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50 Shades of Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 3163

Warnings: Slight dom/sub, smut, unprotected sex, mentions of 50 shades of Gray, use of restraints, spanking, mostly just fluff and slightly kinky sex. 

Summary: You and the boys decided to watch a movie after Sam gets embarrassed and goes to bed, you and Dean decide to do a little role playing of your own. Not even you realized just how brave you could be. 

A/N: This was done for an anon who requested, Hello. I was wondering you could write one where you and the boys are finally staying in one night so you decide to watch a movie and the girl picks 50 shades and Sam ends up going to bed and Dean and reader somehow end up acting out what they are watching. Not sure if I explained well. Thank you!!! ❤️ I hope it was what you were looking for. I am even thinking about possibly doing a part two if people want to read one just let me know. This was super fun to write, I hope it is fun to read. Italics are scenes from the movie, specifically. 

Flopping between your two favorite guys you let your body squash between them. Carefully tucking in your elbows to your side to make sure you didn’t hit anyone in the guts. It was not only a much-needed break from the cases you had been dealing with, Lucifer’s baby mama drama was still causing problems not to mention the British douche bags were now also trying to murder you and everyone you knew. It was also movie night, and it was your turn to pick the film. A well-deserved distraction and you already had a title in mind.  

You didn’t get to watch movies and relax very often, so even knowing the boys might be slightly uncomfortable, you choose the one movie you had been dying to see. The movie was supposed to be a romance and you only vaguely knew that it was about somewhat kinky sex, you didn’t even care if you blushed for two hours straight. It was what you were watching. You clicked a few buttons and up it popped on the screen. 

“Ugh, no, you aren’t going to make us watch,” Sam let out a sigh, “this.” 

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Strike, You’re Out

Fandom: The Walking Dead
Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader
Requested: No
Prompt: You’re picked in the Negan lineup 
Warning/s: Violence, blood, angstangstangst

A/N: I know this has been done quite a lot but this is my take on the iconic scene and, I mean, Carl Grimes. I should post again later, hopefully something happy (fluff or smut) with Jonathan Byers? Might have a look through the requests for some inspiration ♡

Your knees ached as the dangerous man wandered around in front of you and your beloved group, tauntingly singing ‘eenie meenie miney mo’ with a predatory smile. 

Carl sat next to you, not letting any emotion cross his stone face as he glared at the notorious Negan. You didn’t have the same confidence to meet his eyes. It felt like your insides were shaking, but you kept it in- tensing your muscles to remain frozen stiff. 

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Mansplaining, gaining edition: it’s what’s for breakfast

So I bought a body composition analyzing scale the other day.

I’m super ridiculously out of shape, but not overweight. I’m actually a bit on the thin side, and I am trying to gain muscle weight.

The guy at the checkout asked me why I was buying a scale. I should have told him it was none of his business, but some part of me thought he might be a Good Samaritan wondering if I had some sort of body image issue. After all, why would a skinny person want to watch their weight? Ignorant, but understandable, given how little most people know about what “healthy” actually is. Maybe I can educate someone that skinny =/= healthy! Still none of his business, but I told him I was working out and trying to gain weight, because skinny =/= healthy.

The fucker then proceeded to tell me not to work out “too much” or I might get bulky, and of course, that would be super, super not ok.

Um. Excuse me?

I mean, first of all, just because I find it impossible to ignore things that are factually incorrect, it’s basically impossible for a woman to look “bulky” by accident. I know women who are competitive weightlifters and they still aren’t bulky.

Even women who are stronger than a given man often still look smaller. For an example of this, watch Jeremy Clarkson try to lift up a banana basket that a slender Namibian woman carries around for 12 hours a day. Spoiler: he fails.

Getting bulky as a woman takes dedication and conscious aesthetic effort. But beyond that, who the fuck is this dude?

Why is he assuming I give any kind of a fuck whether he thinks I shouldn’t get “bulky”?

Why do so many dudes think women literally exist solely for the purpose of being aesthetically pleasing to them?



