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For the record no I am not kidding I actually do think the Gamer identity is the single greatest obstacle standing in the way of video games being enjoyed by a wider audience and I think that video games as a genre as well as pop culture as a whole would be better off if the Gamer Subculture was gone. I love video games. I love a lot of people who love video games. But as a community and as an identity, I really genuinely despise gamers and think we as a society would be better off if we stopped pretending an interest in video games is a personality trait that merits building a subculture or identity around.


Building Bacardi: Architecture, Art & Identity by Allan T Shulman

Richly illustrated with vintage, powerfully graphic, and often glamorous imagery, “Building Bacardi” tells the story of the iconic brand s love affair with high design. Anyway you drink it Bacardi rum is the mixable one. Bacardi is best known for its rum and trademark bat logo, yet the famed spirits company has also been a force in the development of avant-garde art and architecture. True to the company slogan, Bacardi has asserted its corporate identity through buildings designed by a potent mix of modern architects with varying, sometimes radically different approaches to architecture. Corporate headquarters, distilleries, bottling plants, and executives private homes have shaped and reflected Bacardi s position as a regional upstart, a national icon, and a global corporation with outposts in such places as Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, and the United States. “Building Bacardi” is the first book to explore the twentieth-century architectural legacy of the company.“

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Community Building: terms and identities

This post is to compile the terms I’ve seen in other places (a couple that I made myself) all together in one place!

Terms for female exclusive bisexual women only

  • Feb - female exclusive bisexual women. Idea: could be used for those who are feminine or generally gender conforming, or it could be an umbrella term for all female exclusive bisexual women
  • Iron - Idea: comes from Fe the symbol for iron, so it would be Fe (female exclusive) bisexual, and would then be iron bisexual. Could be used for those who are masculine or generally gender non conforming
  • Fe - Idea: pronounced like fey, alternative for febs, another one for feminine female exclusive bisexual women

Terms for any bisexual woman

  • Tombi - bisexual women who are masculine or generally gender non conforming
  • Tomcat - bisexual women who are sometimes gender conforming, sometimes not
  • Stag* - bisexual women who are GNC/masculine
  • Doe* - bisexual women who are GC/feminine

Please reblog and add any ideas or comments you have on these, and if you know of or have thought of any others please add them!

*I’ve seen these as being intended for all wlw, but mainly for bisexual women. 


12x11 “Regarding Dean”

On the “Alice in Wonderland” & “Alice Through the Looking Glass” in “Regarding Dean”

”…cause all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put him back together again…”

-The “Humpty Dumpty” Riddle

I talked about this topic a little bit yesterday already in this post, but was too tired to expand and talk more about all of the references to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” as well as “Alice Through the Looking Glass” that were inserted in this week’s episode. It was in 10x05 “Fan Fiction” that Maeve, the stage manager described the moment when Calliope started influencing their play with the words “we’re past the looking glass, people” and it couldn’t be a more fitting and more impoortant line in relation to 12x11 “Regarding Dean”, because as much as the 200th episode was about a fictional story and with it it’s characters becoming real, so one major theme of this week’s episode also dealt with the question of reality. And the uncertainty of reality, perception and truth aren’t just topics extremely heavily tackled in Lewis Carroll’s stories, these things also play a heavy and important role in our current reality/society where we are met with “alternative facts” and “fake news” every single day and which it seems Supernatural even if only very slightly is making a comment on. But don’t worry, this is all I am going to allude to here in relation to RL.

What excited and still excites me about this week’s episode is how cleverly and detailed it worked with “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” references all throughout the episode. And I refuse to believe all of these are accidental - especially when taking into account how the show made a great effort in making known that Sam and Dean work in Arkansas, which is described as the “Carroll County” (see the 4th gif)

Lewis Carroll, the creator of these stories, in scientific discussion is analyzed as someone who used these stories not only as an homage to childhood, childhood innocence and the sadness about the inevitability of growing up, but he is also understood to have been a writer who tackled a whole lot of philosophical questions on semantics, language and logic in his works. In literature his two probably most famous stories surrounding Alice are described as “non-sense literature”, but if you dig deep you can find a whole lot of sense in it and also a great deal of thoughts about aspects of identity building. And that: growing up and identity shaping have been integral parts of Supernatural during these past few seasons.

