build to spill

You’re perfect as you are
Someday someone will see the beauty in your scars,
And love you past all your faults.
Just keep your feet on the ground,
And follow your heart.
—  K.N.B.
I’m done; done fighting against the universe in hope to optain things I crave that are not necesserly right for me.
—  Spilled ink: i’m done.
poem: how to stay

or, on loving an assassin

I know. You are always afraid
not of staying, but of what would happen
if you stayed.
You grew up learning
that attachment gets you killed.
You emerged from your mother’s womb
only to discover firsthand
the meaning of abandonment.
You think I don’t notice the way
your fingers                           tremble
when you hold me in your arms.
How you can grip a sword instinctively
but touch me
like I am made
of glass, of smoke.
You think I closed my eyes
when I said I love you.
I love you. I love you.
I hear it in your heartbeat.
Even as you tell me, please,
leaving is all I know—

it hammers wildly, thumps the way
prey runs from predator.

What I need you to know
is not staying. It’s that
I saw everything
and loved you anyway.
If your hands shake I will hold them steady.
If you need to be reminded I am real
I will let you press your fingertips against my pulse,
run your palms along my shoulders,
kiss me like I am water
and you have been parched all your life.
If home has only ever been a series
of temporary houses and rooftops,
let me be the one to teach you permanence.

I know. In the mirror, all you see
is a weapon made flesh.
What I am saying is that
I will be your scabbard.
You do not need to know staying.
After all, you already know
how to come back.


this poem was written for Saizo (from SLBP) because I love Saizo a lot and have no self-control when it comes to him. I hope you like it! please leave comments if you have thoughts on it (and constructive criticism if any) ♡ also, annoyingly enough, tumblr mobile likes to mess around with the formatting of my poems ha ha thx so click here if you’d like to see it on google docs!!

(note: this is my main blog. @kujotaiqa is my side blog / I’m that one girl who keeps posting Saizo things in the tag haha. do check out my other writing if you liked this piece!)

Hole / Tongue

There is a hole in my tongue
where I bit /
Filling with words
that should have spit,
Should have drained you
                       at the throat.

But I fashioned the thing
so now I stuff it,
a gloss, a novella
rife with Grievance —
I pray that you fear
                       when the hole rips.

The ground writhes alive,
its myriad mouths erupt open -
jaws breaking unhinged making
chasms ravenous to devour
those whose feet have no direction.
Heckles prickling, a sixth sense
whispers malevolently that
every turn is the wrong one
in a minefield, so you fall still
with quick but shallow breath,
silently choking on the innate
knowledge that every trajectory
shoots you straight down.
—  Sometimes minds build battlefields // © @rarasworldbro
Protector (Connor M. x Reader)

Anon says - can you do a Connor Murphy x reader where he finds the readers self harm scars? If you’re uncomfortable with that then that’s ok, and you don’t have to write it. Thank you! I love your writing! 💓

Don’t worry, I’m totally okay with writing this! It is no problem, and thank you so much!!! <3 Also!! Sorry this is out so late, I’ve been doing basically everything BUT writing because I’m dumb and lame sorry!!! And sorry if this is kind of iffy, I’m not really used to writing stuff like this, but that doesn’t mean I won’t!

Words- 1510

Warnings- Self-harm, over all bad feels, mentions of suicide

You don’t remember when it started, all you remember is a dull, numb feeling of loneliness in you. Maybe it started in your young middle school years, where you finally realized that the world wasn’t always on your side. Regardless of the time, the feelings just stuck with you, all into your late high school years.

Sometimes it got to the point where you ended up having marks on your body, some deeper than others. Sometimes you almost bled out, and you didn’t try and stop it. Those marks stuck with you, both scars and fresh wounds. Which of course meant the typical long sleeves when those marks were more noticeable.

However, it’s not like you were totally alone. You had your fair share of friends who have definitely helped you in the past. And you defiantly have your friends currently that have helped you, including the school-known Connor Murphy.

You think that your odd relationship began sometime after you sat by him during lunch. That week was your first week of Freshman year, and when you were absolutely horrified of everyone- including Connor. Of course, he was hostile towards you, not aware of your intentions. He accused you of trying to make fun of him in some way, which of course you denied and continued to deny until Connor finally started making small talk- which took weeks. Since then, Connor continued to stick by your side, seeking help from you and vice versa.

It was a nice, but odd relationship, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Sitting at the typical lunch table, you fiddle with your sweater sleeves. You arrived before your friends, which is normal considering how close your last class is to the cafeteria. However, that didn’t stop the feeling of dread that picked at your chest. You shouldn’t be worrying, you know that they’ll be here. Still, you worry.

