build to spill

You’re perfect as you are
Someday someone will see the beauty in your scars,
And love you past all your faults.
Just keep your feet on the ground,
And follow your heart.
—  K.N.B.
The ground writhes alive,
its myriad mouths erupt open -
jaws breaking unhinged making
chasms ravenous to devour
those whose feet have no direction.
Heckles prickling, a sixth sense
whispers malevolently that
every turn is the wrong one
in a minefield, so you fall still
with quick but shallow breath,
silently choking on the innate
knowledge that every trajectory
shoots you straight down.
—  Sometimes minds build battlefields // © @rarasworldbro
I’m done; done fighting against the universe in hope to optain things I crave that are not necesserly right for me.
—  Spilled ink: i’m done.
Ode to My Forgotten Matcha Latte

Shall I compare tea to a summer’s day?
The only common point is that you’re hot
And now even that’s not true–this is to say
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I am not
the sort to blithely waste what I can’t spend
I just wanted something warm before I went

Today the wind swept in on scattered leaves,
nipping at passers-by with frosted teeth
October walked me to my morning classes
With no more than a scant four hours’ sleep

Half dead, tongue-tied, and stumbling over words
I joined my fellow supplicants in search.
Exhaustion loomed like Damocles’ sword
As we alighted on your well-trod hearth
How glad I was, to tarry on that line
As wretched formulae crowded my mind

O, how your sweet aromas did entice!
My stomach tied itself in eager knots
Old powers brewed to exorcise long nights
Bound tight within this paper-chaliced draught. 

The stress alone is our own alchemy
Like you I’m ground to powder, left to steep
I don’t think I’ve yet lain under a pestle
but nor have you, if we speak honestly 

You were bagged in some plant and shipped away
Sat on dark shelves next to an unmade frappe
Dumped out into the sudden light of day
and doused in milk and boiling New York tap
Green green green, in scalding foam thus crowned
But like autumn leaves, cast carelessly aground. 

How tragic! Your descent into the waste
Rich flavors squandered, gone where none will taste
But time cares not for tardy students’ teas
It promises no solace, nor release
October, patient spectre, waits in line
Its with’ring chill will come for me in time
Dear matcha, somewhere better, at least know
Of us, you found the warmest way to go

playing with fire | taehyung (2)

Originally posted by kths

genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut (not yet)

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted too anyways. 

a/n : i got really good feedback from the first chapter. so here is part 2! hope it wasn’t crappy. 

regular - present 

italics - flashback

also part one is here 

 So. You were now the most hated girl in school. Word got around, and it got around quick. Everyone now knows that Taehyung had asked you out, and now the whole neighborhood (over exaggerating) knows that you said no. The whole world has basically come to an end. You’ve never received so much death glares from anyone in your life. But you didn’t know what the big deal was. Shouldn’t all of Taehyung’s whores be happy you said no? Meaning they could’ve had him all to themselves. But, no, Taehyung wanted you. 

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Keep Typing

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Member: Exo Sehun

Type: Smut

“You’re not seriously going to stay here all night, right? The library isn’t even open all night, seriously, let’s go.” 

You ignored him, your eyes staying glued to your laptop as you typed away, pretending that you didn’t hear him. You could hear his impatient foot tapping away as you typed, and as your fingers finally paused, he grabbed your hands and pulled you towards him, eliciting a tiny shriek from your throat. 

The library was mostly empty except for a few lingering student, most of whom kept working. A couple of them looked up to see where the sound had come from, and you immediately pushed away Sehun’s hands and tried to move back to your laptop. 

“This is due tomorrow, just let me finish and then I’ll play with you,” you whisper-yelled as you went back to typing. You could hear his annoyed sigh next to you, but you only continued typing away.

Then you felt the hand on your upper thigh, thumb rubbing slow circles into your bare skin. God, you’d chosen a fantastic day to wear shorts. You moved your hand to slap his bu he grabbed it before you could, his lips moving towards your ear. 

He whispered, “Keep working, isn’t that what you wanted to do?” You could feel his smirk against your ear as you tried to focus on your work as his hand moved further up your thigh. 

“Not here, oh my gosh not here,” you muttered, feeling your heartbeat quicken as you looked around, hoping nobody could see his hand reach between your legs. His long fingers pushed aside your shorts and panties, moving to feel the wetness that had pooled at your core. “Sehun, what if…mmh.”

As one long finger stroked you, you elt yourself melt, your fingers stilling on te keyboard and your mouth clamping shut to prevent any sounds from escaping. 

