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Rehab, Day 10, Feb. 13, 2017

Re-building strength in occupational therapy 

Take a close look at this photo. See that dragon on the wall?

When I saw this 1905 Public Works photograph, I hoped to find out more about this dragon. Unfortunately, this part of Washington Street no longer exists so I couldn’t see what this building looks like today. Instead, I decided to investigate who owned the building.

Symbols on walls and signs such as a bell in hand or a green dragon worked as a wayfinding tools before literacy was widespread.  Taverns were places to meet, stay, or start a journey.  While none of the building’s occupants in 1905 were drinking establishments (except for maybe one billiard parlor), the heirs of Solomon Wildes had a connection to a tavern life in early nineteenth-century Boston.

As you can see in this 1902 Bromley atlas, the heirs of Solomon Wildes (Ruth Adelaide Beech, Emma Gertrude Wildes Selfridge, and Anna H. Bates) owned most of the block before it was turned over to a trust in 1916.  In 1867, Solomon Wildes died at his home in 30 Pemberton Square as a “gentleman” at age 76 and was buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery.

As you can see from 1905 tax record above, there were a number of investments and people involved in his estate almost 40 years later.  

I followed Solomon’s life through a variety of archival records.  Born in Topsfield in 1791, Solomon Wildes seems to have followed his older brother, Ephraim, to Boston.  Ephraim first appears in the Boston City Directory in 1816 as an innkeeper on 45 Ann Street. Five stagecoach lines departed from his tavern that year. Ann Street (today known as North Street) in the nineteenth century was part Boston’s red-light district in addition to being the location of a number of taverns and brothels for sailors and other travelers. In 1823, Solomon is running Wilds & Hosmer with Hammond A. Hosmer on 11 Elm Street, off of Ann Street.

In the above tax record for Ward 4 in 1830, Solomon is not yet a landowner, but has a personal estate that is not insignificant. He is listed as an innholder while his brother and nephew, Moses, are barkeepers. Even if there is no direct correlation, the dragon is a reflection of their mark on the tavern business, which was charted through archival records.  

Blog post by Alyssa True, City Archives Intern

Sunday Afternoon

The brownstone was a utilitarian building - a domicile/workplace for its inhabitants. Guests were not encouraged unless on business and/or overnight invites from Joan or Sherlock and even those guests were quickly routed to the door with a thank you and a to-go cup of coffee. Parties, dinners, and the like rarely, if ever, were planned or held unless work was somehow involved (or slimy relatives forced themselves into the building).

But this particular Sunday afternoon, a serendipitous gathering surprised both the building and its occupants. One by one, for a variety of reasons people had arrived on the doorstep, and ended up drifting up towards the roof.  Trevor, in a remarkable show of neighborliness had appeared upon their doorstep with flowers and Sherlock in an even more outstanding showing of social nicety took him up to view the hives.  Marcus, Emily, Ms. Hudson, Alfredo, even Lin, all for different reasons - files delivered, books to borrow, questions to ask - had crossed the brownstone threshold and all ended up on the rooftop.

Joan and Sherlock, side by side and wide-eyed, surveyed their guests as they mingled, admiring the flowers, bees and view.

“I suppose throwing them all out is out of the question?” Sherlock squinted at Joan half joking and half hoping she would give him the go-ahead to toss them all out.

Joan smirked and bumped his shoulder with hers. “No … not yet anyway. I’ll go make some iced tea.  Why don’t you bring up some extra chairs?”

“That will only encourage them to linger …”

She gave him the patented Watson look, the look with which there was no arguing, the same look that made him all soft inside. He sighed and followed her into the house. “Fine … but I’m only bringing up the wobbly ones, the ones with pokey bits.”  Joan snorted a small laugh and disappeared down the stairs.

And so it was that this particular Sunday afternoon there was laughter and conversation on the brownstone rooftop. Sherlock expounded on apiary lore and Joan conversed about their plans for a small rooftop garden while bees hummed, the scent of flowers wafted in the warm spring breeze and honey-sweetened tea was sipped.


Kinks 76-Smutty/sloppy/dirty sex

Warnings: violence, language, primal!Gabriel, soulmates/bonded, rough sex, possessive!Gabriel, hair pulling, wing!kink

Word Count: 3315

Gender: Female

Author: Gwen

Part Two: Essential

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It was a bleak night with lightning providing the only source of light as the boys and you headed toward an abandoned mansion. Far away from town a large grand building stood with the occupancy of a couple demons that had terrorized the local area. Already two people were behind bars as they were believed to have kill their entire families, but the three of you knew better.

