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Who’s Your Daddy?

Series AU 


Author: Joi A. Wade

Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby? 

It was just an ordinary evening in the glade, nothing different, nothing suspicious. For once it was actually peaceful and quiet.  The runners were going to return soon, the gardeners doing their thing, the builders finishing up some finally touches on their new shed for extra tools, just the same endless routine as always. Or was it? 

The glade was suppose to be retrieving shipment of new supplies, food and clothes, but it was taking longer than expected. Usually they are during the afternoon, sometimes if they’re lucky, in the morning. But, now the sun was about to set behind the maze walls, and everyone was about ready to settle down after a long and hard day. Alby looked out into the distance, watching everyone settle and do some last minute checking. Inhaling a long breath he looked at where the box was located. Why hasn’t it sounded off yet? 

“Bloody thing still hasn’t come up yet?” Newt limped toward the leader, his face coated in sweat and a few dirt specks. 

“Afraid not. Maybe we’re not getting anything this month.” He shrugged, turning his attention to the runners entering the glade again. Not even a few seconds later the walls started to close, signaling that the day was ending, confirming his theory. 

Nodding to his second in command, Alby walked away to his hut. Newt took one more look at the box, a strange feeling building up in his stomach. The creators wouldn’t just…neglect them of supplies for no reason. Shrugging it off, he also made his way to his own hut. 

“Hey! Newtmas!” Gally exclaimed, jogging over to him. Rolling his eyes at the nickname, he stopped in his tracks and waited for Gally to approach him. 


“We were promised a new supply of tools and,” He raised both his eyebrows and arms, his face stretched in surprise. “I’m not seeing any tools! We spent all shucking day building that shed, and now we don’t get to use it?”

“Look, not really certain you were promised anything, but I have no say in what the creators do. We’re all disappointed and confused as to why the box won’t come up, but-”

“Hey, shuckface!” Minho raced over to the two boys, a look of confusion on his face as well, not to mention Thomas was right on his trail with the same expression. “What gives? We were supposed to get new runner’s shorts. Thomas here is gonna need them soon, or I’m leaving him in the maze so the grievers can deal with the stank.”

“Hey, I don’t smell that bad, I wash these everyday!” He defended, Gally rolling his eyes. 

“More like every other decade. But, seriously, when are we going to get-”

“Hey, Newt! I thought we were supposed to be getting new knives! Slicing with dull knives aren’t really going to do the job!” Winston joined in the conversation, followed by a few more of the keepers and workers who were also concerned. 

“Yeah, Jeff and I are getting low on cleaning supplies, needles, medicine-”

“Hey, I was here first, complain to someone who actually cares!” Gally snapped. 

“Oh, like having tools for your precious shed is more important than our health?” Thomas spat right back, only making the builder angrier. 

Newt watched as everyone talked at once, complaining and throwing out scenarios, thinking the worst as to why the box wouldn’t come up. The crowded commotion seemed to alarm Alby as he rushed over to an exhausted Newt. 

“What is going on here?” He shouted over the mixture of arguments, silencing them all. Newt sighed heavily, answering his question. 

“Everyone is completely shucking nuts over the fact that the creators haven’t sent the box back up. Builders need tools, the slicers need new knives, the med-jacks need medicine and supplies, and the runners need new running shorts because apparently Tommy can’t clean his own klunk. So basically, everything is going on.” Newt rubbed his head, sleep starting to catch up with him fast. 

“Alright, listen up! I understand that this is all a bit..different than any other month, I get it. But, we’ll just have to make dew with what we have.” 

“With what we have? How long until the creators stop sending stuff altogether?! Until we have nothing and we all die! We can’t build, we can’t eat, we can’t get medicine! This is probably some test!”

“Calm down, would you? You’re jumping to conclusions, we don’t know WHAT this means, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of the world.” Minho rolled his eyes, crossing his arms in the process. 

