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I’ll never forget

(A/N): I have been dying to write this one too

Request: Hey doll :) Can you please do an imagine where you work for shield but are on a Undercover Mission to free Bucky. You visit him everyday before he gets the electro Shocks but he never Forgets you. So one day you’re finally able to free him and you nearly escape both, when Hydra finds out. You then shove bucky out of the building as the agents shot and hit you. Bucky sees you breaking down and screams your Name and decides to safe you before you both are rescued from Fury and he never leaves you.

Warnings: maybe angst? Swearing, the usual :)

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Originally posted by natpekis

   You wince softly as you gingerly operate on Bucky’s arm, the metal plating having been damaged on his last mission. 

   You’d been ‘recruited’ for Hydra months ago, little did anyone know you were actually on a Shield mission to save the asset, the winter soldier, Bucky Barnes. You’d been entrusted with the soldier’s safety and that’s why you could operate on him alone without anyone else in the room. You didn’t pump him full of drugs like the other doctors did, you didn’t sedate him whenever he got dangerous, he didn’t smack him to bring him back to reality because other than the fact that you couldn’t physically do it you didn’t have to. Bucky was never violent with you, he usually sat still the entire time you worked on him, never really saying anything or doing much so you never had to hurt him. 

   “You’re soft,” The soldier rasps, his voice much more rough than it usually was. “You’re not like the others,” You hum softly as you tweak some wires, litle sparks flying out his arm. 

   “Yeah? What makes you think that?” You smile at him before quickly getting back to work. 

   “You smile at me,” He whispers, cocking his head to the side. “You don’t hit me, you don’t stick needles in me, you’re the only person here who’s ever been kind to me,” 

   “Well,” You whisper as you continue to work, being careful not to bump any of his other wires. “You deserve kindness,” 

   “I’m a machine,” Bucky states, turning his head back ahead, his gaze finally falling from you. “Machines don’t get kindness,” 

   “If you don’t treat a machine well it won’t work, isn’t that how it goes?” Bucky doesn’t answer, merely keeps his gaze straight ahead. “Well, if you don’t treat a human nice it’s going to stop being human and I don’t want that for you,” 

   “Am I human?” Bucky asks, his lips barely moving. With a sigh you put your tools down, smoothing your hand over Bucky’s improved plating. 

   “You’ve got a heart, don’t ya?” Bucky nods, then stops, his lips pursing in thought. 

   “I guess,” You smile a bit, resting your chin on your palm. 

   “You’ve got a brain, right?” Bucky nods again. 

   “Then you’re human Buck, I promise you,” 

   “I don’t feel human,” Bucky whispers, his gaze falling down to his arm. “I don’t know what I am but I’m not- I’m not human,” 

   “I think you are,” You whisper as you check the plating one more time, ensuring that it was well enough for inspection. 

   “I never forget you,” Bucky whispers, his gaze never travelling from his arm. “Even after they wipe me, I don’t forget. I don’t forget the way your hands feel on my skin, or the way you smile at me, I don’t forget your voice or face, I don’t forget you like I forget everyone else,” 

   “Bucky-” You sigh once again, your heart constricting in your throat. 

  “Please don’t tell them,” Bucky looks at you, his eyes full of fear. “You can’t let them know,” 

  “I won’t tell,” You nod your head, giving his hand a gentle squeeze, “ I promise I won’t,” 

   Bucky stares at you for only a moment before he’s nodding, his gaze falling back down to his arm once again. 

   "They’re gonna be back any minute,“ He whispers, his tone bit as emotionless as it was only few moments ago.

    "I know,” you sigh, absentmindedly running your thumb along his hand as you speak. 

    “They’re gonna wipe me again, aren’t they?" 

    "Don’t they always?” You smile at him sadly, your eyes no doubt swimming with emotion. 

    “It hurts.” Bucky states, his tone nearly robotic at this point. “More than anything I’ve ever felt," 

    "I’m sorry Buck,” you whisper, wishing nothing more than to get this poor guy out of here. “I wish there was something I could do to help,” Bucky nods, pursing his lips at the telltale signs of shoes in the hall just outside his cage. “I promise you Bucky, I’m gonna make the pain stop someday,” You let go of his hand as the door to the isolated room opens, putting your facade back on, wouldn’t want hydra knowing you’re a double agent. 

    “Everything’s been fixed,” you state, no hint of emotion in your voice. Pierce smiles at you, gripping your shoulder gently. 

    “You’ve been a good agent (Y/N), very good, nearly as good as the soldier himself,” You cast a glance at Bucky, noticing the way his eyes had taken up that reserved, cold demeanor once more. “Now get out of here, you’re done for the day,” you give him a polite smile and nod, quickly exiting before they started clearing Bucky’s mind once again. 

   You tried to walk down the hall as fast as you could, desperate to get away from them, to go back to your safe house and decompress but no matter how fast you walked you couldn’t seem to escape Bucky’s haunting screams of pain.

    You stayed with Hydra for months after that, always fixing up Bucky, checking some of his diagnostics, even training him a bit. Eventually you became so trusted in hydras eyes that they allowed Bucky to be free around you, no other guards needed. It was a huge mistake on their part, given you were already preparing a plan on how to get the two of you out of here.

    “(Y/N),” Bucky states as he calmly wipes his knife of any blood, not even sparing a glance at the quivering mass of human on the floor. 

    “Yeah Buck?" 

    "You’re thinking about breaking out, aren’t you?” You look up from your clipboard where you’d been measuring how accurately The asset could slit a throat.

    “How did you-”

    “That’s what you meant when you said you were gonna end my pain, right? You were gonna get me out of here?” You bite your lip, nodding hesitantly. “I can help- I know where all the guards are, I know which halls are empty, I can tell you where it’s safe and were it isn’t," 

    "You want to get out of here?”

    “If it’s with you? Yes,” Bucky slides the knife back on a table, each chunk of wood covered in a weapon of sorts.

    “Well?” You lean forward, setting your clipboard aside. “When do we wanna ditch this place?" 

    "You’re sure this is the right hall?” You ask Bucky as the two of you creep through the hydra base, making sure to be extra quiet. 

    “I know the layout of every hydra base on this earth, i know we’re in the right hall,” Bucky places his metal arm in front of you, stopping you dead in your tracks.


    "Shhh,” the soldier warns, placing a finger to his lips. You close your moth, listening intently to whatever it was that had set Bucky off. You strain to hear but there was no mistaking the sound of heavy footfalls in some hall, evidence that now people were hunting you two down, and fast. 

    “Shit,” you whisper, fear bubbling within your chest. 

    “We have to run,” Bucky states coolly as he grabs your hand, yanking you down the hall. 

    “Stop them!” Someone down the hall yells and suddenly the footfalls are getting much, much closer.

    You run just as fast as Bucky, your feet hitting the concrete below you with such force that you could feel your feet ache. The two of you round a corner, two big silver doors before you signaling your way out; you were so close. 

   "Almost there,“ Bucky encourages, not letting go of your hand for one second. You nod your head as you book it towards the exit, freedom so tantalizingly close that you could taste it. But suddenly a shot rang through the air and a crippling pain shot through your chest. With a sudden cry you drop to the ground, causing Bucky to nearly fall as well. His hand still grips yours as you use your free one to clutch at the hole in your chest, blood seeping between your fingers. 

   ”(Y/N)-“ Bucky murmurs, more fear in his eyes than your ever seen before. 

   "Go,” you rasp, your body burning in pain as you speak. “Get out of here," 

   "No,” Bucky growls as he almost effortlessly picks you up, pulling you to his chest. “I’m not leaving you behind," 

    "Bucky, I’m- I’m dead weight at this point-” but Bucky doesn’t even give you a moment to finish before he’s booking it down the hall, only stopping to break the control Panel to the doors. The doors slide open, revealing a few simple grounds, nothing much in sight except for the large black helicopter sitting just a few feet away from the base. 

    “It’s shield,” you rasp, pointing a finger to the copter. “We made it," 

    "Soldier, I demand you stop!” An agent scream, guns firing shot after shot as they attempted to wound one of you. 

    “Are you motherfuckers getting in here or what?” Fury pokes his head out of the small space available for a door. “We don’t have all day,” Bucky rushes towards the helicopter, only stopping to hand you over to Steve’s embrace. Bucky quickly jumps in the copter and not even a second afterwards the pilot takes off, Nat, or a familiar red headed woman who Bucky could’ve sworn he’d seen before. 

    “Shit (Y/N),” Steve curses, his hands ripping open the front of your suit. “You got hit pretty bad," 

    "I know,” you rasp, your chest aching in pain. “I told Bucky to just leave me behind but he refused,” Bucky nods, his gaze trained in on your face. “We made it Bucky,” you reach up, grasping his metal hand a bit. “You’re safe now,” Bucky nods, lifting your hand to rub his cheek against it, a sweet gesture that had you melting on the inside. “We’re safe," 

 ~2 years later~

    "Bucky!” You call out to your fiancée who seemed to be having trouble getting out of bed.

