builder bar

Finally finished up my errands and now it is time to change into comfortable clothes, watch Game of Thrones, surf Tumbl'r and eat my breakfast.

This morning I’m having a Peanut Butter Cliff’s Builder Bar….and it is very filling! I ate half, took a break and ate the other half….I am now stuffed! I should eat slowly more often; I’d eat a lot less.

Eventually I would like to [FINALLY] get back to my yoga practice and go for an hour-long walk with my youngest nephew, Maddux (7 months-so cute!). My anxiety has made any form of exercise extremely stressful (even yoga!), so I have taken a lengthy break. I think today is the day that I slip back into my lovely routine.

Last Clif Builder Bar review - S'mores

I hate this one. I’ve tried it before and I knew I wouldn’t like it now. It tastes of play-doh and doesn’t taste like s'mores. Sorry, Clif, this is just one of your bad bars. 1/5. Nope.