Build Your Own Damn House

It would be better, obviously, if I had taken a picture of Trouble Coffee and not the view down Judah. But the ocean! I had not seen it before in daylight.

Build Your Own Damn House is the name of the only breakfast at Trouble Coffee in San Francisco. It consists of a 12oz coffee, a young coconut, and a thick white piece of toast with either cinnamon or peanut butter and honey. It is a wonderful breakfast. It would be better if the coffee were good.

Trouble does make decent espresso.

San Francisco seems oddly obsessed with toast. Why?

Here’s the thing. I just said that Taylor and Beyoncé can “compete” with one another, but that’s a cheap reduction of the truth. Sorry. The truth is that these women are not rivals. They are colleagues. They play for the same team. When one demonstrates that empowered women are capable of operating at a world-class level as business owners and entertainers, we all benefit.

Bey and T. Swift have grown into the yin and yang of Top 40 culture. One is your fantasy BFF who promotes sleepover-style camaraderie that lets fans feel an accessible connection with their star, and the other is a lioness who will not invite you to her house under any circumstances, but will instill in you the deep belief that you can build your own damn house, no matter what anyone says.