build your own monster


“New line of state of the art Android Girls now available for stunningly low prices starting at $1.0 billion. Introducing ‘Lindsey’ LYN-ZOID #718-818 with stunning breakthrough technology, order now for 1 free year of insurance coverage.”

Program your own Lyn-Zoid™ – requested by Ebonnie

The FFXV Characters & Pizza!


  • That guy that appreciates a plain ‘ol slice of cheese pizza
  • Or just pepperoni
  • He likes the toppings kept to a minimum
  • Doesn’t mind anchovies for some reason
  • NO VEGGIES or else he’ll pick them all off while going “ew”
  • Orders pizza under “Noct Gar” for reasons
  • Casually “Yeah thanks, here you go” while handing the delivery guy a huge tip


  • Meat Lovers is his fav
  • Also a supreme guy; he likes a big pile of meat and veggies
  • Will get a bunch of hot peppers from time to time
  • Deep dish & give him a crust with a cronch
  • Doesn’t fuck with anchovies
  • Will come out to the car (with an umbrella if it’s raining) so they don’t have to fumble to the door with his multiple pizzas
  • “Keep the change.”


  • Likes Hawaiian and is really offended if you knock on pineapple
  • Actually a monster with those ‘build your own pizza’ things
  • None pizza with left beef
  • Extra cheese
  • Requests for the pizza place to draw a chocobo on the box
  • Has to get breadsticks every time
  • Drops the money at the door
  • Knows a couple of the workers at his favorite establishment and one of them is definitely named “Mario”


  • Would rather make the pizza himself so he only orders with the other boys
  • Tandoori chicken or prawns
  • Likes lots of vegetables on his pizza
  • Complains about the grease or doneness of the crust
  • Order is scheduled for 4:15 on the dot and they had better be ready
  • “Has a question” regarding the freshness of the ingredients and the local pizzeria feels mildly threatened by his culinary opinion
  • Resulting 20% discount so he’ll just leave
  • Tips well because he pities the youth that work there

into-the-weeds  asked:

YOU ARE A DELIGHT and you think a lot about things and even though you periodically put pictures of a certain someone all over your blog UNPROVOKED you are the kind of teenager people talk about when they say that your generation is going to save us all. And I am really glad about you.


(All I’ve ever wanted was to think about things.

That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me)

mothergoblin  asked:

Hello Atticus! I have some monsterous friends trying their best to coexist with humans. Does this still constitute as 'evil'? Sorry if this question is annoying! Cheers!

Your question is not annoying, but is not answerable. The nature of evil is varied – it boils down to individual levels and definitions, needs and causes.

Some folk will claim ONLY THE EDGY ARE EVIL, HISS! * and some folk are evil yet the edgiest thing about them is the convoluted shape of their brownie pan to ensure the goblins and horrors in their life get the parts they enjoy.

* Please take this as a style note and not a defamation against snakes and the forked-tongued.

I’m not particularly trusting of folk who say they know The Answer to such questions, because invariably The Answer includes To Oppose is Wrong

Creep on, creeper. Monster on, monster. You’ll build your own answer, and I suspect, will be happier for it.