Rain started to hit the impala’s sleek black paint as Dean turned into the long gravel driveway, leading up to the house. A few yards away he cut the headlights, wanting the element of surprise for tonight’s hunt. The impala went around the same round-about driveway, a broken fountain in the middle, parking under a large oak tree to hide from view and protect it from the storm.

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1990 -  When developers and the town of Oka wanted to start building a golf course on stolen land that belonged to them and that contained a sacred grove and a burial ground, the Mohawk tribe around Kanehsatake, Quebec, rose up and occupied the area. 

Ultimately the stand-off with the police and the Canadian army lasted 78 days before the warriors gave up the occupation. The building of the golf course was cancelled. 

From this great documentary: [Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance]

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could you do a request for gabriel and an s/o who is also in overwatch? and then when reaper meets the s/o again?


This ended up so long and is split into three parts (all of which are in here mind you) so I really hope you like it and I hope I did Reaper justice and yeah :D

Have some angst nonnie

Word Count: 2474 words. Its long so most of it is under the cut.

Jesse McCree shouted your name from the end of the hall. “Mi jefe wants you!” he said through cupped hands. A hand shot out from the door he stood in front of and smacked the back of his head hard enough to send the cowboy hat flying.

Idiota don’t shout down the hall!” Reyes snapped. You walked down the hall, watching as the man stepped out of his office with a scowl. “Don’t you have a mission to get to, McCree?” he growled. McCree scooped up his hat and stalked off with a swear.

You crossed your arms. “You needed to see me, jefe?” you mused. A grin spread across your face when Gabriel turned his glare to you.

“Don’t you start, too,” he huffed. He motioned for you to walk into his office. You shuffled past him with a muffled giggle.

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My birthday is Dec 26! College Everlark that's full of fluff and smut. Thanks!

Originally posted by homerjaypug

Happy birthday to you! Here’s a drabble donated by the wonderful @pagedancer87

Summary: Sorority politics keeps Katniss from Peeta on an important night, or do they? Sequel to Honey Trap.

“And just where do you think you’re going?”

Katniss cursed under her breath as she faced the three people who blocked her way out. She straightened, and schooled her features.

“Oh, nowhere. Just going for a quick run.” She said, hoping the tracksuit she wore along with her well-worn sneakers lent credence to her statement.

“Really?” Glimmer crossed her arms over her overly padded chest. “You sure you don’t mean a run over to Tribute Hall? You’ve been awfully cozy with their Lieutenant Mellark.”

“Fraternizing with those lowlifes,” Clove sneered. “What’s the matter, Everdeen? No one else on campus willing to slum it?”

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Nanowire Clothing Offers Warmth, Could Aid In Climate Change Fight

It’s going to be another chilly week for many of us in the northern latitudes. Too bad this metallic-nanowire-embedded cloth isn’t in our gloves and caps yet.

Stanford University scientists developed a process to coat textile fibers with the nanowires, which together form a conductive network throughout the cloth. They say their flexible material, which is composed of silver nanowires and carbon nanotubes, is knit together so closely that the space left between individual strands is shorter than the wavelength of infrared radiation. That means a wearer’s body heat can’t easily pass through the material and gets reflected back to provide warmth.

The empty spaces between nanowires are controlled through the production process to remain between 200 and 300 nanometers. Heat generated by the human body is shed in the form of infrared radiation at a considerably longer wavelength of 9 micrometers. This means that the textile appears like a solid barrier to the radiation. Yet 200 nm holes are big enough to allow water molecules to pass through unobstructed, keeping the fabric breathable and dry.

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North Carolina Sued Over Anti-LGBT Law
“By singling out LGBT people for disfavored treatment and explicitly writing discrimination against transgender people into state law, H.B. 2 violates the most basic guarantees of equal treatment and the U.S. Constitution,” the lawsuit argues.
By Dominic Holden, Chris Geidner

“The case was filed overnight in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina on behalf of Joaquín Carcaño, a transgender man who works at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Payton Grey McGarry, a transgender man who is a student at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro; and Angela Gilmore, a lesbian who is the associate dean for academic affairs at North Carolina Central University. Also named as plaintiffs are the ACLU of North Carolina and Equality North Carolina.

