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I’m starting to be seriously impressed by the structure of Milo Murphy’s Law. Because it’s becoming clearer that it’s structured around a season arc, rather than an episode-by-episode arc. This wouldn’t be impressive–it’s the go-to structure in the Netflix era, after all–except that this is a series of 11-minute absurd cartoons, not a series of intense 45-minute drama episodes.

In a drama, the season arc becomes clear very early on, and you expect certain threads to build to a big show-down in the last episode of the season. But with Milo, you expect 11 minutes of random humor. The show is so unpredictable and off-the-wall, everything looks like a one-off joke. So when some of those running jokes start to thread together and affect the plot, it comes as a delightful surprise.

For example: The “Mr. Draco might be a vampire” bit from “Athledecamathalon” looked like a random running joke that didn’t affect the rest of the episode. Then the joke ran into a couple of other episodes (on rewatch, I found out that Mr. Draco showed up in “Career Day” as well–the running joke was running before we realized it had started).

Then in “School Dance”, the off-the-wall running joke unexpectedly runs headfirst into the one clear plot arc of the season–the time-traveling pistachio protectors. The kids defend their teacher from what they think are vampire hunters. The time travelers interpret the incident as proof that Milo’s a pistachio-hating time-traveling counter-agent. The silly running joke has suddenly steered the plot into a whole new direction.

It’s delightful. And it’s all the more effective because the low-key, laid-back weirdness of the show lulls you into going along for the ride and not looking for the connections. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here–but I’m not going to start making predictions. The show’s design makes it more fun to go with the flow and see what happens.

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         “So.” she looks him up and down as if she could possibly be infuriated ( when deep down she’s vibrating with absolute excitement. her daughter – married…with children?? – it didn’t matter how long she’d be in this life all she knew was she had time to make up for!! ) and she… scowls. “You’re…Domenic??”


          “Don’t worry. Didn’t ask you here because you’re in trouble. Actually, the contrary. I’d like your help.” Jean instigates, with a lightness in tone and an offered dimpled grin to boot. She remembers her time as a teenager here, feeling on edge – wondering if she should fluttered within everyone elses’ thoughts …find out what they really were thinking, and then she’d managed to find her own. She knew she owed that to the opportunity that Charles provided, and so now, being  an instructor at his school, well, she took that very seriously. 


A bit of season 1 AU fluff, one of the first Rumbelle things I ever wrote. Seems a good time to dust it off and post it. Rated G.

He does not spin only straw.

It was a wonder, at first, to see the golden thread build up on the spindle. He spun enough to buy his castle, and its furnishings. Then he spun enough to ensure that he would still be the master of his own life should he ever lose the magic. That he knows of only one way to break the curse – his own death by the dagger that bears his name – does not mean that another does not exist.

By then the novelty had worn off. Straw, as a fiber, is coarse, brittle, splits easily. There is no pleasure in the handling of it, magic or no. He still spins to forget, but flax or wool serve just as well, and are more immediately useful. When a baby passes through his hands as part of a deal, it is delivered to its new parents – ones that will cherish it properly – wrapped in a blanket with subtle magic for good luck and health woven into its very fibers.

But then there is Belle, and he spins straw into gold again, for that is what is expected, what will impress. Until the day that she kissed him. He felt his magic slipping away, caught hold of it in panic, dragged it back into himself. He started to rage, until he saw the fear and incomprehension in her eyes. She hadn’t known. And so he had told her. Everything.

He no longer spins to forget. Instead he spins her tales of his son, of his bright, shining Baelfire, and she says that they will find him, that they will be a family.

He spins hair – a lock of hers and a lock of his own, entwined with a thick gold thread, to symbolise how their lives are now entwined. He fashions it into a bracelet, and gifts it to her. She treasures it.

He spins wool, good honest sheep’s wool, white and black and grey, the lanolin in the fleece softening the roughness caused by the sharp-edged straw and the Dark One’s curse. Belle watches the thick, soft yarn come off the wheel and asks for a loom.

She is no master weaver, but she knows weft from warp, and the use of a shuttle, and begins a simple blanket. Her skill grows daily, and as the first bumpy rows of uneven tension become a tight, even weave, she is proud of her work.

As they work together in quiet companionship, Rumpelstiltskin thinks he could not be any happier.

Until she gives him her news.

He searches out the softest fleece that he can find, wool dyed in soft blues and greens, and warm reds and yellows.

He spins now for the child that is coming.

And Belle weaves a multi-hued blanket to wrap their child in, to welcome it into the world.

This day in Rooster Teeth history: May 21


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