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Infusion: A common way to channel and easily control magic is to infuse it into ink and tattoo it onto one’s skin. The tattoos are generally harmless in their dormant state, and look like normal ink until activated by the owner, when they begin to glow. Depending on the amount of magic and the shape of the tattoo, different effects can be achieved, such as enhanced martial arts or generation of fire. This type of magic is commonly used by soldiers.

“All of You” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 1,904

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request: Do you think I can get a Daryl x Plus Size Reader where she is in love with Daryl but pushes him away because she feels that she’s not good enough for him?

Warnings: Some self-hatred, language, alcohol, fluff, implied smut

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You stand in front of your mirror, just having got out of the shower. Your hair is still wet and its clinging to your shoulders, but you don’t mind. At least you guys have showers again. You don’t look as tired anymore, and you’re looking a whole lot more healthy since you guys arrived to Alexandria. You don’t like to admit it, but going here probably saved your guys’ lives.

You stare at yourself in the reflection. There’s no hiding that you’re plus-sized. You have been your entire life, even when you were a kid. Even during the outbreak, when you would go days without food, you still looked about the same. You don’t mind, not really- you have come to terms with it and you usually don’t let it affect you. You know you’re a great, beautiful person regardless of your size, and you’re a good asset to the group.

The only time that you let it bother you is when it came to one specific person. Daryl Dixon.

You’re in love with him, and you have been ever since you met him on the farm. You were entranced by how much he cared for that little girl, even if he failed to admit it. You could tell he was a good person underneath his hard exterior. Plus, it helps that he is attractive as hell and his arm muscles are god-worthy. Not to mention that you really like his hair now that it’s longer.

You’ve never told him how you felt. Not only because you two are friends and you treasure your friendship, but because you’re afraid he’ll shoot you down because of your size. You feel like you aren’t good enough for him. That he’ll want someone like Rosita, who’s not only beautiful, but thin.

Snapping yourself out of your self-degrading thoughts, you wrapped your towel around your body and walk over to your room to pick out clothes for the day. Even though you had access to wear better clothing, you much preferred your normal jeans and t-shirts. They were more comfortable and easier to move around in.

Throwing your wet hair into a bun, you slide on your shoes and head out the front door. You spot someone coming in the main gate, and you recognize the mysterious person as Daryl.

“Can ‘ya help me carry this?” Daryl shouts to you from across the street, holding three giant bags that were almost to the point of over spilling.

“Yeah!” You say almost over-enthusiastically. You walk over to him and grab one of the bags, following him to where he was taking them. “Successful run?”


“Good, good.” You try and keep the conversation going. “What all did you find?”

“Some medical supplies, some clothes. Also found a bottle of whiskey. Thought about chuggin’ that down tonight. Wanna join?” He smiles. You know he’s just being friendly- that’s what friends do- but it still makes your stomach turn with nervousness.

“Uh, yeah, sure.”

Daryl nods at you as you two set down the bags in front of Rick’s house, presumably so he can go through everything.

You didn’t see Daryl for the rest of the day, and your thoughts were running wild. You kept telling yourself that maybe Daryl was joking about drinking together later, or that you heard him wrong. Sure, you two had “hung out” before, but nothing like that. And the thought of being alone with Daryl in his house, drinking alcohol, maybe you get butterflies in your stomach.

By the time that night time had arrived, you weren’t sure if you could go through with your plans. Daryl makes you insanely nervous and you have no idea why. After you had finished up working with Maggie, you were a sweaty mess and you were desperate for a shower. You were walking back over to your house, but someone running towards you made you stop.

“Y/N? I thought ya were coming over.” Daryl came into view, frowning.

“I am, but I’ve been working all day and I need a shower.” You scrunch up your nose.

“Fine, I’m startin’ without ya though.”

“You could always ask someone else if they want to join, I’m sure-“

“Nah, wanna be with you.” Daryl interrupts, smiling, before leaving you alone on your doorstep.

As you shower, you remind yourself that he’s just being friendly, and that you shouldn’t look so far into things. He wouldn’t like a girl like you, you thought, so there is no need to be freaking out so badly. You don’t bother to wash your hair, as you cleaned it this morning, so the shower is quite quick.

You step out, and frown as you look into the mirror again. You’d come so far in terms of building self-confidence, but Daryl made you feel like you were in high school again, dripping of insecurity.

You put on a different pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, not even bothering to put on shoes as Daryl’s house was just next door. Maybe if he got drunk enough, he wouldn’t notice if you just didn’t show up? You shake your head, knowing that you’re being completely ridiculous. It’s Daryl. You’ve known him for years- you’ll be okay.

When you get to his house, you can see him sitting on his couch, holding the bottle of whiskey in his hand as he stared intently at the TV. You knock on the window, and he smiles when he sees you there, getting up immediately to let you in.

“Was startin’ to think you weren’t gonna show up.”

“Nah.” You go inside.

“Look, if ya don’t wanna be here, you can go.” Daryl looks at you, obviously noticing your tension.

“No, I want to be here, I promise.” You smile at him.

“Alright, good, ‘cause I want you here.” He leads you over to his couch, making you blush. He pours some of the whiskey into a cup and hands it to you.

“I have no idea how you managed to find an entire, unopened bottle of this stuff.” You take a sip, making a face at the burn in your throat. You haven’t had hard alcohol like this in a long time.

“Just got lucky I guess.”

“Real lucky.” You commented. “How did you manage to get this back without Glenn finding out?”

“I have my ways.” Daryl smirked, taking a drink straight out of the bottle.

The next few hours was spent talking about random things, and it made you feel at ease. You weren’t so nervous anymore (probably a mixture of being slightly tipsy and just having normal conversation with Daryl) and you were truly enjoying yourself.

You were setting yourself back down on the couch, having got up to go pee. Your buzz was wearing off and you were growing tired, and were thinking about heading home soon.

“Y’know, I don’t know why ya avoid me so much.” Daryl says, scooting his body closer to you as you sat down. You tense up, taking another drink of your whiskey to help calm your nerves. He was definitely drunker than you were.

“I don’t avoid you.” You say simply.

“Yeah, ya do.” He frowns. “I try ta hang around ya more, and the minute ya see me, ya go runnin’ off.”

“Must have not noticed.” You take a bigger drink of your alcohol.

“I used to think ya liked me, and shit, I think I like ya too, but now I’m startin’ to think I was wrong. I’m startin’ to think ya hate me.” He frowns.

“You like me?” You look at him dumbfounded.

“Well, I thought that was obvious.”

“You’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying.” You put it off, not believing what you’re hearing.

“I’m not as drunk as ya think I am. Regardless, a man’s most honest when he’s drunk, aint he?”

You’re silent for a while, not sure how to respond.

“You’re right about what you said.” You admit, sighing.

“That ya hate me? I fuckin’ knew it. I’m an idiot, I’m sorry.”

“No!” You yell, startling him. “About the other thing. About liking you. You’re right.”

