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You will achieve your dreams, a day at a time, so set goals for each day—not long and difficult projects, but chores that will take you, step by step, toward your rainbow. Write them down, if you must, but limit your list so that you won’t have to drag today’s undone matters into tomorrow. Remember that you cannot build your pyramid in twenty-four hours. Be patient. Never allow your day to become so cluttered that you neglect your most important goal—to do the best you can, enjoy this day, and rest satisfied with what you have accomplished.
—  Og Mandino
Chocobros: Sons of Egyptian Gods

Noctis: Son of Osiris, God of the afterlife, death, life, and resurrection.

- He tends to remain in the underworld with his father. Noctis has only shown interest in the human world once and has visited it because of his curiosity, but when he actually experienced it, he didn’t like it. Though people were really interesting, it was too loud and exhausting for him. 

- This Prince of the Afterlife is the most introverted person you will ever meet. He’s extremely shy when he talks to wandering souls, or anyone for that matter. When he visited the mortal world he barely talked to anyone, when he had to talk to someone who questioned who he was it drained all his energy and he had to quickly return home.

- He strongly dislikes when people suck up to him or sugarcoat things, he prefers when people are blunt. Noctis himself is kind of blunt and he appreciates when people are truthfully blunt with him. But, at the same time it isn’t good to always bluntly tell Noctis something since he’s sensitive and will be upset if something hurts his feelings. 

- Noctis gets worried that he’ll develop a crush on a human if he goes back to the mortal world, he finds them to be fascinating even if it’s hard for him to interact with people. What’s even worse is that Noctis gets even more worried that he’d get a crush on a soul. Noctis’ awkward self would have no idea what to do then. 

- Most of his days are very lazy days. He tends to stay in his room most of the time, either sleeping or watching the equivalent of TV. His father dislikes it when Noctis is lazy. He thinks that his son should be focusing on taking over the underworld. 

- His father, Osiris is merciful and tends to resurrect most souls, giving them a second chance. Noctis dislikes when his father offers for him to judge the souls who would either be resurrected or not. He hates having that much power, and truly doesn’t know how to correctly judge a person. 

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Prompto: Son of Hathor, Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility.

- Prompto was so incredibly loved by all people he met, mortals and Gods alike. In fact, he was incredibly popular with both and didn’t mind one bit. He loved the attention he was getting, the attention mostly stemming from the fact that his mother, Hathor was beloved by all. 

- His mother was important to the mortals, and even the dead. One of her jobs included welcoming the dead into the next life. During one trip to the underworld, Prompto met Noctis and the two immediately became friends. Both were in awe of each other because of how cool their parents are. “WOW YOU’RE OSIRIS’ SON?!” “Hathor is your mom?!? That’s so NEAT! She’s so amazing.” 

- Prompto spent the majority of his time in the mortal world. He brought them joy, music, and even taught the humans how to dance. Though they didn’t dance well at first, the more Prompto came back, the better they got at it. Prompto was happy being with the humans, even at times wishing that he was human so that he could experience mortal life. He doesn’t know what a camera is since that hasn’t been invented yet, but he still loves preserving memories somehow so he has taken a strong liking to paintings. 

- Prompto was happy. He was so happy all the time that it was impossible to wipe that big smile off his face. However, he did get sad. It was surprising, the humans never expected him to suddenly have this change of behavior. He had enjoyed spending time in the mortal world so much that he forgot the one thing that separated him. He was a God. Humans die. He had made so many human friends, but he had lost track of time, and they had passed away. It hurt him and he didn’t make an appearance in the mortal world for some time after that. 

- It had taken Prompto some time until he understood that humans would die and he couldn’t do anything to change that. Bbbbbut, he kind of could. Because the spirits of his human friends would simply go to the underworld, he could just have his good pal Noctis resurrect them. Prompto really wanted to do that, he REALLY wanted to do that….but he knew that he shouldn’t interfere with death. It wasn’t his realm of specialty and he knew it wasn’t right. 

- The only thing Prompto could do was move on and continue to bring the pleasure of happiness to those who were still alive. If his old mortal friends were given the opportunity to be resurrected, he would be filled with a joy that would motivate him for years to come. 

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Ignis: Son of Thoth, God of knowledge, the moon, measurement, wisdom, the alphabet, records, thought, intelligence, meditation, the mind, logic, reason, reading, hieroglyphics, magic, secrets, scribes, and writing.

