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So, I thought you guys should know, that a few of us from a Discord I’m a part of engaged in email correspondence with Jen Cohn, and through that correspondence, we found out that she ‘likes the idea’ of Pharmercy.

Add this in conjecture to the fact that Lucie Pohl has been giving us hints on the low (via her likes on Twitter) and has told Mike Foble that she’s ‘on-board’ for Pharmercy, and you have both VAs quite possibly being on-board for the ship.

(Not to mention the fact that Irene Koh is also open to the prospect of drawing them ‘officially’ for Blizzard as well, and has posted a lot of Pharmercy art to her Patreon.)

The point is, there’s a lot of support and momentum going for this ship, especially with the current resurgence of Pharmercy in the meta as well.

One wonders if Blizzard will ever build on the momentum of it. Because after all, any smart company would try to capitalize on something so popular, instead of blatantly just ignoring it in favor of something else.

Am I right?

Checking 101

Someone wanted me to go through each type of check and explain the different between all of them. So here’s a brief intro to checking in ice hockey!

Legal Hits

  • Body Checking - this is the generic type of check. generally the player isn’t leading with any particular part of the body. This is usually done against the boards during puck battles, to separate a player from the puck, or to knock them to the ice. Body Checking is only legal when done to a player who is in control of the puck. Body checking is also allowed in womens sports to a smaller degree, for instance contact is allowed if the ref thinks the players target was not the player but instead they were going for the puck.
  • Hip Check - This is when a player will crouch and hit the other player with their hip (or butt). This would usually involve targeting the other player in the hips as well as a way to throw them off balance. these are the types of hits goalies will usually go to if they do decide to hit, or if a player ends up upside down and flipping through the air it’s usually because of a hip check. It is usually done against the boards though so, the flipping doesn’t happen too often.
  • Shoulder Check - You may have already found the theme here but basically this is when a player hits another leading with the shoulder. Shoulders checks are used to knock a player out of position and involve usually shoulder to shoulder contact because the player needs to keep their elbows tucked in and their shoulder away from the head for it to be considered legal.
  • Poke Check - Okay now we’re getting further away from the physical body to body checks but this still counts because the stick is considered part of the player technically. Anyway a poke check is when the defensive player uses their stick to poke the puck away from the offensive player. This does not generally involve contact between the two players and is used simply to cause a turn over or defend the net.
  • Forecheck - This is a more general term for basically the way you play in the offensive zone. It can more specifically refer to the offensive player that recovers the puck after it’s dumped into the offensive zone. THis way involve body contact against the boards and a puck battle.
  • Back check - Similar to a forecheck but the opposite basically. It’s defensive play in the defensive zone. Usually involves some combination of sticking yourself to the offensive player and trying to knock the puck from them at the same time. Since hockey tends to be defended by zones, you won’t necessarily see one defender all up on a specific guy but they’ll kind of attack the player in waves as a way to keep them away from the net.

Illegal Hits

  • Cross checking - this is a pretty easy illegal hit to identify. Cross checking happens when a player hold the stick in both hands and pushes into the opposing player in kind of a bench press motion away from their chest. This can lead to the stick being broken over the opposing players body or more likely send them tumbling down. Either way because it’s illegal you’ll usually see it away from the play or after the whistle, because it’s already illegal so they don’t have to follow the other rules about hitting.
  • Elbowing - this occurs when a player leads with the elbow into a hit. Generally it’s towards the head and players try to play it off as saying they were going for a shoulder check and the other player somehow moved into their elbow. This is illegal for obvious reasons I think - elbows are dangerous as fuck.
  • Knee on Knee - This is pretty self explanatory, when two players are skating at each other and one leads with the knee with the intent to hit the other player in the knees, that’s what we call a knee on knee hit. These are very dangerous because knees are very important and similar to the head, one bad hit to them and that can be the end of someone’s career. Also sort of related to a hip check, any hit below the knees is considered illegal.
  • Hit to the head - All these types of hits are illegal. If you aim for the head and they can prove you intended to hit the head, that’s an illegal check. Some things that would make a hit to the head legal include, if the player was on the way down and the hitter could not have anticipated it, or if the player intentionally put themselves into a dangerous position to get a longer penalty. You’ll also see sometimes hits to the head are not considered dangerous simply because the player hit was not paying attention and therefore the hitter had a reasonable expectation of the player being able to avoid the contact and did not.
  • Boarding - This is a type of body check that occurs against the boards. Players against the boards are considered to be significantly more vulnerable than players in open ice.  Players against the boards will usually be facing the boards with their backs exposed as a way to protect the puck. Boarding is an intentional hit of a vulnerable player against the boards and the penalty assessed can be increased in severity if the player hits the other in the numbers on the back of their jersey.
  • Charging - this is usually involved in boarding but can happen in open ice as well. Basically if you build up momentum by taking intentional strides towards an exposed player. Stridse can obviously be taken as long as it’s far enough away from the player about to be hit.
  • Interference - This is not necessarily a type of check however it would be in certain circumstances. If a player were to body check another when they did not have the puck this would be interference. basically you can only check a player with the puck. otherwise it’s interference.
  • A note on illegal body checks - One other thing would make a body check illegal. This ties in to hitting the head but basically if you hit another player you are not allowed to leave your feet to do so. 