“Oh. Good.” He smiles down at you. “If I hadn’t drank tonight, I wouldn’t have told ya how I felt. That’s why I wanted ya to come over.” He admits.

“Why do you like me, Daryl? I’m… Well, I’m not like the rest of the girls here. I’m not as thin or as beautiful as the rest of the girls. I’m no Maggie or Rosita. I’m not good enough for you.” You pour your feelings out, a sure sign that the whiskey was starting to work.

“Y/N,” Daryl grabbed your shoulders so you were facing him. “I don’ care about your size. That shit don’ matter to me. I like you for you, not for what size of jeans ya wear. You’re beautiful, hell, you’re prettier than Maggie and Rosita combined. I don’ want to hear ya ever talkin’ down about yourself again. Is that why you’ve been pushin’ me away so much?”

“Yeah. Didn’t think you’d want me.”

“I.” Daryl brings you into a kiss. He tastes like whiskey, but you don’t care, you melt into the kiss anyways. “Love.” He kisses you again. “You.”

Your heart was beating out of your chest. There was no way this was happening. You bring your fingers to your arm, pinching yourself to make sure that you weren’t dreaming. The pain that ran through your arm alerted you that, no, this was real life. Not only was Daryl kissing you, but he was saying that he loved you.

You kiss him back, the shock finally wearing off. He’s an amazing kisser for someone who hadn’t been with anyone since you met him, and that was a long time ago.

“I love you too.” You pull away.

“I love all of you. I love your face,” Daryl kisses your lips softly. “I love your chest.” Daryl trails his kisses down your neck, giving you chills. “I love your stomach.” Daryl lifts up your shirt, kissing your bare stomach. You go to cover yourself up, but Daryl moves your hands away. “I love your thighs.” He starts kissing down your thighs, his lips lingering a little longer on your inner thighs. You can feel yourself weakening under his touch, desperate for more.  

“But most of all,” Daryl brings his face back up to yours. “I love your personality. I love everythin’ about ya. I don’t want ya to ever think that you’re not good enough for me ever again. You’re perfect.”

You answer him by crashing your lips onto his. He lays you down on the couch, bringing himself on top of you as he continued kissing you.

“Can we go up to your bedroom?” A burst of confidence ran through you, your body on fire.

“Yes, baby.” He grabs your hand, leading you upstairs to his room.

The night was spent well, and you had never felt more happy in your life. You finally had the man of your dreams. He loved you, and that was the best feeling in the world.
We Aren’t Built to Live in the Moment
What best distinguishes human beings from other animals is our foresight, as scientists are just beginning to recognize.
By Martin E. P. Seligman and John Tierney

Most prospection occurs at the unconscious level as the brain sifts information to generate predictions. Our systems of vision and hearing, like those of animals, would be overwhelmed if we had to process every pixel in a scene or every sound around us. Perception is manageable because the brain generates its own scene, so that the world remains stable even though your eyes move three times a second. This frees the perceptual system to heed features it didn’t predict, which is why you’re not aware of a ticking clock unless it stops. It’s also why you don’t laugh when you tickle yourself: You already know what’s coming next.

What best distinguishes our species is an ability that scientists are just beginning to appreciate: We contemplate the future. Our singular foresight created civilization and sustains society. It usually lifts our spirits, but it’s also the source of most depression and anxiety, whether we’re evaluating our own lives or worrying about the nation. Other animals have springtime rituals for educating the young, but only we subject them to “commencement” speeches grandly informing them that today is the first day of the rest of their lives.

A more apt name for our species would be Homo prospectus, because we thrive by considering our prospects. The power of prospection is what makes us wise. Looking into the future, consciously and unconsciously, is a central function of our large brain, as psychologists and neuroscientists have discovered — rather belatedly, because for the past century most researchers have assumed that we’re prisoners of the past and the present.

Our emotions are less reactions to the present than guides to future behavior. Therapists are exploring new ways to treat depression now that they see it as primarily not because of past traumas and present stresses but because of skewed visions of what lies ahead.

If you’re a chimp, you spend much of the day searching for your next meal. If you’re a human, you can usually rely on the foresight of your supermarket’s manager, or you can make a restaurant reservation for Saturday evening thanks to a remarkably complicated feat of collaborative prospection. You and the restaurateur both imagine a future time — “Saturday” exists only as a collective fantasy — and anticipate each other’s actions. You trust the restaurateur to acquire food and cook it for you. She trusts you to show up and give her money, which she will accept only because she expects her landlord to accept it in exchange for occupying his building.

The brain’s long-term memory has often been compared to an archive, but that’s not its primary purpose. Instead of faithfully recording the past, it keeps rewriting history. Recalling an event in a new context can lead to new information being inserted in the memory. Coaching of eyewitnesses can cause people to reconstruct their memory so that no trace of the original is left.

The fluidity of memory may seem like a defect, especially to a jury, but it serves a larger purpose. It’s a feature, not a bug, because the point of memory is to improve our ability to face the present and the future. To exploit the past, we metabolize it by extracting and recombining relevant information to fit novel situations.

Planners have also devoted lots of thought to the question of how to warn our distant descendants, “Don’t dig here!” That’s because if humans still inhabit the Earth in 100,000 years, they probably won’t be able to read our writing. After all, just 10,000 years ago humans were roaming the planet in small groups of hunter-gatherers and using stone tools; we’re baffled by Stonehenge, which is only 5,000 years old. One hundred millennia from now, the human race might be totally unrecognizable.
—  It turns out Finland is the only country in the world actually building a long term nuclear waste storage facility, leading to the question: how do you warn future generations about what’s buried beneath?

One Step at a Time (Richonne Date Night- September) 

Michonne sighed in contentment as she snuggled deeper into Rick’s embrace. “I had a great time tonight.”

“Me, too. I hate that I have to cut the evening short on the one night we can actually stay out past ‘curfew’,” Rick joked while tightening his hold on Michonne.

Rick and Michonne had been a couple for four months. They’d started dating towards the end of the previous school year. Since their kids had spent much of the summer away from home either at camps or spending time with family, the pair had been able to spend a lot of time early on really getting to know each other and their relationship grew serious quickly. Now that school was back in session, the single parents tried to spend as much time with each other as their busy work and home schedules allowed.

Tonight would have been a rare date night when they could stay out as long as they wanted. It was the Saturday before Labor Day and their kids were spending the weekend with Rick and Michonne’s former spouses. Unfortunately, the couple wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the night because Rick had an early shift at the King County Sheriff’s Office the next day.  

Michonne sat up to look at Rick. “Do you have to leave right this minute? There was something I wanted us to do tonight.”

“What did you have in mind?” Rick asked. His mind and heart started racing at Michonne’s words.

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The ABC Skill: Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions

In DBT, the content of the Emotion Regulation unit can be broken down into three main categories: 

  1. How to identify and understand your emotions–there are no specific DBT Skills that fall into this category, but the content is still an important foundation that the other two categories build on. 
  2. How to change or regulate your emotional responses–this includes Skills like Check the Facts, Opposite Action (link coming soon), and Problem Solving. 
  3. How to reduce your emotional vulnerability–these two Skill sets are known as ABC PLEASE.

