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A strong hand grips the front of his pyjama shirt and Credence opens his eyes, startled. Mr Graves stares straight at him, the firelight reflected in his dark eyes. “Credence,” he says, quietly. 

And Credence can’t help it – he rushes forward with a terrible sob, a hot desperate press of lips and teeth and tears. He’s ruined it, he’s ruined it. Mr Graves will surely shove him away, use his magic to bind him and cast him out to the street, refuse to ever even look at him ever again – 

Only his mouth opens with a gasp, and he’s licking up into Credence’s mouth, kissing him back with just as much unrestrained passion. Credence pushes back hungrily, greedily, revelling in the plush press of his lips made softer by the rasp of his stubble against Credence’s cheek. His hands move from gripping the front of his shirt to slide around to his back, cradling the sharp wings of his shoulder blades, fingers curling into the hollow spaces between each rib. He’s drawing Credence in to him, into the circle of his arms and his embrace, mouth hot on his. Credence wails, overwhelmed, and then Mr Graves is pulling away; but only to press another soft kiss to his lips, soft now, gentle. 

“I’m – I’m sorry,” Credence says, chest still heaving. Tears spill from his eyes, running down his face, and he’s so full of foreign emotion it hurts to breathe. 

“No, no,” Mr Graves murmurs against his cheek. “Don’t apologise, sweet boy, darling, please, I thought – I thought I was dreaming, but I could never dream this. I could never dream you.” 

And then they’re kissing again, consumed. Credence gasps into his mouth, he can’t stop, he can’t stop the words from spilling out, the well of emotion in his chest overflowing, “I love you, I love you, I love you – “

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Personally, I'm more interested in what the avant-garde of Gallifrey is like than the politics and economy.

That’s assuming there is one and that it’s not represented by Renegades like the Doctor. 

I mean, there probably is one, but what would it look like? How does time travel affect art? Are those 4-D paintings something anyone can do? Are those experimental? If a frozen bit of time can be a painting and yet also be a portal to/from that time and/or from one time to another, how does translate into the choices artists make for the subjects of their art?

Maybe ‘Traditional’ Gallifreyan art moves glacially slow–sculptors who take decades or centuries to make one piece, to make something solid in the stream of time; horticulturists (Ceruleans, probably) who weave plants into living collages; celestial-artists that shift stars and other phenomena to make patterns that can only be viewed at certain times and/or certain places (as if the Medusa Cascade were naturally occurring). 

And the avant-garde are all about the quick and the fast and what doesn’t last, what won’t be around in decades or centuries or at the end of all things. (And in that way, that would make the Doctor part of the avant-garde, even if he doesn’t consider himself an artist. He’s got appreciation for the mayflies, loses that perspective if they’re not around to remind him, even if they’re so much more important than for just perspective reminding.) 

I was kinda inspired by fleeting-sanity’s art of Senya cuddling their Arcann/Outlander ship’s kids, and considering her interactions with little Vaylin in the “Betrayed” trailer before Valkorion ruins everything (per tradition) and I now firmly believe that Senya is very good with small children. You ever see that post where a student mother brought her baby with her to class, the child started crying at some point, and the teacher picked him up and calmed him down? I think Senya is like that: she’s good at calming upset children down, and kids feel relaxed around her.

Hiraeth Creature #657 - Gotogyo

“The people of Hiraeth’s jungles live with the water– no matter the monsters it spawns or the dangers it summons, water is key to life. The waterways were once mapped in ancient times with specific areas known for their purity or their dangers. Gates of whitewater were countered time and time again by the magic of shamans and the beasts the tribes had tamed, but some creatures seek the rapids. Rising from the depths are the Gotogyo, who march with legs like timbers to walk against the force of the river. In deep waters, they hunt for large fish that they snap up with ease in their hefty jaws, and occasionally they stroll through the forest, knocking and stomping through the thicket. 

These armoured brutes love the thrill of a fight– rivals and friends alike look for rapids to test their strength against one another. In this punishing battlefield, few creatures interrupt them, and the loser can be unceremonious sent flailing down the river where they can nurse their pride. Their speech is somewhat understandable as they hurl insults and roar like demons at one another before a fight to get the atmosphere riled. Gotogyo like an audience for their matches and folk and beast alike sit in to watch. In old times, it was considered unflattering to be seen watching a Gotogyo match, though it didn’t stop many from going anyway to bet on contenders. The endurance and savagery entwined in a Gotogyo made every fight unpredictable, and also made them a great bulwarks to the tribes when giant’s began their ill-fated march that almost ended the world.”

Winged people.

-Okay but peple with wings. People having wings specific to different birds, people with owl wings able to gracefully fly without making a sound, people with air diving bird wings (eagles, hawks, buzzards) who can fall for long distances but not break any bones if they land correctly, people with water bird wings who have water proof ones which dry very quickly. 