Hopefully i covered everything !

Book Review: THE DARK PROPHECY by Rick Riordan (The Trials of Apollo #2)

There are no spoilers until you press ‘Keep Reading’. 

Apollo’s life as a mortal is a little tough when his closest friend (and unfortunately, his supreme master) has been instructed to kill him. The elusive Meg McCaffrey is on a deadly quest ordained by her brainwashing stepfather and abuser, the risen Roman emperor Nero. Meanwhile, Apollo runs into the danger to find her again, accompanied by Leo Valdez, the now-mortal Calypso, and a faulty bronze dragon. 

When they arrive in the heart of the American midwest, their problems really begin. Invited into the mysterious Waystation, a magical house with rooms as shifty and unpredictable as their creator, the trio finds a new home with Josephine and Emmie, two former Hunters of Artemis. Their daughter became insane and went missing after the rise of the second Roman emperor. A looming, dark cave of prophecy might have the answers they need to save the Waystation and themselves (and might just help Apollo finish up his mortal-time and return to godhood), but that’s only if they don’t go insane first.

And when the second emperor of the evil Triumvirate is Apollo’s ex-boyfriend? Yeah. They’re in quite the unfortunate situation.

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A word that can be associated with Taurus is momentum, because they need this before a significant action. Whether before a temper loss, before starting something new, before trusting someone, before their barriers break down, or even to the extent that they may let their worries build momentum before they become out of proportion or unmanageable. Either way, they don’t just jump into things, it takes time for them. Their movement is gradual.

Casual Folk  (Dean Ambrose)

wordcount: 1.7k
requested: yes
content warning: lmao smut / cheating / swearing

You loved the days when your boyfriend was out of town for whatever reason, because it meant that you got to see Dean. You loved having him come over to your apartment, you loved the way he worshiped your body, and honestly you thought that he may even be the best you ever had.

You heard the knock at the door and excitedly went over and opened it, as soon as you saw each other both of your arms were around each other. Your lips pressed hard against his as his kisses came hot and wet but so, so passionate. He moved the two of you farther into your apartment before kicking the door shut behind him as he pinned you against the wall. 

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There’s a right way to talk to everyone

Peter has very specific strategies for talking to people. Very personalized strategies, too.

Rita is dramatic, so he goes with flattery and romance. 

Did you say something about forms? I’d rather talk about yours. It’s fantastic.

Engstrom is all ego and self-importance. Peter flatters him and exudes overconfidence, just so Engstrom has plenty of opportunities to one-up him.  

Blair Rockridge gets on a roll without bothering to make sure she has all the facts (we see this at the beginning of the episode when she’s talking to her valet). Peter builds up her momentum and then sets her loose on the path he’s laid out for her.

Madam Rossignol is self-righteous, so he and Mag take her side and reassure her that she’s totally in the right. 

The Triad Waiter is a lackey who’s used to doing what he’s told, so Peter is assertive and commanding. 

Well, you’ve been told again! Are you a machine? Exercise some free will and do exactly as I say: bring us another bottle!

Miasma doesn’t like people; she just wants to get the job done. With her, Peter is all business and gets straight to the point. 

The first thing Juno does when Peter walks in the office is show off, and Peter uses that for the rest of the episode, along with heaping helpings of sex appeal.

Come now, brave detective. Not afraid of a little blood, are you?

Why, Juno, you look positively snowy. Not afraid of a few gangsters, are you? Why don’t you prove it to me, then? Show me how brave you are.

Oh, you delicate little flower, that punch didn't knock you out, did it?

(I love that he keeps repeating the same pattern every time he wants Juno to do something. Just wind him up and watch him go!)

Notably, getting Juno to show off stops working very effectively after Cassie is arrested, because Juno’s too disgusted with himself to want to prove himself. 

