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Okay so I’ve been watching sense8 and while there are things about it that are a little ridiculous (so many gunfights and explosions - I love it tho), the absolute BEST thing about it and the reason I decided to watch it in the first place: diverse cast.

  • There’s Nomi Marks (a lesbian transwoman - her gf is played by Freema Agyeman), 
  • Sun Bak (a female Korean CFO and underground fighter ???!!!!!!!)
  • Capheus (a Kenyan trying to save his mother who is dying from AIDS)
  • Wolfgang Bogdanow (a German thief who faced child abuse)
  • Lito Rodriguez (a closeted gay Spanish Mexican actor)
  • Riley Blue/Gunnarsdottir (an Icelandic woman + genius female DJ)
  • Will Gorski (an American CopTM  living under his dad’s shadowTM)
  • Kala Dandekar (an Indian woman pharmacist and devout Hindu)

but I wanna talk about Kala and Kala’s hair for a second longer. She is played by an Indian actress who is half Gujarati and half Telugu (Tina Desai/Tena Desae). She looks like this:

(from netflixsense8​)

I have never seen an Indian woman with thick curly hair on a screen. Not one who’s meant to be beautiful and lovable. Not one who gets a romantic storyline. Even the actresses who do have naturally curly hair generally just straighten it always. Look at her hair and the frizz and the curls and !!!!!!!!

I grew up hating my hair. I absolutely abhorred it. I considered chemically straightening it more than once and only didn’t do it because keratin therapy is crazy expensive. The last time I cut my hair, the hairdresser went on and on about how beautiful my hair was and how much other women pay for hair like mine in weaves and wigs. And then she spent the next twenty minutes desperately trying to convince me to keratin straighten it. It’s only desirable when it’s straight, no frizz, tamed down. I still flatiron mine every time I have an event at which I want to look and feel beautiful.

But look at Kala! Capheus, Wolfgang, and Rajan all find her beautiful, and she doesn’t even straighten her hair for her wedding or engagement ceremonies! She’s STILL BEAUTIFUL. And look at her skin!!! MY SKIN IS THAT COLOR!!!! She’s not the palest possible Indian woman! She isn’t super dark either, but she looks South Indian, like me. And her strength of faith!!!! It’s questioned but never laughed at. Lord Ganesha is presented so respectfully and Hinduism isn’t made fun of or exoticised like I find in Western media so often!!!! Kala saves Wolfgang using her brains and building a literal bomb/molotov cocktail!!!!!!!!

I don’t think I ever realized just how much happiness it would bring me to find someone who looked like me on a screen, and who is called beautiful and wanted and isn’t fetishized at all. (I mean I’m way shorter and a bit squatter lmao bc I’m not an actual model like Tina but stilllll).

September Part 2

Summary: You’re one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. You’ve had your fair share of dating guys and getting tired of them, so sometimes you just want a little fun. When you go to the Met Gala, you meet the cast of Civil War and end up having the time of your life dancing with Sebastian in particular. When you don’t see him for months, you figure it was just a coincidence-until you have to go to the Civil War premiere in Hollywood.

Characters: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 1,618

Warnings: Fluff and minuscule smut, also a bit of a cliffhanger

“Ugh, seriously don’t want to go, Kristin.” You yelled out from your dressing room. You and Kristin were getting ready for the Civil War premiere in Los Angeles, and even though you loved the movies, your puffy eyes just weren’t cooperating with you tonight. Kristin wasn’t having any of your shit either.

“Did you shave?” She asked, putting on some earrings and walking into your room. You looked at her.

“Yeah, two days ago, what’s the point.” She gave you a ‘come on’ look and you knew you were going to have to shave.

“You do realize who’s going to be here, right?” She asked, cocking out a hip and crossing her arms. You walked into your bathroom in your underwear and grabbed the shaving cream, throwing your body onto the counter and your legs into your sink. She watched as you sprayed shaving cream onto your legs.

“I do. And I also realize that it’s been eight months since I last saw him. So what’s the point? By then, I’m sure he’s already ogling some other girl and he’s forgotten about me.” You explained, not taking your eyes off of shaving your legs. You can’t get a cut tonight, because your dress was already short.

“Really? Cause last I heard from Chris was that he was pretty lonely.” You widened your eyes and stopped and looked at her.

“Wait you never told me you still talk to him.” She smiled and looked at her manicure.

“Yeah, we didn’t at first. And then in January, we saw each other at the gym and he asked me on a date. It doesn’t mean anything. It was just one date. And he texts me.” She couldn’t keep the smile off her face, which made you smile and start on your left leg.

“You guys are cute. You know, you should really hop on that.” She opened her mouth to defend herself when you started laughing. “I’m kidding! Just like wait a few dates before you suck his dick.” She burst out laughing as you finished shaving, wiped off your legs and ran into the room.

“Yeah, well, you should just go ahead and get it done with Sebastian.” She suggested. You raised an eyebrow after you slipped your slimming black dress over your head.

“Get it done?” You asked. She walked into her room, probably to change, and kept talking to you.

“Yeah! You know, the birds and the bees. Consummation. Hop on it. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.” She sang out. You giggled and slipped on your heels.

“Alright alright I got it. I don’t know. Might not even run into him tonight.” You shrugged.

But boy, were you wrong. You and Kristin were smiling and posing for pictures, winking at the cameras and moving along the line. You both kept walking until you heard the crowd go insane and you figured the cast must be here. “Come on, I don’t want to get caught in the crowd.” Kristin yelled over the fans. You both made your way inside the building and grabbed cocktails while waiting for the cast to get inside.