-Society having sub groups among the subgroups each type of wings having stereotypes (eg. prey birds: Housewife/husband).

-Peoples wings become more colourful the more loved they feel.

-Wings that mimic their emotions many have learnt to keep them under control but some keep them tightly shut so they don’t seem obnoxious or knock everything over.

-People who dye their wings whether due to fashion trend or think their wings are boring.

-Laws in certain areas, like building sites and sky scrapers where you aren’t allowed to fly.

-Stress causing feathers to fall off.

-Everyone moults and gets a new and beautiful wingsthat stand out, this time of year is different for everyone.

-People with small wings wanting big fluffy ones, people with big fluffy ones veiwing their wings as clumsy and as a nuisance and wating smaller neat wings.

-A couple of people who beleive that certain wing types have certain personalities (like the zodiac but with wings) and devoting their lives to that belief. One example could be people with Robin wings are angry and arrogant.

-People with different sized lungs dependant on what altitude they can get to and how large their lungs are.

-Swimming with wings. Those who haven’t got water proof wings can buy a wax which makes them more sublime in the water.

-Wing competitions (like body building competitions and fashion competitions).

-Cameramen Kestrels (They can hover and stay in one place for a while kestrels are like helicopters)

-Little children wanting to fly but their wings aren’t big enough, usually you can learn to fly at 11-18 years of age. 

-Teenagers who have had growth spurts unable to fly for a while cos their wings aren’t able to grow fast enough.

-Some people being natrually better at building muscle, or find it easier to gain fat and then find it hard to lose it due to their wing type.

-Flying police, paramedics and fire fighters who are strong af as they have to carry their equipment and suits/uniforms sometimes even carry others.

-Flying pizza man.

-Flying amazon delivery man who delivers loads of small packages at once.


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My human Smuggler, Chee'ron, was abandoned on Ryloth as a baby and was raised by the local Twi'lek; he got chest tattoos to match his dad's face and Kelli markings.


My smuggler Adira’s half-sister, Aayes, was born on Corellia, the daughter of a Twi'lek Green Jedi. Her mother died when she was a year old, and Xenli’s(Wrath) mother found her and raised her along with Xenli–a big deal, considering the Sadow family are Red Sith. Xenli’s mom let Aayes pick out her own tattoos so the young Sith could be a part of her race’s culture.

I’ll post pics of Aayes tomorrow. :3

Edit: forgot to mention what race Aayes and Adira are!
Tired of Good Vs Evil?

I have other type of conflicts for you:

Order Vs Chaos

Tradition vs Progress

Discipline Vs Harmony

Selflessness Vs Egoism

Bacon Vs Tie      

Safety Vs Freedom

Individuality vs Community

Emotions Vs Stoicism

Romanticism Vs Enlightenment 

Nature Vs Nurture   

Life Vs Death

Bacon Vs Broccoli

 Pacifism Vs Self-Arming

Chance Vs Purpose

Talent Vs Hard work

 Passivity Vs Action      

Performance Vs Technique

Law Vs Good

Order Vs Harmony

Science Vs Nature

Human morality Vs Non-human morality (especially if both sides are “good”)

UPD: Added new ones

Also old three-way picture. Just in case if anyone might need it.

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Mom mom mom! How is Nathan gonna keep kosher if he's a werewolf? I think I might have missed whether or not he can control himself while he's a wolf, but how does it work?

True blooded werewolves in Hunger Pangs are better able to control what they do as wolves, with full moons being the exception where the human brain takes a backseat and tries not to cringe too hard at the stuff that goes on. It’s sort of accepted mythology that an agreement with the gods was reached, and that in exchange for their powers they have to go through the change once a month without fail as payment for their long lives and supernatural abilities, and as with any culture when new people come into it, certain new traits and beliefs shifted and changed over the years, and at some point the werewolf culture in Nathan’s part of the world, began to include the practice of keeping kosher during human phases of their life, as a means of separating themselves from actual wolves.

And I’ll level with you at this point, this idea is something purely from my childhood. 

My dad was raised by his Jewish grandmother, he grew up keeping kosher and went on to become a kosher butcher and our household was kept kosher purely out of habit and familiarity even though us kids were all baptized Christian. 

He was also a story teller and liked to mix and match his myths, and at the time when I was getting super into the local Celtic mythology and reading everything my grubby little hands could reach in the library, was also when my dad started writing stories for me and telling me about Great Grandma who was Different from my other Grandma and also why we had two kitchen sinks in the house and two fridges and two sets of knives for everything, and why the family sometimes lapsed into Yiddish when arguing, because I dunno if you’ve ever heard angry Scottish people arguing in Yiddish, but it’s a damn fine way to be expressively ticked off.