“Yah, be quiet, keep working,” he whispered against your ear as he slipped a finger inside you, making your clench around him. Your fingers slowly continued to type, but you were too sensitive to his movements to actually think about what you were writing. “You’re so wet jagiya…do you like me doing this to you here?”

You bit back another moan as his thumb pressed against your clit, your eyes continuing to dart around. You heard him lightly chuckle next to you as you squirmed slightly in your chair, feeling his fingers move faster against your clit. As another finger slipped in you gasped, you hand coming up to cover your mouth. You saw a head pop up and you felt Sehun’s fingers leave your core as the head turned. 

The person seemed to look over for a second and not notice anything before turning back, causing a surge of arousal to course through you. Sehun’s fingers returned, and he shoved two in immediately and you were glad your hand was still over your mouth. You let out an almost silent moan as Sehun grinned next to you, his fingers moving faster. 

“You like this, don’t you” he whispered, as you blinked rapidly, feeling yourself build before you finally spilled over the edge, your teeth biting down on your lower lip to keep you from moaning. He fingered you through it before his fingers left you again, leaving your underwear wet and your heart racing. “Aren’t you supposed to be working?” you heard him ask, eyebrow raised. 

You swallowed hard before shutting your laptop and grabbing his hand, dragging him out of the library as he grinned. 

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Why do I try so hard for you when it seems like you won’t even fight for me. I just want some kind of effort. I just need to know I’m not fighting a losing battle all on my own.
—  K.N.B.
First Time

Civil War Spoilers!

Request: do you think you could do a Peter Parker (CA:CW version) smut where you’ve been dating for a few months and you decide that you’re gonna have your first time together (both you and Peter are virgins) and its super cute and loving and stuff? Thanks, doll xxx

I take any and all request.


“Hey, babe” Peter said closing the front door.

“Babe?” He said realizing I wasn’t in the room.

I was currently sitting on my bed in a new lacy lingerie set.

Peter and I had been dating for months and we had talked about sex before but we were both virgins and had no idea what to do.

But tonight that was all gonna change. Peter had been extra sweet lately and never once pressured me into doing anything I didn’t want to do.

He was an amazing boyfriend and super adorable, he was really innocent and I found that really sexy.

Sometimes his lack of sexual arousal made me self conscious. I had blamed it on the fact that I never dressed up sexy but I had tried that. One time I had invited him for breakfast at my house and when he had gotten here I had been wearing nothing but one of his old tees.

He took one look at me and ran away. It was a huge blow to my self esteem.

But today was different, Peter had told me he wanted sex and I was going to give it to him.

“In here!” I yell to give him some direction.

I hear his footsteps getting closer.

“Sorry I was late, Tony Stark showed up at my house and I have to go to Germany. Can you belie-” His breath hitched as he saw me.

He gripped the door nob and I swear I saw it dent.

I was never good at the sexy stuff but I was pretty sure it was working.

When I stood up the way his eyes raked across my body drained any ounce of confidence I had left.

“I-uh bought this for you,” I said referring to the lingerie.

He gently placed a hand on my waist.

“You didn’t have to do that, you could have just been naked and I would have loved it just the same,” He replied.

“Are you gonna run away like last time?” I asked.

“No, only a crazy person would run away from someone as beautiful as you,” He gushed.

“Then why did you run last time?” I asked.

“I recently have gone through some-uh changes and those changes gave me the confidence I need to fuck you senseless,” He said.

“Is that why you gained all that muscle?” I asked.

“That was part of my change,” He continued.

He took my hand and led my to the mattress slipping off his shirt. Then he slid between my thighs and gripped them as he kissed me.

“You know that I love you, right?” He asked.

“Yeah, I love you to,” I replied.

“Are you sure you want this?” He asked.

“Yeah, now drill me into this mattress,” I said.

“As you wish,” He replied kissing me.

He kissed down my neck creating dark bruises that had trailed down to my breasts. His hands grabbed my panties and slid them down my legs exposing my wetness.

Soon his hands found there way to the hook of my bra slipping it off.

Tom pulled away to take a good look and my naked body.

I had tried to cover my self up because I got a little insecure being to vulnerable in front of someone.

“You are absolute stunning,” He said a little dazed pulling my hands back.

“Don’t ever try to hide yourself from me, your perfect,” He said easing my nerves.

He slid his boxers down letting him self spring free. He was pretty big.

He spread my legs open reading himself at my entrance.

“It’s gonna hurt at first but you’ll be okay,” He said.

He carefully slid in and the pain hit me. The first couple thrusts hurt the most and I had bitten my lip to keep from screaming. But slowly the pain turned to pleasure and Peter quickened his pace.

