build me up from the bones

I went on two dates recently. 

I had a party, a giant board game night in my studio, and I invited about 10 people, then more and more verbally because it was my first week back from the west coast and I missed these people. 

My friend brought a friend of his. Tall, perfectly square jaw, did I mention tall, dark and handsome. Very tall, and handsome. I told him he looked like a movie star from the 1950s. He texted me the next day, after getting my business card the previous night in hopes of getting his band to play one of my shows. 

We texted a bit. He was inquisitive, curious and open, quick on his feet with my sarcasm. I was hesitant, but I agreed to the date, even altering it to include the small theater down the street from the bar we would meet at. He put his arm around me in the theater and I didn’t feel the panic of a stranger touching me. It was comfortable, no pressure or exception, just two slightly too tall for the tiny theaters seats, trying not to laugh and get comfortable. 

That second meeting, a so called first date, went well enough to warrant a kiss at the end of the night. It didn’t compare to a searing kiss I’d received a year before from what I can only settle to call a lead singer/bad boy. But there was something so sweet and reassuring about this man. Man. Boy. I’m turing 28 this year, and he just turned 22. The years separating us much less than the number of times my stomach twisted about it. 

I’ve never, in my entire dating career dated a 22 year old. Not even when I was 22.

But, I realized the extreme distance in our lifestyles shortly into our 2nd date, and over the course of a few hours dreaded the determination in my gut not to alter this sweet, handsome face. His plans, his passions, so unlike mine. I want to flip a house. I want to build something from crumbling somethings. I wanted to find a career that was fitting to my desire to be outside but to make things beautiful. 

I want to charge, chin up, into challenges because they call to me. I don’t need a lot of money, but happiness and hard work. He wanted to be swept up in love, deep and challenging. I was challenging. I was attractive. I laughed in the face of something that scared me, and continued laughing when I got more scared. And he stared at me, my lips, and my eyes, and my collar bones. The way my hands moved, and that I swigged gin straight from the bottle the night he met me.  

I didn’t want to break or bend him, because he already seemed so willing to bend for me. 

Two dates in and he already confessed that he would do whatever I liked, Whatever I wanted. Dinners, dates, a summer of one sided affection had I chose that… That kind of free reign makes certain people tyrants, not lovers. Not parters.  Yes, you can guide a young lover into a better person, or you can alter their personality to an unnatural degree. They become a pleaser. I’ve been there. I did that, because a handsome man 8 years my senior gave me the kind of affection and attention that gets you drunk off life. That makes you watch movies, listen to music you never liked when you were alone, and spend Sundays doing what they wanted. 

I don’t, nor have I ever, want to sweep someone up in my being. I want to sweep each other away, and stand up, soaking wet laughing and grinning in joy at the next challenge. 

I think about the three specific men I’ve dated in my 27 years that have truly challenged me. To seek more, to move, to fight, to be more. They still do, in their absence from my life. I am more. I am so much. I don’t realize it when I look in the mirror. 

I realize it when I leave a little tiny, speck of myself with someone I could have settled with.  Or maybe changed a little bit. It’s not about change it’s about growth. It’s about the distances you travel together without even realizing it, until you see the mile markers that mark your never ending trip to “home”.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that… dating sucks. Because even when it’s okay. You have to communicate with yourself more than anyone else, before you damage yourself and others.

by Lindsay Smith

I will rule for a thousand years, and none shall defy my reign.

I am the sole queen of these lands. Sole heir to the winter and the forests and the streams, sole arbiter of the echoing city streets of stone. So many would keep me from my throne, my true calling. But I have earned my place. I have shown them all what it means to rule.

It started with my sister. From my first hazy memories I remember her shadow weighing down on me, stifling my every move. “One day one of you must rule,” our father said to us, night after night when we gathered at his feet. “If it must be one of you, then I will be the one to choose.”

How could we learn to be sisters with such a decree? All I wanted was a friend, someone to look up to, someone to whisper to at night to keep the darkness away. But I learned quickly that that was only the surest path to her scorn. She saw me as weak, as foolish, as younger. I would reach out to her to pull me up and she would shove me right back down. I would show her my weakness and she would pry it open wide, ragged and bloody.

I didn’t realize the significance, at first, of what our father wanted us to become. Didn’t know what it meant to be queen, or why it was something worth fighting for. But as I learned from my sister, I learned to covet it, to hunger for it so fiercely that everything else tasted dried out and dull. She wanted to rule so that all would obey her. I wanted to rule so she could not.

The first time she tried to kill me, it was my nurse who gave it away. She woke me up in the dead of night and bundled me into a closet, told me not to make a noise no matter what followed. Then the guards came, swords drawn, visors lowered. They were only boys infatuated with my sister, but at the time everyone seemed impossibly old to me, unstoppably strong. I feared them, but I believed my nurse invincible too.

They taught me, quickly, how wrong I was.

After that, my father sent me to the country for a spell. Armed guards, a fleet of tutors, and an ailing count who watched over me with a gaze like sharpened knives. Sometimes the threats came in letters that the count would burn before he thought I could read them. Sometimes, It was assassins in the night.

Worst of all, though, were the long silences. The heaviness of her inaction dragging me to the bottom, drowning me. I never knew when the next assault would come for me.

Slowly, finally, I could wait no longer.

I found the woman in the country market, slender fingers grazing over her wares of pewter charms and crystals and bundled flowers. Her skin was smooth, her hair like silk, and when she looked my way, I saw the kiss of winter in her eyes.

“You look troubled,” she said, and the words wrapped around me like a soft breeze. “You look far too troubled for someone your age.”

I looked away then, ashamed to be so young. If I was older, if I was cleverer, I wouldn’t have to be sent away. I could prove myself worthy of the crown. I could beat my sister for good, beat her just enough that she’d never need attack me again. How foolish, that I thought winning once would be enough.

