building traps

Truth Serum

Prompt ~ Working on a new trap including a truth serum is… tricky. Even worse when Damian walks in and… well he’s good at avoiding traps but you are better at building and hiding them. And there you thought Damian was already bad enough with his brutal honesty… you had no idea how things would be if you added the effect of a truth serum. To get him back across the manor to his room proofs to be a real obstacle course like this + maybe a kiss at the end if that works for you <3

Damian Wayne x Reader

You were minding your own business like any decent human being should do, you were building a trap that would involve some truth serum that you were able to create in the cave’s lab. You placed a thin wire underneath your carpet that was connected to a small contraption that once triggered would release a dart containing the serum. After tying the wire you stood on your desks chair and placed the contraption in the air vent located on the ceiling close to the rooms entrance.You pushed the chair out the way and tied the trigger wire to your door’s knob. Just when you went to grab the knob to see if it worked the door swung open. In walked Damian with a neutral face only for the dart to shoot out and hit Damian square in the shoulder.

“Damian no!” You screamed as he fell to his knees, the serum tampering with his senses, “At least I know it works…” You said as you pulled the dart out his shoulder, “Well at least it shouldn’t change much you are already brutally honest.”

“I thought you were good at avoiding traps? Can you even walk?” You rambled on worried since Damian wasn’t answering you.

“Sorry I was captivated by your beauty.” Damian finally replied with a dazed look on his face, your cheeks immediately flushed red, “Um, I think my serum was too strong I should take you to your room.” You replied flustered, you helped him get up and let him lean on you for support, “You know I was distracted because I was thinking of you but if I wasn’t I would have easily averted your ploy.”

“Why is your room across the mansion.” You ignored his comment as you walked down the long hall.

“If my room was adjacent to yours you would here me whimpering your name during my aroused dreams.” Damian claimed as he leaned close to you, if it was possible you were becoming redder. You couldn’t lie you had a crush on Damian but you never thought he recuperated the same feelings, but here he was babbling off things he would never say himself if it wasn’t for the truth serum.

“Maybe the serum has some defects.” You mumbled, your palms became sweaty, “No, I’m attracted to you physically and emotionally.” Damian retorted as you took another turn, “Though I act pretentious I’m not good at showing my affections towards others, especially you.”

“You’re not lying?” You asked still unsure about everything he just said, “I got injected with a truth serum, I’m being a hundred percent honest and I really want to kiss you right now.” Damian said as he leaned closer to you, you knew he would remember all of this but he didn’t have full control of his actions, but these were things he truthfully wanted… you leaned in pressing your lips to his. Damian didn’t hold back on making it passionate which took your breath away.

“I always fantasized kissing you, it was better than I imagined.” Damian whispered as he placed a kiss on your cheek and stumbled into his room leaving you flustered outside his door and hundreds of questions popping into your thoughts.


rain, huh… doesn’t this situation make you think of manga? rain. school… no one else in the school building. two people trapped inside by the rain…
          [ th- they get to talking and grow closer… or something like that? ]
… after that, no one ever saw them again.
          [ a ghost story?! ]

Knuckles Headcanons
  • Because Knuckles has sensitive eyes, like real echidnas, Tails has made him some special eye wear that can adapt to the various climates on Angel Island. That way, Knuckles will be safe when he fixes traps on the island.
  • Knuckles prefers eating fruits and vegetables since they can be found easier on Angel Island. Besides grapes, he probably likes oranges.
  • If you touch his dreads without asking he'll get uncomfortable.
  • Gets worn out easily in social situations involving big groups.
  • Loves digging and building traps to relieve boredom.
  • Is a light sleeper.
  • Sleeps in really awkward and unintentionally hilarious positions.
  • Is the type to choke up when trying to order fast food so he asks Tails to do it for him instead.
  • Hates talking over the phone.
  • Talks to the Master Emerald for company.
  • Is very particular about grooming his dreads and making sure his quills look shiny.

I swear if we don’t find out who Dessert Glass was/is by the end of the series I will flip.


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(5) 4: “How long do we have?”

There was a siren, before the building disintegrated around them. Tony, seeing Bucky standing in the middle of the room, diverted all his power to the jets, getting to Bucky and protecting him as the building collapsed, trapping them.

The force of the impact knocked Tony out for a minute; he came back to several readings on his screen, none of them good.

“How long do we have?” he croaked out, blinking his vision back into focus.

“An hour at most before the oxygen is gone,” FRIDAY informed him.


“Barnes is unconscious, boss. He will be fine, if you can get him to a hospital soon.”

Tony looked around at the cavern they found themselves in. “And how do I get him to a hospital?”

FRIDAY was uncharacteristically silent, before answering. “You can’t get out. You’ll have to wait for someone to find you.”

“But will someone find us?”


