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“Sorry, we were too late to do more,” the doctors told my parents on that balmy summer day
“Sorry, you’ll have to transfer, the middle school has 4 floors,” said the principal to my mom, forcing her to find another way
“Sorry, insurance won’t cover it,” we’ve heard too many times to count
“Sorry, she may need surgery,” said doctors as our tensions mounted,
Growing larger than we thought possible,
As they told us what was impossible

I’m tired of sorry
I’m tired of stairs,
And too high curbs
Of doctor’s bills, and taking pills

Of seeing my dreams in the distance,
And charging my chair for the journey,
Mapping my route, and packing my bag,
Ready for whatever lies ahead,

Only to find that the dream that I’d seen
Is at the top of a ten story building
With no elevator

I’m sick of TV,
Of not seeing me,
Our only depictions shrouded in fiction,
We’re voiceless and brainless,
Or hopeless and lost.

Waiting for doctors, and pastors to work their magic,
Lift us from our chairs, make us walk.

That’s not what I want, not at all,
I don’t want to be fixed, I want to be seen
If I were “fixed” I’d really be broken, but they don’t seem to understand,

If I were fixed, I would be lost,
I don’t know the world by walking,
It’s completely alien to me.
I’ve never had my own two feet
Carry me more than a block at a time,
If you think when you “fix” me, I’ll walk this whole city,
Man, you really are out of your mind

But give me my chair,
Curb cutouts, no stairs,
Give me elevators and automatic doors,
Give me accessible sub stops,
Wide bathrooms with bars,
Lowered counter tops and wheelchair taxi cars

Man, I’m not asking you to shoot for the moon, or even to chase after shooting stars,
I’m just asking you to see me, consider what I need
And stop with “sorry”
It’s not really that hard
-Nadira Bostic


So a year or so ago, my aunt gave birth to a little girl. Obviously, me and my mother decided to visit them at the hospital. When we arrived there, we entered the building and took the elevator. I pressed the button, and when I got out, I started walking towards the room. 

My mom was walking behind me the whole time, and I wasn’t paying much attention to the fact that she was completely silent. But once I entered the room and said hello to my aunt and congratulated her for giving birth, my mom asked me how I knew which floor, and which room her sister was in.

She never told me they were at the second floor, and she never told me they were in the fourth room on my right. And I started getting really pale when she told me this was the first time we went at that hospital.

also a very quick scribble to celebrate how much I love the companions’ ability to injure themselves without any reason. xD

I’ve seen Deacon do it quite a bit in Nuka World (falling from elevators and stuff), but the most recent case was when I was heading to the exit of Nuka-Galaxy (feeling quite sick because yay simulation sickness) when suddenly I heard from behind a clang that was very definitely a garbage can, and then Deacon yelling ‘Ow ow OOOWWW’. I couldn’t help but laugh haha. I’m glad I didn’t see what he actually did to manage to hurt himself with the garbage can because it opens up lots of possibilities. ^u^

I don’t enjoy the idea of the companions getting hurt but the game mechanics just sometimes make it very hilarious. How. How did you hurt yourself walking through an empty room I don’t understand.

Seen (Prologue)

A/N: Here’s the prologue for my new series!! Thanks again to @xoxomimo  for the idea!!

    “See you tomorrow!” You waved over your shoulder as you walked out of the office, your heels clicking on the shiny floor of the hall. You checked your phone as you waited for the elevator to arrive, carefully stepping inside when it came so you wouldn’t get either of your heels stuck in the crack between the elevator and the side of the shaft. You took the bus back to your apartment building, riding the elevator up to your floor, where you finally slipped off your shoes with relief, padding down the hall in bare feet.

    Fifteen minutes later you were sitting down on your couch with a bowl of ramen, dressed in sweatpants and a loose hoodie. You tucked your feet under you, flipping on the TV before digging into your food. Friday nights always were exciting for you…

    You’d just taken your first bite of food when your phone buzzed. Your brow furrowed as you read the message on the screen. You didn’t recognize the number on the screen, and the message wasn’t in English, although you certainly recognized the language, since you’d been studying it for just over two years now. You managed to make out a couple of the words on the screen though. Hyung… That word you knew. You tried to decipher the next part… I want to study? You unlocked your phone, poring over the message for a few moments before you decided you weren’t going to be able to figure out any more. Did the person who had texted you speak English? It seemed like you should respond… You could at least give it a shot.

