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I want to get something for my girl she's ofc studying architecture and I don't know what to get her.... !! What should I get?! I won't give her legos cuz she has all of em or at least must of em..... plus my mother in law is not fan of all of her legos and I'm her favourite daughter in law 😌 and I plan to keep that in place 😅

Check the AIA store and the National Building Museum Shop for cool gift ideas for architects.

Check out these gift ideas (no LEGOs included):

Aalto 4.75" Clear Vase

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Just Another Day in Paradise

PAIRING: Phan (Phil / Dan)
GENRE: fluff
WARNINGS: pre-smut, mentions of sex, but no sex, cute parent!phan stuffs, mpreg 
SUMMARY: songfic based off of Just Another Day in Paradise by Phil Vassar
AUTHORS NOTE: I thought dan and phil having their own kids instead of adoption would be cool. Also yes this is a country song.


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The Magnificent Toy Emporium

Alfred is in Northern Ireland on vacation, and makes a quick stop to pick up a souvenir for his brother. He walks into a toy shop to meet the mysterious owner, who’s just as lonely as he is strange. Usuk. //

Alfred jogged down the brick path as rain fell, looking at the buildings on either side of him as he ran.  He scanned the signs hanging from them, looking for one in particular.

The sign, and by extension the shop he was searching for was called the Magnificent Toy Emporium. It was somewhat hidden away, squeezed between the rest of the side-by-side buildings on the street. Alfred never really saw any advertising for it, but it’s reputation spoke for itself. The store was famous, but there was only one location.

The Magnificent Toy Emporium resided in the Newcastle of County Down. It had opened there, and it hadn’t moved locations since the first day. Though, Alfred felt that surely a store as well known as this could stand its ground in large cities. Or, it could start a chain of toy stores.

But, hey, what did Alfred know about running a business. All he needed to do was grab something for Matthew and head back. He didn’t need to worry about keeping the shop’s doors open.

The rain was starting to come down harder, so Alfred was thankful when he saw the hanging sign of the toy store rocking back and forth overhead. He took a glance at the building as he went in.

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Taurus Horoscope June 2016

Dear Taurus,

If you were curled up into a ball on your birthday crying, you weren’t alone.  I was with you.  You are not entirely to blame - entirely - for the chaos. Rather, it was Mercury Retrograde really throwing a wrench into your plans. Luckily, he not only is moving Direct.  You are also going to see your whole life improve.

Break, Breakdown

Now that birthday season is past you - and it was not easy - progress forward with your ideal vision of  your life.  An incredible celestial event is taking place, Mars goes Retrograde - or moves backwards - into your 7th Palace of Marriage.

He already went through your 7th Palace of Marriage a couple months ago. Except, this time, he’s going through a major revision of your approach towards your on relationships and sexuality.

You may have a turning point in your love life now.  Your stars may finally cross paths with the one, the ideal mate.  You are also taking a more proactive approach to figuring out essential numbers relating to your own independence.

As you are now one year older, you are realizing the urgency to get your finances in order.  What better time to start than right now, just get yourself actively planning out your next months. Figure out your finances, know your investments, make more money, or just know how to stand on your own two feet.

Getting these certain life essentials in order will help you know your standing with others. Especially if you are meeting someone that is giving you hopes of a bright and beautiful future. You can plan your next steps with someone and give yourself the benefit of strong footing.

Know Your Heart

Having assumed naturally the wisdom of a new year, it is time to think about money.  Not just money, but everything money represents. Like, your job, your possessions, the value of your possessions, and the actual physical/intellectual energy required to earn money.

Venus is the root cause of all this. She is in your Palace of Money, from May 25th - Jun 17th.  She is helping you to beautify your whole being in preparation for the upcoming year.  If you have been thinking or looking for new and innovative ways to make money - you’re in luck!

From May 20th - Jun 25th, Venus syncs up with the sun in your Palace of Money and progresses into your Palace of Knowledge.  Essentially, you will be able to use all of your gained smarts and turn them into profits.

Put into action any plans that you may have created around your finances, your job, your home, possessions, anything! Anything that is of urgent and upmost need is going to be attainable.  Saving money, whether for an apartment or a down payment on a home, has an awesome outlook.

Specifically, look for the four wondrous days of Jun 4th - 7th, when the Sun and Venus will sync up in precise degrees. You are going to not only see a bounty of money earning potential during these days.  Your own personal/spiritual sense of self will feel uplifted.