Men, get this into your head: I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK I SHOULD LOOK LIKE.

I did not get that scale so I could monitor whether I am in the correct weight range for men to find me fuckable.

I got it to monitor my MUSCLE GAINS, FUCKFACE.

And I will gain as much or as little as I want. If you find that threatening, you can kiss my increasingly muscular ass.

Your insecurity is not my fucking problem. I am not mandated to be physically weak in order to make you feel more secure. If you can’t feel secure knowing some women are strong, or making an effort to become stronger, get a fucking therapist rather than taking it out on random women who come up to your till.


So I was telling someone I know about the Humans are the Friendly Ones post, and she brought up something no one has mentioned before-

Not only do humans try to befriend other species, but we also love seeing those other species get along with each other, like tiger cubs and puppies playing together, or ducklings following a horse. And other humans too - the US is up to their elbows in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and it’s not just because they’re allied to Israel. So I thought, ‘What if humans were the intergalactic bridge builders?’ I mean, people will try to introduce their friends to each other, and a lot of the time if they don’t like each other the mutual friend will try to get them to give each other a second chance. What if the human species tried doing this with allied species?

spookyautism  asked:

Ship: Sabriel

  • who starts putting up decorations in october?

Gabriel, he starts putting them up in S e p t e m b e r and Sam’s like ‘dude it hasn’t even been Halloween’ and Gabe just turns to him grinning and snaps a toy ghost onto the top of the tree.

  • who buys the advent calendars?

Sam, because Gabe goes very very overboard and he is not ready for another ‘puppy for every day’ calender, as much as he loves dogs.

  • who places mistletoes all around the house?

Sam, and Gabriel enchants them so you can’t get out of kissing the person. Which only ended badly when Sam and Dean got stuck under it (luckily apparently a kiss on the cheek is good enough)

  • who wraps the presents for other people?

Sam, Gabe doesn’t see the point in wrapping when he could just snap shit up, fully wrapped and looking like it was done by professionals, but Sam finds it therapeutic.

  • who puts the final star/angel on the top of the christmas tree?

Well when Sam’s finally gotten the ghost down permanently (it kept coming back and Gabriel swore it wasn’t him but yeah, nobody believes that), and warned Gabe for the thousandth time that if he even tries to stick Cas up there he isn’t getting laid for a week, Gabriel gets onto Sam’s shoulders and they do the it the cheesiest way possible.

  • who’s the one that hates eggnog?

Sam, he needs no reason.

  • who’s the one that bakes christmas cookies for guests?

They always try to make cookies but apparently Gabriel has a thing for Sam when he’s covered in flour so they get burned and Gabe just snaps some up and they pretend that they’re homemade, nobody suspects a thing.

  • who sends out the christmas cards?

There’s nobody to send Christmas cards to, but sometimes Sam makes one for Cas because he can’t think of a present for him.

  • who knows all the words to twelve days of christmas?

They both do. Dean hates them. They can’t sing in tune. 

  • who’s the better snowman builder?

Well I mean Gabriel cheats, but probably him anyway because Sam’s artistic capabilities consist of drawing a pentagram 

  • who starts snowball fights?

Gabe. He starts snow wars.

  • who’s the one that wakes the other on christmas morning by playing christmas songs really loudly?

Gabriel. Archangels don’t need sleep and he doesn’t care how much Sam needs because it’s Christmas.

Old arabian architecture is so amazing the houses are basically huge sandcastles! 

architects back then were nothing but professional sandcastle builders!

i mean look at this prototype of al Masmak!

and then the real thing


and don’t even get me started on the inside!

 i’m so emotional right now!

And the best part is the roof! if it gets super hot and they can’t handle sleeping inside they would sleep on the roofs !!!!

can you imagine all the star gazing!!


Before I head out to run some errands, I wanted to share what I spent my morning working on. I am not a master builder by any means, and I find the whole settlement construction rather overwhelming, but the more I work at it, the more I seem to be able to finally put things together that look… neat.

