building my library

My best friend never finished the books, but she still loves the series and the whole HP universe (we went to the park at Universal two weeks after the grand opening). She’s 6 months pregnant and is already building a library for my little niece. I’ve told her I’m getting her the HP books, not just so my niece can enjoy the magic but maybe so my bestie can finally finish the series herself. I can’t wait!

(graphic by @hookedonce!)


2.1.16 I regret not posting a Halloween studyblr photo but everything was crazy that day! I did some work and I have photos but it hasn’t got little pumpkins or anything. I dresses up as arya stark and drank a lot of vodka… which led to some… moments with a guy I really like. So this is my vaguely spooky contribution! Happy November everyone! Xxxxx

I’m revisiting some 3D modeling from last year to make nicer renders. These were two of the first I ever made. I thought I would enjoy 3D, but I ended up loving it. The assignment was to recreate five surgical instruments; they’re pretty inorganic, so that was a good starting point, and they could be used in later surgical illustrations. I got carried away and made 15, and I’d like to keep building my library and maybe redo some of the older ones.

i was tagged to post a shuffle of 20 songs by soytit my #Queen. i’m not allowed to skip and i’ve been building my itunes library since 2006 so i foresee this being very embarrassing but here goes nothing

  1. crazy for you - best coast
  2. sexy love - ne-yo (i’m……… um…)
  3. open house - bombay bicycle club 
  4. flashing lights - kanye west 
  5. ecstacy - jj
  6. o fortuna - carl orff (what the hell sara)
  7. bbd - azealia banks 
  8. no slack in my mack - lil ugly mane
  9. secret heart - feist
  10. crystal vases - the last royals
  11. pair of arrows - blvck ceiling
  12. devil in a new dress - kanye west
  13. the winner is - mychael danna 
  14. solid gold - eagles of death metal 
  15. drug life - xxyyxx
  16. one trick pony - deadmau5 
  17. maurine - say hi
  18. champagne coast - blood orange
  19. ate my heart - blvck ceiling
  20. the strums - the dodos 

it was a lot more mediocre than i was anticipating 

feel free to do this and tag me so i can see!