“Well what does it mean?” Chuck pushed himself through the crowd of boys, coming back from cleaning the bathrooms, wanting to join the commotion. 

“It means,” Alby turned and pointed at the box. “This box doesn’t change a thing. We’ve gone longer without any new supplies, and today isn’t and won’t be any different. Am I clear?” 

Everyone sighed in unison, nodding and murmuring in agreement. But, not even a few seconds later, the familiar alarm sounded off. Scaring the whole glade into an even deeper silence, they all basically sprinted toward it. Well, all except for Alby and Newt, who just stood in a pit of shock. Newt turned to Alby for only a moment, then looked back in the direction of the box. 

“What exactly does this mean?” 

Without an answer to give him, Alby just trudged over to where everyone else was, Newt following behind him. Once everyone was in close range of the box, they watched as the doors slid open, the faint sun being the only light to shine inside of the dark area. 

Anyone who could see inside all gasped dramatically, as what was inside was definitely not supplies, tools, or any kind of object. It was a person. And not just any person…

Newt dropped down to get a closer look, his eyes widening to the size of plates as his breath caught in his throat. 

“What is it?” Alby asked the question that everyone wanted to ask, but were too busy in a state of shock. Newt looked up at everyone, his mouth hanging open slightly, as he held a note that he picked up.

“It’s a girl. And she’s…pregnant.” 

The muttering of the gladers surrounded the box, as everyone leaned in closer, getting a clear view of the girl that laid unconscious. Alby jumped down, along with Gally, Minho and Thomas. He walked over to Newt, reaching for the note in his hand. Once Newt gave it to him, Alby saw that the color was drained from his face. Reading the note himself, he could see why.

“Well,” Thomas poked the girl’s stomach, getting smacked in the head by Minho. “What? I was seeing if it’s real…” 

“What does the note say?” Gally points to it, Alby looking up at him for a second and then back at the note, an unreadable look on his face. 

“You’re uh…going to want to sit down or something.” 

“Just read the damn thing!” Newt yelled, a stressed out expression colored his face as he rested his head back into his hands. 





One of you is responsible for this. Until you figure out who…

the box no longer moves.’


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submitted by Matt Eyre

I’ve tried not to put my EDC into a catagory and pack things that I will need and may find useful to how I live my life. A mixture of urban and wilderness items. Looking forward to building on this now. I want to do specific EDC’s depending on my situation instead of a general one. I will update you all when it’s done.


Build the perfect brick wall #cool #amazing #brick #bricklayer #jokes #quick #tools #tool #cement #building #builder #construction #engineering

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Some more Fakemon for the Symphora region. These guys were really fun to make. Even if the tips of the feathers were a bit of a pain in the plot (thank Arceus for the Shape Builder tool). I was considering using the name “Cutpie” (cutpurse+magpie) for one of them, but it just didn’t sound quite right. Not to mention all the HM01 jokes.

#012 Maskpie (mask+magpie)
Magpie Pokemon
Gender ratio: 50% male, 50% female
Breeding: Flying
Base stats: 40/45/30/40/30/65
Ability: Pickup/Frisk
HA: Pragmatist - The Pokemon seeks every possible advantage when attacking. (Moves that are powered up under certain conditions will always operate as if the conditions are met, even if they are not. For example, Knock Off will always have 97.5 base power, even if the opponent has no item.)
Ct: Maskpie love to collect things, and will often go as far as stealing them from unsuspecting humans, Pokémon, and each other. They do not get along well with Murkrow.
Ar: These mischievous Pokémon are very clever. Their tactics frequently involve deception, distraction, and charm.

#013 Snagpie (snag+magpie)
Thief Pokemon
Gender ratio: 50% male, 50% female
Breeding: Flying
Base stats: 50/70/45/65/45/85
Ability: Pickup/Frisk
HA: Pragmatist
Evolves from Maskpie at level 16
Ct: They are careful to avoid detection, but unafraid to use dirty tactics if caught.
Ar: Snagpie fiercely defend their hoards, which are often targeted by Murkrow. Some form small flocks that take shifts guarding while others are out collecting.