Juno, you aren’t going to be silent all evening, are you?

You aren’t going to spend it sobbing into your drink, are you?

After a few failed attempts, Peter switches gears and tries to comfort Juno instead (with plenty more sex), and that’s what works. 

Rumbelle and Gideon

I’ve seen a few (not unfounded) worries that Rumbelle aren’t getting enough screen time with Gideon. For me, Rumple and Belle feel appropriately disconnected from Gideon for what’s happening.

Hear me out.

It’s hard to give Gideon a solid backstory of suffering and loneliness and have him doing all kinds of terrible things with his parents there looking at him like the sacrificial lamb. The fact is, Gideon is messed up because Rumple and Belle were a disaster when he was born. If the narrative is to distance the audience from that awful time and help both Rumple and Belle reclaim hero status, they can’t be faced head-on with their responsibility for Gideon’s suffering every single scene. There has to be a sense that Rumple and Belle have learned from their mistakes and moved forward. For that, characters need a bit of space.

It’s also hard for Belle and Rumple to reconnect and build emotional momentum between them as a couple when they’re directly dealing with crisis after crisis. It doesn’t leave room for handholding like we saw, or adorable back rubs, or for Rumple and Belle to square off against Snow and Emma and for Belle to move toward Rumple and take his side, to show him faith and trust.

Finally, Gideon is struggling between two moral extremes. The Black Fairy has his heart. When a kid wants (in this case needs) to do serious wrong but doesn’t want to hurt the ones that matter to them most–their parents–they run and hide.

When we reach the point in the story where Belle and Rumple are confronting the Black Fairy to protect Gideon from her direct abuse, that’s when they will allow all three of them to have contact and emotional scenes.
in a sense we're all winning - Chapter 2 Archive of Our Own
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chapter two of a thoroughly non trk compliant Alive Noah Dead Gansey postseries fic is up. it’s not long, like 1800 words this part.
content warnings: death, being alive again, having been murdered, dramatic irony
queer gen themes, pairings vague but they’re all in love with each other

start from the beginning here

Why Hinata can easily defeat Sakura

“Sakura can punch the ground and the mountains will kill her like it did to the Juubi Clones”

Nope. This attack is not as sure-fire as people want to believe. We saw that Sakura first needs to build momentum by jumping super high and then falling down to punch the ground.

Last I recall, Ninjas can only increase the height of their jumps with Chakra, while they simply end up falling at normal, real-life speed. Shown above, Naruto was left completely defenseless when falling, needing to be saved by Sasuke. As is the case, this would give Hinata ample enough time to intercept Sakura while she is falling down and blast her with an Air Palm in mid-air, ending the momentum she’d need to create this technique and damaging her organs.

Not only that, but plenty, PLENTY of Juubi Clones survived the attack, nearly killing Sakura due to her not being able to see through the dust cloud that followed. Considering Hinata survived a point-black Almighty Push, a few rocks and stones will not be enough to knock her out completely. 

Hinata also has the alternative option of simply avoiding the attack like any sane ninja would by jumping. Here, we see the Juubi fire its Juubi Bomb at Naruto, Bee, Gai and Kakashi. We see that Naruto is front-center, Kakasho/Gai behind and to his right, and Bee behind to his left, and all are facing towards the Juubi. 

Here, we see the dust cloud created by the attack is to the right of Naruto, evidenced by Kakashi and Gai’s presence. 

As such, the panel below means that the red is Naruto, the blue is Kakashi/Gai, and the yellow is Bee.

And what we see next is Hinata, Ino, and other shinobi falling down from the sky, despite not being present in the previous panel at all, meaning that they were at least some 40 to 50 M in the air. Then there’s the fact that Ino took control of the Juubi for some 2 seconds, so that’s likely an addition 10 m or so considering they’d still be falling while she was doing so. Meaning her mountain crushing attack can be avoided by literally ANYONE.

Take into consideration her Byakugan, which will allow her to see through the dust cloud, and Sakura will only be putting herself in a bad situation with this technique as it does nothing but work to Hinata’s advantage.

“Yin Seal can open Chakra Points”

Then there’s the question of whether or not the Yin Seal can actually undo chakra points being blocked, and given how we’ve never seen the Yin Seal do this, I’m not inclined to believe it can, especially with plenty of evidence against it.

But let’s say Sakura CAN unblock chakra points, for arguments sake, I still find this an irrelevant point. The whole method to the 64 Palms is that, once the user lands one hit, they attack with such rapid jabs that they manage to land 64 precise strikes within a second or 2. So once Hinata has blocked 64 of her points, she’ll be fatigued. 