    It’s been two tears since your days of hydra and things couldn’t be better, you had your own home, a nice one too, you didn’t have to worry about hydra breathing down your necks at all times, Bucky had finally gotten his memory back and he never, ever forgot you. Even when he’d forgotten his own name, or how is mother had died, he’d never forgotten you, just like he told you that fateful day. With a reminiscent smile you flip a pancake, hollering to Bucky once again. 

    “Bucky come on! I made pancakes and coffee!" 

    "I’m comin’, I’m comin’,” Bucky chuckles as he sleepily wipes at his eyes, his feet slowly but steadily carrying him to your side. He wraps his metal arm around your waist as he presses a kiss to Your neck, his stubble tickling you softly. “Thanks doll,” Bucky murmurs, causing you to giggle just a bit.

    Bucky’s lips slip over to your scar, a good sized bullet hole that had scarred over, leaving behind bumpy, white flesh. “I’m going tux shopping with Steve today,” Bucky whispers, his lips still gently pressed to your skin. You hum softly as Bucky kisses his way back up your neck, stopping just below your ear. “But after that I thought we could go to that record store you wanted to look at,” you nod your head, a small smile working it’s way up to your lips. 

    “I’d love that,” Bucky hums this time as his free arm reaches out to play with the ring on your finger, a simple band, nothing too fancy, but simple and elegant.

    “I love you,” Bucky murmurs against you, tucking his face back against your neck. 

    “I love you too Buck,” Bucky’s arm tightens around you as you flip a pancake, smirking proudly to yourself as you flipped it perfectly.

    Bucky purses his lips in thought, a small humming noise issuing from the back of his throat. 

    “What’s on your mind?” You ask as you scoop more pancake batter onto the skillet, listening to the oils sizzle and pop. 

    “I was just thinking…can we have pancakes at the wedding?”

prompt from @onefootone: I lowkey want superfamily goes paint balling or something of the like, and it’s decided alex and maggie aren’t allowed on the same team, but it’s lowkey ike vasquez who kicks everyones ass.

You got it buddy.

So for reasons that should be obvious to anyone with a brain, the DEO has its own paintball facility for training and stress relief purposes. While billed to the government for training new agents, team building, and new weapons training, Director not-Henshaw often made the grounds available to agents looking to let loose a little, provided they brought their own ammo and filed the proper waivers with Pam in HR.

Both Maggie and Alex have an unhealthy obsession with firearms, and while Lucy can hold her own, the firing range isn’t exactly her preferred form of foreplay. But for Maggie’s birthday, Lucy could make an exception. She planned it on her own because Alex was a useless lesbian who, badass as she was in the field, caved at the slightest hint of dimples and big starry brown eyes. Lucy would have caved too, to be honest, but she’d spent the last two weeks in DC and emailed the forms back and forth with Pam.

Lucy even managed to line up some decent players. James convinced Winn to come. J’onn’s reluctance was always more about image, he was thrilled to spend time with his kids. Kara, of course, had to be reminded repeatedly that her powers were not allowed.

When Kara mentioned Lena was coming, Lucy had to scramble to find someone to balance out the teams, and Vasquez was the solution. Easy-peasy. At least she knew Vasquez wouldn’t accidentally shoot someone in the throat, which is more than she could say for Winn.

Weeks of preparation, and a freak snow storm in Ohio nearly ruined everything. But Lucy was a planner with Supergirl on speed dial, so she and her gear were on site with minutes to spare. Exhausted, and not nearly as paintball-chic as intended, but whatever, her girlfriends knew she was hot.

Alex pulls up with Maggie in a DEO SUV, Vasquez in the back, ready for the cross training exercise J’onn had ordered them to, completely surprised to see their friends geared up and ready to go. Vas takes their time getting out, gathering up everyone’s gear and all the extra ammo they had snuck in when Alex and Maggie were busy making out. Maggie and Alex hurried out, but made sure to throw an extra swing into their hips to greet Lucy.

James may have had to clear his throat to get their attention. May have.

It didn’t really work. Space Dad’s “Ladies, please,” had a little more effect.

They stepped apart anyway. Inches was apart, right?

Lucy smiled. “Happy birthday, Sawyer.”

“Wait, seriously?” Maggie narrowed her eyes. “You hate shooting things with us.”

“Yes, everyone here is aware you two are weird. That’s why rule number one is you two aren’t allowed to pair up. Rule number two is no alien super powers, Kara.”

“Hey! J’onn has powers!”

Lucy quirked an eyebrow and looked back over her shoulder, “J’onn doesn’t use them to check and see how far away his pizza guy is. No powers.”

“Any more rules?” Alex asked.

“No headshots, no throat shots, and no leaving the boundaries. Teams of two, last man or team standing wins.”

“Dibs on James,” said Maggie.

“Kara,” called Alex.

Lucy frowned, she had hoped Alex would be willing to protect Winn. “Winn.”

Vasquez looked a little peeved to have been left with their boss. Oh well, at least Vas wasn’t getting stuck with Winn, J’onn could at least shoot.

Pam was in the camera room with playback and the counter, because of course she wasn’t missing this. She had also come with the waiver Winn hadn’t signed because, face it, Schott, it’s your choice to come out here and get obliviated.

She wasn’t wrong. Kara knocked out Winn second after J’onn, who hadn’t put up much of a fight when Alex cornered him. Poor Vasquez.

Lucy, half up a tree and relying on her small stature to hide her, managed to nab a hulking James, who was not able to hide too easily amongst the smaller obstacles. She never saw the shot that took her out, or where it came from, but she certainly cursed loudly when it knocked her ten feet to the ground, paint staining the back of her black tee. Dutifully, Lucy raised her gun above her head and marched back to the hut where Pam and the rest of the losers kept watch on the cameras.

Lucy was stunned to see Kara go down next. There was no way she was abiding by the rules, her superhearing was second nature. Alex, creeping through the brush was next, getting clipped as she stepped out to take a shot at Maggie’s unprotected back.

Maggie turned at Alex’s cursing, diving just in time to avoid Vasquez’s shot. No matter what Winn and Pam did with the cameras, they couldn’t seem to find Vasquez on the map, even calculating possibly trajectories based off of Alex’s kill shot.

Maggie only lasted another five minutes, and Vas was already outside of the hut, cleaning their gear when she arrived and everyone piled out.

“What the fuck, Vas?”

“Sorry, birthday girl.” Vas smirked. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to pick the former sniper last?”


Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Word Count: 2,156

Summary: Some cute fluff with absolutely no plot based on lyrics to LOVE by Nat King Cole (its such a cute, sweet song, you’ve probably heard it before).

TW: insecurities, low self confidence

Originally posted by papersquared

L is for the way you look at me.

The sun was just making its first appearance when you woke up. You went to bed early the night before, the jet lag hitting you hard. You’d been in California for two months while filming a short film for a childhood friend of yours. When she called you, you knew you couldn’t say no even if you wanted. But now that you were back in New York, you could finally spend some time with your loved ones.

Like your boyfriend, Anthony.

You felt bad for leaving him all alone for two whole months. You both had never been apart for so long. Of course you’d kept in touch though. Phone calls during your breaks, Facetiming every few days. You didn’t have much of a chance to miss him because you were still talking to him almost every other day.

But that was what you loved about your relationship. Even when you were apart, you were together.

He felt you stir a bit under him, causing him to look down. When you woke up, you found his eyes trained on you. “Ya know,” You started quietly as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes, “Some people would consider that creepy.”

“Others would consider it cute.” He grinned. “Morning.”


You pecked his lips before attempting to roll out of bed. Anthony groaned and pulled you back down. You were always first to get up in the morning, but for once, he was determined to keep you in bed for awhile. He was selfish, in that way, he wanted you all to himself. Soft snores, messy hair, morning breath, and all. “You just got home, relax.”

“I did relax, for ten hours.” You chuckled. “We have to get up.”

“No, we don’t. It’s my day off, and you have nothing planned today. We can stay in bed all day.” He raised his brow suggestively, a stray hand traveling up and down your thigh.

“Not so fast!” You grabbed his hand on his trek back up your leg, moving to lay on his own. “I’m getting up-”

“Babe!” He groaned.

“To take a shower. Then I will come back and spend the day in bed with you. My wonderful, amazing boyfriend who I love so very much.”

“Is that your way of telling me I can’t join?”

You laughed and threw his arm from around your waist as he grinned at you. He moved to sit up against the headboard as you went to the closet to get a pair of panties and one of his T-Shirts. He smiled as you turned around with one of his old softball jerseys in hand. You held it up to your frame and posed, “What do you think?”

