builders league united


“Also I’d like to point out that the shade of blue used in the uniforms suit me way better than the shade RED use, as for territory, I don’t really much care for that, what BLU owns has nice views so I’m not complaining.”

Only RED I know of who isn’t like the others so far is askpinkiepyro just hope the admin doesn’t find out we’re all buddy buddy.

Mod: Also Blue in general is my favorite colour sooooo yeah.

sarenthestalwart  asked:

Well, okay then. BLUs, what would you say to some Mane 9 dakimakuras?

Scout: Pinkie’s cuddly enough on her own, I don’t need no pillow.

Soldier: Same.  Plus, those weird pillows wouldn’t have that nice fresh muffin smell the real Derpy has.

Pyro: I like Trixie, but I’m straight, so… no.  Now, if it were an Engie pillow…*grins*

Demoman: Me affections are towards Berry Punch, no’ Applejack. 

Heavy: Heavy is gay.  Heavy has no interested in female dakimakura.  *thinks about it* Maybe one of Medic…

Engineer: *blushes at Pyro’s comments* Well… Ah’m gonna go with all the ones who’re happy with havin’ the real thing.  Pyro’s cuddly enough as is.

Medic: Maybe a cut resistant one…  Something I can safely work out my… ‘urges’ on…

Sniper: Don’t seem right to me.  Plus… *blushes a little* …I’ve been thinking about courtin’ Dasher for real.  Right now I’m just tryin’ to balance my need to go home with my growing affection for Dasher…

Spy: As ze others have said, I have ze real thing in Zecora, so I have no need for a pillow.  Although Zecora’s image on it would make it a very sexy pillow.