One has to remember that during the Chunnin Exams, Neji was not fighting with the intent to kill Naruto, as he was constantly telling him to forfeit (much like how he did with Hinata). If Neji was fighting with the intent to kill Naruto, he would have finished him off right after he used the 64 palms on him, as Naruto still needed actual time to form the hand seals and have Nine Tails Chakra start flowing through his body to release the points, which was only made possible by Neji going easy on him. 

Assuming a blood lusted battle, Hinata would be far more wary with Sakura and not give her an opportunity to undo the points unlike how Neji did with Naruto out of ignorance. The events of the Chunnin Exams will not repeat with Hinata. She WON’T wait around like Neji did with Naruto and allow Sakura time to release her Yin Seal, and with 64 of her points blocked, she won’t be able to use chakra to make some distance between them, she won’t be able to run away or smash the ground to buy time, so Hinata can just inject Chakra into her brain while she’s momentarily had her Chakra restricted and finish her off. 

But the truth is, there is far more evidence to suggest Yin Seal would be unable to undo the Chakra Points being blocked. First off, during his training to control the Kyuubi’s chakra, Jiriaya specifically points out that Naruto has two different “types” of Chakra in him, with Naruto, Hiruzen, and Hiashi also all pointing out the TYPE of chakra Naruto was using rather than it being a sealed Chakra source.

Lastly, the biggest proof of all that the Yin Seal can’t open Chakra Points is nothing but manga scans.

Kidomaru is hit by Neji’s Gentle Fist attack, right after which he points out that he can’t channel his chakra anymore, hence his Chakra was stopped by Gentle Fist, and in turn, we see his Curse Seal fade away as a result of this. Yin Seal would work the same way, being sealed off as soon as even ONE of Sakura’s Chakra points is closed.

“Sakura is faster, she dodged Kaguya’s Arm”

Dodging something massive from multiple meters away isn’t the same as dodging multiple small strikes (64 Palms) at point blank. In a hand to hand fight, the former would not be relevant at all. A person dodging a car wouldn’t prove that that their reaction to close-range punches in a fist fight would be better.

As I said above, the arm that attacked Sakura is many meters away. When one of Naruto’s clones is hit by it, we can see that he is roughly the same size as the finger’s first part, and considering that scale, it is very VERY apparent that Sakura is at least some 30 m away from the hand when it moves towards her, yet even with such a great distance, she barely manages to react instead needing to be saved.

One shouldn’t bank on this Kaguya Chakra Arm argument anyways. May I remind you that Kyuubi got blitzed by Form 1 Juubi, saying that it was super fast.

Yet Hinata and the Akamichi were all able to react to the Form 2 Juubi’s arms just fine. 

What does this tell us? It re-enforces what I said above; that reacting to an attack from a distance is not the same as reacting to a close-ranged barrage of 64 strikes. Of course, the Form 2 Juubi is not as strong as The 10 Tailed Rabbit Form, but that is not relevant, since I am not comparing power levels, and just the fact that dodging distant attacks=/= dodging point blank attacks. And before anyone pipes in, no Kyuubi Cloaks don’t enhance reflexes, only power.

So who really IS faster? Sakura or Hinata. The answer is obviously Hinata, based on the following.

More Chakra = Better Reflexes & Speed

With Sakura, we see that, when she is attempting to revive the fallen Naruto, she specifically points out her Chakra levels are super low, despite already having the Yin Seal, forcing her to go from using the Mystic Palm Technique to simply attempting CPR.

Yet, later, we still see her use a massive amount of Chakra to help save Sasuke. This means that, despite her Chakra levels being greater than a Rikudo Naruto Shadow Clone’s levels, Sakura does not have access to ALL of the Chakra in her seal whenever she pleases, akin to how Naruto does not have access to all the Chakra of the Nine Tails in Part 1, though she can still transfer it to others, likely because, like Madara with Kaguya, her body is unable to handle so much Chakra actually being in her system and instead she must rely on extracting small amounts from the seal, amounts that she herself can actually handle. 

Thus, Yin Seal does not affect her speed.

Also, Sakura and Hinata ended up running out of Chakra at the exact same time, yet Hinata was on the battle field for 48 hours straight, in arguably the most chaotic area of the war due to the Zetsus, while Sakura was chilling in the medic corps tents. This is also another indication of her superior Chakra levels.