He looked at you, but didn’t reply. He just had this sort of gaze of admiration fixed on you. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You asked.

“No reason.” He said as you strolled back over to the bed. “I’m just realizing how much I really love you.”

O is for the only one I see.

“You are unbelievable!”

“What did I do?”

You stormed into your apartment and immediately stomped your way to the bedroom. You were inconceivably angry with your boyfriend for his behavior at the club. There was a beautiful redhead that was flirting, and, from what you saw, he seemed to enjoy the attention.

“Don’t act like you don’t know!”

“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you go ask that redhead then?” You crossed your arms as Anthony ran a hand over his face. “You seemed to enjoy talking to her.”

“Will you calm down and let me explain?”

You pushed him away as he tried to walk towards you. Part of your mind knew you were being irrational, that you should sit down and talk this out. The other part just couldn’t stop seeing that girl with her hands all over him. You were seeing red, and so you weren’t thinking straight.

“What is there to explain, Ant?”

“She tried flirting with me, I told her I had a girlfriend, and she dropped it. We were just talking.”

“You really expect me to believe that?”

“Do you really think I’m lying to you?” A look of hurt spread across his face. “I love you more than anything on this earth and you think I’d throw it all away for another girl? For attention?”

“I just know that I saw you with another girl that -” Tears were filling your eyes at this point. You never meant to be this fragile with Anthony, but sometimes when you looked around, all you saw was competition. “A girl that was prettier than me, and smarter me.” You cried.

Your boyfriend hurt look turned into one of sympathy as he quickly took your crying frame in his arms. He cooed and rubbed small circles into your back, both of you standing in the middle of the bedroom for god knows how long. Suddenly, your feet were off the ground and Ant was carrying you to the bed.

He let you cry for as long as you needed to, promising that he wouldn’t leave you. Only when your crying turned into sniffles, did he speak, “Y/N, that redhead means absolutely nothing to me. None of the girls at that club could ever compare to you.” You cuddled into his side as he continued, absentmindedly playing with your hair all the while. “We could be standing in a room with Beyoncé and I’d still choose you.”

“Beyoncé?” You chuckled a bit through your final tears.

“In all her glory.” He pulled you closer with a playful grin. “And I would pick you a million times over. Ya know why? Because you are the only girl I see.”

He pressed a kiss to the crown of your head as you whispered an I love you. You both held each other in a comfortable silence for awhile. The only sound that broke the silence was your little sniffles. “Babe,” You started, “You know if I were in a room with you and Beyoncé, I’d choose Beyoncé.”

“You ruined the moment.”

 V is very, very extraordinary.

 “I don’t know if I’m gonna do it.”

“Do what? Play the role you’ve been dying to play since birth?” Ant asked incredulously.

Your agent had just called you an hour before with the great news. A new touring production of Rent was underway and the casting director all but offered you the role of Maureen.

Now, this should be a dream come true for you. You used to act this role out in your bedroom. You had practiced Take Me or Leave Me until your throat was sure. You were pretty sure your first words were ‘over the moon’. But you found yourself on the verge of turning it down.

“I mean, we just moved in together. You’re gonna be all alone for seven whole months.” You debated.

“Babe,” He said. “I am not your obligation. I’m here to support you through any and everything you choose to do.”

He wrapped his arms around your waist as he pulled you onto his lap. When he locked his fingers together on the other side, you placed your hands over his. You always loved when he did that. It made you feel secure. “You have wanted to be in Rent since you knew what Broadway was. Don’t put your dreams on hold on my account.”


“Why are you making so many excuses?” He chuckled.

You leaned backed with a surprised look, wondering why he was being so chill in that moment. On the inside, you were freaking out because how could he know you that well. Nobody had ever been able to tell when something was up with you.

Ant, however, could read you like a book.

He could see the fear written all over your face. He knew that something else had to be up with you. There was no way that you would ever turn down a role like this for him. There had to be another reason.

“I’m not making excuses.”

“You are though, babe.”

“I’m just worried about us.”

“No, you’re not. You know that I love you more than anything and I’m not going anywhere, so what is it?”

You sighed under his knowing gaze, leaning forward on his shoulder. “What if I can’t do it? I mean, I have to live up to Idina Menzel, for god’s sake. How am I supposed to do that?”

He began rubbing your back in small circles, something he knew would soothe you. “By being you. You will be the best Maureen that you can be, and people will love you because of it. Nobody wants to see the same person playing the same role all the time. You’ll bring something new to the role. That’s what theatre is all about.”

You knew he was right. The fear inside you had been building up since your agent called. But with a pep talk and cuddles from Anthony, your fear seemed to evaporate. You loved that he could do that for you. You didn’t know, but you could do that for him, too. All of his fears melted with just a word from you.

“Why are you so wise? You’re like three months older than me.” You asked with a giggle.

“It’s a gift.”

“You know I’ll be flashing my ass every night.”

“Don’t ruin this.”

 E is even more than anyone that you adore.

 Anthony had just given his toast to you at your birthday party when you were pulled aside to try various different cakes that Reneé insisted he bought for your surprise party. Daveed, Lin, and Ant simply chuckled as you looked to them for help as she dragged you away.

“You really got a good one, man.” Lin said, lightly nudging Anthony.

 “I know.” He sighed dreamily. “I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

“I never thought I’d have to ask you this,” Daveed started, lowering his voice, “But when are you gonna put a ring on her finger? Girls like Y/N don’t come around all the time.”

“And if you let her go, you’re a fucking fool.” Lin added as he took a sip of champagne.

“I’m not that stupid. I got the ring this afternoon.” Anthony whispered.

“Wait, seriously?”

“Well, what are you waiting for?”

He looked at you from across the room as Pippa wiped a bit of frosting onto your nose. You laughed that magnificent laugh of yours, a sound Anthony could imagine through the loud music that was playing. When you turned and saw him staring, you made a face, and he chuckled. “I’m waiting for the right moment.” He told them.

“Well, take it from someone with experience.” Lin said, placing a hand on his shoulder. “You’ll know when the right moment comes. Just be ready.”

Hours later, when the house was void of any more party guests and all the leftovers were being put into containers, you walked into the kitchen. Ant turned, saw you, and stopped what he was doing. “I put you to bed two hours ago.” He chuckled. “You should rest. I’ll clean up.”

“If you’re not gonna sleep, I’m not gonna sleep.”

“It’s your birthday, Y/N.”

“It was my birthday. It’s past midnight.” You said. You walked over to the counter and began placing some of the food into empty containers. “If it were still my birthday, I would agree to you doing all the work, but since it’s not, I’m here to help.” You said playfully.

Anthony shook his head with a chuckle and got back to work, “Were you this stubborn when we met?”

“Probably worse.”

As you both laughed and continued to put the leftovers away, Ant began to stare. Suddenly, he realized this was what he wanted. He wanted to be able to wake up at three o'clock in the morning and share moments like this with you. He never wanted the domestic sort of life before you, but now he wanted whatever life brought his way as long as you were with him.

He was so stupidly in love with you. And he knew that this was the moment.

“Y/N.” You looked up only to look down again at the beautifully diamond ring in front of you. “Marry me.”

With tears in your eyes, you laughed, “It took you long enough.”

Soon enough, you both were in bed, bare bodies cuddled against each other in an attempt to sleep. Neither of you could; you were both too excited.

“Hey.” Ant whispered for your attention, causing you to look up. “You know I love you, right?”

You nodded with a smile and pressed a kiss to his chest, looking up at him innocently, “More than I love Beyoncé?”

“Yes, honey, more than that.” He chuckled. “Way more than that.”

Changed [Jason Todd x Reader]

Criminal Minds Crossover

A/N: It’s here, part two to Drunken Mistakes. To be honest I thought that story was going to be terrible, but I stand corrected lol. I hope you all love this! (sorry it’s long and I feel like it’s trash lol)

Warning: Swearing

**For anyone who doesn’t know the characters this website maybe useful - Link


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The Mission

Summary: The reader (Female)(Violet) is a teenager living in Stark Tower, and she is part of the Avengers. Spider-Man, or Peter is also an Avenger. There is a mission, that takes a wrong turn. Hope you enjoy.

Warnings: sadness, death (maybe), tears, lots of tears. Sorry, I’m not sorry!

