building in a cliff


Calm morning drone flight over sea cliff, Dyrhólaey, Iceland

Wait a second. What if Ronaldo’s theory about rock people putting “mind controlling minerals” into human water supplies has some truth to it? Is it something the gems did when they first invaded to keep humans from trying to interfere with their plans?

Is that why the humans in the show have so little interest in all the gem structures lying around everywhere? You think they’d be crawling with archaeologists and tourists, but they’re always empty and abandoned. The strawberry battlefield, the communication tower, the lunar sea spire, the kindergarten, Pink Diamond’s palanquin, etc… all of them were places Buddy Budwick was able to visit safely and record in his journal. Is he really the only human who ever tried to explore those places? Why? What happened to the human race’s curiosity of the unknown?

Also why the heck isn’t the Crystal Gems Temple a bigger draw for tourism in Beach City? It’s this monumental building carved into the side of a cliff, and I doubt there’s anything else like it nearby. Yeah, the gems wouldn’t want humans climbing around on it and taking pictures, but why hasn’t anyone ever tried? Are we supposed to believe that no one besides Greg ever tried to cross that dinky chain link fence?

And let’s not forget all the corrupted gems running around. They’re all over the world, and some of them must have had run ins with humans before the CGs caught them. What happened in those instances? We’ve seen that humans can fight corrupted gems and win (i.e. Connie, Sadie, the Pizza Family helping the CGs). So how often do humans have to fight gem monsters if the CGs aren’t there yet?

So I guess all of my questions here boil down to this; why are the humans so complacent about all the weird gem stuff around them? Is it natural for them or is there really a mind control conspiracy? It just seems weird that more people aren’t that concerned about all the danger and weirdness that keeps happening.

Some dark(ish?) OC drawing prompts

Screw all these cutesy OC drawing prompts, we need some darker, bloodier drawing prompts.

• pointing a gun at someone/at the viewer of the drawing
• fist fighting
• sword fighting
• being pushed off a cliff/building/tall structure
• drowning
• coughing up blood
• being strangled/strangling someone
• throwing a spear/knife/some other weapon
• as a zombie
• tied up and/or beaten up
• black eye
• crying as they fight someone in rage
• blood gushing out of a wound that was just inflicted
• putting bandages on a wound
• getting shot
• dodging bullets
• running from someone who is trying to hurt them
• throwing a heavy object at someone in rage
• hiding in the shadows
• ripped, bloody clothing
• busted/broken nose
• broken limb
• fighting someone using supernatural powers
• protecting someone in a fight

I wish there was a way to kill yourself and see how everyone who you knew reacts, and then depending on that choose whether to stay dead or not. If that were the case l’d kill myself right this second
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it’s a cold night to be kissing concrete
Fic Project: A Night in Portugal

Another bit in my Portugal project, in which I imagine scenes from Dan and Phil’s trip there in 2010. This scene refers to the fact that their trip was originally supposed to happen in April, but was delayed until the end of May. This is total, unapologetic fluff.

[Masterlist of all pieces of the Portugal fic project]

The evening was warm, and so they decided to explore the area outside their hotel. Extensive grounds spread between the building toward the edge of the cliffs that overlooked the sea, and during the day, these areas were crowded with guests partaking of the hotel’s various amenities: the pool, the tennis court, the little putting green, and the many chairs, tables, and divans overlooking the beach below.

Right now, though, the grounds were lit only by low, scattered lamps, and no other guests seemed inclined to venture beyond their rooms and the hotel bar. Dan and Phil had the gardens to themselves, and they roamed hand-in-hand, speaking to each other in low voices. They found a large divan at the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean, which was only an expanse of darkness in the night, like a void at the edge of the earth. They lay down and cuddled close despite the warmth of the air around them.

“Isn’t it strange that we were supposed to be here last month instead?” Phil said in a hushed voice.

“Weird how?” Dan asked, pressing a soft kiss to Phil’s throat.

Phil wrapped his arms more firmly around the boy and pulled him closer, twining their bare legs together, glad that they were both wearing shorts thanks to the heat of the day so that he could feel more of Dan’s skin against his.

“It’s just … we aren’t even supposed to be here right now,” Phil explained in wonder.

Dan’s chuckle was quiet in the darkness. “Wow. That’s deep, Phil.”

Phil poked his side and said, “Shut up.”

They lay together for a while, just enjoying the distant sound of the ocean far below them at the foot of the cliff. Occasionally, the sound of indistinct voices drifted to them from the hotel, but it felt like they were in their own little world out here at the edge of the garden.

“I’m actually glad our trip ended up getting delayed,” Phil said softly.

Dan’s voice was tinged with disbelief when he replied, “You’re glad a volcano erupted in Iceland and covered Europe in ash so our flight got canceled?”

Phil breathed happily into the night, “Yeah.”

“Why?” Dan sounded puzzled.

Phil kissed him, long and gentle and slow, then replied, “Because otherwise you would be in Wokingham right now and I’d be in Rossendale.” He kissed Dan again, lips lingering as if he never wanted to pull away, before he concluded quietly, “And instead I’m laying here with you. Right now. And that’s everything I want in the world.”

playing Dishonored 2 as Corvo
  • the Outsider: Corvo. It's always good to see a familiar face.
  • Corvo: Delilah is back and she's taken the throne.
  • the Outsider: Yes I know about that. But more importantly, how was this year's memorial?
  • Corvo: The Duke is conspiring with Delilah's new coven and bloodflies are appearing everywhere!
  • the Outsider: Oh splendid! How are your pet rats for the month of Rats?
  • Corvo: ... Emily says your new jacket sucks.
  • the Outsider: *flipping a building and smashing it into a cliff* SHE SAID WHAT
Help Wanted

Task: End my existence

Skills Needed: Know how to use a gun/tie a noose/use a knife, sword, dagger, etc/be able to push (like me into traffic, off a building, off cliff, etc)/punch, kick, etc (to beat me to death if all other methods don’t go as plan)/use a pillow, or plastic bag (to smother me with) so you have to have strength/have balls

Payment: Eternal Gratitude, and like $23 (cause I’m a broke bitch)

Cause: Bts being in Chicago (my fucking city but I’m away for school and this was my one and only opportunity to see them in person)

askthealiensinflight  asked:

"So... You are called J, Amirite? Say, I watched some things or ... yeah, whatever PSI related things from earlier, and well, ya' in trouble. Where are you goin' anyways? Ya' wandered pretty much aimlessly. Or maybe I can offer some stuffs for you use? Like, I know LifeUp, that oughta help." -Impiathan

J: ‘m not “wanderin’ aimlessly”… Don’t be stupid.

J: I’ve BEEN heading to this building hidden in the cliffs.

J: Now leave me alone, k?


Cliff House by Dualchas Architects

The building is first seen as a wall in front of the dominant background, this suspense is released upon entry, with a fully glazed screen framing the view of the cliffs and lake.