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I’m starting to be seriously impressed by the structure of Milo Murphy’s Law. Because it’s becoming clearer that it’s structured around a season arc, rather than an episode-by-episode arc. This wouldn’t be impressive–it’s the go-to structure in the Netflix era, after all–except that this is a series of 11-minute absurd cartoons, not a series of intense 45-minute drama episodes.

In a drama, the season arc becomes clear very early on, and you expect certain threads to build to a big show-down in the last episode of the season. But with Milo, you expect 11 minutes of random humor. The show is so unpredictable and off-the-wall, everything looks like a one-off joke. So when some of those running jokes start to thread together and affect the plot, it comes as a delightful surprise.

For example: The “Mr. Draco might be a vampire” bit from “Athledecamathalon” looked like a random running joke that didn’t affect the rest of the episode. Then the joke ran into a couple of other episodes (on rewatch, I found out that Mr. Draco showed up in “Career Day” as well–the running joke was running before we realized it had started).

Then in “School Dance”, the off-the-wall running joke unexpectedly runs headfirst into the one clear plot arc of the season–the time-traveling pistachio protectors. The kids defend their teacher from what they think are vampire hunters. The time travelers interpret the incident as proof that Milo’s a pistachio-hating time-traveling counter-agent. The silly running joke has suddenly steered the plot into a whole new direction.

It’s delightful. And it’s all the more effective because the low-key, laid-back weirdness of the show lulls you into going along for the ride and not looking for the connections. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here–but I’m not going to start making predictions. The show’s design makes it more fun to go with the flow and see what happens.

It was late, but Justin didn’t feel tired. He had put Braxton down for bed and went to the bedroom he shared with Brian to draw the suit Brian has hanging outside of the closet. These days, Brian worked late leaving Justin at home with the baby. He didn’t mind all that much, but he wished he could see Brian more often.

While he was drawing, Brian walked into the room still dressed in the suit he had worn to work that day. Justin looked up from his drawing. “Hey. How was work?" 



Super stoked I was able to take the car out today. Part of me misses being able to hop in and go for a drive any time I wanted to, but it’s for the best I suppose… 

I also took some real pics (imagine that?) which I’ll probably post sometime next week when I make a semi-sappy post about how my year went. On top of that I’m gonna try to post up a build thread for my car if I can find the time to write all that mumbo jumbo between getting my shit together to move out.

anonymous asked:

Is it possible that curiosity of witchcraft and magic at a young age is a sign that one was destined to be a witch? Or rather, bound to eventually discover that it is their path later in life? I have strong feelings that maybe this who I’m meant to be since I’ve always had a fascination for the magic and mystery behind the Craft since I was 8. I could never shake it off! I’ve always been deathly curious about the power witches hold.

We’ll put it this way: 
Curiosity almost always determines study. 
In a way, your curiosity made it so that you would look into it. 
Does it mean that you are innately a witch? I’d say not. 
Does it mean that you were destined to be a witch? I’d lean towards not, but we fulfill our own prophecies. 

Destiny isn’t so cut and dry. It’s a spider’s web, ever wiggling, breaking, changing, and spinning. There is no ‘one’ set anything. There are decisions made in the context of moments and situations, building and spinning towards a larger fate.

It’s better not to ask these questions when considering beginning. Destiny isn’t something to keep in mind until later. You need to spin a thread before you can build a web. 
That thread might break, might knot, or might be loose. It’s your decision on how to handle it that determines your fate. 

Is it your thread? No? Then get off!

Each of us is here for a reason. We love this Fandom. We come her to interact with people who have similar interests, and have the pleasure of building relationships and stories with some pretty incredible muses.

I think that it is important that we respect the relationships that those muses build with other people too, and be a little more considerate of them. Each of us has our own little story with these characters, so it is absolutely not okay to jump into another person’s storyline. Consider each individual thread closed, unless you have discussed joining a thread with all parties previously involved. If you happen to like the content of that thread, then do just that. Like it. Or comment, but don’t try to insert yourself into someone else’s relationship by reblogging to steer attention in your direction. Go interact with them on your own, with your own ideas.