#014 Magpocket (magpie+pickpocket)
Shady Pokemon
Gender ratio: 50% male, 50% female
Breeding: Flying
Base stats: 69/90/65/80/65/126
Ability: Pickup/Frisk
HA: Pragmatist
Evolves from Snagpie at level 30
Ct: Magpocket store things in their wing feathers in such a way that they, amazingly, never fall out, even during flight. When not carrying anything, they can fly almost silently.
Ar: Even greater than this Pokémon’s greed is its vanity. They are sometimes spotted trading stolen jewelry with each other.

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hi i'm very interested in vector art and have made one or two very simple things. i want to improve, but i'd like some tips on how to do so. (besides practicing ofc because i know i have to do that too )

I’m still learning vector art myself so take this with a grain of salt!

I would say really get to know the program you’re working with.  So if you’re using Illustrator, watch anything and everything on using it.  Watch tutorials on tips, tricks, and hidden gems in Illustrator (or whichever program you use). There’s still lots of things I don’t know about Illustrator, such as its perspective and 3D mapping tools, so definitely sit down and pick apart the program.  

Also get to know each tool in the program and its corresponding shortcuts, so like when you’re using the Shape Builder Tool, remember to press Shift + M to use it and Alt/Opt to delete.  When you’re duplicating objects, keep your fingers ready on the Alt/Opt + Drag.  When you need to undo, keep your fingers on CTRL/CMD + Z (this will probably be your default position for your left hand).  Adjust the program’s workspace so the panels you use the most are in easy reach, such as having the Pathfinder panel near your Layer panels.

Another tip is to surround yourself with vector art and people who inspire you.  I go on Dribbble, Behance, Twitter, Tumblr, installed Muzli, etc. daily and follow a lot of artists and check out tags.  Constantly seeing their work on your feed will give you a boost each time you check social media and will motivate you to create more stuff (hopefully!). Examine their color choices, their use of space, their choice in details, how they illustrated something a certain way (did they illustrate an eye with just a circle or is it heavily detailed? or do the hands have fingers or is it just a blob?, did they use strokes/outlines and so on), etc.

Also make stuff you are passionate about!  If you’re into a certain anime or cartoon or video game, make vector art on that!  If you enjoy scenery/environments, try making vector art of that.  Or maybe you like to do character design and want to make some vectors of your OCs.  Whatever it is, vector art is a lot more fun when you’re illustrating something you love and not just because you want to make art for the hell of it

Hope something in this helped!  


“Y/N!” Dan called.

You silently groaned before coming out of the Infirmary. “Yes?”

“I have some clothes to be washed,” he stated while piling a load of sweaty clothes in your arms. You were a MedJack and since there weren’t many injuries, a few Gladers decided to get you to do the ‘domestic’ chores because you were a girl.

Since you were new to the Glade and the only girl, you went along with it and stayed quiet. You carried the clothes to the clothes line after washing them. “Y/N? I have some Builder tools to be put away,” Harold requested. You nodded.

On your way to the building site, another Glader stopped you. “Hey, Y/N,” Fred said, “There’s a recipe for a sauce for dinner tonight in the Kitchen, if you don’t mind.” Before you could explain where you were going, Fred left.

“They’re still doing it?” Your friend, Minho, approached. “I swear, you should just tell Newt or someone about those slintheads. One of the rules is to do your part and you’re doing everyone’s.”

“It’s not a big deal,” you assured. You didn’t want to cause any drama. You also didn’t want to be treated differently because you were a girl, but no way that was going to stop. Harold saw you again. “Y/N, I told you to put my tools away.” You nodded.

Fred interrupted, “Y/N, the sauce needs to be done soon.”

“Why don’t you shucking do it yourself?” Minho defended you, “For shuck’s sake, she has her own job.”