While waiting, the sleeves of your sweater gently brush against the cuts on your arms, making you flinch. Many of your previous cuts have yet to heal, making your clothing choices limited to sweaters and jackets. Not that you are totally complaining, you really like sweaters. However, that also means lots of flinching and pain when it scratches against your arms.

You are so distracted by the sweater and your worries, that you don’t even realize your friends sit down with you, or a hand waving in front of your face.

“(Y/N), what are you, blind and deaf? What the fuck, look at me.”

Your head snaps up as you look at Connor, a small frown formed on your face. Looking at him, he looks annoyed, but you can see the bit of worry in his eyes. He looks tired, as if he hasn’t slept in days. Which would make sense given his current situation.

You smile and shake your head. “Only blind, Connor. Close though.”

He huffs, a small smile forming. “Knowing the type of shit you pull, I wouldn’t doubt it.”

Connor places his elbow on the table, and rests his chin on his hand. “What are you doing after school?”

“I assume you ask me this because you want to hang out later? I have nothing else to do.”

Connor nods and begins talking to Evan, who is sitting across from him. You stayed out of the other conversations, choosing to just get done with your homework. Sure, you enjoy talking to everyone, but it would be better to finish homework now than tomorrow morning.

With the day ending, you speed walk to your locker to put away your stuff and wait for Connor. He typically arrives a few minutes after you, so you don’t have to wait too long.

After checking a few messages on your phone, a cold hand grabs your wrist, causing you to squeal. You look up to see Connor chuckling.

“What, I’m not that scary, am I?”

You roll your eyes and start walking, Connor following. “You’re a very scary boy, Connor. Spooky ghost hands and all.”

After that, Connor stayed quiet until you reached the park that you both hang out at. You walk over to a tree and plop down in front of it, stretching out. You felt your sleeves start to roll down, so you quickly put your arms down, and hold onto the end of the sleeves.

Connor sets himself next to you and leans against the tree. He glances at you and raises his eyebrow. “What’s with the sleeve work?”

You snicker. “Sleeve work?”

“Fuck you too, (Y/N). Now do you wanna answer my question?”

“Not really, thanks though, Con.”

Rolling his eyes, he grunts. “Or you can be an ass.”

You lean against Connor and gently poke his arm. “Hush, I just like holding onto my sleeves.”

While Connor didn’t completely believe what you said, he decided that it would be best to just drop it for now. Not that you would tell Connor, you couldn’t have him worrying about the cuts on your arms when he has better things to worry about.

The two of you spent hours at the tree, teasing each other, petting dogs that walked by, and just talking. Everything the two of you did there was special. Honestly, you wouldn’t mind spending eternity at the tree, reliving all of your memories.

You glance at your phone and start to stand up. However, Connor was faster, and grabbed your forearm. The sudden contact and pressure to your cuts made you cry out and you fell back down.

Instantly, Connor retracted his arm and sat up straight.

“What the fuck was that? Why did you do that?” Connor asked, raising his voice slightly.

You gently rubbed your forearm and looked at him. “Y-you just scared me is all… No big deal, sorry.”

“Give me your arm.”

“What, no-“



“You are fucking unbearable.”

You smiled slightly. “You’re still here, so I guess I’m not totally unbearable.”

“I’ll leave right now.”


You both stood up and looked at each other. It looked like Connor was about to say something, but instead he just waved and walked away. You watched him as he walked away, and frowned. You were hoping that he would want to stay at your house for the night.

Instead, you walk home alone.

It might have been midnight, or maybe ever later. However, late in the night you received a text from Connor saying something about a house. You could barley read his text, so you just set down the phone and tried to fall back asleep.

It wasn’t until you heard a light tapping on your window that you finally got up and realized that Connor really was going to come over.

Sliding out of your bed, you shuffle over to the window and open it for him. Not waiting for Connor to come inside, you move the sheets to the corner of your bed and sit down, allowing room for Connor to sit.

Connor climbs in, taking off his jacket and boots, and sits next to you. He lies back on the bed, pulling you down with him. You smile slightly as he wraps his arm around your body and pulls you close to him.

“I can see your arms.”

You freeze. You glance at your arms and your eyes widened. You didn’t realize that you were wearing a tank top, and your cuts could still be seen in the moonlight.

Panicking, you attempt to wiggle away, muttering out a mixture of apologies. You could feel your chest becoming tight as tears began to build up, threatening to spill. How could you have been so stupid? How could you let him see you like this?