“Come closer.” She swept her hand over her goods. “Perhaps I might ease some of your pain.”

I started to meet with her every time I could sneak away from the count’s estate. It wasn’t often, but her lessons in the ways of magic filled me up with a sustenance I didn’t know I craved. I wanted to be her, to share her easy confidence and capability, to bend the world toward me with a subtle call the way she did. Her poultices cleared away blemishes and made water drinkable, but they also could boil blood, shatter bones, freeze a pond. She let me practice these skills as though they were interchangeable. She let me build on them, stringing them together like beads on a necklace, as I practiced on the woods beyond her hut.

The more power I gained, the more I sought. At long last, I understood the hunger in my sister’s belly. For now, I hungered too.

“You have a keen mind for magic,” she told me, when I worked something particularly cruel on a sparrow we found feasting on her garden. “A cruel mind. But I think a girl like you has to be cruel.”

“My sister is cruel. I just wish to survive.”

“Then I hope I’ve equipped you well,” she said. “Be like the wintervine. Feast on cold, on nothingness. For they have given you nothing. Use it to sprout your ice, your thorns.”

I looked at the wintervine where it flourished in the ice, and I felt its loneliness, its stubbornness, its scorn.

At long last I was of age, and my father sent for me once more. The time to choose was drawing near, but, he confided, in some ways he feared us both. His kingdom needed a decisive leader, yes, a sturdy leader, but compassion, too, he said, was called for. He did not see that he’d been the one to rob us of that. He didn’t see the dark seeds he’d planted in both our minds take hold.

My sister began her attempts anew, but this time, I was ready.

The first men she sent to kill me simply disappeared. They became nothing more than char burned into the cobbles of my bedroom floor. The next, though, I made sure she saw, their flayed corpses piled at the palace gates. Cruelty was my reflex, now, and each test made it stronger still.

“You cannot beat me,” she hissed, over a banquet table while our father entertained. “I deserve this. I will earn this.”

She cut her steak with a furious scrape of knife and fork. The noise grated at my soul. When was the last time she had shown kindness? It had been carved out of her, if it had ever been there at all.

Father wanted to make one of us a queen. He wanted someone compassionate. Maybe compassion was still in me; maybe not.

But it would never be in her.

As she swallowed, the lump of meat grew thorns. I could almost feel it myself as I directed it, as it swelled inside her throat, tore its way through her flesh. She gagged and choked, and I imagined she gagged and choked on all the hatred she’d let fester for years and years.

I wanted the coldness, the loneliness I felt to be visible to everyone. I wanted those thorns.

Frost sprouted from my fingertips and webbed across the banquet table. She scrabbled for a goblet of wine to try to wash the meat down, but everything turned cold. A guard stepped forward—but she deserved no kindness, no comfort. I never felt her embrace, so why should she feel the same? He withered, cold and empty, before he could reach her.

“What is the meaning of this?” my father cried. “Stop this at once!”

But the cold was radiant, alive now, warming me even as it drew warmth away from everything. The dark thorns in my sister’s throat flourished, drinking up the cold, and twined their way across the table to wrap around everyone’s limbs. My breath hung in the air before me as I stood, untouched, unsnared by the darkness and frost.

I had to beat her. I could not let her win.

And if I could feel no warmth, no freedom without her darkness over me, then neither could anyone.

I do not remember what came next, but it did not come for a long time. Icicles hung from the chandeliers; black thorns sprouted from the walls. All was still and glistening and cold. I walked through the hall like a phantom, soundless, for it was how I felt. But I was all that remained of my sister’s hatred. I was her greed given form.

And I will rule for a thousand years. With this cruelty beating inside me, my sister’s words, her greed, her anger—with the coldness she left inside me—I will rule for a thousand more.

Undercast: The Beast (part 1)

It has been a month since Captain Anrez took V onto his ship. Originally the pirates were just going to drop her off into the nearest town, but the captain had a feeling she could be a good addition to the crew. V spends her days doing whatever task the captain gives her moving from one to the next without taking a break, not wanting even a second to let her mind wander. With plenty to do on the ship, she works from dawn till dusk with the other members, slowly getting to know them at the same time. 

She gets along well with Angel and Cherry, both of them the sweet mother figures of the crew. Always trying to strike up a conversation with V, attempting to get her to open up to them but with no success due to the walls V has put around herself. 

Mel and Senkiller are on the wilder side, always getting into trouble and trying to drive the captain crazy. V doesn’t mind them as much, she tries not to pay attention to them but they occasionally try to pull her into their mischief. 

CTK is the nice funny one, always trying to make puns to get a good laugh. He’s kind and caring towards the kids, always looking out for them and keeping an eye socket on them at all times even if they don’t know it. 

Then there’s the captain, Captain Anrez. V doesn’t understand all the choices and decisions he makes, but things always seem to turn out well in the end. He’s strong and intimidating at first but has a caring side when he wants to show it. 

As far as V could tell, this was a very strong crew and definitely not a group of pirates you want to mess with. V was just starting to warm up to them, starting to feel like she might have found a place where she could belong, people she could actually call family. But just like every other story, there is a point where you have to wake up from your fairy tale.


V opened her eyes and sat up quickly in bed, she couldn’t believe she had actually fallen asleep. She looks down to find Apple and Papyrus snuggled against her sleeping soundly underneath the covers. V smiles a bit, she remembered she had tried to put the kids to bed with Cherry who had told them a story to help them sleep. She chuckled a bit, she new the only reason she was still with them was because Cherry was too nice to wake her up. 

V quietly lifted Apple and Papyrus’s heads off her lap and scooted her way off the bed. She tried her best to tiptoe out of the room but the occasional creaking sound from the floorboards echoed through the room. V exited the room quietly shutting the door behind her and began to walk down towards the stairs leading to the rest of the ship. 

As she made her way towards them, she began to feel a burning pain begin to rise from inside her chest. She grunted as the pain began to increase, slowly getting stronger and stronger with every second. 

