building in a cliff

The tunnel through Hallandsåsen, a sad lament

Hallandsåsen tunnel is my name,

I am failed in all accounts

Massive nature pollution i somehow created

Still not done

Besides, pointless by now.

Why they still try to build me?

Please just leave Hallandsåsen alone!

Please, please, we are begging you all


Calm morning drone flight over sea cliff, Dyrhólaey, Iceland

“If I date you

I want to know you. I don’t mean your favorite color, food, and your middle name. I want to know those, too, but I mean, tell me about the time you broke your arm learning to ride a bike. Tell me the nightmares you have, the struggles you’ve dealt with, if you ever feel alone. Tell me if there’s a voice in your head that tells you “you’re not good enough”. Tell me your secrets, your thoughts, about your childhood, how you got that scar on your knee, if you sucked your thumb. Tell me about your first love and heartbreak. I want to know everything and I won’t settle for less.

Because if I date you, I want it to last. If I date you, I’m dating you for a reason.”

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Don’t put your happiness in other people’s hands
They’ll drop it.
They’ll drop it every time.
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Some dark(ish?) OC drawing prompts

Screw all these cutesy OC drawing prompts, we need some darker, bloodier drawing prompts.

• pointing a gun at someone/at the viewer of the drawing
• fist fighting
• sword fighting
• being pushed off a cliff/building/tall structure
• drowning
• coughing up blood
• being strangled/strangling someone
• throwing a spear/knife/some other weapon
• as a zombie
• tied up and/or beaten up
• black eye
• crying as they fight someone in rage
• blood gushing out of a wound that was just inflicted
• putting bandages on a wound
• getting shot
• dodging bullets
• running from someone who is trying to hurt them
• throwing a heavy object at someone in rage
• hiding in the shadows
• ripped, bloody clothing
• busted/broken nose
• broken limb
• fighting someone using supernatural powers
• protecting someone in a fight


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Being Roommates w/ Jonathan Byers and Steve Harrington Involves:

  • You and Jonathan agreed to being move into an apartment together after high school.
  • You and Jonathan move to New York after high school.
  • You were both looking for another roommate in New York.
  • It had to be Steve Harrington who moved in with you. 
  • Jonathan was okay with it though because Steve apologized about being a jerk.
  • Steve tries his best to make it up to you both.
  • Nancy moved away from Hawkins to pursue a career, which is near New York.

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Southwestern Gothic

- you’re on a lonely stretch of the freeway and running out of gas. you come up on a small town and exit. you spend an hour looking for a gas station. there are homes, a grocery store, a dentist, but no gas station.

- you’re ten miles out of a sizable town. you drive around a bend in the mountain and come upon a row of stalls. you walk up to one. behind a table covered in intricate beaded jewelry and beautiful stones sits a smiling Navajo woman. you comment on her work. she nods but doesn’t speak.

- you’re hiking. the sun is baking the back of your neck, and the ground beneath your feet slowly changes from brown to yellow to red and back again. you feel thirsty constantly, and every thirty or so feet a tower of perfectly stacked sandstone rocks tells you you’re going in the right direction.

- it’s night, and you’ve been dragged by your friends to a place the locals call “the narrows”, a slit in a canyon barely wide enough to walk through, horizontally. there’s a rock wall pressed to your back, sandstone beneath your cheek, and air leaving your lungs.
you look up at the sliver of black speckled sky and breath.

- you’ve been driving for three hours and have three to go. you don’t expect to see anything for miles, but you come up over a hill and out of nowhere a town appears. you pass old rusty trucks, a church with a crumbling marque, stores with broken windows, and houses with doors that move with the wind. a ghost town is being born.

- the air is hot, the skies are a stormy gray, and rain would feel cleansing to the dry ground beneath your feet. but it’s not going to rain. you know it’s not. To your west the mountain flickers red and orange, clouds rising from the wreckage into the swirling sky.

- you’re standing just in the shadow of a cliff, eyes glued to the structure in front of you. it’s a building, moulded like pottery from clay clinging to the cliff face. they’ve been her for centuries, weathering the desert, abandoned, and they still don’t know why.

- someone needs to pee. you all pile out of the car, and move the the edge of the road. you stare nervously at the sparse but paradoxically thick grass. Anything could be in there. gophers, lizards, crickets, rattlesnakes… you watch your friend anxiously as they step into the brush, then glance at your feet, praying you don’t learn what’s out there.

- it’s late, you’ve got fast food wrappers in your lap and the air outside is finally cooling. you’re driving out of the city, prepared for the next leg of your journey. you see a motel, the vacancy sign flickering, the song hotel california playing on the radio. you speed away.

