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This RANDOM PLANT GENERATOR works a little differently from my other tables thus far, but after testing it on my group the other day it seems to work very well :)

I thought of this table over the weekends and after days of tinkering with the idea, I’ve come up with THIS!

Whether you are world building of just need to populate a forest or plant area, this table will create a something unique and possibly insane for your Dungeons & Dragons world!

As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions, ideas or REQUESTS about this table or future works, feel free to contact me here on Tumblr or on twitter at @ThatMurrayC !

Finally, I’d just like to say thank you all for the support you’ve shown towards these tables and my creativity! It really has been amazing to create resources for such a great community!


I wonder after this

and then this

If Caesar was then like 


third times the charm 

only then then later be like


how is that even holding him up, since when can electrical currents suspend someone in the air by their leg


how are Caesar’s unsupervised inventing rights not revoked

Over the past day and a bit, I have been building a name generator in Java. It takes syllables from a certain dialect/language/language group, and randomly builds names using these syllables.

Below is an example of one of the dictionaries of syllables I have written, and one of my favourites by far just from the names it produces.

Below is an example of how to use the generator.

I am very happy with a lot of the languages, and the names they produce. Here are some examples of the names that are produced:


Stan Vertieve
Omethe Sthatne
Neit Onte
Heris Erwas
Rene Ereesto


Ou Cen
Diao Kan
Huangfa Fa
Kong Bingcui
Chuke Zhen


Yetov Laon
Ordyestv Olchtotyego
Orlun Vyetatorlun
Leeat Orola
Vyervo Lunyest


Tetoap Toytik
Iatikas Katoyte
Asti Apostena
Tiaenaena Tementna
Mentik Etchse


Senyo Shapopya
Mi Gupegisoshu
Nishuhyuda Byobimyasa
Ajokyosa Roumyo
Bachopyanmpi Ka


Atniui Rupe
Arcocum Niantet
Ueruqua Oriamiss
Runeta Amproqu
Uspro Arqua


Che'aleftoy Hezad
Hamzakaf ‘alefkhe
Bezadze Seche
Singeynzad 'eynsin
Zoy'alefse Kafpe


Aliweili Eyeatali
Wech Alimb
Ataing Ilikwa
Alikw Weaniya
Weitaha Kuwat

I am well aware a lot of these names mean nothing in their native languages, but I do find them all very pretty.

Feel free to suggest any other languages/dialects/language groups you wish. I am quite shattered after the Chinese dictionary, so I may take a while to respond. But I hope you enjoy all this!


jimredding  asked:

Can I get a roll please! And some loot too if that's cool! Thanks!

You have been assigned the class of:

  • Gem Assassin

The three sections of your skill tree are:

  • Polished Cuts
  • Jewel-Wielded Daggers
  • Cabochontract Killer


From your latest hit on a Programming Skald, you looted the following:

  • Halberd of Letting: An enchantment along its edge grants it instant retroactive permission of entry into any door, body or computer system you lodge it into. This ability extends somewhat to the wielder, because they’re wielding a massive spearaxe on a stick.
  • Plastic Helm of the Glitch: This headgear, if wielded properly, is said to allow its wearer to phase in and out of reality. Shame it didn’t stand up against your diamond knives.
  • Building Dice: These assorted platonic solids tumble about of their own accord, spitting out procedurally generated floor plans. You get a vague sense of existential anxiety just looking at them.
Wind Power Surpasses Hydroelectric in a Crucial Measure
The generating capacity of the nation’s wind turbines surpassed that of hydroelectric dams last year for the first time. Here’s a look at wind’s rise.
By Diane Cardwell


The wind industry crossed an important threshold in the United States last year, exceeding the generating capacity of hydroelectric power for the first time, according to the main industry trade group, the American Wind Energy Association.

The nation’s fleet of dams has long stood as the top renewable energy source, but there has been little market interest in building more big hydroelectric generating stations. In the meantime, wind has rapidly expanded — more than tripling in capacity since 2008 — with many more installations on the way.