“Augh” V lets out a muffled grunt as she tries to stabilize herself against the wall of the ship. She grips her chest tightly with the other hand trying to steady her breathing, hoping the pain would pass. The longer she waited the more unbearable the pain became, her soul feeling like it was going to rip out of her chest. V pauses, her eyes widening in fear. She knew what this feeling was and what becomes of the pain. If she could just calm down enough, she knew she could restrain it back into control, she just had to get outside.   

V struggles up the stairs, using the rope railing to steady herself. She slowly walks over to the railing of the ship, placing her hands on top of it to keep her balance. 

I knew this would happen… she thought to herself. What was I thinking, did I honestly think I could fit in somewhere? Be normal…

“Augh- ah” V says, crying out in pain. She could feel the burning in her chest begin to spread through her bones. She grips the edge of the wood gritting her teeth to keep herself from shouting out. 

“Just relax, calm down you idiot, your only making things worse” V says to herself as she closes her eyes, taking deep breaths as she tries to calm down and focus on pushing back the magic. She could feel the pain start to shrink back as she continued breathing deeply. Almost there… If I can just-  Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice from above her.

“Hey, you okay there buddy?” 

V looks up to see CTK sliding down a rope. He reaches the ground and brings the rope over and ties it to a pole next to the mast. 

“Y-yeah I’m fine. Just had a hard time sleeping” V lies to him, turning around to try and not let him see her face. 

“Yeah? Was it a nightmare or something?” he asks as he leans against the railing of the boat. 

“N-no, nothing like that” she says gritting her teeth. Dang it CTK, nows not a good time. Please just leave! 

“I didn’t mean to startle you if I did by the way, I do my best thinking up in the crows nest. Especially when I can’t sleep” he places his hands on the back of his head and shifts his gaze to the stars. 

“No you didn’t, I was too lost in thought to notice. I’m okay, really you can go back to your perch or whatever.” V could feel the pain begin to spread again, this time reaching her fingertips. She couldn’t concentrate on holding back her magic with CTK there. 

“V, your trembling. Are you sure your okay?” CTK asks with concern in his voice. 

“Y-Yes I’m fine! Just- just a bit of cramping in the bones…” Please CTK, not now! V could feel the pressure in her teeth and fingers slowly pushing their way out to sharp points.

“That must be why you couldn’t sleep huh? Maybe I can help” he states as he places a hand on her shoulder with a smile.

“NO!” She yells, brushing his hand off and walking over to the mast. “I’m just fine. I can handle it really. Please just go.” V grits her teeth, the pain becoming almost unbearable now. She knew she was too late. She’d have to get off the ship. For everyone’s safety. 

“V, I’m not stupid…” V was startled by the sternness in his voice. “I know when somethings up. Now what’s really going on?”

“Its nothing. Please, please! Just leave me alone” V slips behind the mast out of CTKs gaze. Her face scrunches in pain, every bone in her body felt like it was on fire now.

“C’mon V. I’ve seen a lot of things on this ship and each of us has our own thing we try to hide about ourselves but its okay. You’d be surprised at what kinds of things are on this ship.” V was silent, not saying a word. She began to feel pressure build up in her spine, her clothes tightening as her bones began to shift. She had to leave, it was too late to explain. She had to teleport. Somewhere. Anywhere. He mind frantically searched for a place that she could go, away from everyone. 

“V, you can trust me. I promise.”

“AUUUUUUGGGHHH!” V yells as a loud rip and crack echo through the night air. 

“V!” CTK runs over to the mast, sliding slightly as he stops but to his surprise, no one was there.


“Dang it!” Captain Anrez yells as he kicks a barrel. “This is ridiculous!”

“Captain, calm down. Your going to hurt yourself” Angel says as she reaches out to comfort him. 

“Calm down?! Calm down?! How the heck am I supposed to calm down when a member of my crew just up and leaves in the middle of the night without saying a single word!”

“I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation captain…” says Cherry as she braids Apples hair. 

“Yeah, I’m sure she has a perfect reason for taking off FOR THREE DAYS!” Anrez yells kicking the barrel again. 

“You said you were the last one to talk to her CTK, your sure she didn’t say anything about where she was going?” Angel asks. 

“No, not a word.” CTK replies turning his head away from the crew. He hadn’t dared say anything about that night other than he talked to her. He didn’t know what happened or where she went, but the sound of breaking bones haunted his mind for the past few days. 

“If you ask me I’m glad she’s gone. She was a weak little wimp” says Mel, turning his nose up in disgust.

“Yeah, nothing but a goody two shoes” retorts Senkiller. 

“Nobody asked you, so why don’t you two go stuff yourselves full of gunpowder or something” Cherry snaps.

“Oh yeah? Well why don’t you go play with your little checklist in the storage room Miss Kill Joy” Mel retorts as Senkiller snickers next to him. 

“V had been through a lot and you two just kept treating her like another one of your toys to play with. You don’t get to say a word about her!” Cherry shouts back. 

“Enough!” Anrez yells back at them. “All of you knock it off. In not in the mood for your bickering.”

“C-captain?” Everyone turns to the source of the small voice. They face the group of kids sitting next to Cherry. Papyrus makes his way over to the captain, shuffling as he moves his feet nervously. 

“Is V going to be okay? Do you think she’s hurt?” he asks sweetly, staring up at Anrez with big eyes. Anrez sighs and bends down to pat Papyrus on the shoulders.

“Don’t worry kiddo, we’ll find her.” 

“She probably just went to find something and got lost. She’ll be back.” Angel says comforting Papyrus. 

“Yeah but when she does I swear I’m gonna-“ Anrez was cut off but the sound of someone teleporting onto the ship. They all turn around and find V standing there gripping her sides. 

“V!” The children yell as they race over to hug her, smiling as they hug her legs. “We missed you!” They exclaim as she smiles back at them. Angel, Cherry and CTK make their way over to V next with worried looks on their faces. 