Activating the money-making powers of this powerful alignment is the New Moon on Jun 4th.  This is your most financially-fulfilling moon of the year, when your own sense of self will be valued by no one less than yourself.  You can only go up from these heights - in life there is no going backwards. It’s literally impossible.

(You can only get anchored and stuck to the past - if you choose, but why would you.  You are what you think so think of yourself as the best and you will be the best).  

A great financial windfall may come your way.  You may hear of a job that increases your pay.  You may get a pay increase or promotion, or even perhaps - officially make your hobby into a profitable hobby.  Think wild - why not!

Lastly, circle the date of Jun 8th when Mercury will make an important touchpoint.  He will pass by the exact same degree in which he went Retrograde.  On this date, you will be impactful in setting your plans forward.

You are not only so much stronger now than you have ever been. You are the person that you were born to be - right now. Mercury went Retrograde in your Palace of Ego, and what a mighty fine palace you have built of your ego!  It has gone through the wringer, and not only in the most recent months - like years.  Finally, so many of your building blocks are set into place and your ideas can finally bloom.

Bling Bling

Practice gratitude for the things that you have.  On Jun 13th, Mercury enters your Palace of Money.  This will be the turning-table moment that you have been wanting for your financial outlook.

You are going to feel increasingly confident about your earning power.  After Mercury’s massive Retrograde, cleaning out your closet, personal and social life, and improving your love life and future outlook, you are ready to take ownership of your life as a strong and independent person.

Speaking to this truth is Jupiter and the Waxing Half Moon on Jun 12th in your Palace of True Love.  It is all thanks to Jupiter that you are having an easier time at love.  You may have found someone that makes you weak in the knees and this date is one of those when your love life takes center stage.  

Upon the Full Moon’s connection to Saturn Retrograde in your Palace of Purpose on Jun 20th, you are going to receive a huge gesture from life indicating that you are headed in the right direction.  

This Moon is going to be the icing on the cake for a great turning point in your life.  You will receive a great positive nod of approval from your stars.  Your purpose in life, why you live and what you live for are being solidified.  

At the end of the month on Jun 27th, Uranus is visited by the Waning Half Moon in  your 12th Palace of Intuition. Listen to the voices in your head - they’re speaking truths to you that you can’t avoid.  And try to write down any vivid images or dreams that were straight up weird.  Your subconscious is going to be highly active, indicating a psychic message regarding your identity.

Love you till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis


A Playdate with an Industrial Ghost - Eric James Lawler

Ball State University (Andrea Swartz)

This is a proposal for an industrial history museum for the city of Muncie focusing on its past as a regional center for manufacturing, and its eventual descent into the infamous ‘rust belt’ club. This project imagines possible new spaces that emerge from the interactions between already existing forms or ideas. It turns the existing context into a building block set of forms, using them to create new experience.

Several parts of the brain deal with facial perception pattern recognition. They have been instrumental in our evolutionary survival in helping us identify friends or foes. We recognize emotion and intention instantly from the vaguest impressions, to such a large extent that it often applies to non-humans as well. Faces emerge in toasters, plugs, cars, windows, food, and clouds. The minimalist smiley face is merely three shapes. Architecturally, this is exciting because when personify non-human things. We also include the attributes of character and personality, and these objects come alive within our imaginations. Architecture would be much more exciting if we saw it as something to interact with, like a character in a story, rather than a monolithic object in a field glorifying some soon-to-be obsolescent technology or some distant, detached and ambiguous formal process. ‘A Playdate with an Industrial Ghost’ aims to be both a fun character in a narrative and a formal exploration of spacial organization.

This project takes contextual typologies and arranges them in forms similar to those a child would make with a bunch of foam blocks. It appropriates the present for the creation of a new, interesting yet-to-be. Architecture could continue infinitely with the possibilities that come from the rearrangments of present form; it wouldn't have to design any new ingredients or parts. But this isn't a future this project is arguing for. It focuses on the production of questions rather than claim a particular direction is the right one. It encourages discussion and makes no demands. This project is interested in unrecognizable form made up of recognizable parts. The shapes that create the project are regular industrial typologies readily found in cities across the country, but in this circumstance they become an unrecognizable hulk. Regular parts, crazier wholes. 


there’s only a slight difference
between you and i—while we
refuse to be created from the
same cookie cutter—we’re
molded by the potter’s hands;
skin, bone, teeth—heart filled
with emotions, mind full of
of thoughts, dreams full of hopes
fueled by love and desire, hate like
oxygen—pain running through
the same veins and
what belongs to diversity
becomes our outside appearance
and the way we’re raised stacked
on building blocks set up from
generations beyond our control.