- Ignis is very intelligent, maybe even more so than his father. Ignis has done extensive research on the human race. He has read all of the books, writings, etc. that they have published over the many years. Yes, he’s managed to read everything. Ignis even knows multiple languages. 

- He has never been to the mortal realm yet, he wanted to educate himself about them before he went. As a God who has never met a human person, he didn’t exactly know how to interact with them. When he did go to see the mortals, he was surprised to see how much they respected him and were interested in him. He found himself intrigued by humans and stayed with them longer than he anticipated. 

- At times, Ignis actually forgot that he was a God. Spending so much, perhaps too much time with them had made him forget. Ignis had an affinity for the scribes and he shared as much knowledge as he could with them. He taught the people about science, philosophy, religion and magic. At times when the people were having endless arguments, Ignis stepped in as mediator. Just like Thoth, Ignis was particularly good at balancing good and evil, making sure neither had victory over the other. 

- If Ignis had the option to become mortal, he would never want to take it. It wasn’t because he disliked humans, it was because as a human he would die, and dying would prevent him from gaining more knowledge since life would continue to move on. 

- When Ignis visits the underworld, he tends to assist Noctis with the judgement of souls. Ignis was taking over more tasks from Thoth and represented the judgement scales where the deceased person’s heart would be weighed against a feather which would determine their fate. Ignis enjoyed his time in the underworld just as much as he liked being with the mortals. 

- One of Ignis’ dreams is to travel the world, gathering all the wisdom he possibly can, however it is an impossible dream since his duties lie with Egyptian mortals and Gods. Ignis has definitely attempted astral projection as an effort to explore the wonders of Earth while still remaining in the place his duties require him to be at. 

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Gladio: Son of Horus, God of the sky, kingship, war and hunting.

- Gladio’s bird tattoo represents his father Horus who flies across the sky as a falcon. Also inherited from his father are his eyes, his right containing the sun, and the left containing the moon. Mortals admire his eyes, the sun in his eye shining much brighter than the moon. When Gladio looks at his reflection in mirrors, his eyes don’t seem special to him and he can’t see the moon and sun in his eyes that the people speak of. 

- Gladio has a great love for hunting, more so than his dad. He tends to go hunting for animals with the mortals since they seem to enjoy it as much as him. From every battle with animals, the hunting group always comes back victorious, probably because they have Gladio on their side. 

- He also represents a symbol of power, and brings great protection to the mortals who worship him because of that. It seems that Gladio is much more powerful than his father, and has taken over his jobs for him mostly. 

- When in the mortal realm, he dislikes seeing war break out between people. He doesn’t understand why they would do such a thing and destroy themselves usually over a stupid argument. He typically doesn’t know what to do and calls his friend Ignis to help mediate and stop the war. When Ignis does this, it makes Gladiolus feel somewhat weak since it should’ve been his responsibility to stop the fighting. 

- Gladiolus tends to isolate himself in the most peaceful places, maybe tombs or near The Nile. Gladio reads there, Ignis providing him with new books to read whenever he finishes the others. It’s relaxing and shows the mortals that Gladio is a bit lazy, but not as tough as they originally thought once they see him curled up by the river with a nice book. 

- This isn’t known, but Gladio helped build the pyramids. He’s super strong and buff of course he’ll help. In fact he did the majority of the work. But being the nice guy he is, he gives the humans all the credit. Once the pyramids are built, one of his new reading spots becomes the highest point of the pyramids. From there he can overlook the town to make sure everyone is safe while reading as usual.

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A/N: I was debating whether or not to do this for the Greek or Egyptian Gods and realized that the Egyptian Gods don’t get enough love and truly aren’t as well known so here we are. BUT if people do want a Greek God post I’d be happy to do it! I’ll also do the Egyptian God for other FFXV characters if requested! Though he wasn’t included in these, my favorite Egyptian God is Anubis!! REQUESTS ARE OPEN. 