As I’ve been restoring Sanctuary, I’ve had to decide what to do with the empty lots. I turned one into the generator shed, built a cabin on another, and a Minutmen museum/armoury on another (which is a WIP, really, and right now just a fancy storage space). In the cul-de-sac, I originally built this sort of open air cafe/market/bar which was hastily thrown together and rather drab in the rain, but was insanely popular with everyone in the settlement. But as I started watching more and more settlement build videos and started picking up a few things, I decided it was time to tear the whole thing down and start again.

So here is the first actual bar I’ve created: The Pip Boy. It has a large open air patio because I really enjoyed that aspect from my first scrapped build and has kind of a ramshackle saloon look to it.

Hancock is currently assigned as the bartender because we all know he’s the life of any party.

I didn’t share any shots of the inside because right now it looks a little too… uniform. I realized that after I finished decorating. I need to mix up some of the furniture to make it look a little more cobbled together and eclectic.

As you can tell, the night shot was taken before I’d decorated the inside. I used the rug glitch to get the bar shop wedged inside, but no matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t get it completely flush with the wall. But eventually I decided, “Meh, good enough.” I also originally had candles on the tables, but ended up going with the oil lamps because I was reminded of some places I’d been where they had little tiny oil lamps lit for ambience.

At first I also didn’t have any electric lights inside, and put wall sconces around to try and give the place that sort of dim and smokey atmosphere you tend to experience in a lot of pubs. But doing so prevented me from putting any decorations on the walls and it all seemed a bit… spartan. So while I left some of the wall sconces up, I ended up hanging two strings of lights in the middle of the interior which added just enough light to make the place bright, but still shadowy in the corners.

the one where 10k is insecure

this was requested by an anon

AU in which you and 10k are dating and hes insecure about his appearance

“10k? Did I stick my spare shirt in your bag?” You ask, standing in the small bathroom of the gas station. He digs in his bag, and pulls out a dark long sleeved one.

“No. I have an extra one, though.” He says, tossing it. You peel off your filthy jeans and tee, and pull on a new pair of pants and his shirt. It hangs low on you, but smells like him, so you don’t care. He turns around, pulling his own shirt off. You frown.

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stardusthime  asked:

Haha i mean, there is definitely religious imagery. But when his Jesus portrayed as a clean shaved, short haired body builder haha. i mean he probably wasn't overweight but haha. and did they realize that was a peacock, not a dove hehe

oh yeah without a doubt! i don’t doubt for a second that op was deliberately channeling religious imagery (because thats just a popular subject when it comes to art with dio and/or jonathan in it anyway) but man…..that is the most Ripped Jesus ive ever seen in that case ahaha–


Okay I am by no means a builder LMAO, but I wanted to try and explore different cottage styles for “Nesting Doll” my collaboration fic with DomesticProwess and also, my “Dacha” fic which is much more about vibrant cottages- and it’s more modern. 

I’m not happy with the outside ahhaha it’s so simple- but I will maybe post more? I just like to explore settings, it’s one of my favorite aspects of writing


100 things that you did not know about Africa - Nos.51- 75

51. The mediaeval Nigerian city of Benin was built to “a scale comparable with the Great Wall of China”. There was a vast system of defensive walling totaling 10,000 miles in all. Even before the full extent of the city walling had become apparent the Guinness Book of Records carried an entry in the 1974 edition that described the city as: “The largest earthworks in the world carried out prior to the mechanical era.”

52. Benin art of the Middle Ages was of the highest quality. An official of the Berlin Museum für Völkerkunde once stated that: “These works from Benin are equal to the very finest examples of European casting technique. Benvenuto Cellini could not have cast them better, nor could anyone else before or after him … Technically, these bronzes represent the very highest possible achievement.”