- the air is different. you can feel the change in pressure. you watch the skies anxious, ready to smell the rain, and the desert when it rains. clouds roll in. the sky is black. but something is wrong. the air is too tense, charged, not rain you realize. lightning crashes on the mountains, thunder seconds behind, and the around you crackles.

- they call it goblin valley. hundreds of “hoodoos” cover the valley floor in different shapes and sizes. during the day it’s like a playground. but you came at night. it has one of the darkest night skies in the world. you stare up at hundreds of thousands of stars, but it always feels like there is someone watching you.

Light Up the Dark

As promised, a Rowaelin one shot smut piece for you. I appreciate all feedback - this is the first time I’ve written smut so hopefully it’s not the worst thing you ever read.

Thank you to @paperbacktrash who continues to be my rock and Beta Bitch - I love you, soul sista.

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Aelin couldn’t breathe. No, not this again. Please no.

The iron coffin was suffocating and the darkness of the box weighed her down, pressing against her chest, making it difficult to gasp in much needed breath. Her magic flickered out, she was utterly trapped.

She thrashed wildly and pushed against the lid of the box. It gave a little and she cried out in triumph as a sliver of light rushed in. Her arms faltered against the weight and she was shut in the dark again. She lashed out with her fists and felt her knuckles split. Blood poured down her arms, too much, too fast. The coffin started filling with blood, a reeking stench she was all too familiar with. She pressed herself as close to the coffin door as she could, trying to keep her head above the blood. She sucked in a last breath and was dragged under by pale hands, Maeve’s hands.

She registered shouting from afar, a voice so dear to her she almost wept in relief. The darkness was chased away by the light, death chased away by such brilliant and magnificent life.

Aelin opened her eyes and she was met with her mates’ own pine-green ones. His brow was furrowed with concern and she registered he was on top of her, holding his weight off with one arm while the other traced featherlight strokes down her face.

She leaned into his touch and breathed his scent deep, letting it wash away the terror. Letting his whole being wash over her, reminding her that she was free and would spend the rest of her days waking up with Rowan, never again to be locked and stolen away.

“I’ll always pull you out of the dark, Fireheart.”

Aelin pulled him closer and she placed a shaking hand against his face, right over the tattoo he bore of his past grief. She traced the words lightly and his eyes slipped closed and he hummed softly in response.

“You chase away my demons when I’m awake, it’s only fitting you do it while I’m asleep.” She whispered, with less bravado then she had hoped.

Rowan, thank the gods, chuckled despite her uncertainty. “To whatever end,” he whispered nuzzling his nose against hers.

“To whatever end,” Aelin agreed, the strength of their promise to each other grounding her.

He opened his eyes and his desire was blazing enough that he could have been blessed by Mala himself. He rolled his hips against her and she felt him. Immediately, her blood heated and her magic awoke. An icy wind lazily caressed her neck, her back, soothing her fire.

She arched her back in response, a low moan slipping from between her lips. It broke Rowan’s control; so like the moan all those years ago, when she was keeping those fires burning at Mistward, at a time when he couldn’t act on those desires.

He snarled in response and captured her mouth with his, crushing his lips against hers. Aelin pulled Rowan closer, his body fully covering hers. Their magic played together, taunting and teasing as their kisses grew more savage, full of burning need.

Rowan pulled Aelin up and settled on his knees, holding her against him as his teeth grazed her lip, she shivered in response and leaned into him, running her tongue over his bottom lip. He ripped her nightgown off, the silken material shredding apart.

Aelin made to protest but Rowan cut her off, “it wasn’t gold anyways.” Aelin’s core turned molten and she pushed Rowan back down and climbed on top of him. “It’s a good thing you’re already naked, Buzzard.”

Rowan groaned as he ran his hands up her waist, and cupped a breast, fingering her nipple. Aelin gasped and leaned forward, running her tongue up his chest. She kissed the spot between his neck and shoulder and gently bit down, claiming him. Rowan rolled her back onto her back, barely restraining himself and kissed and nipped her neck and moved to kiss her collarbone.

Aelin pushed her chest against him and Rowan smirked, gazing up at her through his lashes, his hair flopping over his eyes, still mussed from sleep. Aelin could have burned through the bedding, burned through the bed and the stone beneath itself, for the wicked promise gleaming in his eyes.

Rowan captured her breast with his teeth and gently tugged. She whimpered as she pushed on, begging for more. He covered her nipple with his mouth, tonguing it as he rolled her other nipple between his fingers. As he removed his mouth, he sent a kiss of icy wind breezing over her and her nipple peaked and she shivered in response. “Rowan…” she begged, her fingers twining in his hair, pulling him back up to her.

Aelin licked up the column of his throat before taking his mouth again, her elongated canines brushing against his lip, she pulled his lip with her teeth and Rowan shuddered. His tongue brushed into her mouth, teasing hers. He pulled back again and started kissing down her chest, down her stomach before nipping at her hip bone. She raised her hips in response and Rowan snarled in appreciation.