“Alright kids, I’m sure she’s had enough hugs.” Angel says. The kids all let go and step back to let the adults in. 

“Oh my gosh, V?! What happened?!” Cherry gasps as she gets closer to V, her clothes all ripped and torn apart. 

“Are you okay dear?” Angel asks full of concern. 

“Its- it’s a long story…” V says struggling to get the words out. 

“You better have one heck of good explanation for this V” says Anrez as he stomps over to her. “I don’t know what kind of ship you were on last but here, you don’t just leave without telling your captain where you’re going. Or anyone else for that matter.”

“Captain please, I can-“

“No! This is where you zip it!” Yells Anrez as his hand makes a zipping motion in the air silencing V. “Do you have any idea how long you were gone? How long we looked for you?! We checked all the closest towns and islands searching for you. This kind of behavior is not tolerated on this ship!”

“Anrez…” Angel tries to interrupt but is downed out by Anrez’s anger.

“I am in charge of you, you are a part of my crew! If something happens to you that is on my conscience! I’m the one who has to live with that, do you understand?!”


“The next time you have other plans or places to be you tell me. This isn’t just some happy little ship where you can spend the night then take off doing whatever you want. There are rules. I am the captain and you WILL respect my orders is that clear?!”

“Anrez!” Angel yells.

“What?!” Anrez stares at Angel who is now holding V steady with Cherry. He had been so angry he hadn’t noticed V almost collapse. Angel places her hand on V’s head then looks back at Anrez. 

“She has a fever, she’s really weak. We need to help her.” Angel says continuing to hold V steady. Anrez Stares at V, contemplating his decisions before he sighs and makes his way over to V. He picks her up and begins carrying her to the crews quarters. 

“Angel, watch the kids. Cherry, I’m going to need your help.”  
“Yes Captain”


Hope you guys enjoyed it! 

Part 2:

(BTW, this is before Blu was a member of the crew) 

Undercast © @anrez-op-skele and @perfectshadow06

Anrez and Senkiller © @anrez-op-skele

CTK and TK papyrus © @perfectshadow06

Cherry © @domino-doodles

Mel © @golzy

Angel © @armyaangel

Apple © @thunderappledrawing

Lunchtime Drabble: Short People

Bones x Reader
Words: 449
Warnings: fluff, AOS

A/N: I’m breaking into a “new” fandom for me. I haven’t written anything Star Trek before. 

Y/N stood in the closet glaring at the top shelf. She had been sent in by Dr. McCoy to grab some extra supplies for the away team but he had failed to mention that the supplies were on the top shelf.

“Apparently no one in Starfleet ever thought a stool would come in handy,” Y/N muttered to herself. “That would just make too much sense. Let’s not be practical, that would just be too much!” She continued to grumble to herself as she carefully grabbed the highest shelf her hands could reach and stepped onto the highest shelf her foot could reach and began climbing the shelves. “Good thing I have on this very practical short skirt, clearly made for climbing shelves so that I can do my blasted job.” she muttered to herself as she climbed up a few more shelves. “Who in their right mind builds shelves this high on a starship anyway?!”

“What’s taking so long, Y/N?” Bones demanded from the Medbay.

“I’m working on it, Doc. Having some short people problems in here.” Y/N replied as she climbed up another shelf, this one wobbling slightly.

“What do you mean?” Bones came around the corner just as the shelf gave away and Y/N lost her grip on the top shelf and fell back right into the doctor’s arms.

“Y/N, darlin’ if you wanted to get close to me all you had to do was ask,” Bones grinned.

“Oh please,” Y/N rolled her eyes as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “One look your way and it wouldn’t have taken any words at all.”

“You wanna test that theory?” Bones asked, his eyes moving from her eyes to her mouth and back again.

“I’m game if you are,” Y/N whispered. Bones closed the couple of inches between them and claimed her lips. He carefully pulled his arm out from under her knees, allow her feet to touch the floor and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her flush against his body and up onto her toes. He tipped his head slightly, deepening the kiss.

Neither Bones or Y/N heard the captain come into the room until he cleared his throat for the second time. They broke away from each other, blushes creeping up their faces.

“Bones, do you have those supplies ready yet?” Jim asked with a huge grin on his face. Bones easily reached into the top shelf and handed Jim the bag of supplies. “Thank you. As you were.”

Bones grinned and reached for Y/N, pulling her back into the closet and into his arms. The door closed just as Jim glanced back and saw their lips meet again.

Build Me Up From Bones  by @youreagoodliar


It is the duty of the Reaper to send on the souls of those soon to die. To usher them to the afterlife before their deaths, to prevent their souls from being trapped on Earth forever. But you cannot Reap what you cannot See. People are dying before the Reapers are even notified to take their souls, and it’s only a matter of time before the loose souls make it impossible for any to move on. With Reapers across the world being mysteriously slaughtered, the Reapers of Black Badge must determine what is blocking their foresight- before they end up the next souls ripped away without warning.

I wanted to make a cover for this story a long time ago but only now I’m glad with the result. I have to say that I love so much all the stories of @youreagoodliar and I wanted to make a fanart for one of my favorite story. I would love to make more of this but I don’t have much time to do it. I hope the writer like this.

What Do Good Girls Say?

OKAY! So this is one of many from my prompt list from last month. I apologize for these taking so long and really hope everyone likes what they get. 

WARNING! This is super long and smutty. I’m so sorry but I really enjoyed writing this.

Prompt: (3) I didn’t know you were a dom and when I called you “Sir” you almost jumped me.
Featuring: Finn Balor

Master List Plug!

P.S. Guess who’s back to posting fanfics again? This girl!