53. Winwood Reade described his visit to the Ashanti Royal Palace of Kumasi in 1874: “We went to the king’s palace, which consists of many courtyards, each surrounded with alcoves and verandahs, and having two gates or doors, so that each yard was a thoroughfare … But the part of the palace fronting the street was a stone house, Moorish in its style … with a flat roof and a parapet, and suites of apartments on the first floor. It was built by Fanti masons many years ago. The rooms upstairs remind me of Wardour Street. Each was a perfect Old Curiosity Shop. Books in many languages, Bohemian glass, clocks, silver plate, old furniture, Persian rugs, Kidderminster carpets, pictures and engravings, numberless chests and coffers. A sword bearing the inscription From Queen Victoria to the King of Ashantee. A copy of the Times, 17 October 1843. With these were many specimens of Moorish and Ashanti handicraft.”

54. In the mid-nineteenth century, William Clarke, an English visitor to Nigeria, remarked that: “As good an article of cloth can be woven by the Yoruba weavers as by any people … in durability, their cloths far excel the prints and home-spuns of Manchester.”

55. The recently discovered 9th century Nigerian city of Eredo was found to be surrounded by a wall that was 100 miles long and seventy feet high in places. The internal area was a staggering 400 square miles.

56. On the subject of cloth, Kongolese textiles were also distinguished. Various European writers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries wrote of the delicate crafts of the peoples living in eastern Kongo and adjacent regions who manufactured damasks, sarcenets, satins, taffeta, cloth of tissue and velvet. Professor DeGraft-Johnson made the curious observation that: “Their brocades, both high and low, were far more valuable than the Italian.”

57. On Kongolese metallurgy of the Middle Ages, one modern scholar wrote that: “There is no doubting … the existence of an expert metallurgical art in the ancient Kongo … The Bakongo were aware of the toxicity of lead vapours. They devised preventative and curative methods, both pharmacological (massive doses of pawpaw and palm oil) and mechanical (exerting of pressure to free the digestive tract), for combating lead poisoning.”

58. In Nigeria, the royal palace in the city of Kano dates back to the fifteenth century. Begun by Muhammad Rumfa (ruled 1463-99) it has gradually evolved over generations into a very imposing complex. A colonial report of the city from 1902, described it as “a network of buildings covering an area of 33 acres and surrounded by a wall 20 to 30 feet high outside and 15 feet inside … in itself no mean citadel”.

59. A sixteenth century traveller visited the central African civilisation of Kanem-Borno and commented that the emperor’s cavalry had golden “stirrups, spurs, bits and buckles.” Even the ruler’s dogs had “chains of the finest gold”.

60. One of the government positions in mediaeval Kanem-Borno was Astronomer Royal.

61. Ngazargamu, the capital city of Kanem-Borno, became one of the largest cities in the seventeenth century world. By 1658 AD, the metropolis, according to an architectural scholar housed “about quarter of a million people”. It had 660 streets. Many were wide and unbending, reflective of town planning.

62. The Nigerian city of Surame flourished in the sixteenth century. Even in ruin it was an impressive sight, built on a horizontal vertical grid. A modern scholar describes it thus: “The walls of Surame are about 10 miles in circumference and include many large bastions or walled suburbs running out at right angles to the main wall. The large compound at Kanta is still visible in the centre, with ruins of many buildings, one of which is said to have been two-storied. The striking feature of the walls and whole ruins is the extensive use of stone and tsokuwa (laterite gravel) or very hard red building mud, evidently brought from a distance. There is a big mound of this near the north gate about 8 feet in height. The walls show regular courses of masonry to a height of 20 feet and more in several places. The best preserved portion is that known as sirati (the bridge) a little north of the eastern gate … The main city walls here appear to have provided a very strongly guarded entrance about 30 feet wide.”

63. The Nigerian city of Kano in 1851 produced an estimated 10 million pairs of sandals and 5 million hides each year for export.

64. In 1246 AD Dunama II of Kanem-Borno exchanged embassies with Al-Mustansir, the king of Tunis. He sent the North African court a costly present, which apparently included a giraffe. An old chronicle noted that the rare animal “created a sensation in Tunis”.