“Hey… Hey, (Y/N), look at me.” Connor gently held onto you, gently taking your hand.

You slowly turn your head to look at him, tears slowly spilling. “I-I’m sorry…”

“Why are you fucking apologizing?” He whispered, gently cupping your cheek.

“Y-you shouldn’t have to worry about me, its n-no big deal, really.” You let out a small sob and bit your lip.

Connor gently pulled you into his chest. “Too late, I’m sticking by you, and you bet your ass that I’m going worry about you, you idiot.”

You let out a small laugh as the tears continue to roll down your face and onto Connor’s shirt.

“Can you show them all to me tomorrow? I’ll take care of them for you.”

“You’re s-scaring me, Connor. You’re n-never this calm.”

“Shit (Y/N), sorry that I actually care about you and want to make sure that you don’t end up like me. I don’t want to see you become a self-hating freak. Let me help you, (Y/N).”

“A-alright… Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Hush…Go to bed.” Connor mumbles, burying his face in your hair. He knows the feeling all too well, and he wants to help you. But until then, he just wants to hold you, protect you from everything.

“I’ll be here when you wake up, okay?”


And with that, the two of you fell asleep.

Ode to My Forgotten Matcha Latte

Shall I compare tea to a summer’s day?
The only common point is that you’re hot
And now even that’s not true–this is to say
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I am not
the sort to blithely waste what I can’t spend
I just wanted something warm before I went

Today the wind swept in on scattered leaves,
nipping at passers-by with frosted teeth
October walked me to my morning classes
With no more than a scant four hours’ sleep

Half dead, tongue-tied, and stumbling over words
I joined my fellow supplicants in search.
Exhaustion loomed like Damocles’ sword
As we alighted on your well-trod hearth
How glad I was, to tarry on that line
As wretched formulae crowded my mind

O, how your sweet aromas did entice!
My stomach tied itself in eager knots
Old powers brewed to exorcise long nights
Bound tight within this paper-chaliced draught. 

The stress alone is our own alchemy
Like you I’m ground to powder, left to steep
I don’t think I’ve yet lain under a pestle
but nor have you, if we speak honestly 

You were bagged in some plant and shipped away
Sat on dark shelves next to an unmade frappe
Dumped out into the sudden light of day
and doused in milk and boiling New York tap
Green green green, in scalding foam thus crowned
But like autumn leaves, cast carelessly aground. 

How tragic! Your descent into the waste
Rich flavors squandered, gone where none will taste
But time cares not for tardy students’ teas
It promises no solace, nor release
October, patient spectre, waits in line
Its with’ring chill will come for me in time
Dear matcha, somewhere better, at least know
Of us, you found the warmest way to go

We kept promising each other one day. One day we wouldn’t fight anymore. One day we’d be together again. One day our love would be enough. But now here I am promising myself one day. One day it won’t hurt like this. One day I’ll feel strong. One day I’ll love someone new and let them love me back.
—  K.N.B.
playing with fire | taehyung (2)

genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut (not yet)

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted too anyways. 

a/n : i got really good feedback from the first chapter. so here is part 2! hope it wasn’t crappy. 

regular - present 

italics - flashback

also part one is here 

 So. You were now the most hated girl in school. Word got around, and it got around quick. Everyone now knows that Taehyung had asked you out, and now the whole neighborhood (over exaggerating) knows that you said no. The whole world has basically come to an end. You’ve never received so much death glares from anyone in your life. But you didn’t know what the big deal was. Shouldn’t all of Taehyung’s whores be happy you said no? Meaning they could’ve had him all to themselves. But, no, Taehyung wanted you. 

“I honestly wish I was there.” Park Jimin laughs as he stuff fries in his mouth. Jimin was one of Taehyung best friends. Those two were inseparable. Where they went, trouble follows. And it’s been that way since they were just kids. “I bet the look on your face was priceless!” 

“Maybe she’s busy on Saturday. You should ask again hyung,” Jeon Jungkook tries to encourage his older friend. Jungkook was a grade bellow the two, but they had all met in music class, and just stuck with each other till then. 

Taehyung tunes out his friends and stared at you across the lunchroom. It frustrated him that you weren’t eating and just scribbling in your notebook. But it frustrated him even more that you rejected him. It wasn’t even a harsh rejection. It was plain old polite. 

“She’s so hot.” Jimin sighs out, taking a look at you. 

This caught Taehyung’s attention. He turned to Jimin giving him a glare. “Shut. Up.” He says lowly. 