Down the Rabbit Hole

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Hey Eila! I remember you talking about how you are an UI/UX designer without having learned about anything like that in school. How did you get interested in this? And how did you learn more and get experience? Any good online resources to suggest?

How to Become a UX/UI Designer - A Comprehensive Guide

I’ll just do a comprehensive guide on this :D

Is UX/UI designing right for you?

You’ll love UX designing if

  • You love analyzing & solving problems - UX designing = designing the most efficient and simplistic way to achieve business goals through a product. You must analyze:
    • 1) The client’s business, their goals & vision
    • 2) The target users’ behaviors & preferences
    • 3) All possible flows that users may interact with your product (e.g. website, app) and achieve what you want them to achieve.
    • Then, find the best solution that translates into user flow charts and wireframes.
  • You love psychology (cognition & behaviors) - As a UX designer, you need to understand different groups of users, the differences in their behaviors, and why they do those things.
  • You love researching - It’s a huge advantage to know what competitors (of your clients) are doing and what worked for them, or recent trends among your target users, or what’s new in the design & tech world. These will help make design decisions.
  • You are able to put functionality and efficiency first - Sometimes you must sacrifice beauty, but if it boosts sales by 20%, so be it.
  • You are attentive to details - There are many more components to a website or app than what you’d usually see. You must think of all scenarios that can happen like error messages, forgot password popups, blank states, on-boarding, etc. You don’t want users to get stuck in limbo somewhere, become frustrated, and quit forever. This comes with experience and studying other people’s products.

You’ll love UI designing if

  • You love to communicate (a clear message) visually - As a UI designer, you’re not just creating whatever you want that looks nice. Your job is to design the best way to visually communicate your client’s brand at first glance. Think of how you can translate these points into visuals:
    • What are they trying to tell their customers?
    • What kind of brand are they? Fun & young, sophisticated & classy, or formal & reliable?
    • What is the most important call to action (in line with business goal)? Getting users to sign up, subscribe, buy something, or sign a petition?
    • What distinguish them for their competitors?
  • You love psychology (perception) - As a UI designer, your goal is to influence users to take the actions you want by using colors, typography, and layout. Understand what catches attention, how to direct the eyes to the most important part first, etc.
  • Your workflow is consistent and systematic - A website/app should have a clear colors scheme with 1-3 fonts, not a big mess of 7 different greens in 12 fonts for no purpose. The same colors and styles should link the same things (e.g. everything related to signing up is orange). Planning what elements you will use and why from the beginning will save you a lot of time.
  • You are adaptable - In the end, you are being paid by a client. You can make suggestions that you think is best, but sometimes it is the client’s final say, especially when it comes to visual style which depends on personal preferences.

Always a bonus

  • Communication skills - You must be able to effectively communicate to your clients why you make certain design decisions, and how they would help improve their business.
  • Basic coding skills - Knowing how to code allows to effectively communicate with developers and avoid impossible designs (i.e. designs that are impossible to code, or would take a way to long to do so). You should at least know how responsive design and bootstrap grid work.
  • Networking skills - This is especially important if you’re a freelancer. One easy way to find work is networking at tech and startup events, as well as getting referred through connections.


Design tools

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On the topic of other alien races in SU (x) I still vote Yellowtail.
And no, not because of some anti-autism thing in regards of his son.

Onion has a very odd design. He and his dad have no ears (a gem thing too) and are extremely pale (which is apparently contagious, just look at Sadie).
His ways of non-verbal communication and how he acts is NOT alien. That’s very human. In fact, we have the whole Onion Gang to prove this.
(Also, wasn’t there a rule in SU that all characters appears at least twice, reason why we seen Andy, Kevin and Morty twice? Will we see these lovely Onion Gang kids again? I love em so much!)