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cuphead fansongs???? do you have links to them?

don’t deal with the devil

cuphead rap

you signed a contract

cuphead vs mugman 

king of dice

welcome into my casino

two king dice remixes/covers x x

railroad wrath remix

there’s also a ton of remixes out there that are pretty good but i usually just pull em up on yt when i wanna listen to them instead of putting them in itunes

also they aren’t cuphead songs but honourable mentions from just my general video game playlist:

the dream daddy for me

get out

build our machine

gospel of dismay

the devil’s swing (cover)

to the bone

*Alec Lightwood* Rune Teacher

Alec lightwood X Girl

Requested: I wish

Plot: Diana’s been teaching Max Light runes, since she’s no longer is required to go on missions. Alec gains interest in her and begins to remember his past.

Word Count: 1,624

A/N: The gifs I use aren't usually mine, don’t give me credit. Also I do pair Alec with girl. Not because I’m homophobic,  but  it’s because I find Matthew Daddario sexy as hell. If you want a male imagine, all you have to do is request. Not cut down my pride acceptance.

The institute had fast pacing Shadowhunters getting ready for their next missions. Always wearing the traditional black, fitting like a second skin. I missed the feeling and satisfaction I always got from the leathery fabric.

I was not longer required to be on those missions again, I trained everyday. Strengthen my skills everyday. That didn’t help the fact that I lashed out on my last mission. Attacking a downworlder  with a seraph blade. I remembered the anger running through my vein when I constantly stabbed the werewolf in the heart.

Even though werewolves’ weakness is silver, I stabbed so many times that the werewolf couldn’t regenerate. I cried until Alec Lightwood had taken me back to the institute. I didn’t know him personally, But the Lightwood name has been known throughout the Shadowhunter world. it happened so long ago I don’t think he remembers.

I remember is clearly.

“This one is creation.” The small gentle voice pulled me from my inner thoughts. I looked down to see the Rune book laid across both my and Max’s laps. His tiny index finger pointing to a circled run with a lineless A in the middle.

We were sitting on a stiff white leather couch that sat against a far wall. The loud noise off Shadowhunters not reaching our ear range. Light kissed our skin from the window behind us. Warming us from the cool and feel of the institute.

“That’s correct, Max.” I said smiling , He looked up at me with beaming bright brown eyes. He hasn’t been able to label that particular rune for a while. “I did it!” Max yelled as he jumped off the couch and started happy dancing.

I couldn’t help but giggle at his adorableness, He’s never done that before. Than again he’s never been stuck on a rune before. He usually knew most of them already.

I looked up feeling eyes burning on me. Dark brown eyes locked on mine and on to the sight of his little brother’s excitement. He looked back at me and slightly smiled  before walking away.

I frowned looking at the time on my phone, 4:00pm Sharp. “Max, your mother will be here soon to take you back to Idris.” I mentioned, taking the Rune book into my hands and standing up.

“Awe, but why cant I stay with you until our next rune session?” Max asked looking up at me with big doe eyes. I giggled kneeling down to his height. “Because, Max. You have to go back home. Your mother won’t be happy if you stay here.” I explained to him and gave him a hug afterwards.

He wrapped his small arms around my neck, latching onto me for as long as he could. When I started teaching Max about runes I could feel our bond grow stronger. He was like a little brother to me and I felt like a big sister to him.

“Max it’s time to go.” Mayrse’ s bold voice made us pull apart. I stood up and greeted her with a smile that she returned. Max sighed loudly, “Mom, I don’t want to go back. I want to stay here with Diana.” Max whined.

“Max we’ve talked about this before, You can’t stay here and don’t whine it isn’t not polite.” Mayrse said. I watched as Max lazily started walking to the entrance of the institute. Mayrse rolled her eyes at her youngest as she walked to me.

“I don’t know what you do to make him like you so much.” Mayrse said.

I shrugged “All I did was give him the time of day.”

“I can’t repay you enough for teaching him, he’s been so good with his runes ever since.” She mentioned before walking off. 

I frowned starting my own way to the place I call home now, my room. I’m not ready to start going on missions again. That fear I hold is getting me closer to getting my runes stripped. Just having the thought rolling I’m my mind made me shiver.

My mind was too lost to comprehend where I was going. I walked straight into someone, knocking the thoughts to oblivion. Before my body could react the person in front of me already did.

Wrapping their arm around my waist holding me close to their body. Breathing heavily, anxiety starting leaving me. I closed my eyes silently thanking the person’s instinct.

The person started to let me go, I looked up to see the same dark brown eyes looking down on me. The eyes from earlier, Those eyes belonged to Alec Lightwood.

He furrowed his eyebrows searching my face for something. “I’m sorry I wasn’t looking were I was going.” I said feeling my checks heat up slightly. “Yeah, You weren’t.” He said bluntly making me bite my lip, anxiety crawling backup my spine.

His expression changed as if a lightbulb went off in his head. “You look really familiar.” He piped up searching my face again, I shrugged. “I teach your little brother runes.” I suggested, wondering if that’s what he meant.

“No-I mean yes I know that. But I’ve seen your face before that. On a Mission?” He asked me. I swallowed my nervousness back down, I shook my head. “That’s impossible, I haven’t been on a mission in a few years.” I said.

“You’re the girl that lost control.” He said narrowing his eyebrows at me, waiting for answer. I exhaled slowly.

“It wasn’t like that.” My voice harsh, hiding the vulnerability behind it.

 “You stabbed a werewolf enough times that he died. What do you call that?” He asked crossing his arms over his chest. My eyes widen, I had nothing to cover that. I couldn’t cover anything that was my true past.

“I have to go.” I chocked out, tears burning my eyes. I rushed past him, bodies pressed against each other. I ran off, Alec calling out for me. I ignored his calls as I remembered the death of my sister.

Clonk, clonk. The loud sound of the wooden staffs meeting echoed through out the spacious training room. Isabel in front of me with a determined expression, Clonk, clonk. I stepped back from the impact of the hits.

