builders of the pacific coast


Inspiring and beautiful video from Lloyd Kahn. I recently came across his work after picking up Builders of the Pacific Coast and Shelter.


I can’t recommend this book enough: Builders of the Pacific Coast, by Lloyd Kahn.   Kahn traveled the wooded wilds near ocean-side, photographing countercultural architectural wonders and their eclectic designers and builders.  Builders is a photographic treasury of architecture as art; a wood faerie fantasy come alive; psychedelic voices heard across time and alchemically translated into visions of elven dwelling; a previous era’s free spirits roaming through the forest, claiming driftwood, building wonder cabins in misty coastal stands of redwood.  The book is also a vision of the way forward, away from the cut-rate, lowest common denominator-ism of building that denies and degrades our humanity, and towards true craft, the unique, surprising and beautiful–architecture as a way home.