With the Onion Gang in mind, the only autism=aliens message could be taken from the lack of relevance from the established humans whom also read as autistic.
But I have another concern and reason to see Yellowtail and Onion as aliens. Yellowtail speaks in a language that we as an audience are supposed to find humorous in its simplicity and inability to understand. He just goes “wahwahwah”. If this is to be taken as earth language then they just make some “weird Europe” joke and that is xenophobic. Non-English languages are not illogical, unpretty or a joke. And European people are not all white people, which this would imply, them being the only ones we seen. This is a harmful message. Especially with how poor the show has developed the state and history of earth in regards to colonization etc. (x)

On a narrative level (they won’t do anything with) I kind of like that Onion and Steven would be both half human / half alien and that Vidalia and Greg who already have a meaningful connection both ended up dating aliens.
And yeah, in general any earth-residing non-Gem alien that are present out of travel or fled from a now Gem invested planet is all great lore stuff.

  • Sun: The ego and identity; every planetary force in the chart revolves around the sun, further building upon the identity. Ascends over one’s character, spirit, creative expression, vital force, desires, courage, determination of the will, and individualism. It is the genuine quality of “Beingness" -where one illuminates.
  • Moon: The internal framework of the soul. The subconscious patterns and immediate, instinctual reactions to life, governing emotions & emotional needs, imaginative expression, inner security, receptivity, and psychological foundations that stem all the way from childhood. Essence of the personality.

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pidge is most likely slytherin

Mmmmm I LOVE Harry Potter aus and I’ve been seeing a lot of people post their hcs about everyone’s houses… And I agree with like none of them lol so let’s start some Discourse™. Shoutout to @dollygale I love u Mari <3 Write your fic soon okay I’m Dying Squirtle.

This’ll just be like… House headcanons ‘cause this post already turned out long as hell. I’ll post more headcanons later lol.

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Why Are You Lying?

 We only lie to those we’re scared of. Whether you’re scared of losing someone, how they’ll react or the consequences of your actions - we lie in these situations because we fear the outcome. Lying is a fear-based reaction and I’m all about raising my frequency by facing my fears.

Honesty is the best policy - but not always the easiest one. When you know your actions will bring certain consequences - it’s up to you to face them instead of shying away from them. You can’t outrun the universal law of cause and effect - there will always be a reaction to every action.

I used to lie - a lot - I lied about who I was, what I was interested in and what I knew. These lies were told because I was seeking validation from building a false identity - instead of being honest about who I was. These lies built in number until I forgot the truth entirely.

When we create a false reality based on lies - we are building resistance in the emotional body. This resistance can manifest in poor mental & physical health, as well as anxiety and stress. Save yourself the hassle and be honest with yourself.

Being honest with yourself takes a great deal of self-awareness and is difficult to do. One day I took a look at myself in the mirror and said “No more”. No more being scared of the consequences of being myself, no more of this fear-based attitude towards life - no more lying. 

Since deciding to be honest with myself and everyone I choose to keep in my life - I’ve never felt more free. I can be 100% authentic to who I am and what I want without being scared of how others will perceive me. Honesty has liberated me from much of the anxiety I once felt - see what it can do for you.

Lying is a fear-based reaction, think about this the next time you feel the need to lie.

Peace & positive vibes.

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So I was re-reading Batgirl and in Batgirl #7, Babs starts to say "Cass" and then she says sorry. Do you know why? It confused me when I read it.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #7]

“Look, you need to relax, Cass – sorry – Batgirl. Relax.”

So I actually talk about this moment a lot but never particularly in the context you’re asking, so I’ve got to thank you for asking me!

This moment gets talked about a lot because this is the first time in-comic that Cassandra is referred to by any name other than Batgirl since her very first appearance in No Man’s Land, and it’s such a strangely unemphasized moment that most people completely look over it as is.

In the original continuity, there was actually a bit of mystery as to where Cass’ name even came from before later writers (specifically Andersen Gabrych on his later run of the series) would retcon it being her name from David Cain himself. But before that, the answer wasn’t actually in the comics but in the Batman: No Man’s Land novelization written by Greg Rucka.

The novel for NML actually has a lot of details and story elements elaborated on or tweaked from the comics (I argue usually for the better, with a few misses here or there) and one of those is that we get more establishment of Cass and Babs’ relationship outside of the initial handing down the mantle of Batgirl. And it’s in the book that it’s revealed that it is Barbara herself who names Cassandra – naming her after the oracle Cassandra of Greek myth. This is a neat bit of canon that I tend to prefer to the later retcon for Cass’ name (that I’ve talked about before as making absolutely no sense in context) both because it makes a lot of sense in-story, provides more connection between Cass and Babs, and establishes more of an importance of the theme of Oracle with the mantle of Batgirl. I like them being so tightly linked.

