Leon’s Snack Bar

I know I said I would update Peccavi13 this week, but my game keeps crushing while I’m in game mode….not in build mode, though. :/
Those who read it, I’m really sorry. Hang on a bit more please. m(_ _)m

Right now I’m building some settings for future updates, the Lucky Palms part of the story. Got rid of all the houses around the beach cuz I’m going to build a stage there, kind of like a summer theater?
But anyway, this tiny bar is going to appear in the story. ^^

Minuet : So welcome. My name is Minuet but I think you already know that. How about a tour?

Lindy : Call me Lindy Hop~! A tour sounds lovely Mr. Lazarus.

- - -

Lindy : This place is beautiful! More modern than I’m used to, but absolutely marvelous. Did you collect all of these yourself?

Minuet : Collected, bought, a little of both. Those items on the pedestals I found myself particularly.


The house left much to be desired. In all honesty, the barn was probably better decorated. But we took what we had - simple, minimally furnished, but the necessities were there. Well except for one thing.

“What’s that?” Djem asked, pointing to a small wooden hut just outside the window. “I…I think it’s an outhouse,” I replied, praying I was wrong. However, the house had no other bathroom. We indeed had an outhouse.

I’m such a lazy decorator ;D I’ll give it more details when the Gradins earn more money. I left them 5,000 to live off of. 

I don’t know if you can see it too well (I’m also a lazy photographer) but the bedroom is actually a loft and overlooks the rest of the house.