“Hey Y/N!” Jimin calls out, waving his hand frantically in the air. 

You had looked up confusingly, trying to find the source that said your name. Once you did, you rolled her eyes. Jimin wasn’t your favorite person in the world. The two of you had fallouts a few years back. But that’s a story for another time. Jimin didn’t realize that he caught the entire cafeteria’s attention. 

This resulted you into being so embarrassed and quickly gathering your things and rushing out. Taehyung didn’t waste no time rushing after you. Not only did he want answers, but he just wanted to make sure you were okay. 

Had had caught you in the staircase and grabbed your wrist. You were startled a bit so your books dropped. “Oh, sorry.” Taehyung quickly bent down and picked them up. He handed them to you and you took it. You were ready to leave again but Taehyung wasn’t having it.

“Wait Y/N, can we talk for a sec? Please.” He pleaded. You sighed and sat down on the staircase placing your books next to you. He followed your movements and sighed. “Are you okay. I’m sorry about what Jimin did, he was being himself.”

You restrained yourself from laughing because you knew exactly what Jimin was like. And he hasn’t changed one bit. “Look it’s fine. The problem is the entire school will now be on my case even more. Even the petty 9th grade girls.” You groaned. 

“People have been messing with you?” Taehyung asked you. The change of tone is his voice frightened you a bit, in an exiting way though, if that makes sense. He was being protective and part of you liked it. “No, well not yet atleast. If you keep this up. The girls you fuck are kinda still lingering on to you, if you don’t know.” You say to him.

Taehyung’s words were caught in his throat. Almost as if he didn’t expect you to know that he fucks around a lot. How could you not? Taehyung was the schools biggest player. Meaning he had over a dozen girlfriend and slept with thousands of people. 

“I—uh—Y/N,” He stuttered as he spoke.

 "You don’t have to explain yourself to me Taehyung.“ You say to him, before getting up. Taehyung’s actions speak for them-self. 

 "So, that’s why you won’t go out with me!” He blurted out. You stoped in your tracks and looked at him. 

“Yeah, pretty much. Plus, I don’t really want date right now. Maybe not ever.” You tell him truthfully. It was best if you just forget about boys. 

 "Well, can I change your mind?“ He asked. 

 "No not really. It doesn’t matter what you do.” You say honestly. You hoped you weren’t sounding too harsh. Their was plenty other girls he can fuck over. You didn’t know why he was so persistent on you. “I’m nothing special Taehyung. Just find other girls to date.” You gave him a slight smile before leaving.

But what you said is beyond what Taehyung thinks. Ever since he started noticing you about 3 months ago. He ended his player ways. He stopped going to parties, texting girls, sleeping with girls, he even goes to sleep at a decent time now. He’s completely changed, and it scared him. It scared him that a simple girl like you can bring out the good in someone. He was so thankful for the day you two met.


You ran out of your boyfriend’s house only to burst out in tears. You couldn’t let him see you cry. You were stronger then that, and only little girls cried. You couldn’t show him that what he said about you was real. That you were just a little girl who doesn’t know any better. That’s what he told you. And that’s how you two broke up. 

Sure, there was a big age difference between you two. You were now 17 and he was 21 in college. But, their was sparks the first time you met, and there’s been sparks ever since. Being with him never made you so happy. And after a year of being with each other, it’s all down hill. 

So what could you do—but just cry. Cry and randomly walk to wherever you feet takes you. Your eyes so blurry, that you didn’t even see the car coming your way. All you heard was the sound of a horn and a yell. Right, before you felt yourself being pulled back roughly. 

“Yah! Are you crazy?” A deep voice asked frantically. 

You were still processing what just happened so you couldn’t give the person, (which you confirmed was a guy due to voice) a response. So he kept asking again. You found yourself slowly nodding. 

“I need you to speak for me. So I know your not going into shock or anything.” He says to you.

What a dumbass you thought. “If I was going into shock don’t you think I would be going into shock.”  You scolded at him. 

“Well shit okay, your fine then.” He says. You suddenly regret they way you answered him. He just saved your life. 

“I’m so sorry. Thank you, a lot.” You say looking down.

“Yeah, your welcome. Are you okay?” He asked you. 

You finally found the courage to look at the guy who just saved you from your impending death. And you knew who he was. It was Kim Taehyung. He was in your year. 

“Uh, yeah. I’m okay.” You manage to say through you sniffles. Your tears were clearly evident, so there was no point to lie. 