Rowan trailed his tongue from one hip to the other and nipped her other hip, following it with a soothing kiss. He grabbed one of her legs and settled it on his shoulder before spreading the other leg to the side. Aelin’s breathing became more labored as Rowan’s head dipped lower and as he kissed and nipped her upper thigh, before kissing just above her core.

Rowan ran his tongue lower, over her centre and Aelin gasped with a jerk of her hips. One of Rowan’s hands came up to press against her lower abdomen, to hold her still as he unleashed himself on her. Aelin ran her fingers through his hair, tugging softly like she knew he liked and tried, tried to resist bucking her hips. “Rowan…” she gasped out, her hips jerking on their own accord. Rowan hummed deep in his throat as he continued to feast on her. He slipped a finger inside of her, massaging her and she felt herself approaching that cliff, the heat building and the sensation filling her, shaking her to her very core.

He sucked on her centre, pulling ever so gently on it and Aelin freefell. There was no end and no beginning, only her and Rowan and the depth of emotions and sensations she felt through their bond.

Rowan pulled back, setting her legs back on their bed before he kissed his way back up to her face. Aelin was flushed – that primal part of Rowan snarled in satisfaction as he beheld his sated mate, her hair disheveled and her eyes, the golden rings sparkling so bright he could have sworn her flames danced through them.

Rowan settled between her legs and Aelin pulled him closer to her, close enough for him to be nudging against her entrance. Aelin’s eyes flashed with desire. Would she ever get enough of her mate? She wrapped her legs around his backside and ever so slightly nudged him forward. Rowan groaned before sheathing himself to the hilt in one go. Aelin gasped out and fisted her hands in his hair, pulling him closer to her, biting at his lip and moaning against his mouth.

Rowan groaned as he paused let her adjust to the sudden fullness, her hands pulled the fine strands of his hair in urgency and he slowly drew back before driving back into Aelin, clamping his teeth over the soft spot between her neck and shoulder, not stopping this time as he claimed her, in that purely male way of his. Aelin’s legs wrapped around Rowan as she titled her hips to meet his thrusts, moans of desire mixed in with his name ripping from her mouth.

His mouth claimed hers again and he continued to move, the tempo precise but smooth, and easy. “You are mine.” He growled against her lips. The restraint snapped and Rowan knew, despite her nightmare, she wasn’t breakable, she didn’t need to be coddled and he hauled Aelin up against his chest, standing up and lifting her, hardly breaking rhythm.

He pushed Aelin’s back against the wall, and drove back into her, and Aelin’s nails dug into his back as she held on, unable, unwilling to let go. This, this was what she needed. Rowan was her tether. Rowan would bring her home, always, no matter what hell she was trapped in.

Pleasure rippled through Aelin again, and a helpless sound of need slipped out. Fire licked across her skin, Rowan’s ice soothing and taming the flames and Rowan’s mouth clamped down over one of her nipples, and Aelin went past words.

There was only feeling and their bond as she catapulted over the edge again. It was being-altering, world-ending, this joining of mates. And as Aelin came back to claim her other senses, Rowan let go too, and they didn’t break eye contact as he emptied himself into her. He shuddered against her, finally ducking his head into her shoulder, gasping for breath, needing that moment to pull himself together. Aelin stroked his neck, whispering those three cherished, soothing words, “I love you.”

Rowan met her eyes again and then kissed her nose, softly, before setting her down by her waist. She folded herself in his arms and he tucked her close.

“This is an extraordinary life that I never imagined being able to have. Let alone imagine you, being real. Being alive. Being here, safe with me. I know you don’t need my protection, you proved that time and time again. But I will always, always endeavor to protect you anyways.” Rowan kissed the top of her head and Aelin pulled back, her eyes searching his for some hint that he knew.

His eyes softened as she surveyed him and she grabbed one of his hands and splayed it across her stomach, “Would you mind extending that protection to another?”

Just Breathe - Chapter 7



I can’t believe I actually just asked her to train with me.

How many times had I asked her at this point? To allow me to help mold her? How many times had she told me no in one way or another? I was truly dense to ask her after she had bravely told me about her conflict with me and agreed to try to curb her anger. I deserved no part of this girl.

“Sure, Ben.” The smile she gave me was brighter than any star I had ever seen.

I had never slept so well in my life.

Sharing a bed with a tiny, freezing, snoring girl who became a total bed hog from the moment she fell asleep was easily the best sleep of my life. She had elbowed me and drooled on me and snored loudly in my ear but it was perfection. Her face was completely smooth in her sleep, void of all the stress and worry that constantly seemed to plague her forehead in the form of a tiny crinkle between her eye brows. Her dark lashes cast the longest shadows across her delicate cheekbones and contrasted harshly with her fading tan. But nothing could trump the beauty of her flushed pink lips, slightly parted, that I wanted nothing more than to kiss again.

