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I really like the idea of body horror in fantasy settings.  Specifically as the cost of using magic

Fire mages with hands of charcoal and embers

Water mages who’re living columns of water from the waist down

Necromancers with withered, skeletal arms

Sure, you can twist the universe to your will, but you lose a little of your humanity each time you do

So I'm at the mall and I had the most emotional moment when I was in target earlier

I was shopping for an outfit for Christmas and decided that maybe it would be okay to buy a pair of skinny jeans. I haven’t worn skinny jeans probably since the beginning of high school because I hated the way they fit me and I pretty much stopped wearing jeans completely when the last pair I bought was a size fifteen. So now that I lost all this weight I went in there and I was like I’m probably like a size ten now . Which I was just assuming because the lowest size I ever was was an 11 and that was in sixth grade. So I grabbed a size ten and went to the fitting room. They slid on with ease and I was psyched. But then I realized that they were big and I could probably fit into an eight. So I hurried back out and got an eight then came back and those were kinda big too!! I went back and got a different pair then I had to sit in the dressing room for about 20 minutes because I was in awe and started crying because I was sitting in a pair of perfectly fitting size six jeans and I just couldn’t fathom that it was actually happening and that I’ve actually come this far. From a 15 to a 6. I was never that small to begin with. It’s been about three hours and I still can’t get over it!