This post is going to start covering content from the third category.  This category is incredibly important because not only will they aid you in becoming less vulnerable to crisis, but it will actually give you direction for how to build a life that you want to live–a life you have choice and control in, that is founded on positives rather than simply surviving day-to-day, crisis-to-crisis.  You want to have as much content from this third category in your life as possible in order to counter, to balance, and ultimately to supersede your Bad Days with Good Days.  This doesn’t mean the Bad Days will go away entirely, but it does mean you will have more emotional reserves (or spoons) to minimize the scale and effect of each crisis you encounter.

1. What is the ABC Skill?

The ABC Skill is really three separate Skills all rolled into one acronym because they work towards the same general goal.  Each letter represents one whole Skill that can exist independently of the other letters, which is why I’ve decided to break up the post on the ABC Skill into three posts that address one component each. 

The three components of ABC are:

  • A: Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions
  • B: Build Mastery
  • C: Cope Ahead

The ABC Skill set focuses on how to help you take action in a positive, effective manner that will have both short-term and long-term benefits to your mental health and general well-being.  Basically, these Skills exist to make your life better by reducing your vulnerability to Emotion Mind and to stress-triggered or stress-aggravated symptoms of BPD.

2. What is meant by Accumulating Positive Experiences and what is the point?

The A component of the ABC Skill is Accumulate Positive Experiences/EmotionsThis means doing things that you can genuinely enjoy, participate mindfully in, experience happiness or joy as a result, all without judging yourself or feeling guilty.  It’s important that when Accumulating Positive Experiences, you do so Mindfully because it can actually be fairly difficult to do things you enjoy when your life is dominated by distressing symptoms, bad experiences, and negative emotions. 

You might find that your depression has significantly impaired your ability to find enjoyment in the things that you used to really enjoy.  You might find that your anxiety discourages you from trying new things that might be enjoyable because you’re too afraid that you won’t actually enjoy them, or that you’ll fail, or that others will judge you.  You might find that your paranoia or hypervigilance from trauma makes it almost impossible to fully Participate in an activity that you would otherwise enjoy because you’re always on edge and don’t know how to relax anymore.

You might find that your mental illness has skewed your thinking to be so negative that you no longer see any point of seeking out positive experiences because the positive feelings that come from those experiences won’t last.  You might worry that the negative thoughts and feelings will quickly return and it’ll be all the more disappointing and distressing when you fall back down again.  It’s hard to keep getting back up and trying again when your mental illness keeps knocking you down–it might even seem safer or less harmful to not even try to get back up again because you want to protect yourself from as much hurt as possible. 

When it comes to disorders like BPD, this is a constant battle we wage between ourselves and our illness.  It’s a battle that we will likely be fighting for a long, long time.  We have ups and downs but the ups never last long enough and it can be incredibly discouraging and disheartening, which makes it harder to endure the downs.  DBT aims to provide you the tools you need to fight and win these battles by teaching you Skills that you otherwise would not have at your disposal. 

By Accumulating Positive Experiences/Emotions you effectively replenish your emotional reserves, reduce your vulnerabilities, and give yourself a reason to pick yourself back up after getting knocked down again.  The goal of Accumulating Positive Experiences/Emotions is to increase your “ups” by making those ups more frequent, longer in duration, and more stable. 

Accumulating Positive Experiences/Emotions is one component of reclaiming your life from your mental illness, to re-learn how to live a life that isn’t entirely dominated by the day-to-day struggle to survive and endure. It shifts the focus from enduring or fending off negative experiences/emotions to actually seeking out positive experiences/emotions and enjoyingThe goal is to slowly fill your life up with these positive experiences so you’re fighting those battles less often.  Accumulating Positive Experiences/Emotions serves both short-term and long-term purposes: reducing your emotional vulnerability, while also helping you build a life that is fulfilling and meaningful to you.

3. How to Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions in the Short-Term

The point of Accumulating Positive Experiences/Emotions in the short-term is to do pleasant things that are possible now.  Your BPD symptoms (or symptoms of other comorbid disorders as previously mentioned) might make it very difficult for you to enjoy much of what you used to be able to enjoy, so it’s important to take baby-steps and have hopeful but realistic expectations. 

Do small and simple things that you can enjoy as you are in this moment, and slowly build yourself up to being able to attempt bigger experiences that may be more meaningful or fulfilling.  Sometimes small, simple, and silly things can be meaningful too, because every positive feeling you make for yourself should be considered a victory when you generally feel miserable.

You Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions in the short term by:

  1. Start building positive experiences now.  Don’t delay or avoid, don’t tell yourself you haven’t done anything today to “deserve” to have a positive experience today.  You may not feel entirely comfortable spending your time on something positive for yourself, at least not right away, but this is one of those times where it’s okay to give yourself a little push.  Remember, positive experiences are good! They’re positive experiences because they don’t have negative components or consequences.  They aren’t supposed to result in feeling bad or feeling worse–they’re solely meant to benefit you in a positive and enjoyable way.  Start small and work your way up.

    Increase pleasant events that lead to positive emotions.  Try to work up to doing one pleasant thing each day–it doesn’t have to be different each day but you should try a variety of things to broaden your experiences eventually.  The List of Pleasant Events is a good place to start for ideas.  You can also make your own List of Pleasant Events/Activities and print it out, highlight it, stick it to your wall or your fridge–somewhere you’ll see it regularly–and work through it at your own pace. 

    If you find yourself avoiding doing your Pleasant Events, practice Opposite Action (link coming soon).

  2. Be mindful of positive experiences.  Focus your attention on positive moments when they are happening.  Use your Mindfulness What Skills and How Skills to do this.  Don’t multitask!  Dedicate this time to your Pleasant Event and to your experience of the Pleasant Event only.  You want to Participate and engage fully in each experience, soak up the positive feelings or thoughts or sensations. 

    Being mindful of your enjoyment will help you recall the experience at a later date, such as when you’re in crisis and are having a hard time remembering or believing that you have had or could ever have positive experiences and emotions.  If you find your mind wandering to negative territory during your Pleasant Event, refocus your attention or Turn Your Mind towards the positive.

  3. Be unmindful of worries.  It’s rare to ever be told to be unmindful of something in DBT, but this is one of those times when you don’t want to give any mental attention to thoughts or feelings you may have if they are negative and detracting from the positive experience.  You might have worries such as thinking about when the positive experience will end or what will happen after it ends; you might worry about whether you deserve this positive experience; you also might worry that others might expect much more from you now that you were able to expend the effort required to do this one Pleasant Event for yourself; etc. 

    Gently push away these thoughts if you cannot avoid acknowledging them.  Rehearse some affirmations or “challenges” to counter these kinds of thoughts.  These thoughts might be rooted in deeply-held personal beliefs about emotions and about yourself (a list of such myths and possible challenges to them will be written at a later date), so counter-arguments (“challenges”) may not come easily to you in the beginning, or you may not truly believe those affirmations or counter-arguments yet.  It takes time.