Of course, there is a far better and more direct comparison of Sakura and Hinata’s Chakra levels in The Last. We see Hinata recover Naruto’s drained Chakra pool within an instant, not even showing any signs of fatigue either, while Sakura takes three whole days to do so with every ounce of her Chakra, whereupon she is so exhausted to the point that she’s forced to lie down herself. Sure, you can argue that Naruto was completely unconscious with Sakura while he was merely on his knees with Hinata, but that doesn’t change the MASSIVE difference in the time and the resulting fatigue of both girls, which is non-existent in Hinata’s case.

nd Hinata has Rikudo Chakra at her disposal now, and we know that stuff is highly potent and powerful, so there would be a massive boost to her power and speed. Of course, one may argue that we never see Hinata actually use this Chakra for anything beyond mixing it with Twin Lion Fists, but here is where the beautiful concept of common sense kicks in. 

We don’t need proof for Fugaku’s Sharingan being able to use precognition, because we know all Sharingans can do this. We don’t need proof that Hinata’s Byakugan has a blind spot because we know all Byakugan have it. We don’t need proof that Dai can use all the other Gates below the 8th, because we know anyone who can use the 8th can use all the others. We don’t need proof that Sasuke’s Rennigan can use the Six Paths techniques, because we know all Rennigan can do this.

Likewise, we don’t need proof to argue that Hinata’s Rikudo Chakra increased her stats, because we know for a fact that Rikudo Chakra itself will increase the stats of however uses it, as we’ve seen with Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi. Common sense. 

With this chakra, outside of higher stamina and speed, Hinata would easily be able to replicate the effects of her Kyuubi Air Palm, which sent a Tailed-Beast Sized hand flying instantly. If Hinata were to use such a powerful attack on Sakura, she would be knocked away, causing her to collide with whatever environmental objects or buildings that may be around, in turn causing her to get knocked out and pass out, as we see that Sakura is very poor at tanking blunt force like the Air Palm.

However, let’s assume that even with her canonical better reflexes (details below), Rikudo Chakra, and larger Chakra pool, Hinata is still somehow slower than Sakura. Will this allow Sakura to win? Still no, because the Byakugan can deal with speedy opponents just fine.

Here we see Kakashi with his Sharingan activated in order to keep up with Lee’s movements, and we also see Neji doing the same. Obviously, this means the reason he has his Byakugan activated is to also be able to keep up with Lee.

Later, we see another example of this with Hinata when Obito becomes the Ten Tails Jinchuriki. The transformation is seen twice, one normally, and one through Hinata’s eyes.

Notice how in Hinata’s vision, there are far more panels used to display Obito sealing the Juubi? This indicates that Hinata too was using the Byakugan’s ability to keep track of high-speed movement, allowing her to see the Juubi being sealed away in detail. Moreover, Hinata notes that there were at least two ways she was able to tell the Juubi was absorbed by Obito, as she says “Judging by the Chakra as well”, meaning there would have been another method to how she knew the Juubi was sealed, that being that she simply saw it happen.

This would mean that even in the case that Sakura is faster than her, which she isn’t due to the reasoning mentioned above, Hinata would still be able to keep track of her and not get blitzed. Combine this tracking ability with her speedy taijutsu (details below), and she can easily intercept any attacks Sakura throws at her.

“Sakura is better in taijutsu”

The databook scores already prove this wrong, but since they’re so old and inconsistent, we’ll need more evidence.

64 Palms is a true testament to Hinata’s amazing taijutsu prowess.

Notice what Kakashi says. REGARDLESS of having penetrative vision, to be able to hit the Chakra Points in the heat of battle is something this man finds amazing. And this is Kakashi simply speaking of the Gentle Fist itself, not even the 64 Palms, a combo attack that pushes the Gentle Fist to its limit.

With 64 Palms, Hinata needs to react, aim, and move fast enough to align the tiny chakra points at the edge of her fingers which are as small as the tip of a needle with the various equally tiny chakra points on an opponents body 64 times, all while maneuvering around in the heat of battle in a manner and speed so as to prevent her opponent from escaping her combo attack. Not only that, but the attack starts with 2 jabs and ultimately ends with 32 jabs, meaning Hinata is capable of dishing out 32 jabs in a matter of a second or two. Pretty sure that qualifies as better reflexes, precision, and skill than getting kicked by Omoi, a fodder in Taijutsu. 

Then there is their short taijutsu feats in The Last.

With Sakura, it’s nothing impressive. She fights off a bunch of maiden puppets that were designed for service rather than combat, and her taijutsu itself doesn’t come off as that impressive when noticing that all the maiden puppets just fly towards her with no coherence.