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The Four Stages of Being an INFJ
  • INdifference: oh, so I'm an INFJ, that's cool I guess, this MBTI stuff seems ok, what's for dinner today?
  • quesTIoning: But what if I'm mistyped? What if I'm just making this up because I want to be special?? What if the Aliens actually did build the pyramids and this is all part of a bigger conspiracy where ESTJs have been the true INFJs all along????? THEY.ARE.HIDING.THE.TRUTH.FROM.US.
  • repoSE: Today I've only bumped into 13 doors and even talked to another human being TWICE. Now I'm gonna spend my night shitposting on tumblr and sending myself cat videos, I may or may not have forgotten to eat but overall it was a good day, mate
  • tv character overcoming anxiety that prevents them from a new experience: ok, just think 'you can do this'. i am not the summation of my fears. i can face this down & persevere, i am stronger than my demons. well ... here goes nothing!
  • me overcoming anxiety that prevents me from a new experience: i mean you're dying dude, fuck it. they will build exactly 0 pyramids for your stupid 'watched final destination high' ass. just ride the fucking tilt-a-whirl, carpe diem
I don’t know what to tell you. Except for that it hurts, that it tastes a bit like bile forcibly choked down the throat. I don’t know if I’m healing or if this is just another lesson in brutality (and my mother used to say my birth was a cascading failure). Makes you uncomfortable. To see a girl and kiss a demon, a red herring, mortar in the bloom. I feel like disheartened dirt shoved under the carpet. The name you don’t take until the moon’s shot up the world like blood. Something you need to hide. I feel bottomlessness. Envy, hunger, a frothing temper that builds like brother’s wounds on a navy ship. I’m not quite acquainted with the source of my own misery, but I know it builds pyramids in me. Demolishes like great white sharks. Spins a symphony of nuclear bombs. I guess I’m beyond help, beyond the bend. You’re on the straight and narrow, ant I’m welling up like sore thunder beneath white awnings of blubbering sky. The morning you told me I look like hell and I told you that maybe we knew nothing about hell at all. Darling, hell is an empty street. Hell’s a familiar face that doesn’t recognize you. Hell is coughing up stardust into your bathroom sink on a lonely Tuesday night. Hell is in the eyes that greet me in the mirror, married to the mutiny and cancelling each other out. Bled like meat in shrivels, old sunken lakes. Hell’s the sound your room makes when you’re sleeping. Hell is the regret I scraped up at the end of a $5 beer bottle. I catch hell in between your fingers, when they slide into mine, and we raise the dead.
—  The Sound of Hell You Make Ever So Stunningly At Night || jupiter reed 

Star Trek speaks to some basic human needs: that there is a tomorrow — it’s not all going to be over with a big flash and a bomb; that the human race is improving; that we have things to be proud of as humans. No, ancient astronauts did not build the pyramids — human beings built them, because they’re clever and they work hard. And Star Trek is about those things.”
                                              - Gene Roddenberry

Girl’s Night

Platonic Charlie and Reader, Dean x Reader

1900 Words

Story Summary: Charlie and the Reader have a girl’s night while hunting a Shojo.

A/N: This is written for @trexrambling and her Jess Hunter Celebration. My three items were: Charlie, Shojo, frying pan. This was lots of fun!!


Tapping your fingers against the steering wheel, you couldn’t help but sing along to the song playing on the radio. You were happy, mainly because of your destination. You were heading to help your friend on a hunt. A little girl’s trip that you were looking forward to more than Charlie probably realized. But after being in the bunker day after day, surrounded by testosterone, you couldn’t wait to talk to someone who didn’t think with their downstairs brain.

She hadn’t even had time to say what she was hunting before you had accepted her offer, making her laugh over the phone. After giving you directions, she promised she would wait in her hotel room for you to arrive. That had been over three hours ago, and you were almost to the town.

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what you said said about George soros looking and sounding like a cartoon villain and no one noticing is so true. I feel like we deserve the kalergi plan at this point

To me all these billionaires or aspiring leaders who want to start a new world order all on their face want to abolish western rule. Really though what they want deep down is their own cyber pyramid they saw in bladerunner or read about in 1984 but zoning laws and sensible government didn’t let them build retarded shit like that so they got really mad. 

The kalergi plan is a retarded idea and it fits perfectly what they would think is a cool way to take over the world. So when George Soros is 120 years old and he finally controls all of western europe because they couldn’t get america or anywhere else. He meets with his government and lays out the plan and what he wants to do so he renames the european union to some retarded shit like “Gesoya” and then makes a plan to build his pyramid. 

The problem is the people there hate each other and are always having race riots and they are poor and have to live off the government. So all he has is just a terrible shithole country because he based his world domination plan off a fucking science fiction book and he cant have a war with anyone because it isn’t 1941 anymore and you need actual smart people to win a war. All he can do is dress up his stupid citizens and make them build prisons and sheds. Its worse than communism and their space race is seeing how fast they can build george soros pyramids.