One of the stories was a werewolf (wulver in Celtic lore) whose angst came from needing to atone for the things he ate as a wolf, not because he was inherently a monster, but because he was Jewish and couldn’t keep kosher on full moons. And my dad made it funny, he made up stories about all the things this wulver would do to try and keep to his faith, about going to see his Rabbi and asking really specific and weirdly obscure questions and the Rabbi was eventually like listen, kid, whatever is going on, take it up with the Big Guy, you’re doing your best and that’s all you ever can do. If He doesn’t like it, that’s His problem for letting it happen, tell him that…in the meantime…make amends however you see fit for…whatever you got going on. Just be a good person, kiddo, or…whatever you are. G-d will understand.

Which was how my dad worked in the Celtic lore part about how wulvers would guard children and feed starving families and give money to charity and just generally be a swell guy who after the end of every full moon had a tendency to brush his teeth really hard while muttering about being chosen for this life. In the end, the man realizes it is not a curse, but a means to help people who need it the most. What is actually a small inconvenience to him (ie not always being able to keep kosher due to circumstances outwith his control), has prompted him to do great wonderful things for those around him, and perhaps without his monthly suffering he would not be the good, kind person he became. Which I suppose was my father’s heavy handed way of trying to tell me—in the way his grandmother told him—you can overcome suffering, and that which you cannot overcome, you persevere with and try to do good anyway.

A little thickly laid on perhaps, but it stayed with me, evidently, as some 20 years later I write about a werewolf who doesn’t quite know if he believes in gods, but still keeps to their in-world-version of kosher out of habit and looks at the suffering in the world around him and decides kindness is the remedy.

Credence doesn’t like using his wand.

Percival, Tina, Newt, and Queenie have all tried to teach him. They press the applewood wand into his palm and tell him to try changing a matchstick to a needle, or make a feather float through the air, or turn a button into a beetle. Credence fails utterly at every single one of these tasks. It doesn’t feel like magic, he tries to explain, but only Queenie has the faintest inkling of what he means. Trying to turn a bar of soap into a brick is useless. There’s no point. When would he ever want to turn a matchstick into a needle, when there’s a sewing kit tucked inside the living room cabinet? Why would he want to make a feather float through the air, when he can just get up and move it if he wants to?

To Credence, magic tingles in his fingers, sparks down his spine, curls in his belly like a warm and sleepy cat. He doesn’t like feeling cold, so he heats the apartment. When Miss Tina makes him tea, she uses too much sugar, so he makes it less sweet. When he’s walking through the city by Percival’s side and he sees children begging on street corners, he makes their eyes brighten and their bellies full. Why should he need to use a wand for any of it? Credence doesn’t care about Golpalott or Gamp or magical laws; he rarely wants things, but when he does, he just makes them happen.

“God, you’re incredible,” Percival breathes the first time he catches Credence growing carrots in the window box for dinner. Credence goes pink from the hungry look in his eye. Carrots, apparently, should not be able to be created from thin air, because they’re a food. It annoys Credence that magic is supposed to have all these stupid laws – why can he make a thimble from a nail, but not a carrot from dirt? It’s a stupid rule, so he cheerfully ignores it.

It tastes just as good as any non-magical carrot, anyway.

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Just a quick question: what should I avoid when making my story universe? I plan on making a very detailed world for my story, but I don't wanna make the world all dull and not interesting. Love your blog btw <3

Hi! (And thank you! Glad this blog is helpful.)

I’ll link you to a couple of posts – one is my short list of world-building questions that may help you build your world’s culture, and the other is a more extensive exploration of why some worlds fail, and how to avoid failing. Those should help you a bit, but I’ll also give you a couple of general guidelines.

1. Remember your characters still carry the story, so although world-building is important, don’t do too much! You don’t want your story to be a history textbook/travel guide to your world instead of a story.

2. If your world has magic, please create rules! In a few exceptions – the Harry Potter series – a no-rules magic system works, but for most of us it’s best to establish important rules of magic early. That way the audience knows what to expect, and more importantly, the writer knows what he can or can’t do. I don’t know about you, but if I’m not given limitations on magic/powers I tend to go overboard, and then nothing is realistic.

3.Don’t base it too much on cultures or countries here on earth, for the same reason you don’t consciously base characters off real people – doing so is very difficult to do accurately, so the result is as stiff as cardboard because you’re trying too hard. Kick your imagination into gear and create something no one’s ever seen before.

Hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven
World-Building Tips for Writing 🔥Dark Fantasy🔥
One part advice for anyone looking to start outlining, one part tips for anyone looking to try writing a dark tale— set in an awful, cruel world. Brought to you by @MistreKirin, The Dark Souls of Writers 😎🔥

Head’s up, writerly friends! I recently posted a bunch of advice/tips on world building for Dark Fantasy. Make sure to check it out on the link above if that interests you! 💀✨

So are y'all done w/the filler…I mean “”“”“”“world building”“”“”“” episodes yet so we can move onto a show with an actual plot?

I’m sure the “”“world building”“” episode where onion irons his shirt can wait.