With Hinata, she fights against the same puppets that gave Hiashi and Naruto trouble. During the fight, with no Byakugan abilities and pure taijutsu, she redirects the momentum of one of the puppets, sending it flying, dodges an attack from above before proceeding to double kick two other puppets and black flips off of one of them into the air. Landing, she then, without even seeing it, dodges a puppet who attacks her from behind, and finally proceeds to take on two other puppets before being stopped by Toneri.

Two quotes to note from here.

“Even if you can see it, if your body can’t move, there’s nothing you can do”

“A straight forward attack makes it easy for the opponent to counter”

We know that not only can Hinata keep track of high speed, but her taijutsu is also very fast, evidenced by the 64 Palms, again, as noted above. Sakura herself is nothing more than a straightforward fighter, often doing nothing more than dishing out simple punches that hold very little value or worth in a legitimate taijutsu battle. Compare that to someone who can rapidly and accurately hit 64 tiny points in battle, and all the evidence is in favor of Hinata in a taijutsu fight, even IF Sakura’s foot speed is faster, simply because Hinata’s eyes would keep track of such speed and her superior, faster, and more dynamic taijutsu would allow her to counter such speed.

“How do you know 64 Palms will work? Sakura can dodge or counter it” 

Understand that the 64 Palms is essentially a one-hit attack. Once the first strike hits, the other 63 are guaranteed every time, that’s why it’s such a difficult Taijutsu technique to master in the first place, and hence why Naruto/Kidomaru didn’t move out of the way when they were being hit.

If it was possible to fight back after getting hit by the first strike, Kidomaru would have done it. He wasn’t in pain, wasn’t having chakra points blocked, and had SIX ARMS to help him get the job done (EI grabbing Neji’s hands to stop him from attacking). Yet people want to argue Sakura who is negative in all three of those aspects would be able to fight back while being jabbed by Hinata. Sakura, who couldn’t even react to Omoi’s kick. While her chakra flow is being disrupted, thus getting rid of her Super Strength, what would she do? Even Hinata’s split second blunder wasn’t enough to allow the Mini Juubi time to escape the 64 Palms. That’s because it’s a combo attack; it’s meant to leave no room for an opening or opportunity for the enemy to fight back. 

We see with Sasuke, that simply getting ONE of his Chakra Points hit caused him to be unable to control his Susano’O in order to manifest its wings, showing that even one closed point is enough to disturb an opponents technique. Fortunately for Sasuke, Kaguya used her hair needle, which Sasuke simply removed, whereas Hinata would be using her own fists. One hit from 64 Palms, no Super Strength. What then?

Not only that, but there is VERY clearly a sort of paraylsis effect whenever a person has their Chakra Points hit, as shown with both the hawk and Sasuke having “quiv quiv” sound effects written when they are hit and shake lines around them, indicating they are quivering due to being unable to move. This in fact explains even further why 64 Palms is an unavoidable tech when the first hit lands, since it causes temporary paralysis when hitting the Chakra Points, buying the Gentle Fist user enough time to continue to hit the 2nd, then 3rd, then 4th, and so on until the technique is done.

Also, Hinata’s reflexes far surpass Sakura’s. Not only is this evident by her Byakugan, her Gentle Fist, and expertise in the 64 Palms as previously pointed out,  but we saw a blatant example of this in Chapter 614 when Hinata was able to react to and protect Naruto from a wooden spike while Sakura failed to dodge it and was instead saved by Kakashi. And keep in mind Hinata did this with her Byakugan inactivated, meaning no enhanced vision to track high speed movement.

“Hinata failed at 64 Palms and even tripped over a rock”

Irrelevant and failure to understand context. Sure, Hinata had a slight delay in her 64 Palms, but she still managed to complete it properly. As said above, the 64 Palms is a combo attack that relies on the user’s speed and accuracy to keep it going, so the fact that the Juubi Clone was unable to fight back even with that blunder of Hinata’s is proof of just how minuscule the mistake truly was.

As for her tripping, this is not a testament to her skills. It was outright stated that the alliance was running on fumes at that point, meaning everyone was at their limit, including Hinata , hence why they needed to be protected by Hiruzen.  So her faltering when so low on Chakra is about as much of a testament to her skill as Naruto tripping in his fight with Sasuke; no relevance whatsoever. As pointed out in the scan with Deidara, low Chakra means worse reflexes.