He scoffed, “Yes, because the life of a female MedJack is very tiring. Now, go to the Kitchen.”

You were about to go when Minho insisted, “Stay here, Y/N. What does Y/N being a girl have to do with anything?”

While the two were arguing, you saw Harold gesturing towards the building site so you slipped away without either of them noticing. You quickly organized the tools and put them back in their rightful place.

Then, you found yourself in the Kitchen, stirring the sauce for tonight. You don’t know why you can’t say no, but thoughts appeared when you thought of the word ‘no’. ‘I’m not good enough.’ ‘I have to do more to be treated equally.’ 'Other people shouldn’t hear my problems.’ 'It is selfish to think of myself before others.’

Maybe you were like this before, but as you finished your sauce, Minho came barging in. “Nope, no, no,” he declared, “I did not argue with that shank so you would still do what he asked.”

“Too late,” you apologized. With that, Minho took the saucepan and poured its contents into the sink. You immediately snatched it back and began measuring the ingredients again. “Y/N, you shouldn’t let them walk all over you,” he tried to reason with you, “Just tell Alby or at least Newt.”

“It’s fine, Minho,” you stated while remaking the sauce, “Now, if you don’t mind, I have to finish this in time for Dinner.” He left angrily, but you just continued with the sauce.

Frypan thanked you for making it and that was it. No more sauce drama. You sat with Minho who had cheered up considerably. “So, you’re good now?” You asked.

Before he could answer, Newt sat down at your table. He didn’t usually do that so you raised an eyebrow. “Hello, Y/N,” he smiled.

“Hello,” you said, brushing it off. Maybe he and Minho had to discuss Glader business. “Uh, I can go if you-”

“No, stay,” Newt insisted. Everyone ate quietly. You ate a little and excused yourself. Minho followed you. “Y/N, I didn’t mean to make you upset.”

“You didn’t.”

“It’s just that I don’t get it,” he continued, “Why do you let them boss you around?”

“I don’t want to be a burden,” you mumbled.

Minho shook his head. “Y/N, you don’t think that I didn’t notice the bags under your eyes? They take every free minute you have and make you do what they’re supposed to do. You get dizzy with all the different orders!”

You corrected, “They’re not orders.”

“Are you scared of them? Did they threaten you?”

“No!” You sighed. “I’m the only girl and I already feel inferior. I barely do anything as a MedJack so I’m sorry if I help out.”

“Y/N, you work harder than anyone and it’s not even your job.” He saw how tired you looked and let you go to bed. You faked a smile and went to the Homestead to go asleep.

When you woke up, there wasn’t anyone in their beds. Did you sleep in? In the state of panic, you rushed to put your day clothes on and run outside.

The boys were gathered outside with Newt, but you heard what was being said before they saw you. “I’ve heard that a group of you have been slacking and expect Y/N to do your job,” he announced, “I’ll remind you that we don’t like slackers. If I hear this again, I won’t hesitate to put the group in the Slammer.”

His eyes widened when he saw you and Newt looked a little embarrassed. You mouthed, 'Thank you.’ He nodded with a slight smile.


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Making it look easy
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No Real Explanation


Could you do a rough gally smut?:) I love your writing!!!

WRITERS NOTES: sorry its short i sort of made this more like a one shot imagine then anything else sorry it was just hard as ive never done a gally imagine before and not to be mean or anything but he’s not one of my preferd characters so it was quiet hard to write but i hope i didint mees up to bad with it

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A Step Too Far

Prompt: Y/N and Newt are thrown into the slammer for a joke and he admits his love to you. Really fluffy then kinky.

Fandom: TMR

Character: Newt and Y/N

Warning: Kissing and some stuff that’s…infered ;)

“Y/N? You here?” Newt asked you, in that adorable accent of his. You turned around nearly coliding into the cabinets with medication for various gladers. You were standing in the med hut, you were head med-jack and spent most of your time there anyways.