Imagine going on a date with someone, and then some asshole walks right between the two of you and starts talking to your partner. If that shit happened in real life, bitches would be getting slapped. For real. Maybe people don’t realise they are doing it, or don’t even consider the fact that it’s disrespectful, but it is. I’m not talking about reblogging something that we enjoy or agree with, or a picture of a cute puppy or something funny. I’m talking about reblogging conversations people are having. Or things that very obviously fit into someone else’s storyline with that muse. Get your own story! Build your own relationship! Don’t leech off of another person’s story or style. I understand that some people have similar ideas, but some of the stuff I have seen happen is too repetitive for it to be mere coincidence.

Look… maybe you really enjoy that bloggers style or ideas… that’s fine. Like it. Be supportive. But understand that some of the stuff that goes on here might actually be personal. People put their heart into building these relationships, so to see them getting ripped off constantly is a huge piss off. And not only that, it discourages damn decent writers because they are concerned that people are going to disrespect what they are creating and use it for their own purposes.
Seriously guys. I’m not saying you can’t interact or have similar tastes, but do it on your own threads, and build your own stories. Make it real! Give it substance.

I’m sure this is going to upset some people, and that’s fine. Because the decent human beings are going to see this, realise what they’ve been doing, and knock it the fuck off. Because I guarantee that if anyone did it to them they would be seriously choked. And quite franctly, I’m not overly concerned with people being upset with me. Because this needs to be said. It’s the truth whether you want to hear it or not.

Maybe to some of you this is all just trivial, but consider that to some people these stories are personal and very close to their heart. Please take a second to think before you insert yourself. Before you click reblog on that conversation being shared between two people. You want to interact and build a strong relationship, put your own heart and soul into it. Don’t steal someone else’s. This isn’t directed at a single person. I’ve seen it happen a lot. And I’ve seen the ramifications. I would hate to see talented people leave because a few people couldn’t get the hint or are too unoriginal to come up with their own ideas. Come on guys, let’s all be original! That’s the best stuff! Make it personal. Make it relatable. Don’t decide you dig someone’s story or character and want to base your own world around that. You might think it’s flattering but it’s actually really intrusive. Respect every relationship on this site as though it were your own.


Thread makes all the difference in quilting, as you can see on “Bobbin, the Bold.” It’s not just the color thread or the stitching pattern you use; weight and fiber are equally important.

The thread on the left is Superior Kimono silk #100, and on the right is #40 Polyester Isacord.

I did the pebbling around the appliqued stones in Isacord, which is an embroidery thread, so it’s a good choice when you want your threadwork to really show. Since pebbles require travel stitching (tracing back over lines you’ve already stitched), it built up a nice dark detail on my quilt. I didn’t want to use that look everywhere, though, because it would overpower my text and filigree corners.

For my filling stitch, I used the superfine silk (which practically disappears against fabric) and did a micro stipple. Stippling doesn’t travel, so it doesn’t build up thread like pebbles do, and those stitched in the silk are comparatively invisible.

Withering Blossoms; fragment VII

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Notes: Hello. Uhh. I dunno if I want to say anything but sorry. The updates taking long again. cry.

Anyways. Let’s continue. I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter, with its funny intrigue :3 also as always I need to remind you that this project is brought to you by me and @eulyin-senpai~


The walk of journey is a reservoir of meetings, and making choices.

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anonymous asked:

how do you make your cosplays look so clean? like no wrinkles, visible threads, pencil marks, linings showing, etc.?

We wash them! Ba-dum-tshhh.

