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4x09 teaser

Clarke: *is kidnapped/held hostage by someone again*(there’s a gag that’s been taken out of her mouth and is now around her neck)


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During the past weeks a handful of official art of have dropped 2/4 exposed Victor for our eyes (and Yuri *wink wonk*):



what should I do right now I dont think im alive anymore makkachin looks so cute snuggling beside him and look at his fabulous hair even when hes sleeping if this isn’t perfection what is, this breathes life into us, worshiping victor’s beauty right now don’t judge me 


Howell Lanes Bowling Alley a Bowling Night NoCC Build by SimDoughnut

This is a fairly accurate recreation of my childhood bowling alley, Howell Lanes in Howell, NJ.  It’s where I had birthday parties as a kid, and later  bowled in a league as an adult before moving out West to Minnesota.  Howell Lanes is also where my childhood friend Parker Bohn III learned to bowl, and eventually went on to become a highly ranked professional bowler on the PBA tour.

Howell Lanes, wasn’t a very swanky Bowling alley, in fact looking back on it, it was a bit dodgy. That was okay though because we went there to bowl, not to be mesmerized by the aesthetics. Howell Lanes featured a small Cafe, a Bar, a Pro Shop, and a room where we could kids could play Pinball, and later video games.  I’ve included all of these features in this build.

The build sits on a 40x30 lot, is set as a Bar, and I originally built it in Newcrest. You can find the Howell Lanes Bowling Alley in my SimDoughnut gallery while in game.  This is a NoCC build, so just use the tags #bowling #howelllanes, or #bowlingnight to find it.

I hope you enjoy the build as much as I did creating it.  It brought back a lot of fond childhood memories, as well as happy memories spent there with my own children.

Have Fun :)!
Omaha’s Answer to Costly Potholes? Go Back to Gravel Roads
While President Trump has called for major spending on infrastructure, cities like Omaha have resorted to unusual solutions to problems unlikely to see federal funding.
By Mitch Smith


OMAHA — After living more than 40 years along a road plagued by potholes, Jo Anne Amoura was excited to see city crews shred her block of Leavenworth Street into gravel.

“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is great. We’re going to get a new street,’” Ms. Amoura recalled. “And then we waited and waited and waited.”

Fresh pavement never arrived. Only after the asphalt had been ripped out almost three years ago did Ms. Amoura and her neighbors learn that their street had been “reclaimed,” Omaha City Hall’s euphemism for unpaving a road.

“It’s really kind of like living in the country in the city,” said Ms. Amoura, 74. Her neighbors sometimes hauled wheelbarrows full of scattered gravel back up the hill after big rainstorms. And her house, she says, is regularly smudged with dirt blowing in from the street.


Yep, you read that caption correctly, neighbors took up a collection to get the road in front of their houses repaved with concrete. They paid ½ of the cost of the resurfacing (utilizing their own after-tax money in the process). The city paid the other ½ of the cost. In Omaha it appears government will build half of each road assuming you and your neighbors will chip in for the other half. A dangerous precedent and slippery (gravel) slope, I’d say. 

‘Cause w/o government, who’d tear up the roads thus reverting back to mid-20th-century gravel roads?

Wait a minute! I thought government existed to build roads—I’m confused?! Now the government is stealing your money and you don’t even get roads in return…

Meanwhile, in front of the city offices in downtown Omaha…paved roads everywhere…


Something about the sun finally coming out after months of gloomy weather and the influx of awesome retro homes on my dashboard has me itching to revisit the rebuild Oasis Springs project I started awhile ago.  I imagine Oasis Springs as being Palm Springs inspired so there will be a mix of retro, mid-century modern, Spanish revival, and Hollywood Regency.  So far I’ve built three homes and I’m working on a bowling alley so there’s a lot left to do.  The Eichler Atrium home (above) continues to be a work in progress, probably because it’s my dream home so my expectations are too high for cc-free building.  But I’m excited to use all the new retro furniture from the bowling pack in these builds!


today started off really shitty but after crying on the phone to my parents and rus, it got really good. i made an action plan. i have a lot to look forward to. and i’m not going to be stuck here forever. plus. honestly, ya need some bad days sprinkled in to make ya appreciate the good ones with your whole heart.

after a rough morning, i met rus at his office for lunch and we walked around and found a nice little spot to have a picnic.
and later, when he got home, we went running. he knows i am sick of the usual routes so he planned a ridiculous one in all different directions, and since i had complained about being tired of standing at stop lights, he had us sprinting across streets in weird places during traffic breaks so we didn’t have to wait at a single light. i found myself eagerly sprinting up staircases and highway overpass ramps, and was reminded that i am still the same runner i was last year - it is not my choice nor my fault that my options here are mostly flat concrete. i still love a challenge when it’s available. my heart still loves to run free. my mom said she felt how i do now when she lived in arizona, and it was boring as heck but made her appreciate connecticut running so much more. i am so excited to feel that. 
we didn’t finish our run till about 7:20 p.m. but it was still light out and we took minnah for a nice long walk (where she encountered her first ambulance - she was not a fan but my god she is a different dog than when we first met her; i am SO damn proud of all of us). and now we’re dancin’ around the kitchen while our veggies roast. 
i’ve been having a really rough time lately. but i have good people in my life, so even if i live in a place that is far too mundane for my soul to thrive, i’m going to be okay and it is going to get better. my headspace needed this night.


So I’ve been making a nice house in the Finch Farm settlement. I’ll get more pics of it when I’m done, but with the lights off in the early morning it gives off a nice vibe with the sunlight 😊