Hair tied back as sweat traveled down my face with ease. My tight grip on the staff started to loosen. The sweat on my palms started to build up, Clonk. The staff flew out of my hands.

I was defenceless as Isabel used the staff to knock my left foot from under me. I hit the floor and slide from the hard impact, I seethed from where my tail bone landed.

I looked up to she Isabel holding the staff’s end to my throat. She frowned, “What’s gotten into you?” She asked taking the stick from me. “I’m usually the one on the floor, you have more training than I do on a weekly schedule.”  She mentioned as I propped myself on my shoulders.

When I trained with a partner it was Isabel, she was the only women in this institute that could keep up. Isabel never takes it easy on me and I thank her for that. She makes me stronger with my combat skills. We only train together, we’ve never hung out together. Not since my younger sister.

“I’ve been distracted lately, take in the glory while you can.” I smirking as I lifted myself off the floor. Walking of my aching tail bone, well trying to. I bent down to capture my staff into my hands.

“Let’s see if I can kick your ass again.” Isabel said slyly turning her in her hand smoothly.

“Izzy I think you should rest for a bit,I got this.” The husky voice said, the boldness letting me know it was Alec. I turned around to see him coming from the door, with confident strides.

Isabel looked from me to Alec, she nodded slowly. “Sure.” Isabel said, giving off she was little suspicious. She cautiously handed the staff to him, He took standing in front of me with a tiny distance as he watched Isabel leave.

I was confused why he shoed off Isabel like he did. I haven’t talked to him since I ran off, he didn’t try to reach out to me until now. “What are you doing here Lightwood?” I asked as I walked towards the staff rack, knowing I wasn’t going to train anymore.

“I wanted to talk about you running off.” He said as he followed to put away the staff.

I crossed my arms, “Alec, there is nothing to talk about.” My voice strained as I spoke.

“I was harsh on you, your little sister died and I should have been more understanding.” Alec said, I felt my throat get sore as tears threatened to spill.

“You know nothing!” I raised my voice slamming my staff back into it’s rightful place. I started to storm away, a hand caught my wrist and pulled me back.

Lips fell onto mine, forcing themselves onto me. I tried pulling away with the strength I had , but Alec held my face to his. My heart started to slow from the kiss and the tears disappeared.

He kissed me slowly and softly, erasing the grief and the thought of my sister away. I kissed back, deepen the kiss. I’ve never felt this close to someone before and it was scaring me.

Alec slowly pulled away, I looked into his soft brown eyes with wide startled eyes. His hands still around my neck and checks, “What was that for?” I asked my voice shaking a little.

“I wanted to do that since you started your runes with Max. Now I had an excuse.” He mumbled knowing I can hear him clearly.

“And what’s that?” I asked softly.

“To calm you down.”

dilliphowlter  asked:

Hi there! I just read a bunch of your writing and it's SO GREAT! I'm not sure if you're still taking prompts, but I was curious if you could do ❝It hurts–stop it! STOP IT!❞ with Wilford possibly being yelled at/hurt in some way by Dark? If not, it's totally fine. I hope you have a nice day!

(( ahh thank you!! I’m glad you like my writing so much!! And I hope this what you were looking for, I took a little liberty with the idea ^^ ))

“It hurts-stop it! Stop it!”

The words fell on deaf ears and even Wilford barely heard them from the ringing echoing around the room. Dark’s aura wrapped tightly around him, drawing the moustached ego nose to nose with Dark himself. Shadowy tendrils brushed at Wilford’s head but when he looked at Dark he didn’t see the monochromatic ego but the friend of the past.


“Why do you cry, William?” Damien asked, his voice quiet as he reached out a hand to wipe away the tears and blood from Wilford’s face. “It’s all a joke, isn’t it?”

Wilford screamed and shoved Damien away from him, but the aura wouldn’t let him go, and dug deeper into his flesh. Blood dripped down his arms, soaked Dark’s aura and formed a pool under Wil’s feet.

“It’s all a joke.” Damien continued, lifting the edge of his shirt to reveal the bullet wound on his stomach, a close-range stippling scar from a time both he and Wilford remembered well. “It’s all a joke.”

His voice faded with the last word, and Wilford dropped to the ground, shaking. Dark’s aura was still there, ringing and creaking around the room but not coming near him this time.


“Stop it!” Wil gasped, pressing his hands over his ears and shaking his head. “You’re not here!”

“William please.”

“NO!” Wilford screamed, “NO!”


“I said STOP IT!”

Wildly lashing out, Wilford’s fist connected with something and when he lifted his head he saw Dark lying on the floor in front of him, eyes open but glassed over and blood pouring from his stomach. His bones were broken as his body flashed between monochrome and colour, red and blue aura and nothing but a man. Whispers began to build, coming from the aura pervading the room, whispers of “William” and “Colonel” and “why would you do this to me?”. Wilford cried out and tried to wave the voices away.

He hadn’t shot Damien.

This wasn’t what happened.

It had all been a joke.

“Stop it!” He yelled, “It hurts!”

“Yes…it does.” A soft voice murmured.

Looking up, Wilford saw Dark standing in front of him. His body was twisted, the broken shell he had come back in the first time, two souls pressed so tightly together into one body they had become one person, an amalgamation of power that a human body couldn’t handle. Broken neck, broken bones, bloody hands…it was an all too familiar sight and Wilford wanted to be sick.

“It hurts, William.”


“It hurts.”


“Stop it.”

Wil please-.”



Hands were shaking him and Wilford jolted upright, finding himself staring into Dark’s concerned, red eyes. As the rest of the dark room came into focus around him, Wilford realised it had all been a dream. None of it was real.

At least, not anymore.

“Are you okay?” Dark asked quietly, shifting to give Wilford some room as the ego panted and combed a hand through his hair, still quivering. With a quick onceover, Wilford knew he hadn’t actually been harmed by Dark’s aura, and that had been part of a dream as well, but he could still feel it lingering about.