    I’m sorry, you’ve got a wrong number, you texted back.

    Intrigued, you paused the show you were watching, your eyes remaining on your phone screen as the ‘seen’ notification popped up, followed by the typing bubble. It pulsed moment after moment, and finally after a whole minute had passed, a response came. sorry.

    Well, considering how long that took, the person probably really didn’t speak much English. You considered. Maybe they needed help? do you have the number you need? Maybe I can help.

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The signs libraries
  • Aries: A Beautiful small room made entirely of wood and built in bookcases
  • Taurus: a long hallway down to a narrow line of neat books and a single leather chair
  • Gemini: a giant building with many levels and wide windows beautifully organized
  • Cancer: a secret door that leads to tiny space jam packed with books
  • Leo: one big room with fluffy plush carpet and dark wood bookshelves with velvet chairs scattered about the area
  • Virgo: a glass alcove tucked away in a forest under many trees, with books scattered about inside.
  • Libra: a small room with flowers painted on the walls and shelves shoved in corners, pillows on the floor and a soft glow from the light above
  • Scorpio: an eerie hall that leads to a room made with dark wood and dim lighting, somehow cozy with comfortable chairs and an assortment of books
  • Sagittarius: a vibrant library with many colors, and ceilings with wild vines growing down
  • Capricorn: a tall glass building with smooth elevators and clean halls, organized shelves and beautiful art on the walls
  • Aquarius: a wild room with a hill up to the top where there's a huge window, a giant chair and a two bookshelves on each side of the chair
  • Pisces: an all white library, the shelves the walls the floors and the chairs, the only vibrancy comes from the books and the light from the windows, somehow calming

Jason Todd x Reader

You’re an athlete and have to keep an eye on your diet and physical condition. Having to work out everyday you were just returning home form a 6 mile run when you see them. Your one weakness that you cannot indulge in. Even Jason can be weak sometimes.

I actually just recently ordered my own Girl Scout cookies and it gave me this inspiration!
You jogged up to the doors to your apartment building. Pulling out a single headphone, scouring your coat pockets for the keys. It was cold and you had just ran 6 miles. Wanting to get inside already, you hurried your pace.

Seeing your breath as you sighed in relief upon finding the keys in your pocket. Walking into the lobby of your apartment building and riding the elevator up to the 4th floor.

Upon reaching the destination, you walked toward your and Jason’s shared apartment. Jason was usually awake when you came back from work-outs but you could never be sure. He got back from patrol later than usual and there was a good chance he was still sleeping.

Slipping the key into the door you entered the apartment quietly. Slipping off your shoes and shedding the extra layers of clothes until you were just in a t-shirt and athletic pants, nose and cheeks rosy from the bitter winter air.

Walking into the kitchen you grabbed a glass from the cupboard before glancing at the counter. Doing a double take upon seeing the 10 boxes of girl scout cookies. Your jaw dropped at seeing the array of boxes.

“What the hell? Where did these come from?” You questioned picking up a box of Thin Mints. There had to be a box of each type along with duplicates.

You huffed setting the box down, a bit mad at your strict training diet right now. Why couldn’t girl scout cookie season be when you weren’t at the peak of your training for [Fav Sport].

Jason promised to eat healthy with you too, he was about to get an ear full. You heard someone stirring from down the hall where your shared bedroom was. Turning away from the cookies and going to the fridge you grabbed the necessities to make eggs, along with the orange juice.

You began to crack eggs when a pair of arms wrapped around your waist. “Mornin’ babe” Jason hummed, his morning voice gruff and groggy. Nestling his head in the crook of your neck, he placed a soft kiss on the exposed skin.

“You are weak” You simply stated, causing his head to shoot up.

“What?” he questioned, and amused grin on his face. “How so?”