    Keep trying!  Remember, if we don’t challenge our negative thoughts/feelings or allow ourselves to have positive thoughts/feelings, then we won’t be able to accumulate positive experiences because we will always stay in one place, restricted by our negative experiences.  It may take you several tries, dozens and dozens of tries before you can effectively challenge, push away, or be unmindful of these types of negative thoughts, but it is possible.

4. How to Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions in the Long-Term

The point of Accumulating Positive Experiences/Emotions in the long-term is to make changes in your life so that positive events will happen more often in the future.  This is commonly referred to as “building a life worth living” but honestly I believe that all lives are already worth living, they just may not be lives that we want to live.  So I prefer to say that the long-term goal of Accumulating Positive Experiences is to build a life that is fulfilling and meaningful to you–a life that you want to have.  The way you make these changes is to live according to your values.

These are the steps that you would take in order to Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions in the Long-Term

  1. Avoid avoiding: Start now to do what is needed to build the life you want.  You need to make the active choice to pursue Accumulating Positive Experiences and be an active part of that accumulation, rather than hoping that these experiences will just happen by chance.  If you’re not sure about what to do or how to do it, follow the steps as a guide.

  2. Identify values that are important to you: Ask yourself, what values are really important to me in my life? What things to I want to be the foundation of my life? It’s okay if these things change as your identity shifts, and it’s also okay if these values are not 100% firm.  It’s also okay if the values you identify conflict somewhat.  What matters is that you have an idea of what is meaningful to you and the general direction you want to take your life in.  See the List of Values and Priorities for guidance.

  3. Identify one value to work on now.  Ask yourself, what is really important to me, right now, to work on in my life?  That thing may not end up being something you would value under other circumstances, but this is the step where you take your present situation into account.  From where you are at this point in time, what would benefit you the most to work on? What do you deeply want more of in your life that you currently lack, that is within your power to obtain for yourself? Your criteria for determining which value you work on first could be all sorts of things, as long as–at the core–it is about bringing something positive into your life that will make you enjoy or value your life more.

  4. Identify a few goals related to this value.  Ask yourself what specific goals you can work on that will make this value a part of my life?  This value becomes the guiding force behind your goals.  These goals can be small or more ambitious, but make sure these are things that you can work towards right away.  You don’t want to choose goals here that you wouldn’t be able to start working on until a number of future conditions have been met, though it is important to be aware of these sorts of long-term, complex goals.  The idea here is to make things as easy as possible for yourself to take definitive steps towards a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

  5. Choose one goal to work on now.  Do a Pros and Cons, if necessary, to select a goal to work on now.  You might want to start with something small and easily achievable so that you don’t get discouraged.  You also might want to pick a goal that has a strong degree of immediacy to it, meaning that achieving this goal means instant or near instant improvement to your life in a significant way. 

  6. Identify small action steps toward your goal.  What small steps can you take to get to your goal?  This step really helps if executive dysfunction regularly interferes with your ability to set and achieve goals.  Break steps into smaller components, so that each step becomes a series of smaller steps.  It becomes easier to make progress because small tasks don’t seem nearly as daunting as tackling the whole goal at once.

  7. Take one action step now. This is pretty self-explanatory, but you have to make sure you’re actually taking action rather than just making plans and not following through on those plans.  You don’t have to tackle the whole goal in one day–you can just do one or a few of those smaller actions steps if that’s all you can handle today.  

Remember that Accumulating Positive Experiences/Emotions is supposed to make you feel better and make your life more enjoyable–it shouldn’t stress you out, constantly frustrate you, or inconvenience you.   Pursuing goals can sometimes be stressful or frustrating or even inconvenient at times, but the benefits should outweigh the disadvantages.

You can work on Accumulating Positive Experiences/Emotions in the short-term by yourself rather easily, as this Skill lends itself well to working at your own pace and listening to your own desired.  When attempting to Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions in the long-term, though, you may want to work with a therapist or close friend in order to help determine what options are feasible to work on now and what values and goals should be set aside for later, when you are further along in your recovery journey.

Further Reading: List of Values and Priorities, List of Pleasant Events, Intro to Emotion Regulation, How can I build positive experiences?   

TL;DR: Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions is a component of the Emotion Regulation ABC Skill, which is a Skill used to reduce your emotional vulnerabilities.  Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions means slowly filling your life up with positive experiences and feelings in order to make your life less vulnerable to negative feelings and experiences. 

In the short-term, this means doing some sort of pleasant thing that is possible right now, no matter how small and trivial, and doing such a thing every day.  In the long-term, this means living according to your values and allowing your values to guide your goals so that you can restructure your life around enjoying positive experiences instead of enduring negative ones.  Accumulating Positive Experiences means giving your life direction so that you can ultimately build a life that you find personally meaningful and fulfilling.


Community Building: terms and identities

This post is to compile the terms I’ve seen in other places (a couple that I made myself) all together in one place!

Terms for female exclusive bisexual women only

  • Feb - female exclusive bisexual women. Idea: could be used for those who are feminine or generally gender conforming, or it could be an umbrella term for all female exclusive bisexual women
  • Iron - Idea: comes from Fe the symbol for iron, so it would be Fe (female exclusive) bisexual, and would then be iron bisexual. Could be used for those who are masculine or generally gender non conforming
  • Fe - Idea: pronounced like fey, alternative for febs, another one for feminine female exclusive bisexual women

Terms for any bisexual woman

  • Tombi - bisexual women who are masculine or generally gender non conforming
  • Tomcat - bisexual women who are sometimes gender conforming, sometimes not
  • Stag* - bisexual women who are GNC/masculine
  • Doe* - bisexual women who are GC/feminine

Please reblog and add any ideas or comments you have on these, and if you know of or have thought of any others please add them!

*I’ve seen these as being intended for all wlw, but mainly for bisexual women. 

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I can't believe today we learnt that Phil doesn't have a significant desire for love and his love life isn't important to him

Nah anon what we learned today is that Phil doesn’t desire love because he already has it and that he doesn’t need to get wet because being wet indicates the importance of sex and when you’re in a rapidly approaching eight year long term relationship sex actually isn’t the most important thing to you. You can have it when you want, so it’s less of a dominating factor of the relationship than actually building a long term life together. 

Categorization of Sigils

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Another follow up post on my Introduction to Sigils post as well as Advanced Sigils, in which i’m going to cover how I choose to break up the main purposes I see sigils typically being used for. This post will look to expand these terms, define them, and give examples for each category. This can also be used to help witches who are just starting off see what sort of things sigils can be used for, and I encourage them to come up with more creative variations.


The most basic and common sigil I see are what i’d call Decreasers/Increasers. These are sigils that aim to ( as stated in the name ), increase an aspect or decrease it. These can be as simple as “Increased Happiness” or maybe “Decrease Negative Energy”, but they aren’t limited to such basic uses, and one can easily be creative enough to stretch the limits that are presented.