65. By the third century BC the city of Carthage on the coast of Tunisia was opulent and impressive. It had a population of 700,000 and may even have approached a million. Lining both sides of three streets were rows of tall houses six storeys high.

66. The Ethiopian city of Axum has a series of 7 giant obelisks that date from perhaps 300 BC to 300 AD. They have details carved into them that represent windows and doorways of several storeys. The largest obelisk, now fallen, is in fact “the largest monolith ever made anywhere in the world”. It is 108 feet long, weighs a staggering 500 tons, and represents a thirteen-storey building.

67. Ethiopia minted its own coins over 1,500 years ago. One scholar wrote that: “Almost no other contemporary state anywhere in the world could issue in gold, a statement of sovereignty achieved only by Rome, Persia, and the Kushan kingdom in northern India at the time.”

68. The Ethiopian script of the 4th century AD influenced the writing script of Armenia. A Russian historian noted that: “Soon after its creation, the Ethiopic vocalised script began to influence the scripts of Armenia and Georgia. D. A. Olderogge suggested that Mesrop Mashtotz used the vocalised Ethiopic script when he invented the Armenian alphabet.”

69. “In the first half of the first millennium CE,” says a modern scholar, Ethiopia “was ranked as one of the world’s greatest empires”. A Persian cleric of the third century AD identified it as the third most important state in the world after Persia and Rome.

70. Ethiopia has 11 underground mediaeval churches built by being carved out of the ground. In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries AD, Roha became the new capital of the Ethiopians. Conceived as a New Jerusalem by its founder, Emperor Lalibela (c.1150-1230), it contains 11 churches, all carved out of the rock of the mountains by hammer and chisel. All of the temples were carved to a depth of 11 metres or so below ground level. The largest is the House of the Redeemer, a staggering 33.7 metres long, 23.7 metres wide and 11.5 metres deep.

71. Lalibela is not the only place in Ethiopia to have such wonders. A cotemporary archaeologist reports research that was conducted in the region in the early 1970’s when: “startling numbers of churches built in caves or partially or completely cut from the living rock were revealed not only in Tigre and Lalibela but as far south as Addis Ababa. Soon at least 1,500 were known. At least as many more probably await revelation.”

72. In 1209 AD Emperor Lalibela of Ethiopia sent an embassy to Cairo bringing the sultan unusual gifts including an elephant, a hyena, a zebra, and a giraffe.

73. In Southern Africa, there are at least 600 stone built ruins in the regions of Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. These ruins are called Mazimbabwe in Shona, the Bantu language of the builders, and means great revered house and “signifies court”.

74. The Great Zimbabwe was the largest of these ruins. It consists of 12 clusters of buildings, spread over 3 square miles. Its outer walls were made from 100,000 tons of granite bricks. In the fourteenth century, the city housed 18,000 people, comparable in size to that of London of the same period.

75. Bling culture existed in this region. At the time of our last visit, the Horniman Museum in London had exhibits of headrests with the caption: “Headrests have been used in Africa since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Remains of some headrests, once covered in gold foil, have been found in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and burial sites like Mapungubwe dating to the twelfth century after Christ.”

Part 1. 1-25

Part 2. 26-50

Part 3. 50-75

By Robin Walker 

Robin Walkers book When we ruled is one of the best books Africans and African Diaspora can use firstly as a introduction to African history and secondly a good source to become proficient with precolonial African history.

Recommended reading

TMR Newt - Bullied

This was requested, here is the exact request, “Hi! Great imagines here! I was wondering if u could do a Newt x Reader imagine where Reader is being bullied by Gally and his “crew” but Newt steps in and beats the living daylights out of him? Violence warning and fluff please :)”
Thank you for your request!  I’m glad you like my writing!
Word Count: 1145
Warnings: Violence
Requests are open, all requests are appreciated!  I am in multiple fandoms.