“Faster!” I moaned.

“Fuck, (Y/N)” He breathed.

“You feel so good,” He continued.

Peter had incredible stamina and pounded into me like a machine. The head board kept slamming into the wall creating a beating pattern.

Soon I felt my orgasam build up threatening to spill. My walls tightened around Peter who was also nearing his end.

“I-I’m g-gonna-” I tried.

“I know baby, just let go,” He said.

And with that our juices collided spilling onto my bed.


i hate that my heart feels so much. like i can dead ass see the SMALLEST thing ever and it’ll impact me SO much it’s unreal. that puppy over there? yeah that hit me and i’ll probably go home and think about it because it was so dang cute. that joke that was kinda sorta rude? yeah i’m gonna think about that for a solid month straight and i’ll refrain from doing anything like what the joke was pointed to again. like peoples words and actions impact me so much more than they should and i just feel like 10x what should be normal and i have yet to determine if this is good or bad because it means my highs or so high but my lows, they get so damn low. everything i feel is in extremes or nothing at all and it’s so crazy which is why i usually just keep everything inside and let it all build up and only spill to a few people or spill a little bit out and so many people think they know me and have me figured out but like, they don’t!! you only know what i show you!! because i just tell people enough so it makes me seem easy going and not at all different but really i’m so damn complex i’m like the puzzle that is a thousand pieces and when you finally piece it together you realize you’re missing some and god it’s so crazy. nothing inside of me is ever calm, i am always one inch away from the panic button, i am always one scream away from deafening myself. but you’ll never know that because i make sure i hide it so good and i make sure that i’m so damn kind and positive that you’d never see me struggling a day in my life.

We kept promising each other one day. One day we wouldn’t fight anymore. One day we’d be together again. One day our love would be enough. But now here I am promising myself one day. One day it won’t hurt like this. One day I’ll feel strong. One day I’ll love someone new and let them love me back.
—  K.N.B.

i need this; nsfw, felching, mild comeplay, overstimulation, bottom dean]

Cas fucks into Dean steady and slow, his hands vise-tight at Dean’s hips and his mouth open and wet at the side of Dean’s neck. He murmurs Dean’s name. Dean moans and arches up into him, trying to get more, trying to keep Cas inside him. He curls his toes in the scratchy, motel sheets. The headboard bangs against the wall like a drum.

They rarely get the chance to take their time these days. Amara is an adult now, the same dark-eyed woman Dean had met in a gritty cloud of dust and ash, and she trails destruction behind her wherever she goes – sometimes soulless people, sometimes pockets of monster activity, usually both. They’ve been on the road nearly every day for the last three months, driving twelve or fourteen hours at a time and crashing in crappy motels, often sharing with Sam. Dean loves Cas with everything he has – he loves falling asleep beside him, loves jacking him in the shower and sucking him off in the back seat of the Impala – but he’s missed this. He’s missed feeling stretched open and full. He’s missed the soft, awed look that crosses Cas’ face when he’s buried inside Dean to the hilt.

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All the beautiful words have fallen away.
Her heart aches.
Her heart aches for a life she doesn’t have.
She can’t find the strength to get up.
But she knows she has to keep going.
Her story isn’t close to ending yet.
Her heart aches.
Her heart aches for who she wanted to be.
She wants to fade away.
But she has to get up.
The darkness won’t swallow her this time.
She won’t let it write her story’s end.
Even if her heart aches.
She’ll find the beautiful words again.
—  K.N.B.
Neighbor!Calum (Part 6)

PART 1// PART 2// PART 3// PART 4// PART 5 



 Your heart seemed to drop out of your chest. Your head clouded with numerous thoughts but  one question seemed to pop out from the rest. 

“What the fuck is Ryan doing here?” Calum murmurs from beside you when Dr. Rivers shut the door, leaving you and Calum alone.  

You shook your head in disbelief,your chest slowly filling with hot anger as you stood up from the bed,  about to make your way to the door. 

Calum grabbed the hem of  your sweater, quickly pulling you back. 

“Oh, no. Where are you going?” He says, grabbing your waist and holding you back from ripping Ryan’s head off. 

You disentangled yourself from  his grip,  trying to relax a bit, and leaned down to kiss  the messy, dark hair atop his head. 

“I think I should find out what he wants. He must have come here for a reason, Cal.” 

Calum gives you that dark look in his eyes when he’s disappointed in someone, but he rolls over on his side and curls his long body up into a ball. 

“10 minutes and your cute ass should be back here with me.” he mumbles, shutting his eyes, clearly planning to nap. 

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