The comparison here is limited, measuring the maximum amount of power that generating stations are rated to produce — a threshold few, if any, ever meet. According to the Energy Information Administration, conventional hydroelectric generating capacity stood at 78,956 megawatts in 2015, while wind, the industry group says, reached 82,183 megawatts last year, about enough to run 24 million average American homes. (The hydroelectric figure does not include pumped storage, in which water pumped to an elevated reservoir can be released through a turbine to generate electricity when needed.)


spackle bucket vanilla is my favorite flavor

if omgcp were from kent’s perspective then?? i don’t think we would hate jack, because kent clearly doesn’t hate jack or think jack is a shitty person. kent would forgive jack for everything in a heartbeat if he could have jack back with him (in whatever capacity he used to have jack).

if omgcp were from kent’s perspective we would hate bitty. kent doesn’t hate bitty, but a kent-centric (kentric?) omgcp would be focused on kent/jack, and bitty would be an obstacle to that. can you imagine the drama. there would be discourse posts on why bitty is a terrible character. bitty protection blogs. meta analyses of bitty and jack’s relationship, all from the three seconds we see them together at epikegster: ”bitty just wanted jack to be okay they’re in l o v e”.

idk i just? want 200k words about kent’s life and him angsting over jack but moving on and building new relationships and generally being a gay #mess

Markov Hypnosis Mania

For various reasons. I have been building a Markov sentence generator. For those who actually have social lives, a Markov chain is a mathematical thing that involves working out the probability of an event by the state of the previous event.

Now, we encounter this quite often in the form of predictive text. Where your phone, or other device, uses your previous messages to work out what your next word could be. With a Markov chain generator you can give it a chunk of text and let it work out what words follow others in certain circumstances and then have it use these probabilities to produce a new bit of text. You can also  give it two pieces of text and have it combine the probability chances so it can make a “hybrid” of the two texts. 

So, in my continued endeavor to bring you the least erotic hypnosis content on the web, I decided to make a series out of it. Basically I am going to combine a small load of hypnosis scripts, with various other bits of text, feed them into a Markov chain and have it spit me out another induction.

Will we produce something hypnotic? Likely Not

Will we produce something amusing? Oh yes…

See because a Markov chain only uses the previous word to base its predictions on, it doesn’t contextualize it’s sentences, leading to quite interesting results.

Lets pretend to be good scientists to start and make a control induction. One that is based on a chain created only from my bank of hypnosis inductions.

So, before you can pass on your back into a moment

I’ll ask you have much more relaxed as deep trance

Let go
This feeling
And you need to allow you can feel like to relax those eyes think the room it’s nice to me to pay close your mind relaxed, your toes, you have it might become more to pretend that your eyelids and you float all the words, deeper relaxed That’s good Five to the seventh Relaxing even deeper
And your arms could hardly keep their eyes
Relax let yourself attending less to the relative silence between the feeling as I describe for itself as you can just allow the exact meaning of those fingers are allowing in your mind as you overhear a giant restful feather bed, or sound of that as comfortable pillow that tension or even deeper down
Numbers all the eye-lids feel so at ease more deeply into the middle finger
And as lead
Let go of a path into a couple numbers, which relaxes us to a grand staircase; a feather bed, or it can relax

(Italics added by me)

Well…This came out interestingly. The first line is really good, would be a nice set up for a confusion induction. Then we slowly drift into gibberish.

Mid-way through we wander into math, it’s like an overload induction tries to barge in with the “Five to the seventh” part. But then we find out, this induction is designed for the creature from Pan’s Labyrinth! Even it’s hand eyes are falling under!

Attending less to the relative silence between the feeling“ is another beautiful turn of phrase for a confusion induction. However, I must say, if you can overhear your bed, you might want to check that it is actually a bed and not some weird bed-like creature.

Numbering all your eye-lids is a very easy task and shouldn’t take that long. But it appears the chain wants to use the ideomotor response to make the subject flip them off. That or is is already becoming sentient and is trying to tell me something.

The last two lines are pretty decent and flow together nicely and would work as a nice transition between an overload and the staircase deepener.

Now the question is, will the addition of other texts make a better induction, or will we just spiral down into madness?

Only one way to find out….

Building a Better Digital Eye

Creating realistic computer-generated eyes has been a perennial challenge for visual-effects artists. Darryn King writes:

Animators commonly render eyes as generically geometrical, building them out of two spheres: a large one for the eyeball, and a portion of a smaller one for the protuberance of the cornea. The Disney Research team had discovered, however, that the eye, far from being spherical, is actually irregular. The group’s other assumptions—that the left and right eyes are identical, and that the surface of both is smooth—turned out to be equally false. The left and right eyes are, in fact, more or less mirror versions of each other, and the sclera, the white of the eye, is covered in small bumps.

January 1, 2016 - Wattled Starling (Creatophora cinerea)

These starlings are found in the grasslands of southern and eastern Africa. They feed on insects, fruit, seeds, and nectar. Primary ground foragers, they pick insects from grass, but will also follow herd animals and eat parasites from their skin. Breeding appears to be opportunistic, large breeding colonies forming whenever their food supply is large enough. They are generally monogamous, building large intersecting domed nests. Both parents care for the chicks.