You trudge your feet through the long grass as you make your way back to the homestead after another long day of work.  The glade is oddly quiet, filled only with the occasional complaint about hunger or exhaustion.  The gladers are all ahead of you and are drifting slowly towards the tempting smell of Frypan’s food.  You wave to Thomas and Minho who are exiting the showers and they return the gesture as they hurry to the homestead ahead of you.  

“Hey.”  Gally steps into your path, a gaggle of gladers behind him.  “Where do you think you’re going?”  Great.  Just the people you had been hoping to avoid.  “To get some food.”  
Gally raises an eyebrow and takes a threatening step closer.  You refuse to give him the pleasure of seeing you step back and stand your ground as you reply.  “Yes.”  You start to step around him but he shoots out an arm to stop you.  “No, you’re not.  You didn’t finish your work.”  
“Yes I did.”
“I don’t think you did.”
“Gally, I really don’t have time with this.  I finished everything I was meant to finish.”  You were a builder, meaning you had to work under Gally.  Thankfully there were a lot of builders so it wasn’t too bad but he always found some time to torment you.  Gally turned round to his friends behind him and seemed to convey some message through his facial expression because the next minute his croneys were laughing and running back to your work.  You realise what they are doing and go to run after them but Gally grabbs you, forcing you to stay put as they wreck all of the days work.  “This doesn’t look finished to me {Y/N}.  What do you think?”
“I think you’re a shucking slinthead is what I think.”  You know this is dangerous territory but you’re anger makes you blurt out the words.  He shoves you, and you go flying to the ground.  You roll over and begin to stand back up but after a well aimed kick to your stomach you are sprawled on the ground again.  “Leave me along Gally.”  You do your best to sound stern but you doubt it sounds that way as you hold in your groan of pain.  “What was that?”  Gally kicks you again and leans down over you, punching you in the nose, causing a flash of blinding pain.  Blood begins flowing and soon it is flowing into your mouth, you lean over and spit the blood onto his boots.  Another stupid move but you aren’t going to just let him walk all over you.  His crew gangs up to surround you but Gally raises an arm to let him do this.  You know you have no chance of beating him in a fight, at this point you are really just hoping someone will leave the homestead and see and maybe get Gally thrown in the slammer.  Gally raises his foot to stomp down on your arm and you jerk it out of the way, but not quickly enough as you hear the sickening crunch of bone in your fingers.  The sound and the horrific pain at your bones being crushed makes you scream out, something you had been trying your hardest not to do.  “Oy!”  The crowd splintered outwards, leaving clear gaps so you can see Newt striding towards you.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”  Gally crosses his arms over his chest, trying to act like he is not the one in the wrong.  “She attacked me.”  He claims and Newt shakes his head while his hands curl into fists at his sides.  “No she bloody well didn’t.  You liar.”  He swings his arm up so it collides with Gally’s nose, mimicking your injury.  As Gally leans over Newt swings up his knee to connect with Gally’s groin, leaving him rolling in pain on the ground next to you. “This is your fault you shucking b*tch.”  He snarls and before he can do anything Newt is on top of him, throwing punches like mad.  By this point gladers are flying out of the homestead, sensing something big going on.  Alby is yelling at Newt and it takes a minute for the words to register before Newt stands up, his breathing harsh as he clenches and un-clenches his fists.  The med-jacks approach you and start cleaning your bloody nose and splinting your broken fingers while Newt stalks off.