Taehyung slightly frowned. “Girls always say that and they never really mean it. Do you wanna talk about it or something? I don’t know if that helps. I most likely won’t care, either.” He tells you. 

Wow, he was an asshole, you thought. You never talked to Taehyung in your life. But you knew that he was the school’s biggest dick and fuckboy. 

“Thanks for somewhat caring, but no.” You say before walking away. After walking for a while you stopped and sat on the sidewalk. You hugged your knees against your chest and started crying even more. You were hurt. What were you suppose to do when the best thing that ever happened to you, doesn’t love you anymore. 

“Hey!” A famliar voice spoke to you. 

You felt a brush by your shoulder and looked up to only see Taehyung taking a seat right next to you. 

“What the hell! Did you follow me?” You asked him, clearly shocked that he was even here right now.

“Yeah, I did. It wouldn’t have been nice to just leave a girl out this late. So the least I can do is drive you home.” He says to you, messing with his brown hair. “But first we’re gonna talk. Because you need to stop crying.”

“I’m okay honestly” You try to lie. But more pain builded up and more tears spilled out of your eyes. 

“Just vent to me already!” Taehyung raised his voice. 

Which shut your right up. You tried taking deep breaths you calm yourself down so you could tell him what’s wrong. “My b-boyfriend. Just broke up with me.” You say softly. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. Breaks ups are the worst.” Taeyung laughs to himself. “It’s nice; meeting someone, falling for them, getting so attached. You feel like anything is possible. Then it sucks when the greatest thing that ever happened to you, all turns to shit….like it’s not even fucking worth it.” 

Your cries stopped. And you listened to what he had to say. 

“It hurts,” You whispered, looking down,

“I know; it hurts like hell. But it won’t forever. That’s why I don’t do relationships. I never had a girlfriend, and I don’t think I want too for a long time. It’s good to just be to yourself. Have your own fun. You don’t need anyone to make you happy all the time, because they won’t be there all the time.” He tells you.

You couldn’t believe that Kim Taehyung was lecturing you. And you couldn’t believe that he was absolutely right. 

“You ever been in love?” You asked him, looking up to see that he was already looking down on you.

Taheyung shook his head. 

“Well, this was my first time. We’re too young for this shit anyways. But, it felt amazing. I’ve never smiled so much. Everyday it was something new and I would go to sleep smiling because I couldn’t wait for what was happening next. I guess my hopes were too high.” You say.

“What’s your name?” He asked you,

“Y/N,” You answer.

“Well, Y/N. It’s time to hope that you’ll get over this break up. Forget the guy. And start remembering you,” He says before standing up. 

“Thanks Taehyung. You actually made me feel better,” You smiled shyly. 

“You know my name?’ He asked confusingly.

“We go to the same school.” You sigh. 

“Oh. Makes sense. Now let’s get you home.” He gives you a smile. 

 pART 2! this was also crappy. i swear i’ll try to write better, as the story goes along. because i know i can do way better then this. also sorry for any mistakes. hope you like it. also you should have my notifications on, so you don’t miss a new chapter :) 


For @blondielovesr5-blog ❣️

Another argument, another battering. It was a viscous cycle that you just couldn’t get out of, for fear of your life. You couldn’t tell your dad, he’d never believe that his best friend would do such a thing to you. Shane was nice at first, they always are though, and now his true colours showed every time the tent got zipped closed. You dreaded the nights, spent as much time with your family as you could before having to go back to Shane. You’d almost confided in Daryl before, he came across unfriendly, but he saw something in you hat connected you both, and soon enough you’d fallen for him. If Shane knew how you felt, you’d be dead. The farm was a nice place, but with the land, it allowed Shane to take you away from everyone easily to either have his way with you or take out his aggression. Either way, you just lay limp, letting him do what he had to, then cleaned yourself up afterwards, trying to hide any cuts or bruises.