The lawsuit argues that the new law denies LGBT people equal protection rights under the Fourteenth Amendment because the new law was designed to single LGBT people out for discrimination and less protection.

The new state law also mandates that single-sex restrooms and locker rooms in public schools and government buildings only be used only by those who have a corresponding sex listed on their birth certificate.

In detailing the consequences of these provisions, the lawsuit states, “The only restrooms on the floor where Mr. Carcaño works at UNC-Chapel Hill are designated either for men or for women. There are no restrooms in the building where Mr. Carcaño works that are not designated either for men or women. All the restrooms in the building are multiple occupancy.”

The lawsuit continued: “If Mr. Carcaño could not use the men’s restroom at UNC-Chapel Hill, he would have to leave campus and find a local business in order to use the men’s restroom; or he would have to locate a restroom not designated for either men or women elsewhere on campus.”

The state’s attorney general, Cooper, is charged with defending the state in any litigation but already has denounced the new law. “That North Carolina is making discrimination part of the law is shameful,” said Cooper, a Democrat who also is running for governor. “It will not only cause real harm to families, but to our economy as well.”

In the 17 states and 225 cities with laws banning LGBT discrimination, there are no known instances of the rules being used to defend or facilitate predatory behavior in bathrooms or locker rooms.”

Read the full piece and see the lawsuit here

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So if BDS is irredeemably antisemitic and evil, what should people who care about settlements or the mistreatment of Palestinians (or hell, Israeli Arabs) do? Because all I see you suggesting is to express support for an apparently powerless Israeli left.

A fair question . Ameinu’s “Third Narrative” project has just put out an activist’s guide providing a series of answers ( These include:

* Lobbying for progressive legislation and even-handed diplomacy;

* Direct action and volunteering in Israel and/or Palestine;

* Investing in the Palestinian economy and infrastructure;

* Participating in or promoting conflict education organizations (the manual puts OneVoice in this category, but I actually think OneVoice is better thought of as a direct action strategy of building out and mobilizing progressive Israeli and Palestinian voices and rendering them genuinely effective in their respective political communities).

* Cultural and academic exchange programs.

As the manual observes, one of the great sins of the BDS movement is that it “diverts attention from a wide range of other political options aimed at ending
the Israeli occupation, building a viable Palestinian state, protecting human rights and fostering reconciliation between Jews and Arabs.” BDS falsely presents itself as the “only” active strategy for people who “care about settlements or the mistreatment of Palestinians”. In addition to considerably underselling its own motivations, this actively obscures other extant strategies – many of which the BDS movement explicitly tries to sabotage. Most obviously, cultural and academic exchange programs are opposed by BDS because the movement functionally denies that Israeli Jews exist in the space of deliberative reason such that arguments, empathy, or experience can impact their choices (which, as you might guess, I deem anti-Semitic). Likewise, the BDS movement is deeply hostile to groups like OneVoice because such groups are predicated on the validity of both Jewish and Palestinian self-determination ambitions and BDS rejects the former as an illegitimate colonial imposition. These priors, needless to say, sharply distinguish the BDS movement from persons who simply “care about settlements”.

In general, the construction of “BDS or bust” allows the movement to brush aside arguments about both its intrinsic morality and its tactical effectiveness via a “(1) we have to do something, (2) this is something, (3) therefore, we have to do this” style argument. That, needless to say, stacks the deck dramatically in its favor; but there’s no reason why BDS should be given that sort of argumentative priority where it need not justify itself as against other possibilities.

Why Heat The Building When You Can Heat The Person?

by Michael Keller

Fall is rapidly approaching and temperatures have already started to drop in some areas of the country. It’s time to figure out where the jackets got hidden at the end of last winter and whether the heater is up for the task this year. 

Residential and commercial buildings were responsible for 40 percent of all the energy consumed in the U.S. in 2013. That total makes the lighting, heating and cooling of indoor residential and commercial spaces the most power hungry of all users, beating industrial and transportation consumption by more than 10 percent each. Buildings also contribute almost 40 percent of all U.S. carbon dioxide emissions. 

Focusing in, it turns out that space heating is the biggest energy hog and accounts for 37 percent of the total power consumed by U.S. buildings in 2010, according to the Buildings Energy Data Book

Why isn’t there a smarter way than heating rooms regardless of whether people are in them or that the living things that occupy a space take up only a fraction of the conditioned area?