To kiss her awake the moment that she fell asleep in return for her gracing me with her presence. To kiss her so she knew how much she meant to me. To kiss her to show her how frustrated I was with her and her refusal to be by myself. To kiss her to let her know that she would never be alone again.

But that wouldn’t be fair to her; she needed to want it.

In the early hours I had woken up to the sound of what I assume is porgs squawking at one another. She was still fast asleep, face pressed in to my shoulder and fingers laced with my own.

There is no way I’m waking her up.

Readjusting slightly, I focused on the pressure that her small body had against my own and tried to desperately rein in the desire to do more than sleep. Somehow, I must’ve fallen asleep again.



The light was streaming in at full force at this point in the morning through the small gaps in the rock structure of this little hut. Immediately everything felt wrong. It felt like waking up every other day.

I was alone in this empty cot, with my cloak carefully tucked around me and an absurd amount of space to myself.


Glancing around the hut I could see her cot looking just as vacant and dusty as the rest of this aged space. Sitting up hastily, I stumbled over myself trying to get to my feet and to the wretched door. Yanking it open, I ignored the bitter cold of this desolate planet of green as I surveyed the area. “Rey?” I tried again, a little louder this time. She wasn’t in the microscopic stone village upon first glance and but on my third call out I noticed smoke rising from behind one of the huts.

Snagging my tunic from next to the cot and boots, I tugged on the shoes and jogged towards the smoke while trying to yank on my shirt. I came up behind her, sitting cross legged in the midst of thousands of scattered rocks and a peculiar aquatic animal being pit roasted over a cooking fire. Rey must’ve heard me, because she glanced over her shoulder and shot me a smile that made my knees buckle.

“Where is the fire?”


Ben looked like a hot mess.

His hair was truly was disorderly at the kindest description, his shirt was crinkled and not properly tucked and one shoe was untied. His eyes had this mildly wild expression that I hadn’t seen since we were back at in Snoke’s thrown room. Breathing heavily, he dropped next to me and huffed in response to my prodding while carefully folding his impressively long limbs to match my own. I would argue that I spotted an eye roll as well. A hot mess, but hot none the less.

The fact that I just thought that brought a burning blush to my cheeks.

We sat in silence for a moment before he spoke in a very even and controlled tone, “Did you sleep well?”

The burn I felt in my cheeks rivaled the heat coming off the roaring fire in front of me. Using the force, I rotated the fish and looked straight ahead. “I slept quite well,” and added after hard gulp, “and you?”

In fact, sleeping in Ben’s arms had been the most comfortable sleep I had ever had. I spent the vast majority of my life sleeping alone on rusty pop up cots or shredded seat cushions I had collected from ship remains. It was always cold. But pressed up against one of the largest humans I had ever met was nothing like the cold. His warmth was simply everywhere that I could reach and then some. Nothing could trump the sensation of his hands on my body though. One laced carefully through my own as he subconsciously rubbed a small soothing circle against the back of my hand and the other reflexively wrapping its digits around the small of my waist with such tender precision.

The weight of him was the most comforting feeling in the world.

Ben seemed to be waiting for me to make eye contact with him before speaking. Chewing my lip, I turned and tried to keep a neutral expression. He raised an eye brow, but spoke calmly with a smoldering look, “Last night was incredible.”

The blush burned its way to my cheeks.

The words tumbled out my mouth in a fumbling rushing, “Oh, that’s great and you know you slept away most of the morning and I got up at dawn and went fishing by the cliffs after my training session before building this fire. It’ll probably take a good hour or so to finish cooking and I need to return to the Millennium Falcon and check in with the Resistance because I said I would contact them every morning for a status update in case they needed my help because I can help them even if I’m not with them. Do you need to go to your own ship? I can’t imagine you don’t have things you need to do in the First Order since you are probably the one in charge at this point-“

“Yes, I do need to check in.” Interrupting me with a completely surprised expression and tiny smile on his face. It looked like he was possibly even trying to not smile at me and I suddenly registered how close he was to my own body.

“Great! Let’s go.” Popping up, I was on my feet with staff in hand and striding out of the camp in an instant when all of a sudden I was stopping in my tracks as I felt his hand close gently around my elbow.

Turning to face him, still on fire from the awkwardness of the situation he spoke quietly, “Can you wait for me? I would like to properly dress before I send in the orders for the day.” I couldn’t breathe for a moment; his face was composed but open for once. Ben wasn’t hiding from me anymore.

I could only nod, in which he carefully spoke, “Thank you, one moment.”

He vanished behind Luke’s hut in a few strides and I could breathe again.