“Hey sweetie, you okay?” Your dad asks, stroking your arm. You turn away and wince as he brushes over a bruise, then when you look up you see Daryl staring at you.
“Fine dad. You? Where’s Carl?”
“I’m good, he’s just with Beth and the horses. Is Shane at your tent? I need to speak to him.”
“Yes, I left him sleeping,” you say, giving a small smile. Rick then nods to you and walks over to your tent. Daryl comes up to you, standing to your side to not look too obvious.
“Ya okay?”
“Nah yer not.”
“What would you know?”
“A lot more than ya think,” he says, making you down in shame, “hey, don’t do that around me. Ya have nothin’ to be ashamed of.”
“Hey! (Y/N), I need you,” Shane calls from the tent, seething at the fact that you’re standing there talking to Daryl. You start to walk away and Daryl has to hold himself back from grabbing onto your arm and taking you with him, but he knows Rick wouldn’t like that. Shane can do no wrong in his eyes, and Daryl’s just a redneck hunter.
“The fuck you doing talking to that worthless piece of shit?” Shane spits.
“It was just small talk.”
“I don’t believe you. What did he say? He wanna fuck you or something? Doubt it actually, look at you. Pathetic. Get inside, now,” he demands, pushing you inside. Shane stares at Daryl, almost daring him to do something, knowing that he wouldn’t make a scene in front of everyone.
“Daryl, you wanna stay at camp today? Could use you fixing up things around here if you’re not hunting today,” Rick asks as he approaches.
“Yeah, sure. Ya seen that?” He asks, nodding towards your tent, Shane still staring in Daryl’s direction.
“He’s harmless. Looks after (Y/N), that’s all I want,” he smiles. Daryl goes to say something else, but stops himself and nods instead.

Daryl goes about his day fixing up fences and the stables for Herschel, all the while keeping one eye on your tent. Shane comes and goes, but you’re in there, told to stay like a dog. The anger builds inside Daryl, almost spilling out by sunset, then he sees Shane dragging you outside over to the barn while everyone’s cooking dinner. He resists the urge to follow, but it eventually takes him over, rushing to see where he took you. Once he turns the corner at the back of the barn, he reels at the scene before him. There you are, curled into a ball on the ground, Shane above you with a makeshift whip, your naked battered body trembling.
“STOP!” Daryl’s yells, his crossbow raised to Shane’s head. He turns, the whip held up in the air, then smirks.
“What you gonna do redneck? Kill me in cold blood? I’d like to see you explain that one,” he laughs. You look up from your position on the ground and straight at Daryl.
“Step away from her, NOW,” Daryl shouts, “I won’t hesitate to take her to Rick and show him what ya’ve done. I won’t need to do nothin’ when he finds out.” Shane’s smirk drops as he lets go of the whip.
“And you think Rick will jump for joy if she goes with you?”
“Don’t give a shit, she ain’t stayin’ with ya. Now you best get goin’ before my finger twitches on this crossbow,” Daryl threatens. Shane laughs then walks past him, purposely bumping into his shoulder, then once Daryl watches him get far enough away, he rushes over to you.
“You didn’t have to do that,” you mumble as Daryl hands you your clothes back.
“Can’t watch ya get treated like that,” he replies. He turns around as you get dressed, but sees all of your bruises from the past few months before you can cover yourself completely. You walk up to him when you’re dressed and he carefully places his arm around your shoulders, leading you back out to camp.
“Go to my tent, I’ll get your things,” he says, sliding his arm away from you. You go over to his tent and get inside, then a short while later Daryl comes back with your things.
“Why are you going to all this trouble for me?” You quietly mumble when Daryl zips the tent closed.
“I care about ya. More than ya know,” he replies.
“I do know,” you whisper. You stare at each other for a while, finally realising that this was how it should have been all along, then he shuffles towards you. His hand brushes your arm, sliding your sleeve up to see hand marks on your soft skin. His eyes well up with tears, but he makes himself look at what Shane did.
“This’ll never happen again for as long as I live,” he states, kissing your skin and rolling your sleeve back down.
“Daryl? Daryl you in there?” Rick calls out from the door of the tent. Daryl unzips it and lets him inside, he looks straight at you sitting on the ground and sighs.
“Shane said you were here, what’s he done now?” Rick asks. You look down and can’t seem to make yourself say what you want to, then Daryl speaks up.
“Show yer dad what he’s done, (Y/N), please,” he pleads. Rick looks at Daryl with a frown, then turns back to you, worry now etched on his face. You look at your dad and slowly start rolling up your sleeve, watching as his eyes widen in horror at your cuts and bruises.
“He did this?” Rick whispers, seething on the inside, “did he… do anything else?” You nod slowly, avoiding eye contact with both the men looking worried at you, then Rick growls and slides his hand over his face, not knowing what to do.
“How did I not see this?” He asks himself.
“People who do this kinda thing hide it well, if they don’t want ya to know about it, then ya won’t,” Daryl explains. Rick looks at Daryl questionably, then nods, thanking him silently.
“Words will never express how grateful I am to you Daryl,” he eventually says, “I trust you to keep her safe.”
“Of course,” Daryl replies, “whatcha gonna do about Shane?”
“I don’t know just yet. (Y/N), honey, what do you want me to do?”
“Nothing yet dad, please,” you say, almost crying, “I don’t want to make a fuss.”
“He must be punished for this. I want to kill him right now, but if you don’t want me to do anything yet, then your wish is my command,” he says, bending down and kissing you on the forehead.
“And don’t tell anyone else please,” you whisper.
“I won’t. As far as anyone else is aware, you simply came to your senses and are now with Daryl, okay?” Rick says, planning for when people ask questions. You nod and he stands up to leave, shaking Daryl’s hand on his way out.
“We’ll all figure this out, (Y/N), I promise ya,” Daryl sighs, kneeling in front of you.