But that means that there’s an entire year of comics where Cass has a name that no one uses before right now, this moment, in her own series. Which is more than a little odd, of course.

Which brings us to your question. Why is Barbara seemingly apologizing for calling Cassandra “Cass” and then go back to using Batgirl? Especially at a time in the comic where Cass is not Batgirl and, in fact, is not allowed to put on the suit again until she gets approval from Bruce again a few issues later?

Well, the answer comes back to Cass and Bruce’s comparable dichotomy between their identities in and out of costume, or specifically how Cass is something of the living embodiment of what Bruce (thinks he) wanted for himself at the time: a life where the costume is the only identity.

Cass doesn’t have a social life, she doesn’t have an identity, and given she has been homeless since she was eight and on the run, let alone largely unable to communicate with other people before making her way to Gotham, there really isn’t a Cassandra Cain established yet. Not for the public eye, at least. As far as Cass is concerned, she is only Batgirl. And she’s only Batgirl because allowing herself to have anything beyond that would, in her mind, be regressing to the point of who she was before she was given the mantle. And that person, in Cass’ mind, is a murderer. It’s part of what drives her so much. At least at this point and time.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #5]

Cain, of course, still has a very shallow understanding of his own daughter, but he’s not entirely wrong here, especially in the early issues of Cass’ story. She hasn’t really allowed herself to grow a life outside of her mantle yet, which is kind of like subconsciously reinforcing that she doesn’t deserve those things that “make life worth living”, Cass only wants to use her own life to save as many other people as possible as a form of redemption.

This is actually something Babs picks up from Cass almost immediately – notably because, in this canon, Babs lived through and dealt with PTSD herself – and from the start was attempting again and again to push Cass toward building more of an identity and life for herself outside of the cowl.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #10]

It’s actually one of the things that Bruce and Babs fight the most about in Cass’ series – which is saying something because they fight a lot over the best way to handle Cassandra’s situation (not really all that unlike divorced parents, which is an entirely different meta for another time). Because Bruce actually admires Cass and lives somewhat vicariously through her situation, often flat out ignoring the toll the decision to not have a break from Batgirl is visibly taking on Cass throughout the beginning of the series.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #14]

Of course, something Cass learns throughout the series and what Bruce learns for himself in the aftermath of the story Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive is that this isn’t a healthy or sustainable choice, for anyone. And his support of this lifestyle choice for Cass leads to a complete 180 from them both that actually strengthens their relationship over the course of the series to the point that it is far more believable that he becomes a father figure to not only her but several other characters to follow.

But that brings us back to the initial scene in #7 and why Babs is apologizing for calling Cassandra “Cass” – it’s got a lot to do with this.

I don’t think that Cass wants to acknowledge that she’s anyone outside of Batgirl at this point. She doesn’t want to value the person she is behind the mask still which goes toward the symptoms of depression we see her displaying throughout the initial run she has as Batgirl.

Barbara is the person who most argues for the importance of Cassandra over Batgirl, and she begins to do so even more heavily from this point in the story on, but it’s not the time for that argument because Cass is in a really low place in #7 after having her costume taken from her by Bruce. So Barbara caves here some and refers to her as Batgirl over Cassandra.

It’s just one of those little touches that adds to the pivotal moment when we see Cass go from seeing no value in her personal life to being genuinely remorseful and maybe even regretful in the climax issue #25

After a life-time of taking orders, suppressing his own emotional needs and being helpless against the people who subjugate him, David’s idea of a ‘perfect organism’ is a being that listens to no one but its own instincts, doesn’t have emotional needs and can defend itself against almost anything and anyone. 

It’s just so…telling. I mean yeah, David is proud of his wit and intellect and intelligence, but he also knows that while these traits helped him cope and escape and supported him in building his own identity where he had no other guidance, they didn’t help him free himself. And they didn’t help the crew of the Prometheus either when they were killed.