I need to settle down.

One moment, I wanted nothing more than to be on this planet with Ben and the next I can’t even bring myself to sit next to him without wanting to run. I kept running to him and running away from him. For a man who struggled with clearly expressing himself and had a short fuse from my understanding, this couldn’t be easy for him. I have no idea the amount of self-control he is practicing aright now, or even why he is. Actually, I probably can guess why – I stopped that thought in its track.

Fiddling with my staff, I impatiently spun it while trying to settle my own irrational nervousness.

He appeared after a few minutes looking far more put together. Arm wraps on straight, tunic lying flat, boots actually tied and his hair straightened somewhat to the point where he was presentable. Still broody and intimidating from a distance, but as he closed the gap between the two of us and I noticed that he hadn’t bothered to grab his light saber. My heart thudded as my head tried to desperately process what that meant to me.

He trusted me.

“Are you ready to-“

Instincts ceased me and all of a sudden I was wrapping my arms around his waist and burrowing my face in to his chest. Ben froze for a moment, but all of a sudden I felt his arms wrap carefully around me with one gripping my shoulder and the other at my waist. “Rey?” He asked, confusion dripping into his tone.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m confused.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do this –“, He pulled me slightly away from his body while keeping a hand at the small of my back and using the other to try to guide my face so he could look at me, “because I don’t how to do this. I’m so used to just moving on like nothing is wrong, but I’m mad at you. I’m also, well, a lot of other things but I don’t know how to talk to you. Be with you. I’m used to pulling everything together after chaos, but it just doesn’t feel fair to act like nothing is wrong.”

Ben’s eyebrows furrowed for a moment before he spoke, “I understand, but how about we just discuss our disagreements later? I’m not going to let you be alone because you aren’t ready to talk about this.”

I chewed that over in my mind for a moment. Maybe I could just enjoy not being alone for a moment, I didn’t have to discuss how upset I was with him yet. We both needed time to think things over, maybe? Maybe he would change his mind? Maybe I’m a fool for thinking anything will change? Sighing, I carefully returned to hugging him for a moment before untangling myself.




He breathed deeply and gave me a genuine smile before carefully brushing my hair out of my face. “Lead the way then, Princess.”

Now I rolled my eyes, “I’m not in a dress.” I began to head towards the staircase towards the beach, thinking he would fall in behind, but he kept pace with me despite my usual speed.

“Doesn’t matter.”

Scoffing, “What do you mean it doesn’t matter?”

He grinned again, “It doesn’t matter. You don’t see yourself clearly.”

Snapping my head around, I elbowed him and snarked, “What does that mean?”

“Doesn’t matter.” Oh clearly I wasn’t getting anywhere on this front. Clamping my mouth shut, I skipped down a couple steps to get me ahead of his ego but he kept up again.

“Would you like to train after we finish with the ships and eating?”

Shocked, I glanced over my shoulder and noticed he had a nervous look on his face by the way he lightly chewed his bottom lip and tried to look casual.


I can’t believe I actually just asked her to train with me. It was impulsive and stupid. 

How many times had I asked her at this point? To allow me to help mold her? How many times had she told me no in one way or another? I was truly dense to ask her after she had bravely told me about her conflict with me and agreed to try to curb her anger. I deserved no part of this girl.

“Sure, Ben.” The smile she gave me was brighter than any star I had ever seen.

Smiling back felt wrong, like it was being smug, but I couldn’t help it. While we casually remarked on the Porgs who seemed hell bent to get stomped on (“I’m fairly certain the little one is trying to get maimed”), it was far faster going down these stairs then up and we reached the beach quickly.

“I’ll meet you back at the fire when I’m done, Ben!” Cheerfully, before running head long up to the Millennium Falcon.

While the sight of that wretched ship brought a wave of raw emotions to the surface, the sight of Rey was so much more powerful. She was a spark of light, constantly, even against the darkest backdrop.

The moment I walked aboard my own ship, my mood began to deflate in large increments. It took several moments for the mundane lieutenant to inform me of the lack of progress the First Order has made on finding the Resistance and ask for new orders. By the end, I was in no mood to deal with idiotic clones when I had Rey as an option for company. General Hux had made virtually no real leads and seemed to avoiding reporting me. Normally this would be an excellent excuse to destroy the imp but today I had plans that I was keen to attend to. I handed off general orders and stalked off the ship as quickly as possible.

Going up the staircase alone stoked the fire of annoyance in my mood and I was practically morbid by the time I reached the cooking pit. Rey must still be at the Millennium Falcon, so instead I inspected the sea creature. Speared through one of it’s eight eyes, I had no idea what the three tailed could be or if it was even edible. How Rey had caught it was unknown to me and how she knew what it could possibly be was even bigger mystery.

