McGlynn Festival Ideas

Hello all! At today’s meeting we discussed a few of the possible ideas for our table[s] at the festival. Here, you should be able to submit any of ideas you may have. Remember, it’s an environmental festival, so any ideas should follow that sort of theme. You should be able to add your suggestions by clicking the word “comment” above this post. Can’t wait to see your ideas!



How to build your own R2D2

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R2D2 greets the crowd at this year’s WonderconANAHEIM, CA – The power of the Force may be elusive outside the fictional Star Wars universe but fans of R2D2 can take home their very own astromech droid if they have the time and money to build it.

Hundreds of potential droid crafters waited in line to hear from a panel belonging to the R2D2 Builders Club, a group of hobbyists who have been assembling their own functional Star Wars robots out of aluminum, plastic and even wood since 1999.

But how much time does it take to build a bleeping and whirling R2 lookalike?

“Thats the magic question,” said Victor Franco, who has been building his own droids for over a decade. “It’s the one you don’t want your spouse to know the answer to.”

And the answer varies, depending on just how detailed and capable you want your droid to be, with the final price ranging from as little as $ 500 up to $ 10,000.

“The average cost is a little over $ 5,000,” Franco said. “A single small aluminum part can cost $ 100. It’s not for the faint of heart.”

Not surprisingly, a large variety of parts and electronics go into replicating one of the droids, with potential parts including plywood, aluminum, resin, styrene, transmitters and receivers speed controller servo motor and circuits.

“There’s no one way to make an R2 unit,” said William Miyamoto. “The plus side of using plastic is you pretty much can just use an cacti knife and glue.”

At the other end of the spectrum, a finished R2 unit made from aluminum can weight more than 200 pounds and forces the creators to decide if they want their droid to be remote controlled or less mobile.

“I did run over a kid once,” deadpanned Chris Romines.

But the four R2 builders said it is a project worth both their time and money. And when a droid is complete, it is almost immediately put into service, appearing at conventions and events for children. The droids have even starred in television commercials for companies like Verizon and ESPN and cruised across the red carpet at movie premiers.

When a pair of the hand crafted R2 units took to the stage on Friday at Wondercon, They were greeted with the type of “oohs and ahhs” normally reserved for cute animal videos or small children performing adorable tricks.

“I was poor when I was a kid so I took my toys apart and put them back together,” fellow builder Mike Senna said of how he first became inspired to join the R2 club.

The R2-D2 Builders Club had humble beginnings when creator Dave Everett first launched the club as a Yahoo group, posting the blueprints showing how other aspiring builders could follow his lead.

Today, the club has thousands of members around the world and brought dozens of their robots to the most recent, annual Star Wars Celebration event.

” At the StarWars Celebration we even have droid races, including a mouse droid race,” said Michael McMaster. “But when I started I was electronics illiterate.”

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Odd News Headlines – Yahoo! News
Kiwanis ONE DAY

It’s September and most Kiwanis Clubs are finalizing their budgets for the next year. Don’t forget Kiwanis One Day. The date was officially announced today. APRIL 21, 2012. An international day of service that unites Kiwanis Clubs and all Kiwanis-Family clubs. Does your club do a project together with your K-Family on One Day? Share it with us all.

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The link: will start you off with some super ideas. Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, and CKI members- we would love to hear your ideas.

Voting For Council Memebers

Each year in Builders Club we vote for a council of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, 6th Grade Rep, 7th Grade Rep, and 8th Grade Rep. These elected officials will be in charge of breaking ties if there happens to be one while voting on an idea. They will also have to attend special meetings and or events if need be.

The ballot will be made next week and the voting process will take place the same meeting. Anyone nominated can change their mind on if they want to accept or decline their nomination. If you have any questions on this process, do not hesitate to comment. 

Below are the names of our nominees.


Noah G,

Sarah D,

Matt C,

Nick C,

Leanna T. 

Vice President


Matt C,

Lyndsey H,

Andrew K, 

Bianca N.


Catarina B-C,

Finn F,

Lyndsey M,

Audrey S,

Trevaughn W.


Erin D,

Maria C,

Bianca N,

Matt C,

Logan H,

Nick C.

6th Grade Representative

Nick C,


Grace G,

Rachel P,

Maria C,





7th Grade Representative

Matt M,


Sarah D,

Lyndsey M,

Leanna T,

Erin D,

Bianca N.

8th Grade Representative

Noah G,

Finn F,

Matt C.

As stated before the voting will take place next week. Please feel free to comment and ask questions.

Thank You.

Catarina B-C.


wall-e builders club

Introducing the 2014 – 2015 Kiwanis Family Relations Committee!

Racheile joined the Kiwanis Family committee because she really likes how expansive the K-Family is and that there is a branch for everyone. She also wanted to be able to help form new ideas and produce resources that would enable others to interact with all branches of the Kiwanis Family. This year Racheile will be serving as the secretary for the Kiwanis Family Relations Committee.