Calgary gothic
  • You enter a Safeway. Five minutes later, you exit the Safeway. The Safeway’s location has moved to the other side of the city. You check your watch. Three hours have passed.
  • A chinook rolls in. As much as you would like to enjoy the weather, you can’t help feeling an overwhelming sense of dread.
  • Every year, for ten days in the summer, society collapses. Nobody seems to notice. Everyone dons a wide-brimmed hat, eats pancakes, and screams war cries.
  • Once society rebuilds itself, no one mentions the event. The only news coverage is regarding dead horses.
  • You drive by a school building. One floor, white plaster with brown brick accents. You drive further. You drive by another school building, perfectly identical to the last one.
  • You get onto Crowchild trail. Traffic is backed up. You realize all the vehicles are parked. There are people in the passenger seats. There is no one in the driver seats.
  • You get onto Crowchild trail again the next day. All the vehicles are gone. Your vehicle is gone. The road is gone. You get off of Crowchild trail.
  • You spend a day at Heritage Park. When you leave, you can’t remember how to use your phone.
  • You enter a suburban community. All the houses are completely different yet exactly the same. All the roads have the same name. You can’t find your destination. You can’t remember what your destination was.
  • You get onto Macleod trail. You are always getting onto Macleod trail. You exit Macleod trail. You find yourself back on Macleod trail.
You’re probably not transphobic.

Internalised transphobia.

It’s a thing. But, you know what’s more common? Self-doubt. That’s it, self-doubt, which in the case of trans people can be a live or die thing. 

I am sick to the stomach of seeing young trans people blaming themselves for having internalised transphobia because they don’t feel entirely comfortable being trans.

This is not on you, friends, this is NOT on you. This isn’t your crime to repent. You’re being bombarded with the strict cishet gender binary, you have been since you were born. You were raised in a transphobic world. Now, you’re fighting against it- do you realise how brave you are? 

Do you realise you are putting your life, your health, your safety at risk in order to fight for your freedom? Instead of staying politely in your cage, you are breaking out of it, even though you will be chased, attacked, and probably hounded for the rest of your life.

You’re afraid. You doubt yourself. Yes! Of course you do, because most of you don’t get any kind of support for the greater part of this journey. 

This doesn’t make you transphobic.

Listen to me. You don’t have an obligation to be perfect. You’re building your true identity from hard-won scraps, with the whole world against you. The last thing you need is to be asking your own self for proof that you’re not ‘too transphobic to be trans.’

Of course you’re gonna figure that you have a problem with being trans! Because you’re scared. Because you were closeted. Because a big part of your experience in discovering you were trans happened while you still thought you were cis. Because you were taught queer things are bad. Because when you finally accepted that you feel like queer things are good, you were told that was fetishising. Because you have to choose a name, because you have to fight dysphoria, because you have to suffer misgendering.

Because you’re under constant attack.


Internalised transphobia is a thing.

But listen.

You’re probably not actually transphobic.

You’re most likely hurting like hell because the world is doing its best to make you feel bad about being trans.

Don’t blame yourself. Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t believe that other trans people are somehow better, more enlightened.

Don’t prioritise worrying about your internalised transphobia. Your priority is surviving transphobia from the outside.

And later, when you’re strong enough and secure enough that the constant fighting doesn’t drain you so quickly, when your trans identity isn’t so fragile that it keeps collapsing under the weight of surrounding transphobia, then you can start working out where you fall short.

But not yet.

analysis attempt 3x14 - 3x20 (how do u do titles)

so i was rewatching all nygmobblepot scenes on youtube the other day and something in 3x14 felt…off
ive also seen a lot of you ask this, so this is my attempt of an answer. (if i accidentally used any existing theories please tell me or add a link)

oswald is willing to sacrifice himself for ed, he won’t let barbara and the gang hurt him and he even forgives him for what he did to his father’s remains, while ed is furious at first and later hesitant and clearly heartbroken.

so why is it that from 3x15 both are so hellbent on destroying each other??