It was a ordinary Saturday afternoon in Avenger’s Tower. Tony and Bruce were in the lab. Tony was juicing up his suit, and Bruce was reading over all of his research. Clint and Natasha were on the couch binge watching Netflix, and eating snacks. Steve and Bucky were in the training room,going against each other. You on the other hand had homework to finish before Monday morning. That didn’t matter to you though, you had an intelligent mind. You were really good at math and science, and English as well. History wasn’t a problem either, after all you had Steve and Bucky to help you on that. You had finished your science homework when you received a transmitting from Tony. ‘What’s up?’ You asked. Tony looked at the camera. ‘Um, there was a little accident in the lab,with J.A.R.V.I.S.’s programing. Do you think you can come down here and help?’ He asked. His face had black oil stains all over. His goatee was growing out. His eyes were tired, and his hair was messy. You thought for a moment. ‘Sure, I’ll be there in a second.’ You said he smiled and hung up. You grabbed your phone, earphones, and walked out of your bedroom. You headed towards s the lab. Once you walked in there was a loud sound. You covered your ears and ducked down. There was black smoke around the room. You stood up, your hands still on your ears. Tony came out of the black smoke. He was coughing. He looked up and wiped his face. ‘Oh hey.’ He said. You took your hands off your ears. 'What was that? It sounded like a sonic boom.’ You said walking towards him. 'Oh yeah, that was me.’ Tony said. You smiled. You cracked your knuckles. 'Let the master do his work.’ You said walking over to the huge monitor. You looked at the random numbers and codes. You scanned the monitor. Looking at the numbers you noticed a certain pattern. You began typing up numbers and codes. Tony stood there in astonishment.

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After about five minutes, you were done. You stood up and pressed the final enter key. 'Done.’ You said. Tony’s mouth was open slightly. You smiled. 'Wow kid, you got more talent than I thought.’ He said. You smiled. 'It had been a while since I programmed J.A.R.V.I.S, and I’m a little rusty.’ He said. 'He should be back online right about……now.’ You said and J.A.R.V.I.S. woke up. 'Good afternoon sir.’ He said.

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You smiled. Tony smiled back at you. Suddenly there was an alert that popped up onto the screen. 'What’s going on?’ You asked. J.A.R.V.I.S. showed a video of A.I.M agents stealing something from a laboratory. 'Everyone suit up.’ Tony said. You nodded your head and ran to your room. Tony had designed a disc, that carried your suit. The disc connects to your casual clothes, and when you press the center, it puts your suit on over your clothes. You ran in your room and grabbed the disc. You quickly ran back to the Quinjet. As you ran inside, Peter quickly ran inside behind you. Then the doors closed. He gave you a quick smile, as he put the disk over his chest, and pressed the center. His suit went over his clothes. He took off his mask. ‘Too hot to breath in there.’ He samid smiling. you chuckled. As the quinjet quickly flew to the destination, you were waiting in anticipation. You were playing with your fingers. Peter noticed ands walked over to you. ‘Everything alright?’ He asked and sat next to you. You smiled. ‘Yeah, I’m fine, I just get a little anxious before missions.’ You breathed out. He smiled, and placed his hand on yours. ‘You’ll do good. And if anything happens, I’ll be there for you.’ He said. You smiled at him. The quinjet landed, and everyone was waiting at the door. You took a deep breath out. Suddenly the doors opened. Everyone ran out. You ran towards the south side of the building fighting off A.I.M agents one by one. Peter was swinging around, shooting webs and kicking A.I.M agents. There was a group of A.I.M agents in the north quadrant of the facility. You looked up. ‘Spider-Man fighting technique number 7!!’ You yelled out.

 Peter looked at you. He swung over to you. He webbed you, and pulled you up. He sprayed a web onto something and held onto you as he swung around in circles. Again and again in circles. ‘What are you doing?!’ Tony yelled out. ‘Working together!’ You yelled back. Peter swung once more around. ‘Now!’ You yelled out. Suddenly peter swung you from his web, and you went flying towards the A.I.M agents. You were like a bowling ball, and they were the pins. You used your telekinesis to help you direct you landing. You crashed into them and landed perfectly. They groaned. You smiled. Suddenly out of the corner of your eye, you saw something. You turned to look. There was an A.I.M agent pointing a ginormous weapon at the rest of the team. You looked over at the team. All of them were gathered in the center fighting. You quickly ran towards the rest of the team. For that moment everything was in slow motion. You were running, then you leaped from your spot jumping in front of the team and putting up a force field around them. The man shot the gun. Slowly the bullet was making its way. Peter turned his head. He saw what was happening. ‘Violet! No!!’ He yelled, trying to move to you, but he was too late. The bullet came full speed and landed in your stomach. You were hit. Once the ginormous bullet hit you, you fell to the floor. Tony looked up. He blasted the A.I.M agent who shot you. You lay on the floor, moaning and groaning, putting pressure on your wound. Your hands were bloody, and you had a hard time staying awake. Everyone ran towards you.

 Peter ran to you and fell on his knees, holding you close to him. ‘Violet, Violet wake up, stay with me.’ He said shaking you. There were tears running down his face. Tony and Steve were next. ‘Cap take her to the quinjet!’ Tony yelled. Steve picked you up, and was ducking from flying bullets. Peter followed Cap. the rest of the team took out the remaining agents. Then everyone ran to the jet. Your vision was blurry, and your hearing was muffled. You could hear their muffled voices, and you saw nothing that was going on, just a big blur. Trying to stay awake, you looked over to see Peter. He was worried. ‘Peter.’ You said softly, and quietly, like a whisper. He turned to you. ‘Everything is going to be alright, Vi, don’t worry.’ He said grbbing onto your hand. Steve placed you on a table, and Tony put an oxygen mask on you, along with other tubes and wires. Tony then began flying the jet. Your hand was still keeping pressure on your wound. ‘Try and keep her awake.’ Tony said. Peter was right by your side. ‘How?’ He asked. ‘Ask her questions, or tell her memories.’ He said back. Peter looked at you. Your oxygen mask giving you air. A tear rolled down his face. ‘Violet, remember that time when the fire alarm went off at school, and when everyone was evacuating, we ditched and went to the mall?’ Peter asked. ‘You did what?!’ Tony asked yelling. Peter looked up sand did a awkward smile. ‘We are talking about his when we get home!’ Tony said. Peter smiled again and looked back at you. You knodded your head. ‘Anyways, when we were walking back, do you remember what you told me?’ He asked. You nodded. Peter looked at you. ‘You said to me, that no matter what had happened to us, we would be there for each other until the end.’ He said. ‘And this isn’t the end, so I am always going to be here. Like right now, I promise, you wont leave my sight.’ He said, and grabbed onto your hand.   

You tried to smile. Your breaths were now growing deeper and deeper. You were having trouble keeping them going. Your eyes flickered shut, and you took one last exhale out. That sound echoed throughout the room. Steve was watching you, his lips spread apart slightly. Suddenly there was a sound from the monitor. Steve looked up. You were flatlining. The line was straight. ‘No!’ Peter yelled. ‘Tony do something!’ Peter yelled. Tears flushed his face, as he saw you there. Steve had tears in his eyes. You were basically like his daughter. When you first joined the Avengers, Steve was always by your side. Tony put on the auto pilot and got up and ran towards you. Tony looked over your body. He pulled out a defibrillator. He rubbed them together, and placed them on your chest. ‘Clear!’ He yelled. Everyone stood back. Your body shocked up. Tony looked up at the monitor. Nothing. He did it again. ‘Clear!’ He yelled. He placed them on your chest, and looked up. Nothing. ‘No.’ Peter said softly. ‘Come on.’ Tony mumbled. ‘Clear!’ He yelled again. Your body shocked up once more. Tony looked at the screen. Flatline. Tony sighed. ‘No!!!’ Peter yelled and ran towards you. Tony kept him back. ‘Violet!’ Peter yelled. ‘Peter!! She’s gone. I’m sorry.’ Tony said hugging him. Peter was bawling. ‘No.’ He said through his crystal. Tony was crying into his shoulders. The entire team was upset. Especially Steve. He sat down. He put his hands to his face and cried silently. Everyone was crying. 

The quinjet landed. Doctor Cho ran to the quinjet. Once the doors opened. Tony gave her a nod no. She sighed. Violet was a favorite to everyone. Doctor Cho rolled you on a gurney down the hall.  Peter was so upset, seeing your dead body being rolled away. He ran out of the quinjet and started swinging around Manhattan. ‘Peter wait!’ Tony called out. Peter ignored him and continued swinging. Steve was upset and. Walked out of the room. Steve made his way to the roof. Thats where he went when he was upset. Bucky knew this and gave Steve a few minutes before he made his way up there. When he got there, Steve was sitting down staring at a picture of you when you were 5 years old. Bucky sat next to Steve. ‘I remember that night.’ Bucky said pointing at the picture. Steve looked up. The picture was with you smiling, and having cake and frosting all over your face. ‘That night Clint was babysitting her.’ He said. ‘They made a cake, and Clint played a trick on her, he put a little play firecracker inside.’ Bucky was staring into the sky. ‘The cake exploded, and there was a mess everywhere. Especially on her. She had cake on her face and in her hair.’ Steve smiled softly. ‘Then Clint and her had a frosting fight. There was frosting everywhere. On the walls, in her hair, on her face.’ Bucky said using his hands for gestures. ‘She looked so adorable. With frosting on her face, then they ate the cake on their faces along with a glass of milk.’ 