Another common and relatively basic sigil is what I call an Influencer. These are cousins to Increaser/Decreasers, but rather then try to pull in or push out energies, they try to work with ones already present. So, maybe rather than saying “Decrease Negative Energy”, you could say “I will be able to handle the Negative Energy that comes to me”, which is influencing it more then completely avoiding it. In my work, I find that these tend to be more effective then Decreasers/Increasers since they have the basics to work with where as Decreasers/Increasers have to do a bit more work.


Not all wards are sigils, but the term fits for the general purpose this sigil plays. Warding sigils are sigils that aim to protect a person, object, or a space. Their intentions are a bit trickier, but if they’re aimed at keeping a space clean, safe and sound, then I’d place them into the warding category.


Again, wells aren’t always sigils, but the term fits. A welling sigil is a sigil made with the intention of storing a lot of energy. These can be helpful in spellwork to give certain spells a boost, or even can be used a refresher when you’re feeling low on energy. Wells don’t always have to store your own energy, as they can also be collector sigils, which draw in energy from their nearby environment and hold it for later uses. (If you are drawing from your area with a welling sigil, I recommend putting a limit on how much energy is stored so you don’t drain the area you’re working it)


Linking sigils are distant cousins of the welling sigil. Linking sigils are made to connect multiple workings, people, or even other sigils, to one main source. Linking sigils can hold energy, and supply/provide it to the things it’s connected to, or rather, it can collect energy from everything it’s connected to and store it/transform it and use it for a working. Popularized by chaos magicians, and was originally used to power glamour bombs in certain areas, but now has taken on a much larger and diverse role. ( In the future I plan on covering Linking sigils in more depth )


Building sigils are sigils that are made to be a representation of something or aid in creating something. These could be ideas, concepts, or more magickal based constructions. These can be helpful if one is doing work in the astral, using sigils to represent structures in a plain and can give one the ability to have quick access or an easy focus to edit the structure.

Anyways, for now, that’s all the categorizations i’ve personally found myself. If you have more, feel free to tack it on and i’ll look it over, and maybe eventually add it to this post if I feel it fits. Next post will most likely be covering Linking sigils and the history behind them, and that will probably be the last strictly sigils post for a while. Until next time! \o|o/

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I had a quick question about the characters in TRC. In a post you said that Adam was an INTJ (which I think fits him perfectly, to be honest). So, naturally, that got me wondering--what are the other characters' Myers-Briggs types? I feel like Gansey's will be whatever personality type requires constant good hair.

Dear onearmedsexhoboofdoom,

I do not particularly think about character-building in terms of personality types — I would not, for instance say to myself: Stiefvater, let us build a ESTP! Go!
I am, as I’ve said before, more of a dirty thief. So I know the character types of only three of my characters, and that’s only because I’ve stolen enough of them from real people whose types I know. That would make Adam an INTJ, Gansey an INFJ, and Persephone an INFP. I have seen it postulated that Richard Campbell Gansey III is one of the extroverted types, but that is a wrong-headed falsehood I assume comes from his firm handshake and perhaps a belief that introverts don’t have constantly great hair, don’t need other people and don’t wear bright-colored polo shirts. 

I assure you they do. Trust no one.



so grad school has been, like, hard.

surprise! (but not really.)

haven’t been on top of posting over the last term. promise i’ll try to be better next term.

i’ve had a lot of trouble getting adjusted to being a grad student, honestly. it’s not that any one part of it has been bad. in fact, looking back on the last few months, they’ve objectively been really good: i’ve met some great people and made lots of friends in my cohort, i’ve juggled around some insanely cool research projects, my classes (even though they don’t matter that much in my program) went incredibly well and took me on two field trips, the weather was consistently excellent.

but i still don’t quite feel at home. maybe that means i’m not mature enough for this; maybe it just means i need more time. i’ve been having a lot of trouble managing depression in recent weeks even though things are objectively going great. i had a lot of trouble eating consistently, taking notes, processing information, talking to older grad students and professors, staying on schedule…..even though everything’s going great on paper, i feel like a mess. which is okay, i think, for my first go at this.

i went back to new york city last week to try and feel what home felt like again. but strangely, it wasn’t there, either. i felt old. i felt very happy to see my old astronomy club in good hands though; that was nice — but i didn’t feel fully connected there, either. it feels indescribably odd to be a stranger somewhere that was absolutely your home six months before. i remember feeling this ungroundedness when i moved into college; the weight of having to build your own home when you move away from what you know. i guess that means it’s time to start that process again.

i think i have a lot of work to do next quarter in terms of building myself a comfortable space both physically and mentally. i need to be more forward and less shy about introducing myself to older grad students and professors. i need to get more notebooks and take more (and better) notes. i need to hide the white walls in my apartment and make it feel more like a living space (before i move into a house, anyways).

i am at my parents’ house right now and i am itching to go back to grad school to start this process of building, which, i think, is a good sign. i think grad school demands implicitly that you want it when you’re there, and there were so many times over the last few months where i wasn’t sure that was true because i didn’t click into place. now, i think that might not be the right way to look at it. there are a lot of puzzle pieces to fit into place, and i nailed some, and i missed some. but it’s not about how many pieces you get on the first try. it’s about finishing the puzzle, and i’m still all in.

Chapter 5 of My Reveal Story

And the finale.  Sigh…!

As I sat for several days, obsessively scribbling out my story, my husband goes, “What exactly are you going to do with this story?” and I replied, “I am going to get a tumblr account and post it and get a thousand likes!”  :-)

The world is hard enough, and anytime we can bring anything beautiful and happy into it, I think we make it a better place.  So, To The Universe, I hope my story made you feel happy!

Anyway, I *am* working on another take on “the reveal.”  Tomorrow, Oct 26th, millions of lucky people not in the US will get to lose themselves in Season 2 of Miraculous.  I am waiting waiting waiting for December!  And I am thinking seriously of NOT spending time on Pinterest or tumblr looking up anything MLB because I know there will be so many spoilers… and I just don’t want the magic - you know - spoiled!  Does anyone else feel like they are in this same boat?

So I guess I’ll just have to write more MLB stories as I wait.  :-)  If you would like me to write more, do let me know, b/c that will give me encouragement.  Especially because I know that my husband will keep looking at me, one eyebrow raised, and question, “You’re *still* writing about MLB?”

Oh, yeah!

So, on to the story!  Final chapter of My Reveal Story (what a lame title), here you are:

Chapter 5         by JJ Sprinkle

As usual, Marinette was late to class. She slipped as quietly into her seat as she could while Mme Bustier lectured about literature.  Her pulse still felt like it was racing after the morning’s adventures.  Most of her mind was taken up with worry about Cat Noir, anxious that he was trapped where she had left him, unable to move with his broken leg.  She was so focused on Cat Noir that a good five minutes passed before she noticed that Adrien was missing.