ed’s viewpoint is easier to explain to me.
he wanted to kill oswald for what he did to isabellA and is hesitant from the moment oswald’s love for him is proven, but he still feels like he needs to kill him. oswald tells him he created ed nygma and that they need each other. ed realises oswald is right but shoots him anyway.
In 3x15 ed is taking drugs to see oswald to help him find someone to teach him how to become someone else, but oswald keeps reminding him of what ed realised just one episode ago: ed needs oswald and oswald needs ed. so, what does ed do? he becomes someone else. someone without emotions and without love, which we know he thinks of as a weakness. this arguably includes his love for oswald. to finish that transformation he dumps the pills, his last connection to the man that made his former self and that he arguably loves, into the same spot he dumped the real oswald. to change himself and to detach himself from the emotions that have hurt him so much in the past he kills oswald a second time. he says goodbye, fully convinced he will never see or need him again.
in the next episodes ed spends his time building his new identity. since the riddler doesnt have emotion, he needs to evoke emotions from the people around him. he solidifies this identity in 3x17 and even though he looks broken and arguably almost suicidal doing it he is convinced he’s on the right path.
but then it turns out oswald is alive. the reason for ed’s transformation into a stronger, to him better man, turns out to not have existed at all. what if he loses the riddler? what if he goes back to being, in his eyes, weak? he cant let his emotions get the better of him, emotions he’s convinced he doesnt have anymore. so ed decides to kill oswald again, too keep the riddler and stay free from feelings like love and regret, feelings he thought he finally got rid off by dumping the pills.
that is also why he insists oswald call him the riddler. he let barbara call him ed because they “have history”, but every single time oswald calls him ed he looks irritated and demands to be called the riddler. notice how he literally only does that with oswald? if oswald, the person tying him to his old self, calls him the riddler, he can convince himself his feeling self is completely gone, along with whatever feelings he has for oswald. (id say its definitely love, but as long as its not 100% canon let’s keep it at that)
it’s obvious ed enjoys this cat and mouse game with oswald and to me it looks like he hasn’t felt that stable and alive since 3x14, but to ed that doesn’t matter, or at least that’s what he’s trying to tell himself.

oswald’s viewpoint is a lot harder for me, so feel free to add or dispute anything. mostly their reasonings are quite similar though.
oswald doesn’t have an identity crisis but he goes from “i wont let you hurt him” to “there’s someone i need to kill” over the course of one episode. so what’s happening?
oswald let himself get vulnerable with ed. he shared his grief about his mother multiple times in multiple episodes, he basically let ed control his empire while he was bathing in the fame. and as we know, that didn’t pay off very well. ed ‘betrayed him’ (read: got his revenge) and took everything from him, even almost his life. not even breaking down to complete emotion, begging and confessions of love could stop ed, not even being willing to sacrifice his life for him after everything he had done was enough. to oswald, that’s just humiliating. oswald doesn’t beg for something he wants. he takes it. but for ed, he did beg, not even for his life, like with jim in episode one. he only begged for ed to understand they need each other.
but ed still shoots him. ed is still the last face oswald saw before he passed out, before waking up in an unfamiliar bed with a strange plant lady talking to him.
oswald is convinced that his love for ed made him weak, just as ed is convinced that love itself is a weakness. oswald’s core personality is made up of ambition, desire and revenge. he can’t let ed get away with what he did, especially not after oswald got so low as to beg for him to understand. he has let other’s, who did similar things (tabitha, butch..) live before, but this is different. he didn’t cry or beg for tabitha or butch. he didn’t give his whole self over to tabitha or butch.
oswald feels betrayed, he feels weak and he feels humiliated and to him the only way of getting back to being strong and powerful is to kill the person he percieves as responsible.

the docks scene changed both of them.
ed believes he needs to kill oswald to keep his strength and that the love he arguably feels is his biggest weakness.
oswald believes he needs to kill ed to regain the strength and power he lost and that his love for ed was the weakness that led to his empire tumbling down.

what they both need to understand is that love itself isn’t a weakness. unresolved love, full of regret, anger and fear is.
they need to learn that while love, if it isn’t protected and cared for, can turn out to be a weakness, like gertrud, but that mutual love and understanding can be their biggest strength.

i don’t expect the finale to solve this issue completely, i feel like we’d need a two hour finale about nothing but these two to do that, but i think we can expect they at least manage to start sorting through their emotions. but hey, we still have all of season 4 to look forward to.

The Bible says that our real problem is that every one of us is building our identity on something besides Jesus.
—  Timothy Keller