More seriously, a few things:

  • Understitching. This is when you stitch the seam allowance to the lining side so that the edge rolls out perfectly. We often do this on hems, particularly on pieces like capes, collars, etc. It’s a little like topstitching, but since its only visible on the lining side, you won’t see it in the end.
  • Proper writing utensils. Ditch the sharpies and whatnot and get proper tools. We still use sharpies when drawing on mock-ups and whatnot, but whenever you’re touching your good fabric, you should be using the right tools. Tailor’s chalk, invisible marker, anything that is 100% removable after, etc, it’s all good. Don’t use anything that would leave a residue like soap, no matter how many Pinterest “sewing hacks” suggest it. Your fabrics will thank you when they aren’t covered in soap scum. 
  • Pattern and mock-up whenever possible to avoid running into issues with your final piece. Ideally, you should always mock-up even if time gets tight sometimes, but your finished project will be worlds cleaner if you’ve done a test-run to ensure the pattern works. I never bother lining or finishing my mock-ups, but just knowing the fit/shape works is enough to make it worth my while. Which goes hand in hand with…
  • Tailoring! Clean lines are infinitely easier to get when your tailoring is crisp. It can take years to get the hang of tailoring, but don’t get discouraged; keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it. But the other cause of wrinkles is…
  • Use your fabric correctly. Learn what the grain and bias of a fabric are and use it appropriately. If your garment has some weird wrinkles going on, it might be because you cut it diagonally or against the grain in some way, which changes how the weave of the fabric acts! Completely non-stretch fabrics all gain a bit of stretch when cut on the bias, and that can be a blessing to you or a burden if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing.
  • Keep linings subtle. Usually we use whatever is appropriate for the character – if the costume is blue, line in blue. If the character has a white underskirt, use white. I know some people like to line their costumes in wild scrap fabrics for the sake of using it up, but anything visible should be matching or neutral. It’d be weird if someone saw up the sleeve of your jacket and saw lime green with kittens, right? Likewise, using plain black or white can be equally jarring if the character normally wears a specific colour. Just match and you’ll be fine. If you can’t match the colour of the garment it is lining, then match the colour it will be going against. (i.e., Sumia’s boot stirrups are purple, but are lined with pink because the lower spat of her boot is pink and it will blend in anyway.)
  • Thread-snip. Usually one of the last steps is to go over the costume with a pair of small scissors and eradicate any hanging tails, but doing it as you go can come in handy too. When you’re lining things, odd are you’ll get a large build-up of loose threads inside… they can usually stay there without effecting the look of the garment in any significant way, but if your costume is red and white and you’ve got loose red threads trailing around inside, they might “shadow” through the white fabric and show up… and those ones are a nightmare to get out if you’ve already closed up the garment! Be a clean worker: snip and put it right in the garbage/pile/basket.

- Jenn

Alright so two things for you guys tonight from me. I am changing my mascot from the lovely Emily, to this handsome devil. So any time you see Nico Tortorella on the main you know it’s me.

Second. Most of you are doing pretty good with this, but I just wanted to give a little reminder to expand your character’s horizons and build threads, plots, etc with various people who may not normally interact with your character(s). The point is, try not to show any favoritism and be selective in who you reply to since we want everyone here to feel welcome as well as included. I don’t want anyone here to feel excluded nor feel as if someone is being selective and only replying to a few. Remember, ignoring characters and/or muns and being selective / excluding people is a violation of our rules. As always, if you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact the main! Please like or respond to this post once you’ve read it.


And we love life if we find a way to it. 
We dance between two martyrs 
and we raise a minaret for violet or palm trees. 

We love life if we find a way to it. 
And we steal from the silkworm a thread 
to build a sky and fence-in this departure. 
We open the garden gate for the jasmine 
to go out as a beautiful day on the streets. 

We love life if we find a way to it. 
And we plant, where we settle, some fast 
growing plants, and harvest the dead. 
We play on the flute the color of the faraway 
and sketch over the dirt corridor a neigh. 
We write our names one stone at a time, 
O lightning make the night a bit clearer. 
We love life if we find a way to it…
Mahmoud Darwish

[Original Character muses can have backstories, headcanons, and relations/hips that involve canon characters. That is one of the freedoms of making an OC for roleplaying.

However, in roleplaying, this does not mean that any mun who rps as that canon has to just accept that your OC has any type of connection to their muse.