“I’m fine!” Wilford breathed, “I’m okay.”

“You were screaming.” Dark murmured, laying a hand gently on Wil’s thigh.

“Was I? Sorry I woke you.” Wilford tried to shrug it off but he knew Dark wasn’t going to drop it. He knew what he’d been screaming.

“Those were some old names,” The grey-skinned ego sighed, “What happened?”

“I don’t really want to talk about it. And I don’t need to, you were there.” Wil said flatly, curling in on himself and dislodging Dark’s hand.


“Just…don’t.” Wilford interupted, “Please.”

Falling silent, Dark sat by Wil’s side, ever a comforting presence despite being such a source of discomfort for Wilford at the same time. They did this from time to time, sitting in silence when they had nightmares, neither of them able to formulate soothing words.

“We’re ridiculously broken, hmm?” Wilford laughed mirthless, eventually breaking the silence when his mind began to fill it with whispers again.

Dark didn’t reply.

He didn’t need to.

I am so tired of this generations mentality of what is ‘cool’ and 'hot’ and 'attractive’. The kids living in the world right now are so hung up on the idea that being heartless and cold and empty makes them appealing. These kids lock their hearts up behind bars and smoke laced marijuana and stay up until 2 am writing on their blogs about how shitty the world is. Well I say fuck that. Fuck pretending that you don’t care, fuck cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend because you simply 'don’t give a shit’, fuck letting people go just because they might break your heart. There is nothing attractive about a stone cold soul who believes that the world is doomed and that they’re destined to fail. I need someone with passion. Someone with bright eyes and endless hope and a heart that has been broken a thousand times but they’re okay. I need someone who will hold onto me so tight, someone who will dance with me at midnight, and laugh so hard that we almost puke. We all go through shit in life, but that doesn’t mean we have to shut down and build up our walls. Put down your armor and let yourself live. Feel things entirely, be vulnerable, let your emotions consume you. Stop using your bones as a cage, set your heart free.
—  stone cold // An Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write #32
the kill

my tongue is a silver razorblade
that will split you up the middle
from the crater of your belly
to the bridge of your gilded cage

I won’t be delicate when I dry
the juices from your beating
slowly rip the stem in half
every second of pain will pull
your lips up on a way that historians
count each millimeter as an age

I’ll make you choke on
my sadness with every kiss
my moon will devour your
My silent gaze will break your
s o u l in
to par
put them
back together
in a
way some
pieces won’t
you won’t have a choice
to do anything but
love me because of it

I will split your veins from
armpit to wrist
prick my finger to calligraph
my name into your stream
then sew you up so no
matter what I’ll always
be with you

I’ll build a house in your bones
blueprint it in a way that it
never floods or grows cold
in the winter
I’ll never mow the lawn
or trim the trees
when you visit I’ll flick
the lights and throw plates
until you run out screaming
then I’ll make you forget
make you a new key

every time you close your eyes
I’ll tattoo a map of all the places
you never want to see again
just so you’ll never get to
where you need to be
just so my laughter poisons
your dreams
I’ll connect the roads in the
shape of my eyes so your
lashes will drown in both
your darkness

I’ve lost everything
in crushed powdered lines
in different name prescriptions
in double stacked ecstatic dusted teeth
the last ice cube in the clinked glass
the coughing green ocean vase
the unheeded general’s warning

I’ll love you until
you can’t quit me
you can start running

the bear will chase
the wolf will hunt
the owl will snatch

that makes you


don’t forget: i love the trees
but the cities are something else.
they sing to me, to me as one in
a glorious whirling machine, and i can hear
the gaps in their voices
as they stop to breathe, the
smoker’s roughness, the tear-stained
strain to their supplications.
i’m in love with the streetlights, all
buzzing on at once, each opal and topaz and
crumpled bags of doritos. the
city doesn’t bother to tug my hand, because
it is a proud thing, with
a bloody beating heart, a vicious thing,
with a deep-set crimson smile.
a beautiful thing, filled up with
human eyeshine. we build cathedrals
out of bones and healing, from dusk
until dawn. we build museums out of
mirrors and desperation and anguish.
every act of creation makes the city
like the sky.
—  city girl//ast.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Keith isn’t angry, Shiro realizes. He’s enraged, and beautiful, and painted crimson with the sunset of a planet far too gorgeous to be caught in the crossfire of their war.

“What the fuck were you thinking?” He continues, even as his feet stop moving, and he jerks his helmet off, hurling it not at Shiro, but off to the side at the cliff’s base, between where their Lions have landed.

It almost strikes him as funny; even in a fit of wrath, or maybe passion is the better word, Keith refuses to lash out with anything other than speech.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack, Shiro!” Keith yells, hitting the left side of his chest armor as his face grows almost as red as his suit. “Diving in front of that ark? If Black hadn’t teleported you both away, you’d have been dead, along with the Maxauns, and then nobody would have made it out!”

He should apologize, he knows. Sorry. I made a mistake. This one’s on me.

But there’s something so distracting about the way Keith’s hair drifts around his face in the planet’s perpetual breeze, or the shape of his anger like a tangible thing, written in the lines of his body, etched into his face. Shiro shouldn’t be happy about it- about being on the receiving end of his freezing glare; it really is cold, in contrast to his usual explosions of molten emotion.

But that’s how Shiro knows it’s serious.

Or… maybe that’s not the right word. Keith’s actions and expression are always serious, always heavily weighted in thought and driven by his feelings, like the warm, running engine of a hover. This time, though, his rage is agonizingly different.

Ice, where flames used to flourish.

“You could have died,” Keith says, hands loose at his sides. His voice has drawn back, into something quieter. More defensive. “You could have died, Shiro.“

And that’s it.

That’s why he’s standing there- has been standing there in front of his Lion and the blood red sunset, on a plain that Keith had slammed him toward after the battle was over.

Mortality wasn’t a tricky thing, not really. It just became painfully apparent, after a while.