Keep Typing

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Member: Exo Sehun

Type: Smut

“You’re not seriously going to stay here all night, right? The library isn’t even open all night, seriously, let’s go.” 

You ignored him, your eyes staying glued to your laptop as you typed away, pretending that you didn’t hear him. You could hear his impatient foot tapping away as you typed, and as your fingers finally paused, he grabbed your hands and pulled you towards him, eliciting a tiny shriek from your throat. 

The library was mostly empty except for a few lingering students, most of whom kept working. A couple of them looked up to see where the sound had come from, and you immediately pushed away Sehun’s hands and tried to move back to your laptop. 

“This is due tomorrow, just let me finish and then I’ll play with you,” you whisper-yelled as you went back to typing. You could hear his annoyed sigh next to you, but you only continued typing away.

Then you felt the hand on your upper thigh, thumb rubbing slow circles into your bare skin. God, you’d chosen a fantastic day to wear shorts. You moved your hand to slap his but he grabbed it before you could, his lips moving towards your ear. 

He whispered, “Keep working, isn’t that what you wanted to do?” You could feel his smirk against your ear as you tried to focus on your work as his hand moved further up your thigh. 

“Not here, oh my gosh not here,” you muttered, feeling your heartbeat quicken as you looked around, hoping nobody could see his hand reach between your legs. His long fingers pushed aside your shorts and panties, moving to feel the wetness that had pooled at your core. “Sehun, what if…mmh.”

As one long finger stroked you, you felt yourself melt, your fingers stilling on the keyboard and your mouth clamping shut to prevent any sounds from escaping. 

“Yah, be quiet, keep working,” he whispered against your ear as he slipped a finger inside you, making your clench around him. Your fingers slowly continued to type, but you were too sensitive to his movements to actually think about what you were writing. “You’re so wet…do you like me doing this to you here?”

You bit back another moan as his thumb pressed against your clit, your eyes continuing to dart around. You heard him lightly chuckle next to you as you squirmed slightly in your chair, feeling his fingers move faster against your clit. As another finger slipped in you gasped, you hand coming up to cover your mouth. You saw a head pop up and you felt Sehun’s fingers leave your core as the head turned. 

The person seemed to look over for a second and not notice anything before turning back, causing a surge of arousal to course through you. Sehun’s fingers returned, and he shoved two in immediately and you were glad your hand was still over your mouth. You let out an almost silent moan as Sehun grinned next to you, his fingers moving faster. 

“You like this, don’t you” he whispered, as you blinked rapidly, feeling yourself build before you finally spilled over the edge, your teeth biting down on your lower lip to keep you from moaning. He fingered you through it before his fingers left you again, leaving your underwear wet and your heart racing. “Aren’t you supposed to be working?” you heard him ask, eyebrow raised. 

You swallowed hard before shutting your laptop and grabbing his hand, dragging him out of the library as he grinned. 

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Why do I try so hard for you when it seems like you won’t even fight for me. I just want some kind of effort. I just need to know I’m not fighting a losing battle all on my own.
—  K.N.B.
Oceans - A Zutara Fanfic

Zuko and Katara enjoy a conversation by the Turtleduck Pond. The friends discuss various topics, including the events of The Last Agni Kai. A canon fitting one-shot. 

Author’s Notes:

I wrote most of this wanting to submit it for @zutara-month​, but I didn’t finish it in time. I was motivated by @zutaraweek​ to complete and post it. It doesn’t really fit any of the prompts, but of it had to, Underwater would be the closest.

This is my first time posting fanfiction! I am excited and petrified! I will also publish this on my and AO3.

Additional notes are at the bottom. Thank you and enjoy!

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First Time

Civil War Spoilers!

Request: do you think you could do a Peter Parker (CA:CW version) smut where you’ve been dating for a few months and you decide that you’re gonna have your first time together (both you and Peter are virgins) and its super cute and loving and stuff? Thanks, doll xxx

I take any and all request.