I became antsy, where was she? She couldn’t have left the island, right? She wouldn’t leave?

Carefully, I reached out through the bond and was practically startled when I felt her reaching right back.

Ben? I’m on my way back up, sorry for taking a moment – hey, what are you doing?



Just checking in.


I’ll be back in just a moment, on the last stair case now.

Breathing was suddenly easier, she would be here in a moment and it was like a weight had been lifted. My shoulder’s relaxed and I picked a spot in the sand where I could see her come over the hill. She had to be taking the stairs two at a time, because she emerged over the hill a moment later and jogged in to view. Rey radiated light.

“Ready to eat?”

“What the hell is this thing?”

Snow Day - Jack Frost Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of knife, mostly fluff with a tiny bit of angst

Summary: Your best friend is Jack Frost. That means flying, snow days, and everything inbetween. You wouldn’t trade that for anything. And neither would Jack.

Word Count: 2546

Notes: went really overboard this time…. But, to be fair, it was 5000 words at first

Walking alone from class at night wasn’t the best thing to do. You clutched the books to your chest. Your eyes flitted from one place to the next, making sure nothing lurked in the dark shadows.

Your eyes caught a little glimmer of light. Naturally, you whipped your head around to assess the matter.

You sighed with a smile. Snow.

Reaching up, you let the little snowflake fall into your palm. You looked to the sky and giggled like a little girl. Snow! You haven’t seen snow in a long while. Ignoring the piercing cold, you twirled in the drifting snow, laughing. You didn’t want to stop.

Then, you froze. You heard laughter. Deep toned laughter. Male laughter.

You spun around, hand resting on the pepper spray you held. You gasped at the sight. The  boy looked… strange. It wasn’t a bad thing, it was just uncommon. His hair was white as freshly fallen snow. Frost curled around his blue hoodie, and despite the cold temperatures, he wore no shoes. A Jack Frost character. You laughed internally at the silly thought. There was only one Jack Frost in the world. Why would he be here?

You blinked away your surprise. “Who are you?”

The boy’s eyes widened. He peered behind him. He tilted his head.

“Yes, you. Who are you?”

The boy’s lips slowly curled into a wide grin. He laughed and jumped. “You can see me!” The white-haired boy ran to you and moved his head in different directions with a small smile.

You followed him with your eyes, confused.

The boy’s smile grew again. “You really can see me!” He backflipped right into the air. Then, he stayed there. In the air! The boy, for lack of a better word, was flying!

You shook your head.

It couldn’t be. It was impossible. Out of all places. Out of all people. Here? You let go of the pepper spray. You gazed up at him with scrutinizing eyes. You opened your mouth, wanting to say something. Your breath faltered. You laughed nervously. “Jack Frost?”

The boy blinked. “You said my name. My name!” He threw his hands into the air. “This is amazing!” He flew down, his feet gently resting on the snowy ground again. “How old are you?”

You tilted your head. “I’m… um…” Your eyebrows knitted. Could you tell him your age? You made the mistake of looking at him, your breath hitching once again at the amount of amazement in his eyes. You sighed and smiled a little. “I’m in college, so you can say I’m over eighteen.”

His eyes widened. “Over eighteen? That’s wow! And you can see me?”

You laughed a little. “Why shouldn’t be able to see you?”

“Because,” he cleared his throat and over exaggerated a straight posture, “only those who believe in a spirit can see said spirit.” HIs posture fell. “And being over eighteen and still believing in me?” He laughed. Jack swung his staff. Even more snow fell around you.

You gasped and smiled a little. You caught the snowflakes in your hand. You lifted your eyes and blinked a few times. Jack’s smile was just so big and brilliant and bright.

That night was the start of a new friendship. Jack Frost always made time to visit you often. Even when weather reports were certain of sunny days, snow clouds always rolled back in, and you couldn’t be happier.


You turned your head and smiled at him. You didn’t want to say hello out loud. After all, there were people who couldn’t see him. Jack flew down to you. Frost crawled up your jacket.

“Oh, sorry,” Jack laughed, “I didn’t mean-”

You smiled. “It’s ok. It means I’m blessed by the winter spirit,” you whispered.

Jack nodded, staring at the people around the two of you. “I just wanted to ask a quick question.”

You nodded.

Jack grinned and pulled you around the corner, out of sight. “You know what’s coming up, right?”

Your eyes twinkled. “More snow days?”

Jack laughed. “That, too, but the holiday that’s coming up?”

“Christmas.” You smiled. “Right, of course. What about it?”

“Well, I don’t know,” Jack sighed, turning around and swinging his staff nonchalantly, “I mean, it’s not like some Santa Claus wants some help at the workshop or anything.” Jack smirked and peered over his shoulder to gaze at you.

