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Destiny 2 Reveal Stream: Notes

Here are my notes from the reveal stream, with some concluding thoughts at the end. All of this information is available from the Bungie reveal stream, and is not speculation unless marked as such:


In the beginning of Destiny 2, the Last City has fallen. Dominus Ghaul, leader of the Cabal Red Legion, has laid waste to the Tower and to the City itself, and his legions have torn our home apart. 

The reveal trailer shows us fighting through the tower in the first campaign mission, called “Homecoming,” in which we battle alongside the Vanguard until Amanda Holliday deposits us atop some kind of Cabal ship, where we attempt to face down the bad guy.

Unfortunately, we fail, and Dominus Ghaul succeeds in deploying some sort of device that places the Traveler in a cage, instantly draining the Guardians of Light, and causing us to lose our powers. We cannot go back to the Tower.

In response, the Vanguard scatters. Ikora has fled to Io out of anger, Zavala is on Titan healing and having an existential crisis - “Are we Guardians even without the Light?”, and Cayde-6, in attempting to play the hero, has gotten himself into trouble on Nessus. Apparently, the Speaker has disappeared. More on these new worlds below.

In the campaign, we will have to track down and collect the Vanguard, as well as fight the new Red Legion enemy, led by Dominus Ghaul. Dominus Ghaul believes that he, based on his past experiences (which were not elaborated upon), is most worthy of the Traveler’s blessing, and does not understand why Humanity was chosen. He has come to Earth to prove his worthiness, and sees humanity as being in his way. He is not a “psychopath” bent on genocide. Luke Smith described him as “Having his stuff together,” and “Like Alan Rickman in Die Hard.”

Destiny 2 is a game about loss, and transitions into an experience about recovery and reclaiming what is ours.


Shown classes remain the same: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. Nova Bombs, Defender Bubbles, and Golden Guns were shown but not remarked upon. However, new Super abilities were showcased:

  • Titan Sentinel: A Titan with a voidlight shield that can be used to block damage, thrown at enemies, or used in melee combat. There also appeared to be some new kind of Striker Titan Dash and a different sort of ‘Ice Wall,’ neither of which were discussed.
  • Hunter Arcstrider: A Hunter with a staff of arclight that focuses on acrobatic melee combat. 
  • Warlock Dawnblade: A Warlock with a sword made of solar light that can be used in melee combat or to fling ranged attacks. Warlocks also appeared to be able to place some sort of buff zone beneath them, one of which “empowered” the player.

These look pretty awesome.


Weapon loadouts have been revamped to give players more flexibility. Weapons are now divided into three categories:

  • Kinetic
  • Energy
  • Power

New weapons:

A variety of new weapons were shown. In addition to hand cannons, sniper rifles, shotguns, pulse rifles, and shotguns, we saw:

  • A type of SMG
  • Grenade launchers
  • Minigun-like machine guns
  • A type of fast-firing rocket launcher

I assume we will learn more about this in the coming days. It appears that weapons such as hand cannons occupy the kinetic slot, but I would like to see more information about how these slots will work.


Destiny 2 features four playable worlds: 

  • Earth: The European Dead Zone is now the location of Destiny’s largest playable area, and this is the zone where Humanity flees and attempts to rebuild after the Cabal attack. This camp was founded by Hawthorne, who features in the D2 Preorder, and who once left the City to live in the Wilds.
  • Titan: Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is covered with a Methane ocean with 40 ft waves, and features a human utopia, a relic of the Golden Age, sinking into ocean. There is no landmass on Titan.
  • Io: A sulfuric moon of Jupiter, Io is the last place the Traveler touched before it appeared on Earth. Io is a sacred place to the Guardians, and to Warlocks in particular. In the trailer, there appear to be the remnants of some kind of civilization.
  • Nessus: A centaur, or type of icy minor planet. The Vex have transformed Nessus into a machine world, and it now features native vegetation, large canyons, and plateaus based on tepui, a type of South American highland plateau.


Destiny 2 has revamped the map system. Now, players will be able to use an area map to navigate and discover locations and events. These include:

PatrolsAmbient enoucntersCollectable materialsAdventures*Treasure maps*Public events with treasures*Lost sectors*

*denotes a seemingly new feature

Destiny 2 will emphasize the sense of exploration that players experience. For example, players will be able to discover and unlock secret, hidden dungeons, which will contain both loot and bosses. There appear to be many, many secrets to discover.

Furthermore, there will be more interaction with NPC’s, resulting in numerous side-quests and further adventures.


Destiny 2 features a revamped map system that players will use to uncover and navigate the new areas. Waypoints, such as those corresponding to the activities listed above, will show up on this map. It will also show WHERE and WHEN public events will take place.

In addition, players will no longer have to ‘go to orbit’ to navigate to new locations. The world navigation system will now be usable from anywhere.


Co-operative play was heavily emphasized by all presenters. Bungie attempted to strike a balance between easy matchmaking and ensuring that all players are comfortable with the strangers they are matched with. The notable new features are:

  • Clans:
    Clans will no receive official, in-game support. These will offer rosters, tools for fireteam building, custom banners, and shared clan experience and progression. Achievements, whether done solo or in a group, will benefit your clan.

