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Springfield Armory M1A

Classic American rifle chambered in .308 Winchester, the M1A is Springfield’s designation for their models. Other companies that build rifles like Smith Enterprises or Rockola will mark theirs as M14. If you’ve ever delved into the M1A/M14 “fandom”, you’ll always run into the never ending debate about who makes the best, most accurate (by spec not grouping) receiver. Every company claims to have used the original factory blueprints and incorporated the best steels and heat treating processes to build a superior receiver. In the end your average gun owner/shooter really won’t care aside from the final cost. (GRH)

I’m a big fan of Emma/Ororo but I can only see them getting together in a few very specific scenarios (e.g. if they’re both already dating Jean) not bc I don’t think they’re compatible but bc they can’t fucking communicate to save their lives. They’d get into one (1) argument and Ororo would fly away with a clap of thunder and Emma would leave the country to go build a criminal enterprise somewhere and they wouldn’t see each other again for like three years.

Difficult Simplicities

Summery: With yours and Deans first child on the way, Dean decided to recruit Sam’s help and build a car seat to surprise you. Too bad building a car seat isn’t as easy as it looks.

Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing.

Word count: 695

A/N: anon request

You walked around the bunker, checking in each room for the boys but each room you checked was coming up empty. There was one last place you hadn’t looked.

“Oh for god sakes Sammy!” you heard Dean yell from outside followed by a loud bang and a string of curse words that flowed smoothly from the green eyed hunters mouth.

Rushing out the door as fast as your legs could carry you (which lets be honest, with your swollen belly, you weren’t moving too fast) a smile crept across you face as you assessed the beautiful scene that lay out before you.

Dean and Sam were both beside the Impala, a mess of random plastic parts spread across the ground, a big cardboard box that read ‘Baby’s First Car Seat!’ in bright red letters sat behind them.

“Well if you didn’t throw out the instructions Dean!” Sam yelled at his brother, neither one noticing your presence at first.

“It’s a car seat Sam! I didn’t think it would be like build the fucking enterprise!”

“Everything okay out here?” you asked cutting in before the boys could argue any further.

Dean and Sam’s head whipped up to look at you in surprise.

“Y/N! uh… we were- we just- we wanted it to be a surprise.” Dean said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck, something he often did when he was nervous or embarrassed.

“How s’it coming along?” you drawled walking over to the boys and leaned against the Impala to rest your already tired feet. Being pregnant was a real pain in the ass sometimes.


“Terrible!” Dean and Sam yelled at the same time heads whipping to look at each other in annoyance.

“You two hunt monsters for a living, you fight creepy, crawly creatures, things that go bump in the night, you two literally stopped the apocalypse… but you cant put a simple car seat together?”

“Uh- Dean threw out the instructions.” Sam said lamely, pointing to Dean in blame.

“I thought we were building a car seat not the damn-”

“Enterprise yeah, yeah.” Sam said as he waved his hand at Dean.

Dean glared at Sam as he stood up, dusting his jeans off he leaned towards you to give you a quick kiss on the lips.

“How’s out little princess doing?” Dean asked as he placed his warm hands on your protruding belly, thumbing small circles as he looked down.

“I’m doing great thanks for asking.” you replied playfully, grinning widely.

“Funny.” he mumbled as he pressed another kiss to your lips.

“You guys need any help?” you finally asked when Dean pulled away.

“What? No! you just sit back and do whatever it is that you pregnant women do.” Dean said casually resulting in a loud groan from Sam.


“Hey, I can figure it out!”

You couldn’t help but smile, it was yours and Deans first child and you could tell he was freaking out, he had already ‘baby proofed’ the bunker the first night you found out you were pregnant and even insisted on building a crib the next day!

“Dean, you’ve built the Impala from the ground up, you’ve made homemade bombs, you even made your own emf reader…” you patted the plastic car seat and smiled “it’s a car seat.”

“There must be parts missing” Dean grumbled as he knelt down and rested on the back of his heels, you let out a soft chuckle as you watched the great Dean Winchester be bested by a child’s car seat. In his defence, he was trying his best. He went with you to every doctors appointment and baby classes, he even bought baby books!

“I say we just take a break!” Sam groaned again, running his hands through his hair.

“No Sam, we can finish this!”

Damn Dean and his stubbornness.

“Come on, come in for drinks and a snack.” you offered walking towards the bunker doors and looking back at the two brothers.

“Fine, just for a minute though!“

You watched as Dean stood, eyeing the car as he passed and giving the ‘I’m watching you’ hand gesture. Boy was this gonna be a long pregnancy. 


Oracle Linux Server 7.4 Installation + Guest Additions on Oracle VirtualBox

Oracle Linux is an enterprise-class Linux distribution supported by Oracle and built from source packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Some of the special features of Oracle Linux include a custom build and rigorously tested Linux kernel called Oracle Unbreakable Kernel, tight integration with Oracle’s hardware and software products including most database applications, and zero downtime patching feature that enables administrators to update the kernel without a reboot.  

Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 is an updated build of the enterprise-class Linux distribution built from the source code for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 but featuring its own unbreakable kernel. Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 continues to enhance your security stance with several new capabilities. UEFI Secure Boot is a system in Secure Boot mode loads only those boot loaders and kernels that have been signed by Oracle. Oracle has updated the kernel and GRUB 2 packages to sign them with a valid Extended Validation (EV) certificate. Oracle Linux 7 offers the latest innovations and improvements to support customers and partners in developing and deploying business critical applications across the data center and into the cloud. In-place upgrades from Oracle Linux 6.5 to Oracle Linux 7 is supported.

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On Navigation and Engineering

Chekov is great. Anton Yelchin did an amazing, AMAZING job playing him. I’ve heard that the Trek producers have no plans to recast the role going forward, and I fully support that.

I’ve had a thought (in my own personal, completely unqualified capacity) and I wondered if it could gain some traction:
Jaylah replaces Chekov on the Enterprise.

She was accepted to Starfleet Academy after all, and it would logically take some time (at very least a year) to build the Enterprise-A. If the next movie joins them a year or three after that (towards the end of their 5-year mission, perhaps?), it seems plausible to me that Jaylah would be far enough in her career (and with Kirk and Scotty pulling rank as the Captain and Chief Engineer of the flagship of the fleet) to earn a place as a trusted member of the command crew.

She’s clearly got a knack for engineering, and not too shabby at land navigation at least. Perhaps that could translate to starship navigation? Plus, it’d do wonders to add diversity to the main crew (as both a woman and an alien).

I think the producers would do themselves a disservice to not at least consider it.


#7 of my 7 point plan as President of The United States.

As your president I would commit 20 billion dollars a year for the next 20 years to build the spaceship Enterprise. Why?
Because the basic technology already exists to make it a reality, to create new jobs from basic research, construction, and technological advancement.
It would be part of a concerted plan to raise the bar on science and art’s education. To inspire people into looking towards a brighter future and, of course,  because it would be AWESOME.

Hillary Clinton: "Don't let anybody tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs"

Businesses don’t create jobs: that’s the message that Hillary Clinton wants you to believe.  She just took Obama’s, “You didn’t build that,” and turned it into “Only government can build that.”

Here’s the video:

This is beyond just big-government liberalism: it’s communism.  Hillary Clinton wants you to believe that only governments can create jobs, and the businesses that do so are only capable of it because of government.

The truth is 180 degrees the opposite: government does not create jobs.  Only private enterprise can create jobs: businesses, corporations, and enterprising individuals. There would be no government employees if they didn’t take their revenue from the private market.  

If this is what she truly believes, and all signs indicate that it is, then somebody just needs to come out and say it: Hillary Clinton is a communist.