He just sits in a pyramid all day and china takes over as the number one world power since the chinese are technophiles who are proud of building long roads and ghost cities. America is probably a shithole too by this point and china controls Canada and Australia and the south china sea. China and Russia team up to invade gesoya because they think its a stupid gutter trash society. Georgie boy cant stop them because his new world order is just full of retards, pyramids, and shopping mall prisons.

Things that are important about the newsies even though they really aren’t
(aka Asper has random pet headcanons for almost every character that don’t really influence anything he just holds them near and dear to his heart)

  • Jack has a love/hate relationship with the color blue. he loves it to death, but can’t ever mix quite the right shade. for some reason, he still paints the sky a lot and then complains about how much he hates blue to anyone who will listen
  • Spot hates chocolate. so much. he thinks it tastes like death. one time he bit into a handful of m&m’s thinking they were skittles and almost threw up. Race isn’t allowed to order dessert for him any more after he ordered a brownie volcano on their fourth date when Spot had specifically told him how much he hated chocolate on their third date
  • Race has The Worst fashion sense out of anyone. if he’s going anywhere with anyone they make sure to have either Spot or Jack make sure he doesn’t wear anything embarrassing after the time he showed up to something wearing a completely clashing outfit. Jack was in charge of making sure his wedding suit wasn’t horrible.
  • Romeo’s real name is Romeo. His mom loved Shakespeare overly much, called him “Will” in casual conversation, and named Romeo after her favorite character. Fittingly, he ended up being the biggest pansexual flirt anyone has ever met, and lives up to his name.
  • Finch loves birds so much. He own seven, has at least ten bird tattoos, cites random bird facts when given any semblance of an opportunity. He has an entire bookshelf full of bird books. His idea of a super romantic date is birdwatching. He owns four pairs of binoculars specifically for birdwatching.
  • Davey loves history and space more than anything else in the universe. He cried when he found out he couldn’t be an astronaut because he’s broken his arm before. He firmly believes that aliens are out there and that the probably helped build pyramids. He can quote many historical documents, and probably read hieroglyphics.
  • Crutchie is claustrophobic and has OCD and cannot use elevators because of a combination of those two things. Therefore, he launches himself up and down stairs at the speed of light and gives anyone who sees it a heart attack because it looks like he’s going to faceplant at any given second
The Signs as Conspiracy Theories
  • Aries: Civilization on Mars- There is said to be human-like extraterrestrials who inhabited the planet long ago and has been there home for awhile now. People believe that there are cities and tunnels on Mars, similar to Earth, where these aliens are said to live.
  • Taurus: Adolf Hitler Faking his Death- The confirmed history of Hitler says that he committed suicide on April 30, 1945 but a few people beg to differ. It is believed that Hitler had used another body put in his bunker where he was found "dead". Some believe he escaped to Barcelona and Antarctica.
  • Gemini: Cell phone- Ever since cell phones have been created, people have been comparing them to microwaves saying they're "frying our brains" pointing out studies stating cell phones cause tumors and brain cancer. Another large group of theorists claim that the government are tracking and monitoring our calls without a warrant, which is illegal.
  • Cancer: Atmosphere on the Moon- Some people claim that that there is an actual atmosphere on the backside of the moon that we can't see, also going as far as to say that there are lakes and vegetation on the backside. A few astronomers have supported this theory by saying they have taken pictures of clouds on the moon.
  • Leo: Bermuda Triangle- The region located between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, or more commonly known as the "Bermuda Triangle" is said to hold some type of magnetic activity causing boats to go missing and UFOs to hover around that area. There are many speculations on what this could be but it is most commonly thought to be a time portal.
  • Virgo: Francis Bacon was Shakespeare- Due to there being a low amount of history on William Shakespeare, it is believed that the writings of Shakespeare were created by somebody else and then imputed to him. Because of how highly educated and articulate Sir Francis Bacon was, he is thought to be the true Shakespeare.
  • Libra: Atlantis- Atlantis is said to have been an advanced civilization that existed on this planet in the past. Though, some believe that there are descendants of the Atlanteans are still among us in the government. Atlantis has been compared to the ancient Egyptians because of their capability to build pyramids with limited resources. If Atlantis really did exist, it would interfere with our theory of evolution and modern day humans.
  • Scorpio: AIDS Created in Lab- There are numerous conspiracies as to the creation of the AIDS virus. The most common theory is that it was created in a military lab by the United States government. The purpose of the virus was twofold: 1) as a political/ethnic weapon against Africans and "lower races" and 2) as a tool for depopulation.
  • Sagittarius: HAARP Weather Manipulation- HAARP is a U.S research program located in Gakona, Alaska. The stated purpose of HAARP is to develop ionospheric enhancement technology to further radio communications and surveillance technology. Some people think otherwise, however. It is thought that it is actually used to manipulate the weather and cause earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, and many other devastating events.
  • Capricorn: Ancient Texts in Vatican Library- Although most parts of the Vatican library is open to the public, there are secret archives only few people have access to. The most exclusive writings on ancient occult magic and alchemy are said to be housed here, writings that would show the true hidden knowledge that the church keeps from its members.
  • Aquarius: Nibiru/Planet X- Nibiru is said the be the planet of a group of aliens known as the Anunnaki. It is said that Nibiru orbits the sun every 3,600 years which is why we can't see it, even though many people claim we can see it and NASA is covering it up. Many people say Nibiru is set to return near to the earth in the coming future to check up on the human race.
  • Pisces: Chemtrails- When jets fly through the air they release a vapor known as a contrail. Some people believe that some of the contrails we see are actually trails of chemicals emitted from these jets. What is contained in these chemtrails and why they are being emitted is up for debate, but it is most popularly believed to be chemicals that control our brains.
  • Disclaimer: these are CONSPIRACY THEORIES, therefore they have never been proven. This post is not meant to offend anyone or change beliefs.