You sit in the med-jack hut while the other gladers decide what to do.  You don’t think they will put you in the slammer, you are probably in the med-jack hut for your own safety while Gally is still livid.  A soft creak alerts you to the boy poking his head around the door frame.  “You alright love?”  You smile and open your arms for a hug which he gladly accepts.  “Yeah, besides the bloody nose, broken finger and bruises I’ll be fine.”  
“I’m sorry you saw that.”  Newt avoids your gaze, his eyes flitting around the room.  You pull him in again and whisper in his ear.  “It’s okay.  I’m sorry I never told you.”  
He pulls away, his gaze hardening.  “About that, why didn’t you tell me?”
“He’s never done that before.  It’s just been little comments, I could live with that.”  
Newt kisses your forehead gently and brushes your hair back behind your ear.  “You shouldn’t have to.”  You nod, agreeing with him to make him happy even though it wasn’t that bad at all before today.  “You’re moving job.”  You shake your head and begin your list of protests before he shushes you with a finger on your lips.  “No buts.  You can come and work with me.  I’m not having you working with him.  You’re not working for at least a week anyway.  You’re on bed rest.”  
“You better not be shucking serious shank.”  Newt’s face stays solemn and you smack him lightly on the arm.  “I’d rather not.”
“I’d rather you did.  I’m going to take care of you all week, and make sure you are okay.  You’re not going back to work until you are all better.”  You shake your head, a smile tugging at your lips but he nods and leans in to kiss you gently.  “No buts.”  He gently lifts up your top halfway, revealing your stomach and ribs where the bruises lie.  He pecks your lips once before kneeling down and placing little butterfly kisses over every single little bruise.  You giggle at the tickling sensation and he smiles before continuing, making sure to get every spot.  “What are you doing Newt?”  You ask through your giggles and he looks up at you smiling lightly.  “Kissing it better.”
“Thanks.  Guess that means I can go back to work tomorrow then.”  He raises his eyebrows at that and you heave a dramatic sigh.  “It was worth a shot.”  

Ok so Skyrim and Oblivion (And Fallout ¾) were specifically designed to have these magnificent vistas that you’d come across at key locations and especially major parts of the story, specifically crafted so the trees would frame the mountains and your eyes were drawn to a specific dungeon or whatever. And that’s cool. That’s some nice visual design.
But then Morrowind, which has a draw distance of about the length of your arm in vanilla… You mod out the fog, generate long distance terrain… And it’s even better?
The issue I think is that in order to make the world seem bigger in modern games, the terrain is carefully shaped so that it hides how close everything actually is. Stick a mountain in the way, a cliff here, a hill just the right height to hide the next town over. There was a good article about this by the developers of Kingdom Come(?) where they called it Potato Landscapes. Everything is hidden in little valleys so you don’t see something before you’re absolutely supposed to and at the angle the devs wanted you to.
Morrowind doesn’t have that. You weren’t going to see anything until it popped out of the fog 3ft in front of you anyway, so instead the terrain is designed more with navigation in mind and the result is a pretty damned natural landmass. Ok, it’s a little weird but its a volcanic mushroom kingdom of bug farmers and that only seems fitting…
And yet it still does have these absolutely gorgeous vistas, but they aren’t hand crafted carefully calculated nice things… They’re just there. A decade before the game would ever possibly be able to show them. Did the world builders have a means of rendering out what it “would” look like? There’s some spots that almost seem to suggest that’s the case. Or do they just happen, like the real world?

So I discovered that Jesus may not have been a carpenter, after all, but rather a stonemason. 

The word used in the Greek in Mark 6:3 is τέκτων, which is traditionally translated as carpenter, however, it can also mean builder. An argument against Jesus building with stones is that the specific word for a stonemason (λιθολόγος) does not appear at all in the New Testament. However, this could simply be because of the Koine Greek which the New Testament was written in - the people’s common form of Greek where fancy verb tenses and word distinctions are less common. More telling is the utter lack of wood structure throughout Israel and Palestine, and the plentiful amount of stone structures in the land. It is not implausible to argue that Jesus did not craft things out of wood, but of stone. Lastly, it is an interesting nod to who Jesus is theologically. 

“The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes” (Matthew 21:42, Psalm 118:22-23)

“This is very important, because this is where you see the roots, the real roots of modern Freemasonry. The Egyptians were great builders, stone builders, and obviously their two greatest achievements in stone building were pyramids and obelisks. It is no coincidence that pyramids and obelisks are used as symbols of Freemasonry. Freemason meaning Free-builder. Here, we’re not talking about only building structures, physical structures. We’re talking about building your own inner temple, so the building concept is very important and that is why there is a strong association with ancient Egypt.” - Akram Elias