Bucky sighed.‘She always had ways with her uncles.’ He said. Steve had tears in his eyes. He started bawling. Bucky held him in his arms. Bucky shredded a tear. He wiped it with his metal arm. ‘I miss her.’ Steve said.  ‘I know, but she risked her life to save the entire team.’ He said. ‘I’d rather be dead.’ Steve said. Bucky cried with Steve. 

Peter was sitting in the building, he had his earbuds in. He was listening to your favorite playlist on Spotify. He stared into the sky, looking at the sunset. A sad song came on, and he was crying in his palms. Tony knew where peter was, so he got in his suit and flew over to him. He landed on the roof, and got out of his suit. Peter hadn’t noticed him yet. Tony thought about what he would say. He walked over to Peter. Peter looked up, and took out his earbuds. ‘Hey.’ Peter said wiping tears away. Tony grabbed onto his shoulder. ‘I know you loved Violet, we all did. I just wanted to say that I am really really sorry, and that everything is gonna be okay.’ Tony said, then bit down on his bottom lip.Peter looked up. ‘I told Violet everything was going to be okay, that didn’t work out well.’ Peter said holding back tears. Tony felt remorse. ‘This is all my fault.’ Peter said putting his hands to his face. Tony rubbed his back. ‘This isn’t your fault Peter, none of this is.’ He said. Peter looked up. ‘I didn’t see him! I am the one who should’ve known that there was one more. My spider sense didn’t go off! I couldn’t be there to help Violet, I am the one who didn’t see that one last one.’ Peter said. Tony sighed. ‘Neither did I, neither did anyone, this isn’t anyone’s fault! Not yours, not mine, not anyone. Okay?’ Tony said. Peter nodded. Tony stood up. ‘Don’t be too hard on yourself kid.’ Tony said and got in his suit and flew off. 

Peter stayed looking at the sky once again. Tony stooped in mid air. He was upset. Remembering raising you with the rest of the team. Tony remembered Steve and him finding you, at night, behind bushes, and by the sewer. Steve heard the crying, and saw a helpless baby on the floor, with no blankets, just a dirty white onesie, and a dreadful cry. Steve picked you up, his arms holding you gently, everyone absolutely fell in love with you. The court let them keep you. They had no idea who the mother or father was, but they let them name you. That  night, your first day home, everyone was brainstorming of names. Then Bucky said one that fit. Violet. Steve picked out your middle name, and your last name, was Steve’s, he called dibs, because he found you. Violet Sarah Rogers. Sarah was his mother’s name, so he wanted you to take after her. 

Growing up you had the best personality, sweet, innocent, and loving. He was having flashbacks of you as a toddler, teaching you to walk, and talk. Your first words were ‘Cap’, and ‘Ony’. You had the hardest time with the letter ‘T’, so instead of Tony, he was ‘Ony.’ He smiled remembering your first day of school, your first steps, your first time using the potty by yourself. And even the first time he noticed your powers. He spent time with you showing you how to use them and what was happening to your body. Everything was coming back. Then as you grew older, your first date, everyone scared the crap out of the boy who came home that night to pick you up. The first day in high school, your first prom. Tony smiled, with tears in his eyes. He shuddered, and began to cry. ‘Not my Violet.’ He said. He flew off quickly, and held back his tears. Steve and. Bucky were still on the roof. Steve had flashbacks of you as well. When he saw you for the first time in his life, a helpless baby, he fell in love, he felt like a father. 

Clint and Natasha were in their rooms. Clint was laying on his bed. He had fun memories with you, the memory of the cake, and many other happy memories. He smiled reminiscing them. Natasha walked into Clint’s room. ‘Hey.’ She said softly. He looked up. ‘Oh hey.’ He responded. Natasha laid on the bed with him. ‘How are you holding up?’ She asked him. ‘The same as everyone else is doing.’ He said. Natasha sighed. ‘We all miss her.’ She said. Clint grew teary eyed. ‘She was my little sidekick. My little bug.’ He said. Clint called you his little bug, because you were always attached to him when he was around, like a flea on a dog, a bug. 

In the lab Tony was trying to get in touch with Bruce. No one had seen him for a few weeks. He was helping Nick with some missions.Tony flew to the hellicarrier. Once he landed he searched for Fury. He walked around the decks, until he saw him in his office. Tony walked in. ‘Fury.’ Tony said. Nick looked up. ‘What is it Stark?’ He asked. ‘I need to get in touch with Banner.’ He said. Nick sighed. ‘I cant give out that information Tony. You know that.’ Nick said. Tony rolled his eyes. ‘I know, I know, but just listen to me, I really need to get in touch with him, this is important.’ Tony said. Nick turned around. ‘No Stark, I can’t give you that informati-’. ‘Violet is dead!’ Tony yelled cutting him off. Nick turned around. Tony sighed. ‘What?’ Nick asked softly. Tony began sniffling. ‘What do you mean? What happened?’ Nick asked standing up. ‘We got a mission alert, A.I.M was trying to steal some things from an old H.Y.D.R.A base, we went, and there was one person left that aimed at the team. So Violet, she jumped in front of us and put a force field around everyone, and she got shot.’ Tony said breaking down in tears. Nick sighed heavily. ‘She was only 18.’ He said. Nick had tears in his eye. ‘I need to tell Banner.’ Tony said. Nick nodded. Nick walked over to his desk and pulled out a flash drive. He handed it to Tony. ‘Here, this has everything we have on Banner.’ He said. Tony nodded, and wiped a tear form his eye. ‘Thank you Nick.’ Tony said. Nick nodded. Tony began walking out. ‘Oh and Stark! One more thing.’ Nick yelled out. Tony turned his head around. ‘I’m sorry for your loss.’ Nick said. Tony nodded. ‘Thanks.’ He said and walked out. 

Tony flew home and plugged the drive into the computer. There wasn’t a lot on Banner, but you had a last known sighting. It was in Boston. Tony suited up and hooked up a private jet. Tony was packing a bag.  Steve was still on the roof. He thought he heard your voice. He looked up. He followed the noise of your laughter and walked into the lab. Tony was playing a hologram of you having a pillow fight with Clint. Steve watched as the hologram played. Then he appeared. Steve walked into the room carrying a plate of cookies and a book. ‘What do you say bug, I think we should get ready for bed. You laughed. You were six at this time. You sat in Steve’s lap, as you ate a cookie and listened as Steve read the book. ‘Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Rapunzel. This princess had hair that was 70 feet long!’ Steve exclaimed. ‘Wow!’ You said in amazement. Steve chuckled. ‘Will my hair ever be that long daddy?’ You asked. Steve smiled. ‘Of course it will my princess.’ He said. The hologram ended. Steve looked down at the floor. He looked upon and saw Tony. ‘Where are you going?’ Tony turned around. ‘Boston’. ‘Boston? Why?’ Steve questioned. ‘I need to talk to Banner.’ He said walking. Steve followed. ‘For what?’ Steve asked. Tony sighed. ‘To tell him about Violet.’ He said. Steve stopped. Tony continued walking. Steve turned around. He wiped a tear and continued walking away. 

Peter was still watching the sky. He was imaging you. Remembering all of your good features. The way your hair turned light brown, when the sun shined upon it. The way your eyes glowed. The way your nose scrunched when you laughed. Peter sighed. He looked down at his phone. His screensaver was a picture of you and him in your graduation gowns. You had a rose in your hands, and his arms wrapped you in a hug. He smiled. He put on his mask and swung back to the tower. He landed inside. ‘Where is everyone?’ He asked. Steve looked up. ‘In their rooms re cooperating.’ Steve said. Peter nodded his head. He made his way to the elevator. He went to your old room. He walked in. He are not touch anything. He wanted for it to be exactly the way you left it. He sat on the floor. He pushed the center of the disk, and his regular clothes reappeared. He sat and looked around your room. There were many papers, many drawings. He saw drawing of many things, cartoon characters, comic book characters, and many other things. He smiled. 

Tony made it to Boston. He looked over at the flash drive one last time. Bruce had worked at a laboratory here. Tony walked in. ‘May I help you?’ The front desk lady asked. Tony took off his sunglasses. ‘I’m here to see Bruce Banner.’ Tony said. ‘Sorry, Mr. Banner only sees people by appointment.’ She said. Tony chuckled. ‘Tell him Tony Stark is here to see him. That’ll raise his ears.’ Tony said. The woman nodded her head. She called his office. ‘There’s a Tony Stark here to see you sir.’ She said. She nodded ad hung up the phone. ‘He will be right down. Why don’t you take a seat?’ She offered. Tony nodded. He looked around the room. A few moments later Bruce arrived. Tony saw him. ‘Hey.’ Tony said. ‘Tony, what are you ding here?’ He asked. Tony sighed. ‘Walk with me.’ He said. 