“Y/N! Can we get some photos of you?!” The paparazzi yelled. You smiled and nodded at them, hanging your drink off to Kristin and walking over to the wall, throwing a hand on your hip and giving them your best smile. They kept calling your name to turn to them and you kept posing until you felt arms wrap around you and a chin nuzzle into your neck. You looked to your side and saw Sebastian looking at the cameras, making you smile and turn back to the cameras.

“Long time no see.” He said quietly in your ear. You turned so you could wrap your arms around him and kept smiling at the cameras.

“Yeah, I wondered when we would even talk again.” A hint of sarcasm in your voice caused him to let go and look at you. He turned to the cameras.

“That’s enough, thanks.” He told them with a smile and they all left the area to ogle over Kristin and Chris. Sebastian shoved his hands in his pockets. “I’m sorry, I’ve just had so much to do. And I didn’t know how to reach out to you, honestly.” He told you. You sighed and crossed your arms.

“I know. It just sucks when a guy kisses you and you never hear from them again, you know?” He nodded and looked at his shoes. “I’m not mad, it just would have been nice to spend time with you and getting to know you.” You explained to him. He nodded and watched Chris and Kristin, all while thinking.

“Well. We’re here together now. Let’s spend some time together, shall we?” He asked and held out his arm. You smiled and took it, walking with him over to Chris and Kristin. Kristin smiled at you.

“See! I told you you would see him again!” She said excitedly. You nodded and looked at Chris.

“Yeah and I guess you found yours so..” Your voice trailed off and Sebastian looked down at you.

“You look amazing, by the way, I never told you.” He said. You blushed and the cameras started snapping pictures of you two, so you dug your face into his shoulder smiling.

You both sat together in the movie and made comments to each other the whole time. You really liked him. He wasn’t like all the other sleazy guys your publicist usually set you up with. He was genuine. And you were sure of it. Even after he asked you to come hang out with him in his hotel room.

He led you into his room, his hand on the small of your back. You looked around and took it in. It wasnt even a room. It was a suite. White walls, white furniture, white fluffy pillows, just white. And there was the bedroom with a huge bed (that looked too comfortable considering it was one o'clock in the morning). And there was even a kitchen. And already you were picturing him making you breakfast but you reminded yourself not to get carried away. He set his keys on the counter and grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge.

“There’s wine glasses in the cabinet to your left I believe.” He instructed and you opened the cabinet and grabbed two large wine glasses. You both made your way over to the couch and he poured red wine into a glass and handed it to you. You smiled and sipped at it as he poured his.

“So are you happy with how the movie turned out?” You asked him. He beamed and nodded, sipping his wine as well.

“Yeah, I’m also really happy with all the press it’s gotten. And I’m really happy you came tonight.” He told you. You nodded and swirled the drink around inside the glass.

“Yeah I almost didn’t go.” You told him. He looked at you confused.

“Why’s that?” You sighed.

“Because it’s been eight months since we last saw each other and we just never were in contact.” You told him. Which shouldn’t be a big deal to you, but it was. Considering the guys you had previously been with, not being in contact calls for you both to meet other people.

“Well I’ll make sure to stay in contact with you this time.” He reassured you. You finally let out a soft smile at him. He brushed your cheek with the palm of his hand and looked you over. “You really do look beautiful tonight.” He reminded you. You looked down and then at him.

“Thank you, you do too.” He raised an eyebrow. “I mean, handsome! Not beautiful. Well I mean, you are a beautiful person, but like I mean in the sense of-” and the next thing you knew, his lips were on yours, moving in perfect sync. He pulled back a bit, setting your glass and his down as well.

“That was a really nice way of telling me to shut up.” You told him, you not your lip and kissed him again, this time kissing harder. He pushed your shoulders back and you laid on the couch as he got on top of you, straddling your hips with his knees. He ran his hand from your knee all the way up slowly to your shoulder, taking time to run his fingers over every exposure of skin he could find along the way. You began unbuttoning his shirt and he slipped the dress up to the bottom of your breasts and moved his hand back down to begin fingering the outside of your panties. You completely unbuttoned his shirt when all of a sudden your ringtone blasted.

You shrieked and bit his lip, pushing him up and sitting up all at the same time. You ran a hand through your hair and grabbed your phone, answering it seeing it was Kristin. He ran his thumb over his lip and you mouthed ‘sorry’ to him and he just nodded.

“What.” You stated, rather bitchy.

“Y/N?!” It was Chris. You completely sat up and immediately knew something was wrong.

“Chris? What’s wrong, where’s Kristin?!” You asked. He was breathing hard.

“I tried to save it, but I couldn’t…I lost control…she needs help…god, what do I do?!” He could not form a sentence.

“Chris, slow down. What happened?!” Sebastian sat next to you and watched you intently.

“We’ve been in a wreck. Kristin’s unconscious.” That was all you needed to heard before standing up and pulling your dress back down.

“What’s going on?” Sebastian asked you. You shook your head.

“What’s the nearest hospital here?” You asked him.

Authors note: hey! Sorry for the crappy update. I just have that thing where like you have so many ideas but they don’t come in until later in the story 😅 hope you like it! Let me know if you’re new and want to be tagged!

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So I just skimmed over a Wahington Post article about Bernies newly released healthcare plan. I was just wondering if you've gone over it and what your thoughts are?

I also skimmed it. What stuck out to me was the increase in Business payroll tax 6.2%. That’s just going to be passed off i higher prices. Pair that with his proposed increase in the min wage, more regulation, mandatory paid leave and other assorted cost increases and you’re building a cocktail of massive inflation.
I’m working on a full post about this, but this is absolute lunacy. I mean, it’s just fucking absurd. I’m starting to think he is trying to crash the US economy.