  • Guided Games:
    Guided games are a new way for solo players to find a fireteam without joining a clan and while being able to ensure they have a positive experience. Solo players will be able to see a brief summary of clan information, as well as the activity proposed, and will then be able to join the clan for that single activitiy without committing to the clan. 

    Guided games will open up your party to more players, in case one of your fireteam members must drop out of the activity.


The Crucible has been revamped for 4v4 combat across all game modes. There will also be a new attack/defend mode called “Countdown.” I assume we will learn more in the coming days.

PC Gamers:

In partnership with Blizzard, Destiny 2 for PC will be available exclusively through Blizzard’s Battle.Net.

Other Notes:

  • “More cinematics than ever.”
  • There will be a new raid.
  • There will be new strikes. The strike played at the reveal is called “The Inverted Spire.” You will traverse Red Legion territory to a Vex Stronghold, where you will fight a 3-stage boss.
  • There will be more quests and story missions
  • There may (SPECULATION: ENTIRELY UNCONFIRMED) be new vehicles.
  • There will be “More to do than any game we’ve ever made at Bungie.”

Main takeaways

Community, community, community. Destiny 2 was referred to several times by different people as “A world I want to be in, where I can always find people to play with if I want to.” Bungie appears to be focused on making all of D2′s content accessible to more players. This, to me, is a great thing.

Exploration: the words “Open World” were not used, and from the gameplay demo of “Homecoming,” that mission at least appeared quite linear. That’s not to say the rest of the game will be that way, and if the new map system is any indication, we can look forward to a lot more exploration. 

I, personally, cannot wait to see the new worlds. It seems like Bungie has done a lot of work to make each location feel unique.

Gameplay-wise, it sounds as though Bungie has learned from D1, and is looking for ways to make D2 more engrossing and meaningful for all kinds of players. If the new strikes have harder, more involved boss fights, it sounds as though we can expect more than the bullet-sponge boss fights that dominated D1.

The revamped weapons system also sounds great, and I can’t wait to hear more about it. 

I am unsure about the Crucible being reworked for 4v4. Reference was made to it being “For PvP Players,” although what that means remains to be seen.

And, most importantly: Throwing Knives return.

“The tattoo of the snowflake with stars.” soulmateAU

SOULMATE AU SERIES // Title: “The tattoo of the snowflake with stars.”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x (FEM) Reader

 Requested by: @12-kay-kit-kat  asked: #10 Bucky x reader please :3”

 Prompts: #10 “Soulmates aren’t real” (mine) AND Colorless tattoos that get color when you meet your soulmate AND Soulmates where you can communicate via thoughts. Both of the soulmate prompts are from that amazing blog that I’ve linked you to.


Warnings: THIS IS REALLY LONG. Swearing and swearing and fluff???? But just a little bit.

A/N: I combined my own prompt with two that I found about soulmates, because it’s been a while since I wanted to write about it and those two seemed cool. BUT OMFG I REALLY EJOYED WRITING IT AND GOT CARRIED AWAY AND WELL WELL. I really hope that you guys (and you beautiful person that requested)

Pietro’s Part || Steve’s Part. || MASTERLIST

|| I don’t own Bucky or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

“We all born with a colorless tattoo with a particular design that will only get color if you meet your soulmate, before that you’re available to talk with your soulmate through your thoughts. It’s a bond that will never be broken.”  Y/N read out loud, looking at his friend eyes.

They were at the public library doing some research for an essay. And of course her friend had to choose a topic as silly as Soulmates: real life or just a state of mind?” Seriously it as awful.

“Continue please” he said smiling kindly at her.

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kagehina, 1k, “welcome home.” 

from the guild au.

The Karasuno Guildhall had been a farmhouse, once, a large but simple structure set amongst the rolling hills. Local lore has it that the great Ukai line of mages were farmers, once, and when the first Guild Master converted his home into the guild’s headquarters, the generations began piling on their own additions. Now, the hall doesn’t look so much like a farmhouse as several farmhouses smashed together. There’s no rhyme or reason to the shape of it, extra wings attached and walls knocked down and towers added without permission over the years. A single metal spire rises out of the center of the building, a large black banner unfurling from it and blowing in the wind. Sugawara-san, the guild’s ranking wind mage, is responsible for the current enchantment that keeps the banner billowing even on the stillest of days. But as a result, anyone can look up and see the clear white characters printed across the ink-black fabric. Fly.

It’s been three months since he’s been back. Kageyama had left just before his birthday, in early winter. It wasn’t an occasion that anyone would mark, anyway, and he only noted it because years and numbers are powerful things, with potent and often unpredictable effects on one’s magic. He’s twenty-one, now, and it’s early spring. The world is bright and new and the fields around the guildhall are bursting with white and orange flowers. It’s quaint and idyllic, and before Kageyama can help himself he calls up his wind magic, letting it blow through the flowers until they’re swaying in a comfortable breeze, dancing around him.