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Bruce led Tony to his office. They walked in and Bruce shut the door. ‘Tony why are you here? What is going on?’ He asked. Tony sighed. ‘You’re gonna have to sit down.’ He said. Bruce looked confused. Bruce sat down. Tony sat in the chair next to him. ‘Now, um, I need to tell you something very important…..about Violet.’ He said. Bruce looked at him weird. ‘What happened? Is she okay? What’s going on?’ Bruce asked. Tony sighed. ‘Bruce, Violet is dead.’ 

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It's Not Personal Pt. II // 11:50 PM

Pairing: Reader x Bucky

Featuring: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanova

Warning: Swearing, fighting

Prompt: Bucky and Steve are assigned to track down and attack an alleged threat. But what happens when that alleged threat is you, and your intentions are more mysterious than they thought?

P.S ~ this will be separated into multiple *parts*. if you’re liking this and what to make sure you don’t miss the next parts that follow, then turn on post notifications or send me a DM.

Previous Parts:

Part I

Following Parts:

Part III

Part IV

Part V

The helicopter landed on a wide, brightly-lit platform that was located in the middle of the ocean. You guessed that this was where Fury was. A smile braced your lips as the two super soldiers vacated the helicopter, Rogers tugging on your arm to follow them. His grip stayed fastened to you as they led you inside the building. It was much larger than you could comprehended.

Agents watched in awe as the three of you made your way down the long corridors. You flashed tight smiles at a few of them. Earning looks of disgust from the agents. Rogers and Bucky continued onward down the hall until they came to a dark grey door. Bucky clicked it open, pushing you inside ahead of him. His metal arm have you a harder shove and you stumbled forward.

Two people stood in the room, it’s windows overlooked an even larger room of the building. Computers, monitors, agents and more filled the room below as you stared in awe. You knew the two people who stood at your side, you could guess them from miles away.

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Drawn in Ink | Sam x Reader

Long time no see! I don’t remember if I posted this already or not, so I apologize if I did!


WARNINGS: none (except extreme fluffiness sorrynotsorry) this is also slightly cliché, but bear with me plz I love this au

written with fem!reader in mind, but I don’t think reader is ever specifically identified as female. (At first it is assumed by Sam and Dean, but when they meet I think it can be up to interpretation)

Sam smiled, looking down at his forearm.

He watched the black ballpoint pen ink swirl up his skin, delicate flowers and swirls appearing as his soulmate continued to doodle on her arm. In turn, her drawings would appear on his skin, wherever she had been drawing on herself. There had been times when he’d discover drawings on his stomach, and his thigh. There had even been a few on the tops of his feet, and his ankles.

“Geez, Sam. Doesn’t that bother you?” Sam looked up at his brother.

“No. Why would it?”

Dean shrugged, popping the cap off a beer. “You get those girly drawings all over you all the time. Isn’t it embarrassing?”

Sam shook his head. “No, not really. She draws them where they can be hidden. She scrubs them off a while afterwards, anyways.”

Dean shook his head. He took a sip of his beer and leant back, kicking his feet up onto the library table. Sam gave him a disdainful look, picking up one of his lore books and flipping through the pages.

“My soulmate never draws on herself. Get the occasional phone number on my palm, but whenever I call them, it’s either some spa place or a dude,” Dean said, sighing.

Sam looked at his brother, but Dean was too busy knocking back his beer to see.

“Why don’t you write your own number on your hand? See if she’ll call you.”

Dean grunted. “Maybe.”

A flash of color caught Sam’s eye, and he looked down at his left arm. The pen was still there, but it appeared that his soulmate wasn’t quite finished: she was painting, filling in the drawings. A blend of pinks and purples and greens and blues appeared on his arm.

“Can the girl not afford canvases or paper?” Dean exclaimed, shaking his head in disbelief.

Sam looked down at his book, smiling softly.

“If she’s happy doing it, I’m not complaining,” Sam said, closing his book and standing.


The impala pulled up outside a college in North Dakota—an art institute, to be exact. Founded by a guy ten years ago who had jumped off the roof of the condominium he was living in a day or so ago. Hell Hounds, the brothers expected. A week earlier, some doctor had been found torn to shreds in her house.

“Excuse me,” Sam said as he and Dean approached the front desk in the administration building. “I’m agent Davidson and this is agent Mulder, we’re with the FBI.”

The old woman behind the desk peered over her spectacles at the two men, eyebrow raised. “An FBI agent named Mulder?”

Dean chuckled, flashing her a charming grin. “You don’t know how many times people have asked me where Scully is.”

The woman huffed, pushing her spectacles farther up the bridge of her nose. “How can I help you, agents?”

“We’re here about Stephen Drury. We just want to ask some teachers about him, see if anyone knows anything.”

“I thought that his death was suicide? Tragic, though. Such a man,” she sighed, tutting as she shook her head.

“Yeah, well, we’ve had a few other deaths that look a lot like this one. Thought we’d check in—see if they’re related,” Dean explained.

“Well I can’t tell you gentlemen much, but I’m sure some of the professors and students can. Mr. Drury was very involved with his school.”

The brothers thanked the woman before making their way outside, examining the campus. Sam looked down at his left hand, noticing a swirling pattern looping around his thumb and curling up the back of his hand. He smiled slightly, before taking off after Dean, who decided to check out the Art History Professors first.

After an hour of walking around campus, all they’d learned was that Drury had been sleeping with one of the students, fired a janitor for stealing students’ artworks and selling them online for a profit (and that the janitor got revenge by vandalizing his car, only to get arrested and fined a thousand bucks), and that he had a certain dislike for large dogs.

“Well, man,” Dean sighed. “We’ve got a bunch of hell hounds.”

“Yeah, but—” Sam was cut off as his shoulder caught someone else’s, sending their books and papers flying to the ground. “Oh—I’m sorry,” Sam rushed, kneeling down to help them.

A smaller hand reached out to grab a book at the same time as Sam’s, and his eyes widened as he registered that they had matching blue pen ink swirling up their skin.

He brought his eyes up to meet yours, and he hoped you couldn’t hear his heart thumping erratically in his chest. Your eyes were wide, like a doe’s, and he could see a blush creeping up your cheeks. He felt his own cheeks heat up as he stacked your books and handed them to you.

“I’m Sam,” he breathed, gazing down at you.

“[Y/N],” you told him, shyly glancing down at your feet.

“I guess, uh…we’re…”

“Yeah,” you giggled. “We are.”

Dean watched you two with eyebrows raised, before he smirked. Sammy had found himself his Soulmate.

Sam glanced at his smirking brother, before looking down at you. “Uh, you wanna grab some coffee later?”

“Yeah sounds great. There’s this little cafe a few blocks from here with the best coffee in town. Um, the Bean House,” you said, tucking your hair behind your ear.

“Sounds great. Four okay?”

“Perfect,” you said, nodding your head quickly. He grinned back, and you parted ways.

“Way to go, Sammy. Yours is a cutie!”

“Shut up, Dean.”

Fairy Lights

Relationship: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky is having a really tough day and you can’t help but go the extra mile to make the super soldier smile

A/N: Here @imhereforbvcky since you’re having such a shit day, I’m returning the favour but instead of just sending this to you, I’m posting it and I promise I won’t criticise and scrutinise it like I do with my other stuff. So here. Waste time on this.

Warnings: Language (I’m English lol sorry), vague explanation of traumatising dream. And Christmas? Kinda angsty but it’s a fluff, I swear.

Words: 3045

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A couple of months had passed since you last woke up to the gut wrenching scream and you’d all just started to believe he was getting better. But tonight broke the lucky streak. You wake with a jolt upon hearing the terrorised outcry coming from Bucky’s room. Looking to your clock, you see it’s just past three in the morning and you can hear his laboured breathing despite his room being two doors down the hall so you kick your sheets off of yourself, wrapping a dressing gown around yourself before leaving your room but upon reaching the Winter Soldier’s door, you hear Steve calming down his best friend and you pause.

Mindlessly, you glance through the crack in the door and the sight makes your heart break. Bucky is sitting on the edge of his bed, his eyes puffy and red, hair dishevelled and a deadly grip on edge of the mattress as he leans forward, head hung low, trying to slow down his breathe. Steve sits beside him, every inch of him showing the fatigue he so clearly felt yet here he was, softly talking Bucky down from his panicked state with nothing but empathy in his voice. Taking a deep breathe, you step away from the door, feeling a sense of intrusion, before turning and making your way back in to your room.