At the first pause in Mme Bustier’s lecture, Alya leaned over and whispered, “Where is he?”  She nodded with her chin towards Adrien’s empty seat.

Shaking her head, Marinette shrugged her ignorance.

Alya glanced over at Chloe, who as usual smirked like the cat who had eaten the canary.

During the long morning, Marinette had to force herself to pay attention to her teachers.  Constantly her mind wandered to Cat Noir, and she felt helpless wondering where he was and if anyone was helping him.  Marinette chewed nervously on her pencil, with a constant frown on her face, until finally Alya murmured, “Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s okay.”

“What?” Marinette’s head shot up.

“He’s probably just sick.  Which means you’ll be sick soon too, girl!”  Alya grinned conspiratorially.

It took a moment for Marinette to realize that Alya was talking about Adrien, and then Marinette felt guilty for not sparing any of her concern or worry for him.

“He seemed okay when he left yesterday…” Marinette replied, then blushed a little, and then she and Alya giggled, which earned them a severe look from Mme Bustier.

While switching classes to Physics, Nino approached them holding his phone, “Yo, I texted Adrien and he says he’s sick.  His dad made him stay home today, dude.”

Chloe sailed past, her nose in the air and Sabrina in her wake.  “I could have told you that,” she said snottily.  “Poor Adrikins and I got home sooo late,” she glanced at Marinette, “I’m sure he was just too worn out for school.”  She smirked as she walked away, while Marinette and Alya looked poison darts at her back.

Lowering his voice, Nino repeated for the girls, “He actually says he’s sick, dude, not just tired.”

“I’m sick *and* tired of that girl!” Alya said.

Marinette, however, replied to Nino, “Tell him we hope he feels better.”

“Okay!” Nino said.  Half teasing, he read as he typed, “Marinette says to tell you that-”

“No!” Marinette interrupted, “Don’t say that!”  Then she rethought her first reaction.  “Actually,” she started, and looked over at Alya.

Alya gave her an encouraging grin and the thumbs up sign, and said, “You go girl!”

“Actually Nino, go ahead and write that!”  Marinette smiled, proud of her courage.

“Marinette says to tell you that we all hope you feel better.”  Nino pressed ‘send’ and Marinette’s heart did a little flip flop.  They hadn’t even gotten to Physics class when Nino’s phone chimed.  Reading his text, Nino grinned at Marinette and repeated, “He says to tell you thanks.”

All three walked into class smiling.

By the time lunch rolled around, Marinette was chomping at the bit.  As soon as they were released, she turned to Alya and excused herself, “I have to get some things from home.  I’ll see you after lunch.”

“Sure thing, girl,” Alya replied agreeably.  Scooping up her books, she dashed after Nino.

Marinette skipped down the stairs of the school, and turned as if to go home.  However, reaching the corner, she stepped into a narrow alley and opened her purse.  Tikki flew out.  “Come on, Tikki,” Marinette said, “Let’s check on Cat Noir.  Spots on!”

The air rippled around her, and after a second of dizzying disorientation, Ladybug was standing on the street.  Immediately she shot out her yoyo to race to the south side of the city where she had left Cat Noir.

Ladybug criss-crossed multiple streets, even though she was ninety five percent certain she has found the right one on her first attempt.  Nowhere did she find Cat Noir, or even any trace of him.

Still edged with worry, Ladybug made her way back to the school.  She would simply have to trust that Cat Noir had gotten the help he needed, but she wasn’t happy about it.  Once again in the narrow alley by her school, Ladybug transformed back into Marinette.

“Don’t worry, Marinette,” Tikki said in her sweet voice, “I’m sure he’s alright!  His leg was already beginning to heal.”

“Does it really work like that?”  Marinette couldn’t hide her anxiety.

“Your powers are very complex,” Tikki answered, “but since superheroes are always facing danger, healing is definitely part of the magic.”

“Do you think he’ll be on patrol tonight?” Marinette asked hopefully, “Could it really heal that fast?”

“Well…” Tikki replied cagily, “It depends on if he got the *right* help.”

“What does that mean, Tikki?” Marinette asked, confused.

In the distance a school bell rang.  “I’ll tell you later, Marinette.  Now you have to get back to school.”

Nodding her head, Marinette dashed back into the building.

In terms of living a double life, it was one of the hardest days Marinette had experienced.  Her worry about Cat Noir, and impatience to see him that evening, was overwhelming.  It made Alya laugh, convinced that Marinette was beside herself with worry for Adrien.  This made Marinette feel worse, because although she hoped Adrien felt better, and was a little disappointed not to see him, in fact very little of her thoughts were spent on him.  Cat Noir was foremost and predominantly in her mind.  

By the time she got home, Marinette’s anxiety had blossomed.  Although she tried to school her thoughts, she kept imagining the worst.  As soon as she reached the privacy of her room, Marinette said, “I’m going to change, Tikki.  I’m going to try to reach him on his baton!”  Tikki nodded in agreement as Marinette called out, “Spots on!”  But, when Ladybug pulled out her yoyo to call, there was no connection.  Every time she tried, there was no answer.  Finally, Ladybug re-transformed, wringing her hands and fighting despondency.  

As she paced up  and down in her room, Tikki gently lectured her, “You have to calm down, Marinette.  I’m sure there’s nothing wrong.  And if there is, Cat Noir needs you to stay clear headed.”

Marinette knew that everything Tikki said was true, but it didn’t really help.  If she closed her eyes, she could transport herself immediately back to the moment when there was the terrible crunch of breaking bone, and Cat Noir’s anguished yell.

Sighing deeply, Marinette said, “I should never have left him.  I should have ignored him and stayed by his side.”  Tears pricked her eyes again.

“No, Marinette, he wanted you to leave,” Tikki tried to reassure her.

But Marinette was too deep into her thoughts to heed Tikki.  Instead she climbed up onto her bed, laid on her stomach, and cried out her worries and guilt.

When Marinette went down for dinner, her parents immediately noticed that something was wrong.  “Do you feel ill, dear?” her mom asked, placing the back of her hand on Marinette’s forehead.

“No, Mom, I’m fine.  I’m just… It’s just school,” she prevaricated.  “I’m just stressed.”

Her father placed his strong hand gently on her shoulder, “Don’t worry, Marinette, you’ll do fine.  We believe in you!”

As he squeezed her shoulder, Marinette reached up and gripped his hand, squeezing back.  She turned her head to smile at her dad, “Thanks Papa,” she said.

“Maybe you should get to bed early tonight, honey,” her mom offered.  “It’s almost the weekend, and you can catch up on any homework then.”

“Thanks Mom.  Okay,” she agreed.

Climbing the stairs to her room after dinner, Marinette checked the clock for the hundredth time.  She climbed up onto her bed loft, and arranged her pillow to look like her body cuddled beneath the blankets.  Over an hour early for their appointed rendez-vous, Marinette looked at Tikki and said “I can’t wait any longer.”

“I know, Marinette,” Tikki replied.