Your jaw dropped. “What? That’s amazing!” You had already met the other Guardians. North wanted everyone to meet you and see that you were a believer in them. Jack, coincidentally, found you chatting with Sandy, and was a little upset that no one told him they were so interested in you and your beliefs. He didn’t blame them, of course, but he wished they had told him.

You beamed. “Jack, North wants me to help for Christmas? I mean, I don’t know. Am I qualified for that? I’m not really-”

“(Y/n), you are perfectly qualified to help North.”

“And what makes me qualified?”

Jack held your shoulders. “You are a believer, which is a lot to say for your age. So, you can actually see us. That is one heck of a talent.” He laughed.

“Jack! Be serious.” You shrugged off his hands, immediately missing the buzz of electricity. “Plus, how are we going to get there?”

“That, dear (Y/n), is why it is great that you have the winter spirit as your friend.” He threw out his arms and smirked.

“Jack,” you drawled.

“Wind! Take us to North.”

“Jack!” Suddenly, the wind swept you off your feet and right through the trees. Prepared, your shielded your head with your arms and burst through the branches with a laugh. Jack followed you and asked, “Ready to help make Christmas happen?”


“Yeah It’s gonna be a snow day, anyway.” Jack spurred up the wind. “Take us to North,” he yelled with a smile.

The wind carried both of you farther up, right above the snow clouds. You laughed with Jack by your side as the two of you surfed the clouds. You and Jack soared.

You slid down the currents of wind and landed right in Jack’s arms. “Jack!” you laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck.

The Guardian just laughed along with you. “What? Didn’t want you to fall.”

You blinked, confused. Then, you peered down, and you understood. You gasped. By the side of a cliff stood a magnificent, wooden building with red and white accents. It was like a gingerbread house, but much much grander. “It’s beautiful,” you gasped.

Jack smiled, loving the sight of your awestruck expression, sparkling eyes, dazzling smile. Sure, North’s workshop was breathtaking, but the sight of you, that made the famous Santa’s workshop seem like a penny in a bank.

Jack shook his head. “Hold on tight, ok? And do not, I mean it, do not look down.”

You were a rebel. You looked down, and, immediately, you regretted it. You were really high up. And the ground was very, very, very far away. “Jack!” you yelped, scrambling to hug Jack tighter.

“Don’t you worry. I’ve got you. Now, if you want, you can close your eyes for the next part.”

You arched one eyebrow at him. “Why?”

“Because,” Jack shrugged, “there is only one way I know how to get in.”

“Jack,” you drawled.

“The sled’s way out!”

Jack zoomed with you in his arms through a cave with twists, turns, loops, and things you couldn’t even fathom. Eventually your screams of surprise changed. Your cries bubbled into joy. You laughed and reveled in the feeling of the wind in your hair. “Woohoo!”

Then, it stopped.

And you were taken aback. You had landed in a tower. However, you couldn’t be sure. You couldn’t see the walls clearly. Toys of all sorts were floating, flying, climbing the walls. Graceful hot air balloons. Zipping planes. Fluffy dresses and ironed shirts on hangers. Everything was full of joy and childlike wonder, and it was spectacular. “Wow,” you gasped.

Jack let you down, letting you take everything that was North’s workshop in. He gazed at you. He swung his staff and rested it on his shoulders, relaxing.

“Jack! Is that you?” a voice boomed throughout the tower.

You smiled and yelled back, “Jack and (Y/n), North!”

“(Y/n)!” a crowd of voices greeted.

Sandy and Tooth flew down. Bunny jumped from the top floor and landed on his feet. North sprinted downstairs. The four greeted you with hugs and “How-are-you’s”. You laughed, telling them that school was challenging, but you were excited for the break and happy to be there.

Jack laughed and rested his staff on his shoulder. “Yeah, guys, no need to greet me, Jack Frost, fellow Guardian.” He smirked.

You giggled and continued to chat with the legends.

Jack rolled his eyes. “All right, all right, how many toys must be made again, North?”

North gasped. “Right! We must get to work! Christmas is coming!”

You laughed. “So, what can I do?”

“Phillip could always use some help with painting,” Jack suggested, placing his arm around you and pointing at a yeti holding a blue paintbrush. Jack whispered, “He forgot that North wants red.”

You giggled a little and blushed as a shiver went down your spine. Jack was the spirit of winter, yes, but it wasn’t the cold that made the blood rush to your ears and cheeks. It also wasn’t the reason for the sudden tingling of nerves.

Nervous and scared, you held Jack’s hand and stepped out of his grip. “We should get to work then.” You smiled brightly. “Christmas is in a month!”

The Guardians excitedly agreed and rushed to different places. North leaned down, placed a gentle hand on your back and started to explain different stations around his workshop.