“Timur the Lame was a /pol/ user”

“Timur predated the internet by hundreds of years”

“Wow so youre saying it was ok of him to build pyramids of human skulls just because ‘he wasnt an internet racist’???”

From: Whiskey     To: Tango


Tango: Why does the Illuminati have one eye? Why three sides? Why do pyramids have three sides? Why did ancient Egyptians build pyramids? Were the Egyptians part of the Illuminati? Was the Illuminati created by naughty Egyptians looking to get it off with pyramid shaped aliens? Am I a part of the Egyptian Illuminati now? Do I get special powers for joining? Am I in a cult now? Wa-

Whiskey: No one knows, I don’t think I’m qualified to answer that, I guess they wouldn’t be pyramids otherwise, to steal the brains of the innocent, yes, yes, no, no, no, and I’ll stop you right there because I don’t have any more time to listen, Tony. Seriously, it’s just a Valentine, Tony. Shhh, they’re watching.

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Do you believe in aliens?

I believe that, due to the incomprehensible size of the universe, that it would be impossible for us to be the only living things that exist. I do not believe that little gray men helped build the pyramids or occasionally abduct rednecks.

The Immortal Fake AH Crew comes from all walks of life, in all different ages, years and genorations. The B-Team is no different from the Main Crew.

Jeremy and Matt were builders of the some of the greatest wonders in the world. The two of them were born in Egypt. And the two of them help to build the pyramids, and the Spinx. The two of them have been together from the start of their lives, best friends from childhood, who grew up to become great builders together just like they dreamed when they were children, and when they both realized that they couldn’t die the two of them stuck together. They were glue the two of them. There was no Matt with out Jeremy, and no Jeremy with out Matt. Later in there lives they would help to build things like the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, and the Statue of Liberty, the White House, and the Empire State Building. The two of them left their marks on History, slowing making their way threw time building famous building after famous building.

 Along the way they made money with petty crimes, builders and architects made nickels and dimes back in the day compared to what they make now a days, and at some point they stopped building, stopping looking for the next big building that would last genorations and turned completly to crime, and Los Santos and the Fakes gave them a new home and almost a fresh start to do that. 

Mica was born in the 1950s, a generation of racism, hate, and fighting for equal rights, and she was among the more violent of those freedom fighters. She in her teenage year were among the equal right protestors who fought with punchs, not words. She would die for the first time early in her life. Barley nineteen, forever stuck at that weird age of an adult, but not yet able to drink. For Mica being immortal meant that she could keep fighting. Keep helping those who needed it. She went to protest after protest. Rally after Rally to help. She, in time, got to she a time when hate was hidden, and segration was no more. She never did stop her crimes and violence though. At some point, punches turned brutal with brass knuckles, and brass knuckles turned to knife fights in back allies that she always won, and knife fights turned to gun shootings and robbing banks. 