“Yeah, what do you want?” You asked him. You noticed that your voice went a little higher at the end, you couldn’t help your self for liking him.

He smiled at you, teetering on his foot, acting as if he wanted something. “Can you help me with a little prank on Gally?” He asked you.

How could you say no? You couldn’t say no to that cute smirk he had on his face.

3 hours later you and Newt were being dragged into the slammer, sadly putting glue on all of the Builders tools were against Alby’s rules. Who knew?

“This is all your fault Newt! You just had to drag me down into this!” You yelled at him as you sat down.

He rolled his eyes, although it was evident that he was a little hurt that you seemed mad. You were just moody, they sent you guys to the slammer without food. “You could have said no! You chose to join me!” He retorted.

You shook your head, trying to get comfortable. You planned on ignoring Newt for the rest of the night.

“Y/N? There’s only one sleepi-” He started.

“Dibs!” You finished. He squinted his eyes at you and layed it out, slipping into the sleeping bag. You would retaliate, but he patted the ground next to you. Who wouldn’t take the chance to sleep with there crush?

You lied down with him, the heat radiating from your bodies not enough to keep you warm, you shivered a little bit.

“Your cold, come here.” He whispered, his sleepy voice making you even more attracted to him. You cuddled up against him, laying your head against his chest.

“Y/N? Your not really mad at me, are you?” He whispered after about 20 minutes of us laying in silence. You stayed silent, scared that if you spoke up it’d ruin the silence. You personally didn’t even know if you were mad at him.

“Oh shuck, I finally gained the confidence to talk to the love of my life more and now she’s mad at me.” He muttered. Your heart started beating faster. Love of my life? Newt…loved me?

“Love, huh?” You asked daring to break your silence. You turned to him, admiring his gorgeous eyes, his jawline, his messy blonde hair. You observed him like never before, his eyes spoke for themselves, he meant it.

Feeling a leep of faith you leaned in, covering your lips with his. At first he seemed shocked, but he quickly kissed back, already slipping his tongue into your mouth. Your lips moved together in sink, like they were made for eachoter.

“Wait, can I do this around the rest of the Gladers?” He asked, pulling away for a moment. You only nodded and continued kissing him hungrily. As the kiss deepened, he slipped his hands around your bare back.

The rest that happened…let’s just say that you and him aren’t aloud in the slammer alone again.


Look at him go
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Go on Steve #hilarious #fun #jokes #comedy #police #construction #building #builder #lol #steve #joyride #joyriding #joker #beer #drunk #pissed #drinkdriving #fail #tools #engineering

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Playing through the Genesis missions just like “I wonder what kind of character insights we could have gotten into the Ur-Didact if he were in Cortana’s place, now that he’d be:

> on a Builder world, using the tools of the rate that systematically broke down his own rate’s political power and culture and the parallels with ONI

> involved with the Domain, which is reforming, and gradually healing his mind of the Gravemind’s malediction - putting doubt into his head about what he’s doing

> having faced John several times now (along with Blue Team), he recognises him almost on the same level as he did Forthencho - recalling memories of the Human-Forerunner war to John and how he lost his children, in-keeping with the overarching theme of family in Halo 5

> experiencing more of the modern galaxy, travelling across Meridian and Sanghelios, seeing the struggles people are facing and how humanity and the Swords of Sanghelios are working together and fighting for greater unification - beginning to doubt that the galaxy is doomed to endless conflict

> seeing Thel ‘Vadam leading his people to freedom, seeing that Thel is pretty much filling the role the Librarian charged him with

> communicating with Thel, Thel speaking to somebody who he would have once revered as a god

> shattering the faith of the Covenant once and for all, their living god having turned against them

I could go on all night…


Core that looks well unsafe what was they thinking #fail #unbelievable #dangerous #crane #construction #danger #shocking #road #safety #unsafe #bad #tools #builder #madness #crazy #accident #follow

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