading the sloping, hipped glass roof, below which a fabric ceiling diffuses the light.

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Closed RP with Drills-of-Defiance


Rin’s head began to bob as her eyes shut. She was off… somewhere? In Piltover? She forgot where. Heimerdinger was once again going off about his mecha project, and Rin was hustled into the chaotic mess of technobabble talk as his assistant. She wasn’t particularly interested in the mega suits of armor, but enjoyed helping… when she was allowed. Her mentor was particularly picky about the inner workings of this and would frequently forget to task her with things to do.

This was one of those moments.

“So…freaking…bored…. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Rin shot up from her sun basking spot outside the massive workshop and let out a growl, stomping her foot down in frustration. However, she had no idea a familiar face would cross her path right then from around the corner.

A short, blue, spiky mohawked friend.

Rin jumped up so fast, she nearly headbutted him in the face as he rounded the corner. With seconds to spare, she flinched backwards, falling flat on her tush. She let out a loud yelp as she hit the pavement, her tail being crimped under her.

“Freaking— Oh… Hey! Rumble! What’s up dude!”


Of all the reasons to oppose CPUSA, having monthly dues should not be high on the list. Of course there should be room for people unable to pay dues to still be members of any labor or left organization, but dues allow work to get done, dues can be used for buying supplies and arms, teaching workshops, building strike funds, all kinds of things. Turns out money, while terrible, is actually quite useful.


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Have I mentioned how much I love autonomous visits by family members? Today Keanu knocked at the door* to hang out at the pool with his little brother. 


Unfortunately not at the front door - because my game thinks the most recently implemented door is automatically the front door, even if it’s the door of the little workshop building in the backyard. Clicking on the actual front door to change its status to former glory, helps only until another restart when the next visitor is knocking at the workshop door again. *throwing hissy fit* Note to myself: Just grab the old front door, remove it and place it anew. Maybe it’s working then….

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I've started to play Fallout 4. Which DLC should I get, and what should I avoid? Any general advice on playing?

Automatron is fun and being able to build new robot companions and modify old one is pretty rad but there’s only like one new small area to explore but you get to fight Robo-Brains which are missing from the base game so that’s a thing

Assuming you don’t care about building settlements Wasteland Workshop is mostly worthless, as is Contraptions Workshop and Vault-Tec Workshop. Really pissed they wasted so many resources to that aspect of the game when we could have had another story DLC thing

Far Harbor is fun, especially if you love Nick Valentine like the rest of the fandom.

NukaWorld is neat but it’s over pretty fast if (like me) you decide to just kill all the raiders to free the slaves instead of trying to make peace between the gangs

As for general advice, pick up all the junk, just fucking all of it, that way you can build or modify anything and become OP as quick as possible

but imagine luke doing the lightsaber building workshop and telling all his padawans “okay guys, im not strict and boring like the old republic i want some NEW IDEAS for lightsabers i want you to each have a unique one kay??? and then all his padawans just stare at him cluelessly because honestly they all think he is kind of insane but then tiny ben solo in the back raises his hands up shyly and suggest the two protective parts and says it would be a shield from people trying to remove someones hand and lukes eyes just light up because at least someone had an idea and he points at his nephew with his robot hand like "YES THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT YOU GO BEN SOLO!”