When she met the Fakes, she realized not that they were the same as her not exactly. Yes, the couldn’t die just like her, but where as she did things quitly and out of a need to get rid of hate, they did it for the fun of it. And Mica, in all her 60 some odd years of being alive realized that it was never for fun what she was doing. It was always for the fact of helping someone else, of making the world a better place. And for the first time ever. She went ‘fuck it’ and joined the Fakes for the fun of it all.

Steffie was born in the twenties, and into the life of crime. Her father a was a Chicago gangster who ruled over the city in a rain of bullets and terror. Steffie grew up loving the life her father gave to her because her father was on top of the city, it was a romanticized, and a over the top life that ended with blood shed. Steffie, the girl who romanticized crime and the bloodshed of it all died for the first in a hail storm of bullets that left her and her criminal family dead. Only she didn’t stay dead. Steffie, the 20 year old girl who thought of crime like a love story got to watch the people who killed her family burn to the ground, and she took everything with her. She left Chicago ready to be something more. Something better then her criminal family ever was. 

Steffie, the 20 year old girl who romanticized the crimes she commited with roses, and spray paints, and pastel colored masks joined the Fakes because they could give her something she hasn’t had since her Father died in the 30′s. Power, Control, and the tools to Run Los Santos, to do more than that. To own Los Santos. 

Kdin was born in America, Salem to be exact, in the 1680′s. Right before the start of the Salem Witch Trials. Kdin, the poor soul she is, happen to die for the first time at 16, right at the height of the Trails. Only to come back to life, and be found guity of Witchcraft. She wasn’t a witch. She didn’t have a clue how she was still alive, how she came back from dead, but she ended up dying 13 times before the escaping the town. Kdin after leaving Massachusetts, sailed over sea’s to France and spend the next 100 years or so jumping from town to town, city to city and learning the native language. 

In the 1790′s durning the start of the Revolution in France, Kdin knew she wanted out of the country. Revolutionary France was a country of Betrayal, Beheadings, and Backstabbing, she started to leave the country slowly, on her way out she met Jack, like her someone born into the wrong body, with the wrong gender, and someone who couldn’t die, just like her. For Kdin, Jack became like a mom, a replacement mom for the one who turned her back on her over a 100 years ago in Salem. So Jack, the person he is, took her to Geoff. An old friend Jack had said, and the two of them joined up with Geoff’s crew. Geoff’s group of Misfits, Geoff’s group of Fakes. 

(Not alot of people know Kdin is one of the original seven or so that founded the Fakes, who started their Reign of Terror almost 300 years ago)

Caleb, was born in a small town in Greece. He was a doctor, or well a doctor in training the first time he died. He over the years has kept up his training, he likes to think he can stitch up most cuts with his eyes closed. Caleb, the doctor who over the years has learned for the best of the best, met Geoff early in his life. They were in England in 1589. Caleb was studying a new form of medicine, with a doctor who was world renowned at the time, but Caleb has long forgotten the man’s name. The doctor had put Geoff under his care, who had come in with a stab wound, and when Geoff died (bleed out while Caleb tried his damnedest to stop the bleeding) and ten mintues later came back almost magicly. Caleb was stocked.

He’d never met anyone like him before. Over the years Caleb jumped from place to place, country to country, city to city, and from time to time Geoff would end up in his care. So when Geoff in the late 1790′s walked into his office in London, and offered him a job as the medic for the criminal orgization, the group of Fakes as he worded it way back when. Caleb said yes. Because in all of the years of being alive he’s been doing good. Helping people, finding out how to make people better, maybe for the first time in his life its time to have fun. Time to do something wrong.

Trevor is born in Los Santos, born in the criminal life style, born into the mess that calls itself a city in 1921. The city isn’t as bad as it will one day be. It isn’t a city ruled by the Fakes, but it’s still the City of Crime. Only he unlike most people in the city, most people who call Los Santos home gets out the first chance he gets. Because in 1939 he’s 18 and it’s the start of World War Two. They don’t call it World War Two went it starts in 1939, but he realizes that when, if America gets involded in the war he can join. So in 1941 when Pearl Harbor is bombed and America offically joins the war. Trevor is shipped overseas. At 20 years old Trevor is overseas fighting in London in the Blitz. Trevor dies a hero six months into his tour. 