You gestured to the cookie boxes behind you. “Ohhh” he now understood as he turned around, retracting his arms. Much to your displeasure. “Girl scouts stopped by while you were gone”

“And you had to buy ten boxes?” you giggled as he wrapped his arms around your waist again. “I couldn’t resist they needed to sell 10 more to win a prize they wanted, they hustled me.”

You turned in his arms so you were facing him with your arms around his neck, “You’re telling me that the infamous ‘Red Hood’ couldn’t turn down a couple of girl scouts” laughing at his excuse.

“They were very convincing.” He pouted looking down at you

“Oh I’m sure they were” you teased furrowing your eyebrows, unconvinced. “You’re just lucky I like girl scout cookies. As long as you won’t tell about my cheating my diet”

“I would never” he gasped, faux offended. Eliciting an eye roll, “Jason Peter Todd what am I going to do with you?” you questioned, tilting your head.

He smirked before shifting to where his lips were hovering over yours. “I have a few ideas” he mused before pulling you into an electrifying lip lock. It getting more heated by the second as he took your breath away.

Lifting you up he swiftly carried you out of the kitchen, leaving the cookies and unmade breakfast to lay forgotten.

romanh0lidays-deactivated201702  asked:

3. "I'm sorry I yelled at you" for the CEO!5sos blurb night with calum? <33

To say it had been a bad day would be putting it lightly.

You’d been woken up at three am by a phone call from your sister telling you your mother had been hospitalised, again, and that she thought the two of you needed to send her to rehab, again. So, after getting yourself to the hospital to help your sister organise as much as the two of you could at the early hour, you’d dragged yourself back to your apartment a little before six to start getting ready for work. Only, when you arrived you found a note from your landlord informing you that from today, renovations would be taking place around the building, and the elevator would be out of use until the end of the month, meaning you’d have to climb six flights of stairs every day.

And if that wasn’t enough, right now you were pretty sure you were going to get fired.

You’d arrived to work on time, albeit exhausted and looking less than perfect. Grabbing a coffee from the break room, you’d headed to your office, where the receptionist for your floor, Jack, had assured you that he’d try and keep your phone calls and visitors to a minimum for the day.

You’d been sitting at your desk, attempting and failing to make sense of the papers in front of you, when the phone rang. It was the third time in that hour, and although it wasn’t Jack’s fault, you were slightly frustrated he wasn’t keeping his promise.

“What now?” You snapped into the phone, disregarding the polite policy tone you were supposed to use.

“Could you come to my office please?” The smooth tone that replied wasn’t Jack, but was in fact the voice of the CEO of the company, Calum Hood. “I need to speak to you.”

“On my way.” You nodded, sighing as you put down the phone. Not bothering to smoothen out your appearance, you cursed yourself for losing it as you made you way to his office. Nodding politely at his secretary, you knocked once before opening the door. She was more than used to you being in his office, the two of you had attended university together, and Calum had hired you without a second thought when he took over his father’s business. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.

“I wouldn’t call it yelling.” Calum smiled, pushing back his chair as he continued. “Just, speaking louder than average.”

“Still, I apologise Mr Hood.”

“Y/N, the last time you called me that was when I offered you the job, and I’m pretty sure I told you never to do it again.” He was fully grinning at you now, and you relaxed before walking further into the room. “I heard about your mother, you need anything?”

“How did you…” You shook your head, knowing better than to question him. “I’m good, thanks Cal.”

“You aren’t.” He rolled his eyes, leaning across his desk to pull you into his lap. “Angel, stop shutting me out. I’m not just your boss, I’m your boyfriend too you know.”

“I know, everyone knows.” You mutter as he sighs, ignoring the way you’d mentioned some of the other employees’ rumours. “I just…can I stay with you for a while, til it blows over?”

“As long as you need.” He nods, lips brushing against your head. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

CEO!5sos Blurb Night with @tadpolehemmings​ and @felicityash

Namjoon - Dope

You were a semi-successful photographer, moving into this luxurious apartment, and he worked the day shift, operating the building’s only elevator. 

Genre: Fluff | Smut
Members:  Namjoon x Reader
Word count: 5250

Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

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