Jack pursed his lips and flew near the roof of the workshop. Not only was it a good place to work, but it was a great place to observe and think. The irritating elves were too scared to stay there, and the yetis only went there to test flying toys. Jack paused his work and peered down. There you were, next to Sandy, painting some robots and trying to understand Sandy’s pictures.

Jack laughed. He enjoyed your smile and light, and he wanted to keep enjoying that. He just wasn’t sure if you felt that way, too. Sometimes, the spirit wondered if you thought of him like he did of you. Maybe you did. Maybe you also looked at him when he wasn’t looking. Maybe you liked to see his smiled and longed to see more. Maybe when he was late to your usual outings, you worried about him. Maybe… just maybe you cared about him.

Jack closed his eyes and swung his staff. You couldn’t possibly care that much about him. You were too smart, too beautiful, too bright. Why would you settle for a spirit who won’t grow old and can’t be there for you? You didn’t deserve that.

Feeling eyes on you, you looked up, and your gaze softened. Jack Frost was near the roof, swinging his staff and creating new ice blocks and even fixing some of the toys from above. You beamed and felt your cheeks heat up. Jack was your best friend, and he inspired you to be better, to be braver, to be more optimistic.

You pursed your lips and blinked repeatedly. But, why would a Guardian love you? No powers. No immortality. No anything.

Time had passed. Jack chased you with snowballs. You stole his staff. He painted you nose. You put eggs in his hood. It was a funday at North’s!

Jack and you flew back to your town. You took out your phone and talked to Jack. Since many people couldn’t see the Guardian, Jack and you came up with the plan. When in public, pretend to be on the phone when you were actually talking to your best friend.

“I still can’t believe they locked us in the room!” Jack laughed.

You beamed. “Yeah!” You averted his gaze as the blood raced through your cheeks and right to your ears.

“Is it too cold?” Jack asked, seeing your red cheeks. He backed away from you. “I’m so sorry. I-”

“No, it’s not that. I’m fine.” You placed a hand on his arm and pulled him back towards you. You gasped. “Sorry, I didn’t-”

Jack laughed. “Don’t worry about it, (Y/n). Just making sure.”

“Hey, you should go. It’s getting late.” You smiled a little. “Other places need Jack Frost.”

“Can you get home by yourself?”

“I may not control the wind, but I do have Bunny’s easter bombs.”

Jack chuckled. “Right. Tomorrow?”

You smiled. “Yes.”

Your best friend’s lips curled into a bright smile. He leaned to you quickly, and, suddenly, his lips brushed your cheek. “See ya.” Then, he was gone.

You blinked a few times. Once. twice. He kissed you. Not on the lips, but on the cheek. And yet, you couldn’t move. Your fingers were tingling. Your heart hummed in delight. You were swept off your feet just by the thought of Jack’s little stunt. You licked your lips and stared at the ground. Little dork.

“Bye, Jack,” you whispered and put down your phone.


“You’re an odd one.”

You gasped, whipping your head around. A hand was placed on the Easter bombs hidden in your belt. “What?”

A man, tall and skinny, emerged from the shadows. Of course, he had a knife.

You gulped. Fear gripped your throat. You needed to scream. Something!

“Always talking about fairytales and wind and a… Jack.”

You sneered, “Don’t.” You hated the way he said his name.

“Aw. That’s sweet. Maybe I can find this Jack, just to amuse myself.”

You swiped out your weapons. But, before you could throw them, the villain was swept right off his feet.

You stifled a laugh. Your eyes lit up and searched the darkness. Where was he? Then, you spotted him. Jack Frost was in the trees, his grip tight on his staff. However, his smile was still as bright as ever. He held a finger to his lips.

You smirked and pointed at yourself. You glared at the criminal. “So, wanna try that again?” You crossed your arms.

The man cowered and sputtered.

You smiled and strolled away.

Jack flew down and walked beside you. “That was good.” He nodded with pride.

“Thanks. You weren’t too bad yourself.” You took in a shuddering breath.

Jack stopped you. “Hey.” He moved in front of you. “(Y/n).”

You pursed your lips. “Thank you. Jack.”

Jack’s gaze softened, and he pointed at himself. “It’s what I’m for!” He smiled at you and opened his arms. “I don’t wanna see you hurt.”

You leaped into his arms and held him close. You nuzzled into his chest, the comforting cold surrounding you.

Jack rubbed patterns on your back. “You’ll never get hurt. Not while I exist.”

You grinned into his hoodie.

Jack patted your back. “Come on. We gotta get you home.”

You nodded. You pulled away from Jack, however, not completely. You held onto his arm and let your head fall onto his shoulder.

Jack smiled and walked you home.

Went through 3 drafts, but this was the shortest it could be. My goodness that was long. I just love Jack Frost! Thank you for the request Movie Buddy! Have a wonderful day everyone!