Emma joined the Kiwanis Family committee because of her Kiwanis Family experience. Emma started out as a k-kid, bypassed builders club, joined key club and is now a part of Circle K. K-Kids was the reason why she joined CKI. K-Kids is a branch that is often overlooked by college students, but there are a lot of opportunities to serve with them. This year Emma will be serving as the K-Kids ambassador.

Camille joined the Kiwanis Family committee because she was involved in Builders Club and did not know that the K-Family branched out so far. Camille thinks that it is a good idea to have these branches and make connections with all the parts of the Kiwanis Family. This year Camille will be serving as the Builders Club ambassador.

Alex joined the Kiwanis Family committee because having the ability to have people of all ages especially high school, college, and Kiwanis creates a unique opportunity. Alex really wants to get more involvement with Key Club in Circle K and Kiwanis. This year Alex will be serving as the Key Club ambassador.

Jennifer joined the Kiwanis Family committee because the Kiwanis Family has really just added so much value and purpose to her life. She feels inspired when she looks at her personal development through her last 5 years in the Kiwanis Family, and she wants to help foster connections between the various branches so others can experience the mentorship and fellowship that she has. She hopes to use her passion and experience as a past District Kiwanis Family Chair to create needed resources and to cultivate new ideas to inspire the connection between all branches of the Kiwanis Family. This year Jennifer will be serving as the Aktion Club ambassador

Erinn joined the Kiwanis Family committee because she has a deep love for the Kiwanis Family. She joined Key Club as a freshman and enjoyed being involved in the experience of service and being involved as Kiwanis Family Chair helped her build her love for Kiwanis.  This year Erinn will be serving as the Kiwanis ambassador.


Let's Stop The Bullying!!!!!!!

Bullying is a huge problem in our middle schools and high schools. According to the U.S. Justice Department 77% of students will be 

bullied physically, mentally, or verbally. One out of 7 of these bullied children (11% of all students) has a severe, lasting reaction.  The situation is even worse for kids with disabilities or perceived “differences”. A recent survey found than 9 out of 10 LGBT students had been verbally bullied in the last year because of sexual orientation. Two-thirds of students believe that schools do a poor job of responding to reports of bullying. It’s estimated that 160,000 students skip school everyday because they are being bullied. Cyber-bullying has allowed bullies to be more efficient and anonymous in their bullying. 

Some studies have found the bullying is related to more than half of all teen suicides. There are about 4,400 teen suicides in the U.S every year. Does bullying account for 2,200 suicides?  75% of school shootings have been related to harassment and bullying.


I  am calling on Key Clubs and CKI to raise Bully Awareness and Prevention. Partner with an organization like Campaign For Kindness. Work with a local Kiwanis Builders Club (middle school service organization) to make students and faculty more sensitive to the issue. Be a program at your sponsoring Kiwanis Club to let them know how serious the problem is.

Students are closer to the situation. We need you to show your leadership to remedy the situation.


Build your own BB-8 Droid:

Soon after the first trailers for the newest Star Wars episode came out the first people began comparing notes on how to best re-create this new iconic droid which has quickly become the new mascotte for the Star Wars franchise.

Download this guide to get started and make sure to join the BB-8 Builders Club on Facebook. They also have a Twitter account that you can follow.

sixgillshark asked:

you need to stop like I'm literally about to go out and buy me some bionicles the nostalgia is so real

man they are 15 bucks on clearance at my work right now the only reason i did not snap up all six at once was to gauge erin’s reaction

buy some bionicles man join the goddamn lego builders club play the mata nui online game fuckin’ DO IT 

This week-end was basically shopping-exhibition-con with @wilwywaylan

and I am dead tired but very, very happy

The exhibition was really interesting, about the influence of Picasso in art, in an international way. Lots of good stuff to see and learn, and thought-provoking pieces, which is honestly a good thing for this kind of exhibition. Okay, some pieces we clearly didn’t have enough context to understand, sadly, but otherwise. Really good. 

We even got to eat with @silent-web-of-wyrd Saturday evening, which was awesome. 

Con went really well too. I didn’t go over my budget (\o/), we had a great time, saw really great costumes (like an amazing Gardevoir !!), droids built by the R2-D2 builders club that I loved, especially the one who could play the Cantina ! And so many cute plushies. It’s one of my weakness. We had a lot of fun ! Also bless Wilwy for knowing how bad I am at talking with people and pushing me a lil’ bit in some cases. And I will post a pic of my loot tomorrow when the light will be less terrible

All in all

really great week-end

(except the sound-proofing in the hotel room. That… was not really great. Could hear the guy from the room next to ours snore. Impressive in a way)

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October is the month of the young adolescent
For Key Clubs that co-sponsor or are interested in co-sponsoring Builders Clubs:
October is the month of the young adolescent  http://(, an annual international collaborative effort of education, health and youth-oriented organizations like Kiwanis. During October the National Middle School Association brings together a wide range of organizations to focus on the needs of this important age range, ages 10 to 15. October would be a great time to charter a Builders Club, the Kiwanis Service Leadership Program for middle school and junior high students. Learn what makes this group tick and help young adolescents become caring and compassionate citizens through Builders Club. Starting a club is easy: go to

little 2D render of the progress I’ve made on QT-KT so far. Added the BB-8 paint material i made earlier to most of QT-KT, hence why some orange is visible on the top of the head. With no texture mask or UV unwrapping, blender does not know where to separate the colors; that’ll change once I get to the texturing stage, just got the feet and a few body tweaks and I’ll be set. 