“Tikki, Spots on!” Marinette called.  A bright light exploded in the room, and Marinette felt weightless and dizzy for a moment, before the floor re-formed under her.  Scrambling out onto the roof deck, Ladybug launched herself into the inky darkness.

She made her way directly to the Eiffel Tower, and climbed to the level where they had met before.  Quickly walking around the deck, Ladybug knew she was alone.  She opened her yoyo to see if she could call Cat Noir’s baton, but again there was no connection.  With worry engulfing her, Ladybug sank down to the metal grillework, dropped her forehead to her knees, and waited.

What if…  her mind played with her, heightening her worry.  What if… and What if… pounded into her imagination, until finally a light ‘thud’ sounded in front of her and Cat Noir’s beloved voice said, “Good evening, MiLady.”

Raising her head from her knees, there was no way Ladybug could hide the ravages of her tears from Cat Noir, even if she had thought to.  Cat Noir’s eyes went wide, and immediately he crouched down to his Ladybug and said “What’s wrong, Bugaboo?”

Ladybug launched herself at Cat Noir, knocking him over and sprawling on top of him, hugging him fiercely and hiding her face in his shoulder.  “I’m sorry!  I’m so sorry!  I shouldn’t have left you!  I’m so sorry!” she cried.

Hesitantly, Cat Noir wrapped his arms around Ladybug and hugged her back.  “Shh, shh…” he soothed, “It’s okay!  I’m almost all better!  I’m fine!”

“No, it’s not!”  Ladybug’s muffled voice sounded against his shoulder.  Finally, she spoke the words that had been haunting her all day, “You could have died.”  She started sobbing even harder.

Cat Noir continued hugging Ladybug, while trying unsuccessfully to leverage them both into a sitting position.  He gave up and just lay there stroking her back, murmuring reassurances, “I’m okay, Bugaboo.  It’s okay.  Don’t cry,” he pleaded.  Her sobs were breaking his heart.  “I promise never to try to save you again, “ Cat Noir tried to joke.

Ladybug raised her head and stared at Cat Noir intently.  Her wide, blue eyes glistened in the moonlight.  Then, surprising both him and herself, she placed her hands on either side of his face and started kissing him passionately.  There was no introduction to the kiss, no working its way up - Ladybug immediately and enthusiastically kissed him deeply, intensely, with abandon.  For a moment Cat Noir lay there shocked, but within seconds he was holding her tighter, weaving his fingers into her silky hair, and matching her kiss for kiss.  In a timeless world of their own, Ladybug poured out all of her fears and worries, and Cat Noir poured out all of his love and affection, into their kisses.

Running his hands down her shoulders and then her sides, to span her narrow waist, Cat Noir finally broke the kiss with Ladybug.  Breathless, he panted, “MiLady, we have to stop.”

Ladybug hid her face against Cat Noir’s neck.  He could feel her nodding, which amused him, and he hugged her reassuringly again.  This time, when he tried to pull them both up to a sitting position, she let him.  He ended with his back against the frame of the tower, and Ladybug sitting across his lap, his arms around her and her face still buried against his neck.

Surprisingly, Ladybug started crying again.  “Oh God,” Cat Noir could barely hear her say, and then she pulled back and cried, “What have I done?”

Cat Noir flashed his mischievous smile and joked suggestively, “Nothing you shouldn’t have!”

“No, no!” Ladybug was seriously upset again, but this time with herself.  She looked panicky, “I shouldn’t have!  I’m not supposed to like you!  I like - Oh God, what did I do?”

Cat Noir threw his head back and laughed, which did not help the situation.  With his arms still around her, Ladybug reared back and started pummeling Cat Noir on the chest.  “Stop it!  Stop it!  Oh my God!” she cried.

Trying to control his laughter, Cat Noir said, “Ladybug, I can make it all better.”

“No,” she replied, panic and confusion lacing her voice, “You can’t!”

“Mari, I *can*,” Cat Noir said.  Ladybug did not catch the endearment.  “Let me!” he said.

Still holding Ladybug wrapped gently in a hug, Cat Noir called, “Claws in.”

Ladybug’s eyes got round, and she exclaimed, “No!” but it was too late.  Both were engulfed in a bright light, and beneath her hands Ladybug felt Cat Noir’s catsuit morph into something softer and loose.  Ladybug shut her eyes tightly, not wanting to look.

Cat Noir’s affectionate voice pleaded softly, “MiLady, open your eyes.”  He dropped a delicate kiss on the tip of her nose.

Ladybug worked her way up to it.  Squinting open only one eye, Ladybug hesitantly peeked at the boy in front of her.  Suddenly she opened both eyes wide, and gasped.  Her face went white.

Adrien watched Ladybug carefully, uncertain how she would react.  At her silence, he laughed a nervous little chuckle and said, “Ta da!”  He grinned hopefully at her.

“You - I - you -” Ladybug could not string a coherent thought together, let alone a sentence.

“Bugaboo,” Adrien confessed tenderly, “I know it’s you, Marinette.”

If Ladybug’s eyes could have gotten any larger, they did.

“How - What -”

Adrien was just smiling at her, when Ladybug erupted and started pounding on his chest again.  Especially out of his Cat Noir suit, her fists rather hurt, and so Adrien pulled her more tightly into his arms and laughing a little said, “Ow, Ladybug!  Marinette!  It hurts!  Stop!  Please!”

“Were you toying with me?”  Ladybug suddenly, very clearly, accused.

“No!” Adrien replied, trying hard to keep the laughter out of his voice.  At Ladybug’s glare, he relented, “Well, maybe a little bit…”   Ladybug started pummeling him again, so again he pulled her tightly against him.  “But only because I didn’t know what to do!”  That got Ladybug’s attention, and for a moment she stopped squirming.

“It was only a few days ago, after the Fish Lord attacked, and by mistake I came upon you just as you changed.  It wasn’t my fault!” he added, for good measure.

“You made me fall in love with you!” Ladybug accused.

Loosening his grasp, and pulling back to peer into her face, Adrien asked plaintively, “You didn’t love me at least a little bit before?”

Ladybug opened her mouth as if to speak, then closed it, then blushed.

“I just wanted you to love *all* sides of me, not just-” he waved one of his hands along his figure, “this side of me.”  He returned to holding her gently.

Ladybug stared at him for almost a full minute, her mind whirring.  Then, she buried her face against Adrien’s shoulder.  Adrien leaned back, thinking that having his Bugaboo in his arms, burrowing against his shoulder, was possibly the best feeling in the world.

“I do,” came her soft voice.

“What?” Adrien asked, lowering his head to try to gaze into Ladybug’s eyes.

“I do love both sides of you,” she whispered.  Then, leaning back to stare him full in the face, Ladybug said more clearly, “I love *all* sides of you.”

Time stood still as the two smiled into each other’s eyes, emerald green and blue bell.  Slowly, reverently, Adrien lowered his mouth to kiss Ladybug.  At first gently, like the small waves on a calm ocean washing up on a soft beach, and then building to a tidal wave of love, the two became lost in their kiss.