Your magic is so… tame. I didn’t expect you to be such a goody two-shoes.

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so we're making gingerbread houses, right

steve makes an honest-to-god house with a picket fence and 2.4 children (he bit off the legs of one poor kid, the shit)

tony got out the blowtorch and got bruce to get out flasks (plural) to make the perfect building icing 

nat covered hers in ‘traps’ which is just to cover up fuck-ups where the shit didn’t stick

clint makes a house out of goddamn donuts. a fucking donut house. it doesn’t even look good. 

sam tried to make an igloo out of gumdrops but it wouldn’t stay up and he didn’t trust the newly patented Stark-Banner Building Icing™ and i kept eating the gumdrops

thor is trying so hard, trying so so hard. vision is helping him put things in the right spots to maintain structural integrity

wanda made hers with her family, including her brother pietro who had white icing for hair? idfk but she was done early and spent the rest of the time shooting pretzels at clint’s donut monstrosity

don’t ask me what i made gingerbread is for munching not for construction work

30 June 2015 - Greenpeace Spain activists climbed a crane near Spanish Congress in Madrid and unfurled a 32-meter banner reading “La protesta es un derecho” (Protesting is a right). Tomorrow a new set of draconian laws curbing the rights of protesters will go into action. 

The new law allows fines of up to €30,000 for taking photographs of police officers. Individuals participating in demonstrations outside parliament buildings or key installations could be fined up to €600,000. Those insulting police officers could be fined up €600. Burning a national flag could cost the perpetrator a maximum fine of €30,000. The same fine can be given to people resisting evictions and home repossession. [video]

This is our home base in our hardmode world. We store most of our stuff here and we occasionally launch fireworks on the roof. We regularly update the castle when there’s a new update (we added christmas trees and costumes, and the whole castle has been under a layer of snow during the christmas holidays). We’ve built the whole thing without the use of world editors or anything like that. Only the second piano was sort of cheated because of the server lag while we broke one, but I don’t think that counts?

And we’re huge fans of banners :D

Can’t Stop the Hacker Lyfe!

Originally posted by stevie-pinkie-pie-rogers

Summary: Alright, maybe, just maybe, you might have bit off more than you could chew when you decided it would be fun to hack into Stark Industries.

Paring: None. Tony/Reader friendship. sorta.

Warnings: Language. Techno-babble. Song-fic-ish. Fear of the Dark, Iron Maiden

A/N: Apparently, I’m on a “write everything but the last chapter of your main fic” kick.

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 32/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 31


“What time are you meeting up with Buck?”

“In about an hour,” Steve called out to you across your room, the sounds of his shower muffling his voice.  “Did you want to come along?  I’m sure he’d love to see you.”

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Webcomic Banner Design

This isn’t necessarily the best and only way to do things, but rather a list of tips to help less experienced creators avoid common issues. The information I have to offer is based on what I as a reader find more effective and what I’ve seen work and not work in terms of attracting reader attention.

1. Banners are IMPORTANT
If you’re hosting your comic on an archive like Tapastic or Smackjeeves, your banner is what almost every single potential reader will see and have to decide they want to click on before they get to your comic. If your banner doesn’t catch their attention, your audience size will be dramatically reduced no matter how good your comic is. This also goes banners used anywhere else to advertise your comic.

2. Have a nice icon/banner ready to go when you start your webcomic
Most hosting sites like Smackjeeves and Tapastic have a section for new comics and this is usually where you’ll get your initial readers. If you start your comic without a banner or with something unappealing as a placeholder, you’re likely to get fewer readers at a time when you want to be building momentum.

3. Your banner will be a single banner on a page of other banners
People probably aren’t going to individually consider your banner. They’re going to skim pages full of banners and click on the ones their eyes are drawn to and which look appealing to them. Make sure your art is clear, uncluttered, eye catching, and not in any way confusing.

4. Use your best art
The art in your banner/icon should be at least as good as the art in your webcomic.

5. Include art of characters
If you know what you’re doing you can make an appealing banner without this, but if you’re not experienced in graphic design it’s usually the way to go. There are two reasons: 1. Art of human (or humanoid) characters tends to draw people’s attention more than art of other things. 2. It will usually give the clearest picture of the style and quality of your art.

6. Tell us something about the comic with the image
Your banner is like the cover of a book. They’re usually small so you can’t say much with one, but in most cases you can communicate the mood and whether it’s a romance, horror, fantasy, etc. You can’t make people be interested in your comic if it’s not their thing, but if you can let those who would like it know that it is their thing then you’ll get more readers.

phoenix-mutate  asked:

Akane stared up at the large building, hoping Bruce Banner was still living here. She walked in and walked to the receptionist. "I'm looking for Dr. Bruce Banner. This is in regards to Dr. Betty Ross."

Bruce gets the notification from JARVIS and once he hears it’s about Betty he rushes down to the lobby as quick as he could.When he gets to the lobby he looks at the young woman.”..Hello?..Are you the one who asked for me?”