“Hey, babe” Peter said closing the front door.

“Babe?” He said realizing I wasn’t in the room.

I was currently sitting on my bed in a new lacy lingerie set.

Peter and I had been dating for months and we had talked about sex before but we were both virgins and had no idea what to do.

But tonight that was all gonna change. Peter had been extra sweet lately and never once pressured me into doing anything I didn’t want to do.

He was an amazing boyfriend and super adorable, he was really innocent and I found that really sexy.

Sometimes his lack of sexual arousal made me self conscious. I had blamed it on the fact that I never dressed up sexy but I had tried that. One time I had invited him for breakfast at my house and when he had gotten here I had been wearing nothing but one of his old tees.

He took one look at me and ran away. It was a huge blow to my self esteem.

But today was different, Peter had told me he wanted sex and I was going to give it to him.

“In here!” I yell to give him some direction.

I hear his footsteps getting closer.

“Sorry I was late, Tony Stark showed up at my house and I have to go to Germany. Can you belie-” His breath hitched as he saw me.

He gripped the door nob and I swear I saw it dent.

I was never good at the sexy stuff but I was pretty sure it was working.

When I stood up the way his eyes raked across my body drained any ounce of confidence I had left.

“I-uh bought this for you,” I said referring to the lingerie.

He gently placed a hand on my waist.

“You didn’t have to do that, you could have just been naked and I would have loved it just the same,” He replied.

“Are you gonna run away like last time?” I asked.

“No, only a crazy person would run away from someone as beautiful as you,” He gushed.

“Then why did you run last time?” I asked.

“I recently have gone through some-uh changes and those changes gave me the confidence I need to fuck you senseless,” He said.

“Is that why you gained all that muscle?” I asked.

“That was part of my change,” He continued.

He took my hand and led my to the mattress slipping off his shirt. Then he slid between my thighs and gripped them as he kissed me.

“You know that I love you, right?” He asked.

“Yeah, I love you to,” I replied.

“Are you sure you want this?” He asked.

“Yeah, now drill me into this mattress,” I said.

“As you wish,” He replied kissing me.

He kissed down my neck creating dark bruises that had trailed down to my breasts. His hands grabbed my panties and slid them down my legs exposing my wetness.

Soon his hands found there way to the hook of my bra slipping it off.

Tom pulled away to take a good look and my naked body.

I had tried to cover my self up because I got a little insecure being to vulnerable in front of someone.

“You are absolute stunning,” He said a little dazed pulling my hands back.

“Don’t ever try to hide yourself from me, your perfect,” He said easing my nerves.

He slid his boxers down letting him self spring free. He was pretty big.

He spread my legs open reading himself at my entrance.

“It’s gonna hurt at first but you’ll be okay,” He said.

He carefully slid in and the pain hit me. The first couple thrusts hurt the most and I had bitten my lip to keep from screaming. But slowly the pain turned to pleasure and Peter quickened his pace.

“Faster!” I moaned.

“Fuck, (Y/N)” He breathed.

“You feel so good,” He continued.

Peter had incredible stamina and pounded into me like a machine. The head board kept slamming into the wall creating a beating pattern.

Soon I felt my orgasam build up threatening to spill. My walls tightened around Peter who was also nearing his end.

“I-I’m g-gonna-” I tried.

“I know baby, just let go,” He said.

And with that our juices collided spilling onto my bed.


i need this; nsfw, felching, mild comeplay, overstimulation, bottom dean]

Cas fucks into Dean steady and slow, his hands vise-tight at Dean’s hips and his mouth open and wet at the side of Dean’s neck. He murmurs Dean’s name. Dean moans and arches up into him, trying to get more, trying to keep Cas inside him. He curls his toes in the scratchy, motel sheets. The headboard bangs against the wall like a drum.

They rarely get the chance to take their time these days. Amara is an adult now, the same dark-eyed woman Dean had met in a gritty cloud of dust and ash, and she trails destruction behind her wherever she goes – sometimes soulless people, sometimes pockets of monster activity, usually both. They’ve been on the road nearly every day for the last three months, driving twelve or fourteen hours at a time and crashing in crappy motels, often sharing with Sam. Dean loves Cas with everything he has – he loves falling asleep beside him, loves jacking him in the shower and sucking him off in the back seat of the Impala – but he’s missed this. He’s missed feeling stretched open and full. He’s missed the soft, awed look that crosses Cas’ face when he’s buried inside Dean to the hilt.

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