“Damnit,” Tony muttered, opening the faceplate to look at Bucky. He looked like he was sleeping, hanging limply in Tony’s armoured arms. There was no question about it; if Tony hadn’t of made it to him in time…

“No, can’t think about that,” Tony muttered to himself, retracting the hand of his right gauntlet, in order to touch Bucky’s cheek. It was cold to touch. “Come on Barnes, I need you to wake up now. Any time now, otherwise I’m going to get sappy. And we both know how much you enjoy that.” Tony shook his head, closing his eyes against the tears threatening to fall. “I can’t lose you, not like this. Not… you know what next week is, don’t you? Yeah, our anniversary. I had a surprise all lined up; was going to fly out to a private beach. We’d spend all our time on the beach, able to see every star. Able to do anything we wanted, anywhere, because no one would be around to see us. So I need you to wake up now, if not for me, then for yourself. Because I know you wouldn’t want to miss that. Please?”

Tony fell silent, watching Bucky’s face for any sign of movement. After a minute, Bucky’s eyes began to flutter open.

“BUCKY!” Tony yelled out of sheer relief; Bucky’s face scrunched up at the volume.

“No need to yell,” he muttered, coughing as he sat up in Tony’s arms. “Where’r’we?”


“How long do we have?”

“Less than an hour.”

“Someone coming for us?”

“Hope so.”

Bucky nodded, looking at Tony’s face. “You been crying?”


“Weren’t worried about me were you?”

“You were unconscious; FRIDAY says you need medical.”

“Yeah, that’d be because I have broken ribs, and who knows what other internal injuries.”

Tony put his hand on Bucky’s cheek. “We’ll get through this.”

Bucky reached up, putting a hand over Tony’s. He grimaced, a smile clearly not able to be produced. “Course we will. Got a beach to get to.”

“You heard that?”

“Yeah. So we’ll get through this, because we have to.”


Just as the oxygen was getting too thick to breath, a whole appeared in their cavern, and daylight shone through.

“Private beach, here we come,” Bucky muttered, before falling unconscious in Tony’s arms.

Once free of the cavern, Tony flew Bucky straight to medical, where he spent a night in surgery, before being released to recover.


They made it to the beach in time for their anniversary, and made full use of it’s privacy.

Things that I learned as a kid

That I probably won’t need to do again but goddamn it’s so rad knowing how:

Using a MicroPipette

Using a Spectrometer to identify metal purity

Using Electrophoresis to pull DNA through a gel to see if two people are related~ 

How to dissect a heart/squid/frog

How to make my own noodles

How to shoe a horse

Embroidery, Sewing, Knitting, Quilting, Hemming

Actually, I actively use those skills nvm

Building traps to kill, Building traps to contain 

Tanning leather using brain matter. 8D 

Basket Weave. 

Training a foal to be comfortable around humans

What weird skills did you learn as a kid?

mespirited  asked:

C L E M O N T for the ask meme

C: Can they swim well?: Nope xD he has to use floaties

L: What is their favourite board game?: Mousetrap. Building the trap was always his favorite!

E: How are they with children?: He gets taken advantage of all the time and can’t control them

M: What is their favourite dessert?: I don’t see him with much of a sweet tooth to be honest so Zeppoli is just sweet enough for him to have with some coffee

O: What would it take to break them, inside and out?: If anything happened to Bonnie

N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?: Toast and orange juice

T: Where are they ticklish?: Everywhere why do you think he wears that stupid jumpsuit? No one can get him wearing that

anonymous asked:

That's what would happen if poppy could clone herself. But what about branch?

If it was grey Branch: They would each plan on how to avoid Poppy for the day. Giant list.
“Alright so Poppy goes to town square at exactly 12:47 pm, where half of us will be out gathering supplies, the other will be building traps and other necessities.”

“Why don’t I keep Poppy busy for the day? At least she won’t be bothering you guys the rest of the day.”

“Solider do you want to die today??”

Happy Branch: He’d probably be using the clones to help people around town. Building things, watch trollings, vocal exercises, anything to help a neighbor in need.

It’s funny how when I got to know you, amazed by your personality and manners, while being madly in love with you, I have tried to be a better person.

And then, stunned and hurt by the real you, ultimately left in ruins which lead to numbness, I turned into antisocial, cynical misanthrope.

Pushing people away and building walls.
Trapping myself with the person I hate.

—  M. N. Lowery
☽ electronic music asks. ☾
  • ambient: what do you do to relax?
  • chillwave: have you ever done drugs? if so, what's the hardest one?
  • chiptune: are you very competitive in video games?
  • dreampop: do you have a light, optimistic outlook on life?
  • dubstep: is there something you can’t tell your parents about?
  • electro: how often do you attend parties?
  • hardstyle: would you be embarrassed of your fourteen-year-old self?
  • house: do you consider yourself loud and aggressive, or are you more quiet and minimal?
  • jazzhop: do you consider yourself street smart?
  • moombahton: do you want to be well remembered by people when you are gone? or fade from their memory?
  • nightcore: what is something that gets on your nerves?
  • techno: when you strip away the outside elements, what are you like at your core?
  • trance: what’s something you’ve been building towards?
  • trap: what’s the most trashy, embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
  • trip hop: what’s your darkest secret?
  • tropical: what’s your dream vacation spot?
  • vaporwave: do you think that the past is better than the present?
  • witch house: are you a fan of horror movies and other morbid forms of entertainment?

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I heard rob currently lives at the Elmore wrecking yard

“Soooorta true. My lair used to be there and…Actually I think it is still there? I might check out.. That’s normally where I would spend all my hours testing traps and building stuff.”