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Next Time

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Next Time

Yongguk hurried to your dorm, running as fast as his feet could carry him. By the time he reached the hallway, you were leaving your dorm, bags in hand. He froze, just taking in the scene. One of your members sobbing, trying to hold you back. You were only a trainee, but you were just a few months from debut. You and Yongguk has been dating for some time now. He was just the sunbae that looked out for you, he helped you with your lyrics, spent endless hours with you in the practice room. It was only natural that you two got that close.

Somehow word got back to management. All it took was one meeting before they decided it was best for everyone to let you go. They wanted to do so much more. They saw you as a threat. If fans got word that Yongguk was dating a trainee there would have been a huge backlash. B.A.P was at the height of their fame. On top of that your group was preparing to debut. The scandal that would have surrounded them would have been impossible for a rookie group to recover from. It took a lot of convincing but you managed to talk them into only punishing you. 

You promised to leave that day, and even break up with Yongguk if they promised to leave your members and him alone. You were to take the entirety of the punishment. Including having it be written that you were kicked out of a company on your resume.

You merely told your group that you were choosing to leave. Not wanting to have any to have them spite the managers, and CEO. They worked too hard to risk it all now. They had put their faith in you as leader. This was your final selfless act for them. They didn’t understand why you were leaving but they had to respect your decision.

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