CK: Well sheeeeeeeeeit somebody did their mufuggin homework. Now to get my popcorn cuz dis gon be gud….

imthekeich  asked:

After watching your Nintendo Switch Extended Thoughts, I have a question: Would you recommend the Wii U or the Nintendo Switch to someone who owns neither? I'm debating which one I should save up for.

Well, the Wii U is cheaper and has tons of great games that you can play. It’s certainly a way cheaper option.

The Switch is the new hotness though. Depends on if you want to play the new games, whenever they actually come out. 

For more immediate bang for your buck, Wii U has a great library to choose from. Switch will need to build momentum to keep your attention.

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Manifestation of desire-

1) Be grateful - Always do things with love and be grateful for even for the little things.

2) Write it down. - Make it real to you. Thank about your desire. Not on the details but on the desire and write with all the love you can muster.

3) Read it daily- Daily affirmation on your desire. Give thanks for what you have and send out positive energy for what you want to create.

4) Create the world around you - Begin to create small things daily [ I am going to be happy now, I am going to draw a cloud, I am going to get a cup of coffee] Starting small builds momentum on the bigger things in life.

5) Dont sweat the details- Dont focus on the fact you dont have it. Live every day like its yours, like you are already doing or have that which you desire.

6) Meditate with love in your heart and see yourself doing the thing you want most.

7) Above all be present and mindful of your mood and reaction to the world around you. Positive attracts positive results.

We all have the power to create great things. We just need to shift our thinking. Learn a new way. Break from the old and take a chance. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Namaste- Spiritual Path <3

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Remember what you were saying about DSTS vs WDKALY sales? Well WDKALY has now outsold DSTS in the same time period and is set to overtake the overall sales figures in the following 2 weeks.

Actually, it’s only sold a total of 41,000 as per it’s last week on the chart, and dropped from the face of it the next.  Japan’s Weekly Light Novel Rankings for Jan 9 - 15

   Japan’s Weekly Light Novel Rankings for Jan 16 - 22 [GONE FROM THE LIST HERE]

   Japan’s Weekly Manga Rankings for Jan 23 - 29

Considering it should have been riding off the IMMENSE build-up and momentum from the END OF THE MANGA (which failed in sales lol) as well as the campaign run for it over a 5 month period (including a Jump Festa appearance) 41,000 is a MASSIVE disappointment.

If you’re going to send anon wank, make sure you change up your word choice by the way. I also see the source says they don’t trust the website lmao, bye girl

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Just think Harry's gonna get a lot wider spectrum of fans after the whole album is released and his videos start playing & stuff, yet pretty much the entire tour will be sold out before the album even drops. So later this year he'll be out there playing this super exclusive sold out tour around the world that all these new fans didn't even have a chance to get to. This is gonna put him in so much demand & build so much momentum, he'll be a fucking Holy Grail! 😛

He already is

But yes, this plan is smart, for sure.

Alright so I just finished the CFAR workshop which was amazing and disorienting and reorienting and also a long-put-off goal that explicitly and implicitly was all about getting me to actually do the things I want to do.

I want to engage more with the community, whether that be tumblr folk or meatspace activities, and get over the weird inhibitions that keep me offline. That’s a bunch of stuff that I can get into later, but for right now, I want to build some momentum so I’m gonna say:

hi weird corner of the internet that is my tribe. to all the people I met at CFAR, a big giant thank you. I’m sitting next to @michaelblume and @theunitofcaring while honest to goodness glowfic is being composed and that’s not something I expected to happen.

(I’m totally gonna cheat and ask them to reblog this to bootstrap some of that momentum)

I wanna be friends and talk about cool stuff. Not *just* with rationalists (hi random people who somehow started following me before I got scared and fell off the internet), but I’ve lurked rationalist tumblr long enough and want to try actually doing the thing. Hope I can be a part of keeping the sphere an awesome place.

reasons why biking is a great coping mechanism:
  1. it is low-impact, yet tires you right out so that you can sleep soundly even on the bad days
  2. it’s high-speed dangerous, so there’s a hearty dose of focus required, along with the existential release of endangering oneself, even while wearing a helmet or lights
  3. you don’t have to think about the reason why your heart is racing, because you already know
  4. it encourages cyclical breathing and mind-body unity
  5. if you’re sad, you’ll have the wind making your eyes water, so you can cry if you need to  - two birds with one stone  (just slow down if that’s the case, gotta keep your eyes on the road, see #2)
  6. unlike running, you’re moving further, faster, not to mention the mechanics of Keeping the Momentum you Build
  7. the harder you crush, the stronger the leg muscles; the way you stand will only become stronger
  8. [applicable for solo/group rides alike] the personal responsibility and independence required to maintain balance, healthy isolation

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Hi Randy, can you please tell us how to get better at timing. How you plan your Timing charts? Also any thoughts on how to use timing that it does not look pose to pose nor floaty? Thanks

The thing new animators struggle most with in timing is the idea of slow in and slow out. Everything that moves (and has mass) has to build momentum in movement and needs to slow before coming to a stop. Even when you move your head there is a “slow out” of the first position and a “slow in” of the final position. That is one of the values of timing charts as we figure how quickly (how many frames) it will take to slow out of a pose and sloe into the next.