This especially applies to universal characters that appear in many different canon works. Major examples: Greek gods, angels, demons, and/or popular creatures like Dracula.]

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A bit of season 1 AU fluff, one of the first Rumbelle things I ever wrote. Seems a good time to dust it off and post it. Rated G.

He does not spin only straw.

It was a wonder, at first, to see the golden thread build up on the spindle. He spun enough to buy his castle, and its furnishings. Then he spun enough to ensure that he would still be the master of his own life should he ever lose the magic. That he knows of only one way to break the curse – his own death by the dagger that bears his name – does not mean that another does not exist.

By then the novelty had worn off. Straw, as a fiber, is coarse, brittle, splits easily. There is no pleasure in the handling of it, magic or no. He still spins to forget, but flax or wool serve just as well, and are more immediately useful. When a baby passes through his hands as part of a deal, it is delivered to its new parents – ones that will cherish it properly – wrapped in a blanket with subtle magic for good luck and health woven into its very fibers.

But then there is Belle, and he spins straw into gold again, for that is what is expected, what will impress. Until the day that she kissed him. He felt his magic slipping away, caught hold of it in panic, dragged it back into himself. He started to rage, until he saw the fear and incomprehension in her eyes. She hadn’t known. And so he had told her. Everything.

He no longer spins to forget. Instead he spins her tales of his son, of his bright, shining Baelfire, and she says that they will find him, that they will be a family.

He spins hair – a lock of hers and a lock of his own, entwined with a thick gold thread, to symbolise how their lives are now entwined. He fashions it into a bracelet, and gifts it to her. She treasures it.

He spins wool, good honest sheep’s wool, white and black and grey, the lanolin in the fleece softening the roughness caused by the sharp-edged straw and the Dark One’s curse. Belle watches the thick, soft yarn come off the wheel and asks for a loom.

She is no master weaver, but she knows weft from warp, and the use of a shuttle, and begins a simple blanket. Her skill grows daily, and as the first bumpy rows of uneven tension become a tight, even weave, she is proud of her work.

As they work together in quiet companionship, Rumpelstiltskin thinks he could not be any happier.

Until she gives him her news.

He searches out the softest fleece that he can find, wool dyed in soft blues and greens, and warm reds and yellows.

He spins now for the child that is coming.

And Belle weaves a multi-hued blanket to wrap their child in, to welcome it into the world.

This day in Rooster Teeth history: May 21


  1. Geoff and Jack have a Guide to Alan Wake
  2. Geoff and Jack have a Guide to Red Dead Redemption
  3. Knuckles has a Guide to Split/Second
  4. Geoff, Burnie, Joel and Matt star in another RT Short.


  1. Join Michael, Jack, Gavin and Barbara in AHWU #113
  2. Michael and Ray Guide us in Max Payne 3
  3. Michael continues his Let’s Play of Resident Evil 4 on his own channel.


  1. Geoff and Gavin build Thread The Needle
  2. Gavin, Jack, Gus and Burnie host the RT Podcast #219
  3. Geoff and Jack show us a new track in Trials Files
  4. Geoff and Jack show us Five Facts in Bioshock 2.


  1. Jack and Gavin face off in HUNT #30
  2. Geoff and the three lads play Sports Friends
  3. The main AH crew give us a Things To Do In: GTA V
  4. Jordan releases another RTAA
  5. Ray and Geoff show us an Easter Egg in Wolfenstein
  6. Ashley (x, x, x), Barbara and Brandon give us the news on The Know.
catfish story yay

okay, so basically two days ago this girl gives me her kik

suspect operations that made me call her out were

consistent square pictures
call from google voice number
shooting guns weekly but not knowing about them
giving me her plans for her R32 build in thread form
and how her phone has 7000 pictures and she doesn’t want to get snap chat
when we were on the phone I heard her phone make the iPhone charge noise and she said she didn’t have her iPhone because she gave it to her niece
she also said she had three numbers because, and this is word for word, “drug dealer,” and she needs to do her runs.
all of this is saved on my kik. I already showed daniel and he can confirm.