That night, you fall asleep thinking about how hard it must be on the man to spend years having no control over his body, finally breaking through that only to be plagued by memories that keep him up at night. And then to feel like you’re not able to talk about it? You couldn’t imagine what that would feel like. He was silent when he came to the tower, only speaking to Steve, practically following him around when he left his room, which was rare in and of itself. Two months passed before he started leaving his bedroom to join the team in the common room or in the training room and you never said it but you took pride in being the first person he chose to speak to that wasn’t the star spangled man himself.

He was the one to initiate it, much to your surprise. Unlike some of the other team members, you’d been keeping your distance but it turned out that’s why he approached you. “You were the only one who wasn’t trying to force me to speak. Or pitying me, for that matter” he had told you one day when you’d asked why he approached you (long after that first conversation you’d had). He was no longer the quiet recluse but that didn’t mean he was open and inviting. He was no Wanda, that’s for sure.

Restless sleep overcame you for the rest of the night and when you finally got up for the day, you were still as tired as you were when going to bed hours earlier. Shuffling through the tower, you make your way to the common room with its adjacent kitchen and set about brewing a fresh pot of coffee. The tower was always a little quieter when team members were on a mission and today was no different.

Sam and Bucky had left in the early hours before sunrise on a simple mission to intercept a small Hydra base nearby and their absence was prominent. By the time you’d sat down with your mug of coffee, Tony walked in and it was clear he hadn’t slept at all, probably lost track of time tinkering with whatever gadget he was creating or improving.

He sent a grateful look in your direction when he saw the fresh coffee and you simply raised your mug in response but before you could take your first sip, FRIDAY’s voice filled the room. “Mr Stark, Sam Wilson is calling for your aid urgently”.

There is a moment of silence as you and Tony share a worried look before he instructs the AI to tell Sam and Bucky that he was on his way. The coffee in his hand was left untouched and neglected as we walked out of the common room and anxiety began to eat away at you. This was supposed to be a simple mission.

Sam and Bucky returned within the hour and they looked rough but there was a heavy air of tension between the two as they entered the common room, Wilson making his way to the fridge while Barnes practically fell on to the couch. Natasha was beside you, eyeing the pair wearily, simply waiting for something to happen - it was bound to with amount of seething anger floating between them.

The refrigerator door slams shut, making you jump as you turn to find Sam glaring at the man on the couch “All of this! All of this could be avoided if you had just listened” he roared and Bucky shot up to his feet.

“I told you I’m sorry, Sam!” he boomed. There was a pause before he spoke again “It was a mistake. Neither of us knew there were agents behind that door” his voice was eerily quiet and you knew there was a storm brewing under there.

Sam lifted his hand, pointing a finger at Bucky and began walking towards him, fast. “I told you. I told you not to go in there. We didn’t need to go in there. But you decided to make your own plans once again and now Tony is there saving our ass”. Bucky responded to Sam’s threatening demeanour by taking a step forward, his chest heaving as he withheld his anger, his shoulders straightening, his body tensing.

Natasha and you moved in sync, stepping in front of the boys, clearly seeing how quickly the situation was escalating out of hand. Your hand was placed on the soldier’s chest while Natasha held on to Sam’s forearm, both of your standing in front of them but they kept their eyes on each other, angry glares on both ends.

“Okay, both of you stop. What’s happened has happened. Tony is dealing with it. You have got to calm down” Natasha’s voice is firmly and  that there is no room for argument. You take a moment to thank the stars that Natasha was such a badass.

Almost two hours passed before Tony returned. After their outburst, Sam had walked out of the room, probably heading to the training room to let off some steam. Bucky remained in the common room, taking a seat back on the couch but he didn’t speak and you knew better than to push him for information. Every so often, you chanced a glance at him and could see the self-loathing that was simmering under the surface and it pained you not to be able to do anything about it. Steve had heard what happened and soon joined his best friend on the couch, also choosing to remain quiet. Sam happened to return just before Tony walked in and judging by the look on Stark’s face, you were willing to bet another argument was about to begin.

Tony stopped in the middle of the room, pointed at Bucky, to Sam, and back to Bucky before he spoke, his words quiet and slowly drawn out, “You two are fucking idiots” and every syllable expressed the anger he withheld. Sam was the first to respond “Me?! I told him not to! This is on him” and it was clear that the physical exertion had done nothing to calm him down. Bucky remained silent. Tony and Sam began voicing their outrage at the mistake Bucky had made.

From what you could understand, he made a mistake and walked in to a trap. A room filled to the brim with agents who knew they were coming and Bucky and Sam had barely made it out alive. When Tony arrived, they were still fighting and Tony had no choice but to begin an air strike upon the building, killing every Hydra agent inside but also killing any innocent people they may have had held as hostages.

Steve tried speaking up to end the onslaught but he was shut down. Fast. And Bucky remained silent. It was only when Sam and Tony seemingly ran out of insults to hurl at him did he look up with a venomous stare. “Are you done?” his voice was dangerously low but he didn’t wait for a response, stalking out of the common room and within seconds you heard the slam of his bedroom door being swung shut.

The common room was silent. Bruce, Natasha and Wanda had run in when they heard the commotion but hadn’t said a word. You were the one to break the silence this time. “You see, there was a line there but you didn’t just cross it, guys. You fucking blew it up” your eyes switched from glaring at Tony to glaring at Sam. Wilson was the first to speak up “He was stupid-” “He made a god damn mistake. Can you honestly say you haven’t?” you cut him off but you hadn’t finished speaking your mind. Making sure you kept your voice low, you continue.

“Wilson, remember the time you flew a god damn homing missile in to the quinjet, effectively blowing up our only way out of that Hydra base? Or Stark, what about the time you used the stone from Loki’s sceptre to launch your defence programme only for it to become sentient and try to destroy the fucking human race?!”

Your voice did not remain quiet as your anger spiked and so, taking a deep breathe, you continue. “Sure, he shouldn’t have gone in to that room and yes, maybe there were hostages that are now dead but neither of you had any right to attack him like that. Sam, when you returned, you had your say, that was warranted, sure, but that was enough. It was over. Screaming at him now has been nothing but cruel and you know it” Glancing at Steve, you see him falter, his usual Captain America demeanour slipping to give way to the anger he felt from seeing his best friend berated that way.

The two men stood in the room in silence, neither of them able to argue with what you said and you saw the guilt wash over them. You were right, after all. They had made worse mistakes and shouldn’t have shouted at Bucky the way they did. Seemingly sharing the same sentiment, the pair of them looked over to the elevator through which Bucky had left but Steve spoke up “Don’t. The last thing he wants it to have you two turn up at his door. Just give him time to cool down, he’ll be fine” but the sadness on Bucky’s behalf stayed in your heart.

Everyone knew how he viewed himself now that he’d broken through Hydra’s brainwashing. Everyone knew how he loathed what he’d done and was constantly berating himself for every little mistake he made throughout the day. And you couldn’t blame him. He was hurt. And the last thing he needed was for his team members to lose their temper.

Over time, the two of you became closer. Bucky viewed you as a friend, someone besides Steve that he could talk to without fear of judgement and you were more than happy to comply. Getting to know him, you started to see traces of the old Bucky, the Bucky that Steve would tell you about, and it always warmed your heart whenever you saw him genuinely smile or the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed because just for a moment, he didn’t look so broken.

The sound of his scream from last night ringed in your ears and no matter what you did, the thought of how rough Bucky’s day had been going was gnawing away at you. With a huff, you step back from the punching bag you’d been pounding for the past hour and half and begin to unwrap your knuckles, making your way to your room and in to the shower.

Walking out of the now steam filled shower, you had a new found spring in your step as an idea had formed in the back of your mind. Quickly removing the towel you’d wrapped around yourself, you get changed and head out to find Steve.

After having searched the common room, training room and lab, you come to his bedroom and knock on his door. His voice beckons you in and you find him seated at a desk, seemingly drawing in his journal. He did that often, it helped him relax after stressful missions or Bucky’s particularly bad episodes.

He looked up with a smile “Hey what’s up?” he asks, gesturing to you to come take a seat on the edge of his bed. It was now or never. “Hey, Stevie, I’ve got a question. What do you remember most from Christmases with Bucky?”

He woke up with a jolt, panting, a thin sheen of sweat covering his torso. Taking deep breathes to slow down his pounding heart, he actively took notice of the fact that his throat wasn’t burning and raw. He hadn’t woken up screaming like the night before. Kicking off his sheets he swings his legs over the side of the bed and pauses for a moment before getting up and making his way down the hall.

Bucky often wandered around the tower to calm himself down after night terrors. He thought he’d been getting better. Sure, he still had nightmares that woke him up most nights but they weren’t as bad as they were when he first came to the Avengers. Or at least, they weren’t until last night. Last night the terror came back with a vengeance. The images behind his closed eyelids looked crisper, the screams louder, the blood thicker and the orders to kill were heard as clear as day.

