building bookshelves

File under: Cool Stuff Around the Building! I was looking for a couch to take a sneaky nap the other day (Wednesday afternoons, you know how it goes) and I wandered into a disused green room (yes, the walls are blue, I know. It’s still a green room) and found THIS lovely little installation. No idea who did it, or who added the little piñata, but I’m glad to know it’s there.

– Petra

boldness-and-grace  asked:

So even though my parents left town for my dad's chemo treatments yesterday, my dad surprised me by building me new bookshelves & on them left a Valentines Day card with a little bear that we often pass back and forth as if to say ,"love you and thinking about you!" ... safe to say I cried. Also this morning I woke up to my best friend making me chocolate chip waffles & bacon, we ate and watched Netflix for most of the day. Pretty relaxing, low key, and I'm feeling extremely blessed! (:

Valentine’s Day rating:

chemo: -20/10

surprise bookshelves and gifts: 15/10

best friend/chocolate chip waffles and bacon: 10/10

Netflix: 8/10

relaxing and blessed: 10/10

no mention of romance: 5/10

overall: 8/10

‘Er…What are you doing?’
‘I’m trying to figure out how to connect this piece to this thing…’
‘Well did you check the instructions?’
‘Instructions are just suggestions, babe, nobody really follows them.’