The secret to keep your animation from looking too “posey” lies in the breakdown, or transition poses. These are the poses between the main poses that define the arcs and spacing of the in-betweens. These poses are fundamental in helping your animation flow smoothly from pose to pose. It’s also good to remember there are times when you should be animating straight ahead (in consecutive drawings with few or no in-betweens). I usually take a straight ahead approach when animating quick action and overlapping action (like hair or clothing).
Donald Trump just pulled a major flip-flop on his first 100 days in office
By Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

On the 92nd day of his presidency, Donald Trump has decided the idea of his first 100 days in office as a critical yard marker is bunk.

Just before 7 am eastern time, Trump tweeted this: “No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!”

But! Wait! There’s a bunch of things wrong with this Trump tweet.The most obvious is that the media didn’t create the idea of the first 100 days as an important moment, Franklin Delano Roosevelt did. Roosevelt saw the first 100 days of his term in 1933 as an absolutely essential moment to re-build momentum and optimism in a country that was still reeling from the Great Depression. He helped pass 15 major pieces of legislation through a willing Congress.

Now, onto the other problems with Trump’s tweet….

Trump was for the 100 days mark mattering before he was against it. It doesn’t matter now and it’s a media creation now because the report cards on Trump’s first 100 days aren’t so rosy. You can bet that if Trump was getting good marks for his first 100 days in office, this marker would be a critical and essential judgment on his presidency. 

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I can't say I'm not disappointed with the results, but what can you do? Hopefully I'm wrong about Macron, and that everything will turn out better than ever, but I highly doubt that.

The French did the only thing they’re good at (apart from making pastry) and that’s surrender. The French love drama and they love being mischievous. They voted not with their own country’s interests in mind, they voted to say screw you to Trump, Brexit, America and their own fathers. It was like a bourgeois-style, dramatic suicide. France has a massive radical Islam influx, raping, killing and creating complete no-go zones for French women, tourism has dropped dramatically, Paris looks like a hellhole war zone compared to five years ago and it was Islamists celebrating Macron’s win, not France. 

The biggest problem the French face though isn’t exactly radical Islam, it’s their own ethnomasochism. They despise themselves. Their number one concern after each time hundreds of them are slaughtered and dismembered is “a backlash.” If the media were honest, they would have reported the truth of what exactly happened in Bataclan. The victims weren’t just shot dead which was an easier pill for us to swallow. No, the official investigation inquiry report showed the police officers vomited when they realized the Islamists had gouged their victim’s eyes out, men had their genitals removed and shoved in their mouths, women had their genitals stabbed and mutilated, they were disemboweled and beheaded and most bodies weren’t allowed to be released to their families as they were too badly disfigured and dismembered. But hey, let’s just say they were all shot because that’s more normal and we can quickly move on.

We have women lying about their rapist’s ethnicity so they don’t get Muslims into trouble, we have men apologizing to the Somalian refugee who raped him and blamed himself for the refugee being deported, we have feminists backpacking in Muslim countries to prove they aren’t rapists and within days they are raped and killed and left on the side of the road. It’s difficult for a normal freedom supporting, North American person to understand these people. They could have their feet cut off by Islamists and they would still go “well stubs are handier anyway, I’ll save money on shoes.” There’s no limit to the suffering they are willing to take on just to keep the multicultural boat at ease. 

In all seriousness, there are a lot of good and sane French people, such as the millions who voted for change and especially their police force. The French police bucked their unions to vote for Le Pen as they’re sick and tired of being set on fire during riots and attacked by mobs of primitive barbarians and being called out to a new terrorist or rape attack every day, just as the rest of France should be. There are signs of optimism. The main thing we have to remember is Macron doesn’t have a party, he doesn’t have a movement, he won by pandering, being generic and being backed by France’s version of Wall Street. Le Pen has been building a force and they will continue to build momentum, there are more elections coming up and she will have the internal support that Macron doesn’t have. We will see more of Le Pen and there will be changes made.