Only Trevor doesn’t die, but for him it doesn’t feel right to go back to Los Santos. He wanted out, that’s why he joined the war. So he stays in London, gets some expertly made papers saying he was a duel citizen of both the England and the United States, and explored. Trevor while he’s living in London breifly meets a main named Michael at a bar that’s down the street from where he now lives in the outskirts of the city, Michael asks him how he died the first time. Trevor doesn’t know how to answer that question. Michael who was just like him. An undying man told him that if he ever needed a job, the Fakes were always looking for new members. 

Trevor knew who the Fakes were, knew what they did. He wasn’t dumb, he knew that Liberty City was just as bad as Los Santos. But he took the card anyway. And almost 80 years later, he finally went to the address on the back of the card, and Joined the Fakes. 

Andy was the youngest of anyone in the Fakes, between the main crew and the so called B-Team. Andy was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1992. Andy, who died for the first time in a car crash on his ninetenth birthday. Joined the Fakes almost by mistake. Andy, was in Los Santos because he was just passing threw. After dying for the first time he went on an adventure threw the states in America. When the Fakes shot him in a bank robbing for interfering with their heist, and when ten mintues late Andy stood back up and starting talking again, all of the Fakes were shocked. 

But it was also how Andy got a Job. 

Ne and Ni Synergy

Imagine that Ni is like a pyramid made of blocks, where every new piece fitting in helps to build up a certain layer to the point where it’s (more or less) complete, before moving on to the next level. And it keeps building up layer after layer until it reaches the summit, the peak, where there is finally only one block at the top - Ni’s conclusion.

The problem is that while the pyramid may appear structurally sound on the outside, on the inside, it could be full of holes. There are missing blocks everywhere. Some of them failed to be delivered on time, and there’s an entire section in the middle that isn’t supported by blocks at all, where Ni made an assumption or leaped to a conclusion too quickly without enough evidence to fortify it. (And the Fi architect says: “No! This is my baby! I’ve been working on this design for twelve years! You are not taking my dream away from me!”). If one were to pull out a strategically placed brick from its position, the whole structure would come tumbling down. 

And so from a certain perspective, the pyramid looks fine. But when you look at it overhead, the peak is off-center. Ni has drawn the wrong conclusion, because it took known information and made a “best guess” with it.

What Ne does is offer more blocks to start off with so that Ni can draw a more accurate conclusion. And in exchange for lending Ni some of their blocks, Ne got a sick-ass new pyramid.

Some people may be asking, “Well, that seems like a pretty sweet deal for Ne. They didn’t do very much, did they?”. And, while it is true that Ne got an entire pyramid for their efforts, it isn’t true that they did nothing in exchange for it. Who do you think it was that gathered up all of those blocks? 

When Ne brings the raw, unprocessed creativity to the table, without the direction of Ni, it lacks focus and discipline. It says, “OH MY GOD, THERE ARE SO MANY BLOCKS HERE! WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM ALL? DO I BUILD A PYRAMID? DO I BUILD A SHRINE? DO I BUILD A HOUSE? OR DO I BUILD AN 80 FOOT TALL STATUE OF A DOG EATING A SUNFLOWER? SO MANY DIRECTIONS!” When Ni comes along, it provides a direction and a vision for the pure but unstructured creativity of Ne.

And so while Ni provided the vision, Ne was the one who donated all of their bricks.

They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America (Journal of African Civilizations)

They Came Before Columbus reveals a compelling, dramatic, and superbly detailed documentation of the presence and legacy of Africans in ancient America. Examining navigation and shipbuilding; cultural analogies between Native Americans and Africans; the transportation of plants, animals, and textiles between the continents; and the diaries, journals, and oral accounts of the explorers themselves, Ivan Van Sertima builds a pyramid of evidence to support his claim of an African presence in the New World centuries before Columbus. Combining impressive scholarship with a novelist’s gift for storytelling, Van Sertima re-creates some of the most powerful scenes of human history: the launching of the great ships of Mali in 1310 (two hundred master boats and two hundred supply boats), the sea expedition of the Mandingo king in 1311, and many others. In They Came Before Columbus, we see clearly the unmistakable face and handprint of black Africans in pre-Columbian America, and their overwhelming impact on the civilizations they encountered.