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1990 -  When developers and the town of Oka wanted to start building a golf course on stolen land that belonged to them and that contained a sacred grove and a burial ground, the Mohawk tribe around Kanehsatake, Quebec, rose up and occupied the area.

Ultimately the stand-off with the police and the Canadian army lasted 78 days before the warriors gave up the occupation. The building of the golf course was cancelled.

From this great documentary: [Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance]

Via @fastcompany

Your Office Has Its Own Microbiome, And It Comes From Your Coworkers’ Skin

With the rise of cheap gene sequencing, scientists have spent the last decade exploring the previously unknown microbial communities that live in and on the human body. One study last year actually found that people have unique microbial “fingerprints” that can identify us as individuals.

It turns out the same might be true for the microbiomes of different cities.

A group of researchers, publishing in the journal mSystems, reached this conclusion by taking a detailed look at the microbiome of an average office. They wanted to better understand what makes the microbial community of a “built environment” vary—is it the building materials, the occupants, the location inside the office, or perhaps the geography or climate? They sampled nine offices in three very different cities—Flagstaff, San Diego, and Toronto—over the course of a year to find out.

Read the full story, and learn much more about the human microbiome in the exhibition, The Secret World Inside You, now open. 

Stop wasting your fucking time.

Prompt/Summary: ‘the fire alarm went off at 3am and now the cute guy from the apartment next door is standing next to me in his underwear’ AU

Main Pairing: Dean x Cas

Other Characters: Sam Winchester, Charlie Bradbury, Lisa Braeden, mention of Victor Henrikson, mention of Kevin Tran

Warnings: (none that I’m aware of)

AO3 Tags: fire alarm AU, alternate universe

Word Count: 2059

(Originally posted on AO3)

A blaring, piercing repetitive noise cut through Dean’s dream.

“Oh for fuck’s sake.” He groaned before dragging himself out of bed and stumbling into his brother’s bedroom.

Sam was lying on his stomach, an arm and a leg dangling over the edge of the bed, unruly mop of brown hair covering half his face, snoring away, completely unaware that the fire alarm had just gone off in their building for the third time this week. He threw the pillow he’d unknowingly dragged from his room at the sleeping form.

“Get up, Sasquatch! Can’t you hear that?”

“…It’s a false alarm, Dean. Go back to sleep.” Sam mumbled sleepily without opening his eyes. He rolled over onto his back and pulled the sheets up over himself to keep the chill out.

Dean walked to the end of his bed, grabbed the end of the sheet and pulled hard so it was on the floor and Sam was left spluttering in sweats, and that ugly, purple dog t-shirt Dean swore he would burn if he got his hands on it.

“Dean! What the hell?”

Dean held the sheets out of his reach so that Sam was forced to get out of bed.

“It’s a false alarm, Dean. You know it is.” The younger Winchester complained, dragging his legs over the edge of the bed to sit up and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“Just get your ass up and get dressed. We gotta be outta here five minutes ago.” Dean dumped the sheet back on the bed and stalked out of the room to pull on his boots and grab the apartment keys when Sam stumbled out of his room, forcing his arm through a brown hoodie.

They were both wearing sweats, with Dean in a t-shirt and Sam now in the hoodie, alarm still blaring.

“Come on, hurry it up man.” Dean’s hurrying was greeted by a dragged out, petulant I’m coming, as he held open the apartment door.

Fire alarms meant the elevator wouldn’t be a sensible idea; they’d have to use the stairs. They lived on the third floor and Dean had never used the stairs in their entire time living there.

He greeted Charlie on the way to the stairs. She was stood pressing the elevator button repeatedly as if it would make it come faster. The vibrant redhead lived on the same floor as them, sometimes Dean would go over for all night gaming sessions and movie marathons. And sometimes, she came over for Dean’s pie and discussed battle strategies for LARPing.

“I don’t think that’s gonna work. It’s better if you use the stairs.”

“Oh come on.” She whined. “I just finished a thirty six hour session with Kevin and that kid does not sleep.” She looked up at the ceiling as if praying to God. “What have I done to anger you O Great One?”

Dean laughed. “Come on. Stairs. Now.”

“Fine.” She grumbled as Dean coaxed her down the stairwell and she leaned into him tiredly as they walked.

“Well, at least one good thing will come of this.” She brightened suddenly after a few quiet moments.


"You get to see Blue-Eyes-And-Ridiculous-Sex-Hair.” She said smugly.

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