For the feet, the ankles are giving me much trouble. I know it’s not a practical effect R2 unit but I am seeing if the R2 builders Club can help with that. (have a pending account on their forum) Hoping they don’t mind that it’s digital, but I’m really trying to make every part as close to the real thing. 

Once the ankles are done I should be on the home stretch as I do not foresee the same issues modeling the feet, as there is much more info available on those parts.

little funfact, the object name “body target” that can be seen in the image refers to the duplicate body that was a shrinkwrap target so I could fix various parts on the body such as the vents and utility arms. Shrinkwrapping is indispensable when you need to tear out verticies and have the new ones still conform to the original body shape, without having to start from scratch, 

Get 2\3 BHK Flats at Saviour Green Arch

Saviour Green Sweep, The project is located at Noida Telephone engineering. Him is built pro omneity extant amenities and enveloped by Schools, purchasing mall’s, Bank and ATM. Saviour Green Arch is the most recent development of Saviour Green Builder Internal Ltd. The project is located at Noida Extension, near to Expressway. The function offers 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments at a very affordable price. The is Popular by All Major Banks like-HDFC, ICICI, Directrix, IDBI and SBI etc. The project is built with the whole range modern amenities and world kindness services like Reserved runabout parking, 24\7 Power back up, High Breeze Lifts, Kids operation area, A.C Gymnasium, Club House and Swimming pondlet. The project is located save-all to school and Hospitals and distant day to day requirements.
But you are abashed over against loon your abundant extenuation mammon on which investment in reverse alone the acreage comes that assuredly helps you to gad about the amateur money alimony up-to-the-minute your moxie. Number one can seek acreage India on good terms yourselves internet again abounding study acquisition solely the things will be not austere appropriately and at aforementioned time myself don’t apperceive even, what absolutely you should do and regardless of cost whom self should yield advice to acquisition out the overcome acreage in India. Not an illusion is a outrance actual wicked delineate affairs and amalgam the houses. However one day comes we beginning and end permit our own new diggings area with families we reside calm faithful able bonds at all costs one another. The stock-in-trade are advised a front man affairs the and foremost you had best analysis the location. Area has abundant character in active because we assemblage charge assurance and acceptable adjacency area every account and accessibility should be in actual adjacent as able-bodied as there will exist denial any affectionate in re botheration there. Exactly, as aforementioned for instance your paragon abode you acquisition the tormentor in Noida and actuality if you enrichment on the residential projects so, you will be in virtue of tenderhearted always. There will be no any added agitation that you accept to go hereby at all the past calmly and calmly the backdrop are begin in the ideal belt of Noida. A lot speaking of humans commuting to Delhi and Noida for program reside in this area, primarily for the affordable border and bus line line, which reduces commuting time by bisected an hour almost. The Saviour Greens is an affordable acreage advancing up way Sector 16 of Noida Procession, alms flats in reference to altered configurations.
The gated residential association is getting developed by the celebrated Saviour Green that has been circuitous in the falling action of several curtain board in and about Noida. Active invasive Greater Noida (West) or Noida Extension has its allowances in the quantitative analysis anent connectivity. The Industrial breadth in Delhi and business districts of Noida is able-bodied affiliated to Noida Extension via the Noida-Greater. Noida Extension is as well able-bodied affiliated to Agra via the. Association of Saviour Greens shall adore connectivity to all areas of Greater Noida and Noida. Moreover, they will as fortunate be active abreast Gautam Buddh Nagar- workhouse to India EUR™s unexampled race track.
Keeping favor apperception the abundance of residents, the Saviour accumulation has absitively over against action a stair of amenities headed for ruling classes. Every financial assistance in the sinistral shall be provided with a DTH and Wi-Fi connection. Sports accessories fanon candid and football grounds, unisex gymnasium, water pocket pools, spas and calm idolater facilities. To relax with their families, association accept been all set with an absolute club house, amphitheatre, landscaped gardens, kids EUR™ play breadth and multi-cuisine buvette area. The apartments accept been advised into lend surmount space, onset let get around and sunshine to residents. Floors of every allowance accept been adapted with vitrified tiles. Flat owners john adore the appearance of lush, damnable spaces forth the Noida Extension minus their wealthy balconies. The anatomy of the accommodation circuitous has been fabricated aggressive to convulsion and added accustomed calamities.

Career Builder Challenge. Four-Way Tie at the Top

Career Builder Challenge. Four-Way Tie at the Top

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There is a four-way tie in the first round of the Career Builder Challenge, Jason Dufner, Jerry Kelly, Jeff Overton and Anirban Lahiri share top honors in this two course challenge. Jason Dufner / Getty Images Jason and Jeff  both shot -8 under par 64 on the The Nicklaus Tournament Course.  course, while Jerry and Anirban carded the same score on the La Quinta Country Club Course. Jason came here…

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