As the elevator descended, a warm, inviting smell invaded his senses, confusing him as he wondered who would be up at this hour. The doors opened and Bucky was left speechless as he took a step forward. There, in the common room of the Avengers tower, was a large pine tree softly illuminated by the fairy lights that intertwined the branches, the lights making the scattering of baubles glisten and cast reflections of light over the walls.

There was a soft glow encompassing the room because of the various candles that were spread around on different surfaces, giving everything a warm yellow tinge. A quiet clatter breaks his reverie and his eyes fall upon the figure standing in an apron, a spot of flour on her cheek, placing something on the counter.

You always hated the fact the elevator was silent, it meant you never heard anyone come in which you found unnerving. And tonight was no different. You only realised Bucky was standing there when you took the Christmas pudding off the hob and turned to put it on the counter beside the plate you’d set out. Looking up, you see him standing, rooted to the spot and panic. You weren’t ready. You were planning on setting everything up and going to wake him up and bring him down but here he was. “Waitwaitwait!” you squeaked before rushing to the record player, placing the needle on to the record and allowing the soft notes to fill the room, soon accompanied by the smooth vocals of none other than Bing Crosby as the original White Christmas began to play and you could have sworn you saw the soldier’s his eyes light up.

“What is all this?” his voice was barely above a whisper and you couldn’t help but notice the child-like awe he held in his features as his eyes wandered around the room again, almost like he was still trying to convince himself it was real. You speak softly “Well you weren’t having such a great day and I thought since we’ve got that mission next week… and we’ll be missing Christmas…” your voice fades as you gesture to the room in a pathetic attempt to explain it all. But his endearing expression doesn’t falter.

He’s silent. You step out from behind the counter, biting your lower lip, watching him anxiously. And in an instant, his arms are wrapped around you in a warm embrace, his face buried in the crook of your neck and the sudden action pulls a gasp out of you, taking you a second to register it before you wrap your arms around his back, a smile breaking across your features. He remains silent a moment longer, pulling you closer. If it wasn’t for the close proximity, you wouldn’t have heard the soft whisper. “Thank you” and you feel it more than hear it, his breathe hitting your neck, his lips brushing against your skin.

Bucky’s arms wrap around you even tighter and he simply holds you. You’re unsure of whether minutes have passed or mere seconds before he lets go of you but the needle of the record player lifts up, indicating the end of the song. And then something strange happens. Bucky turns abruptly and practically runs to the elevator. Your arms are still outstretched slightly from where he was standing before he just up and left. Stunned, you stand frozen in your spot for a while, trying to process what’s happened. What in the world was that? But your train of thought is interrupted soon after by the flashing light indicating to you that the elevator is coming back down to your floor. You wait with anticipation.

The doors slide open and Bucky practically pulls Steve out in to the common room “Bucky, why in the world are you bringing me down at 2 in the mo…” his gruff, sleep ridden voice fades as he looks around the room. Inhaling deeply, he turns to you wide eyed and with the same child-like glee that was shining in Bucky’s eyes just moments ago. Bucky turns to his childhood friend, “Isn’t this just like-” “Yeah… Just like home” Steve’s voice is soft, nothing like the Captain America voice you heard him use so often and your heart melts when you see the gratitude in the men’s eyes.

Trust: Chapter 2

Jack is broken. Blind and injured, unable to trust those around him after being rescued from Talon, he tries to push everyone away. However, Gabriel, adrift and trying to embrace the past and adapt to Overwatch once more, refuses to be pushed away determined that Jack will feel safe again. Kitty!76.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

Inspired by @noodl and Grant on Twitter.

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Blossom ~ An Avenger’s Story (7/15)

Originally posted by marveldcuniv3rse

AU Summary: Y/N and Jack survives an attack from HYDRA with the help of the Avengers.

Notes: i just want to protect Jack from all dangers of the world. keep his innocent mind so pure and full of bliss. why did i do this to myself dammit. also Matte is trans idk if you guys got that. plus she and rey are poc so that’s why i’ll keep an eye on those two. 

Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


“You’ve been acting suspicious lately.”

Bucky turned around and saw Natasha appear on the other side of the hallway.

“Well, more suspicious than usual. Tense. Evasive.” she continued.

Bucky shook his head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You know something that we don’t, Barnes, and it would do you good if you share.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” he replied. Romanoff has been observing him closely for a while now. With his past as the Winter Soldier, Bucky retained a small piece of his memory on the time he had training the Black Widow. Back when she was still in the Red Room. Natasha knows about this but kept quiet about it. She can see it in Bucky’s eyes that he remembers her. Not one of them has the courage to acknowledge it. What for? It was in their past. No use bringing it up now.

Turning away from the conversation, Bucky walked forward and left Natasha, hoping her prying eyes would stop. But she was persistent.

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Day 12

Imagine Being Shield’s Secret Weapon

For My Followers

“What do we do?” Daisy asks breathlessly. “He’s made an atomic bomb and we can’t get close enough to shut it down.”

“We call (Y/N),” Phil declares and Daisy’s eyes widen.

“You really think it’s gotten that bad?” Daisy questions and Phil nods.

“We need her help.”


Two sharp raps on your door yank you out of the Harry Potter world and into reality.

“Miss (Y/L/N),” the new directors voice calls.

“Come in!” you invite and he opens the door. He looks serious and desperate.

“We need your help,” Director Mace says and your blood runs cold. If they need your help it must truly be a dire situation.

“Let me get dressed,” you mumble and slide off your bed. Director Mace nods and leaves you be.

Shuffling to your closet you pull out your catsuit and domino mask.

Time for Lucy to come back out.


You aren’t called into the field unless it is an absolute emergency, your powers are erratic and extremely powerful.

When you aren’t stopping world ending scenarios you’re working on Agent Morale for the Director.


“So I walk in, disable the bomb, extract Robbie Reyes, and arrest his uncle?” you remark.

“Yes,” Director Mace confirms and your stomach twists. “Fitzsimmons designed this box to hold the uranium.” He hands you a bulky briefcase and nods.

“I’ll be back in ten minutes,” you grumble and stroll into the building.

You’re instantly met by ten armed men.

Closing your eyes you let your mind open and your powers flex out. With one wave of your hand they all fall to the ground unconscious.

Walking through the building is easy for you.

You have full use of your brain giving you amazing skills such as telekinesis, shape shifting, mind reading, mind control, time control, and more. The downfall of your powers is that they can lash out unpredictably and they can destabilize your body to the point where you can become nonexistent.

You stroll into the main part of the building where Eli Morrow has the bomb making Eli whip around to face you and Robbie Reyes weakly look up.

Robbie is trapped in a radiated box around the bomb while Eli torments him.

“Who are you?” Eli demands.

“Lucy,” you answer and hold up a hand. It’s all too easy to reach into his mind and shut it down temporarily. He falls to the ground allowing you complete access to the bomb.

“From Shield?” Robbie croaks as you approach him.

“Yes, I’m going to shut off the pain center in your mind and pull you off those spikes,” you inform. With just the lightest concentration you reach into his head and numb the brains pain center, then you pull your hands back and use your telekinesis to pull him off the spikes and set him on the ground in front of you. “Next I’m going to speed your healing process.”

Robbie stares at you in awe as you wave your hand over his torso making his wounds close immediately.

“Are you inhuman?” he whispers in shock.

“No, I’m a brain experiment gone right,” you answer nonchalantly and step into the irradiated box around the bomb. You are unaffected by the radiation as you walk through it to get to the bomb.

Holding out your hands you cautiously pull the uranium out from under the bomb switch. It takes intense concentration to withstand holding it with your bare hands but you do it.

You can feel your molecules separating as you stretch the limits of your abilities.

Once it’s out you summon the radiation safe box from the van outside and place it in.

“Lets go,” you tell Robbie and step away from the radiation.

“Why don’t they use you all the time?” he questions incredulously as you leave the building together. You drag his uncle behind with your telekinesis as you walk.

“My powers are dangerous and if I use them too much my molecules separate and I disappear,” you explain and hold up your free hand to show him the increasing transparency of your skin. “Not to mention I’m not an official agent. I only came to Shield because the team rescued me.”

Robbie says nothing more and as soon as you clear the building agents swarm you.


“Good job today (Y/N),” Phil praises as he peers into your infirmary room. After every mission you do Simmons has to stabilize your atoms in the infirmary.

“I don’t like this Phil,” you deadpan and he frowns. “I don’t like the new director, I don’t like all this security nonsense, I don’t like Shield when I’m not with you and the team.”

“I know, I miss the way things were too. Just please be patient (Y/N) the team is coming back together. Daisy is an agent again so she’ll be staying,” Phil tells you and you inhale deeply.

“I’ll be patient.”

You’ll just wait until your team is back together.