This time it was Ladybug who broke it off.  The happiness that radiated from her smile warmed them both, and mimicking his sly smile, she dropped a kiss on Adrien’s nose just as he had done to her.  “C’mon, Cat,” she said, playfully forcing a professional tone over the husky timbre of her voice.

“Mmmm…  I was wrong before,” Adrien murmured, “*This* is the best feeling ever.”  Gazing at his beloved, Adrien sighed.

In a teasing echo of former times, Ladybug pushed her finger against Adrien’s nose and repeated, “C’mon Cat.”  She grinned, “Aren’t we going to do any patrolling tonight at all?  Time to change and get to work!”

All this time, Plagg had been hiding behind Adrien’s back, agog to see how things played out.  Now that it was clear that it would not end in cheese, he sullenly cried, “Awww,” as Adrien shot out his hand and cried, “Plagg, Claws out!”

In a bright wash of light, Adrien transformed and Ladybug found herself clutched in the arms of Cat Noir.  “Phew!” she said, “That’s gonna take some getting used to!”

Pushing himself up, Cat Noir pulled Ladybug up with him, and once more wrapped his arms around her in a joyful hug.  “MiLady, I love you so much!”  

“Chaton,” Ladybug replied, her Marinette-shyness lacing her words, “I love you too.”

Then, at exactly the same moment, in exactly the same playful tone, they both yelled, “C’mon!” and leaped off into the night.

                                           The End            by JJ Sprinkle

anonymous asked:

Is The Brothers Karamazov a difficult read?

  Personally I have never asked this question throughout my whole tangled self-tormenting and agonizing relationship with Dostoyevsky, therefore allow us to dwell on the matter a little longer. Perhaps even Fyodor Dostoyevsky himself would disagree with the a priori supposition rendering his writing superficially difficult and inappropriate for readers in search of a pleasant distraction. As for my first encounter with Dostoyevsky, at the time I hadn’t been looking for literature approaching philosophical problems and neither do I think he intended for his writing to reach only a highly restricted group of people regarding the considerable popularity and recognition (as well as contempt and criticism) bestowed upon Fyodor Mikhailovich by his contemporaries. Moreover in each of his stories I sense a growing urge to convey an idea universally comprehensible to human.
  However let’s return to The Brothers Karamazov: the complexity of the novel is undeniable, and by chance it is the last and most discursive of Dostoyevsky’s (finished) works containing many of the principles and thoughts he expressed in his earlier writings. The substance of the novel is manifold and the plot leads to a masterful climax while meticulously bringing attention to each detail and reflecting on many philosophical concepts within the story. Dostoyevsky is a very skilled writer in terms of building an elaborate structure without losing the logical thread and initial purpose of the narrative. You must have realised already I wasn’t going to answer your question unambiguously as I am hesitant about giving a definite judgment concerning artistic forms. To me art (including literature) is a specific mode of awareness of the world as well as oneself, one might say synthesis between the external and inner universe and therefore collectively inaccessible, the exclusion being based strictly on one’s own unparalleled character.  
  In my opinion The Brothers Karamazov were rather emotionally difficult, exposing the reader to raw and disturbing sensations and alarming thoughts. It is not a crowd-pleasing piece of writing. It is a timeless wraith rising from the depths of Russia to haunt the reader with eternal dissatisfaction and gloom. If you decide to read it, let me know, I’d be honored to hear your impressions.

Somedays, I really wish I could RP something involving my OTPs to build more depth to the stories revolved around them. 

People think it’s only about smut but it really isn’t. It’s just so much more then that. It’s the plot, the relationship and how it builds up, the characters in general, their reactions, just…everything man. 

There is so much I want to explore with them to satisfy my writer’s cravings. But alas…It’s just wishful thinking. It will never happen. 

2017--the year of the radical feminist

hello all!

my name is Olive. I’m a teenage radfem of color. I am in the early stages of creating an online magazine for teenage/young adult radical or rad-leaning feminists, and am looking for contributors!

as you can see, my tumblr blog is really new BUT I have been a part of the tumblr radical feminist community for a little over a year now (had to delete a couple months ago for privacy reasons, remade YESTERDAY!). I’ve been daydreaming about an online magazine for young radfems for a while now, but all of the rhetoric surrounding the Women’s March yesterday (both good and bad) has finally prompted me to take action into my own hands. i’m creating this website in the hopes of giving life to something that can centralize the growing(!) community of young female radical feminists, provide us with a stronger sense of sisterhood, and give us all a loud, unified voice. That being said, it’s an important point that this will not be on tumblr. I feel like tumblr can be really disjointed, and having one place to be oriented in will help achieve the goals I stated above.

I love the attitude of this community, and I want this site to have that same smart, witty, feisty, and loving vibe that we have on our individual blogs, with content focusing on radical politics, activism, and our specific experiences as teenage/young adult women. think, if Feminist Current and Rookiemag had a baby.

I am gauging interest within our community for CONTRIBUTORS to the magazine. (btw, I am reaching out to ALL the rad/leaning feminists. Though this site is AIMED at teenage/young adult women, I want be clear that I AM looking for contributors OF ALL AGES, and of course ethnicities, sexual orientations, and all that. basically, if you’re a woman, if you’re a rad/leaning feminist, I want you!)
the magazine’s content will be varied: journalistic writing (editorials and such), photography, art, music, poetry, comics, humor, etc. will be published, as long as it is relevant to radical feminism, or our specific experiences as teenage/young adult women.

if you are interested in becoming a regular contributor (YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS !!!! Or not, your choice its whatevs), or contributing ANYTHING AT ALL, or have any help/advice that you can offer in terms of building this website, or just wanna have a chat, orshowmepicsofyourcats, ETC. PLEASE reach out to me via
if nothing else, I want to just get out the word that this is a thing, it’s coming soon, watch out for it, and PLEASE spread the word!  

I think these coming years are gonna be super weird times, what with Trump being our president and the mainstream feminist movement becoming so unfamiliar, illogical, and alienating. I am aware of a few other radfem zines out there, but we’re gonna need as many venues and platforms for us to gather and communicate as we possibly can get. i think if everyone’s just wants to no-platform us, we’re gonna have to make our own damn platforms and put out as much content as we can.

with that thought in mind, let this be the year of the radical feminist revolution.

Down the Wormhole: Paladin Character Arcs post-Season 4

Welcome to the second of my posts about season 4 of Voltron. Unlike the first more general post, this one is specifically about characters and how season 4 gives more of an insight into character development and arcs than at first glance. I’ll be discussing the paladin characters only in this post. I wanted to talk character arcs over the whole series and how season 4 might give an indication as to how things could play out in the future. Potentially. Maybe. I hope. (I make zero promises here, this is all pure speculation based on my personal analysis.)

Also, there will be a third post that deals with some more speculative inter-related character analysis that I initially wanted to put at the end of this post but both sections got far too long for that. (This post is like 4k long! I’m so sorry again!)

So look out for my third post also soon.

Let’s get started!

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