Shiro swallows and drops his helmet, too, disturbing the layers of dust and dirt that make up this part of the planet’s surface. “Hey, Keith,” He pauses, blinks a little in the last rays of light. "I’m sorry. It was stupid.”

But it was necessary.

He knows that, and Keith knows. But maybe that’s not what either of them need to hear right now. Maybe they need something easier- a dressing after having disinfectant poured into a raw wound.

Because despite the subject being uncomfortable and ominous and… huge, mortality came up frequently. But it was almost like a dying animal in that respect; they never quite knew what to do with it except observe and watch, and try not to feel the impact of.

Keith doesn’t call him out on the sudden agreement. He looks older- he is older, since they took on the Galra for the first time, but this weariness is something different, something bone deep and exhausting. The look of someone who’s grated down almost as fast as they can build themselves up again from the last beating.

But he’s still beautiful, and Shiro can’t help but notice.

“It was,” Keith says, breaking out of his tired stance to walk toward his helmet, slowly. “It was stupid, but you’d do it again in a heartbeat. And I can’t hold that against you.” He pauses, face barely visible from over his shoulder. “You wouldn’t hold it against me.”

It feels like a question. Shiro rubs the back of his neck, response forming on his lips- but Keith stoops to retrieve his helmet from the ground, and then his back is turned again while Shiro watches him walk away. The wind is still whistling a little in his ears, but the crunch of dirt and grime under his feet reaches Shiro anyway. It’s not angry, not really anything but a truce, as usual.

He’ll take it, though. And they’ll drift back together again.

He’s as certain about that as he is of the stars appearing in the sky, after the red sun hides under the horizon.

Amor Vincit Omnia ( Yoongi /Oc)

Chapter 8

“I hope you’re okay. if you need help with anything, you can call me on this number. ” Namjoon smiled , twin dimples showing up cutely as he scribbled digits down on his card and gave it to me. I nodded and slipped the card into the small draw near the entrance. I glanced at the watch again. The chicken would be done in five minutes. I’d just have to finish garnishing the soup and the broth and maybe get the porridge off the stove and I could ask Yoongi to get his dinner. The last I’d checked he’d been deep asleep, his breathing a bit loud but even.

“Thank you. I’ll make sure to tell him you dropped off all his stuff.” I said with a smile and then to my surprise, Namj0on bent down and lightly kissed my cheeks. I blushed despite myself. I’d never really been intimate with men or even held hands.

“you’re so pretty. I’m sorry… I do sometimes wish we’d met under other circumstances.” He said with a rather bittersweet tone that confused me.

When the door shut behind him I went straight to the kitchen and got dinner ready. I finished up plating and added some freshly squeezed orange juice in a glass, remembering how the doctor had mentioned he ought not to be drinking alcohol. When I carried the tray to the bedroom I couldn’t help but stop and stare at the man on the bed. He looked rather breathtakingly beautiful when that mouth wasn’t twisted in a scowl and those eyebrows weren’t furrowed with displeasure. Even his eyes were better off shut, instead of glaring holes into people’s faces.

Really, it was rather unfair that a horrible man looked so beautiful.

“Yoongi.” I said softly. Too softly. He didn’t even stir.

Clearing my throat a bit , i tried again.


This time his eyes flickered and he slowly blinked. after staring at the ceiling for a second before turning around and blinking at me.

“What time is it?” He said groggily and I glanced at the digital clock on the bedside.

“A little past eight.” I said , staring longingly at the bed. My ribs ached something fierce and to be fair I hadn’t slept in over twenty eight hours. I’d completely forgotten about it too. Now my eyes felt heavy and my mouth felt dry .

“Did Namjoon drop off my work things?” He said struggling to sit up with his dominant hand in a sling. i would have helped him if i hadn’t been carrying the dinner tray. Once he was up with his back to the headboard I gently set the tray on his lap. He looked at the small bite -sized chicken pieces and gave me a look. I blushed.

“I figured it might be easier for you to eat if I cut them up.” I explained.

“You’re so efficient it’s actually a little freaky.” He shook his head.

Only Yoongi could make efficiency sound like a fatal flaw.

But I shrugged. I didn’t really live off compliments , had never received all that many in my life. I could survive my husband’s snide comments.

“Come sit next to me. Did you eat?” He said briskly and I stared at him in confusion. When I didn’t move, he looked up at me imaptiently.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you hear me?” He frowned.

I nodded quickly and went around the bed to climb in next to him. Once I settled next to him on the bed a little whimper of pain slipped out. My ribs really couldn’t take it.

“Is it your rib? I’ll ask the doctor to come take a look at it tomorrow if you want?” He said , frowning. I shook my head.

“i’m tired. I didn’t..I haven’t slept in a while.” I said softly. He gave me a look and rolled his eyes.

“You’re an idiot. Go to sleep. I’ll take care of the tray after I’m done.” He said.

“No..No..That’s alright. I’ll clean it up and then sleep.” i said quickly. But my eyes felt so heavy that my eyelids began drooping just as my body slid down into the downy soft mattress.

I moaned in pure pleasure . Bed. sleep. Heaven.  He gave me an amused glance and went back to eating his chicken.

“Fine , then.” He said and it almost looked like he was laughing into his napkin as he wiped his mouth. Why though?

I tried to analyze the possible reason I’d managed to make the grumpy Min Yoongi to actually laugh.

But my mind was already shutting down from exhaustion.

I woke up at the crack of dawn, completely well rested and feeling a bit like myself again. Next to me, Yoongi had arranged himself in a sort of comfortable position, his injured hand resting on a pillow. i felt guilt wash over me as I saw the bandage and the sling. Trying my best to not wake him up, I crept out of the bed and made my way to the kitchen. As I fixed his breakfast , I tried to get my thoughts in order. I’d be staying her for a while it seemed, which meant I should at least get some work done for the future. He’d offered to help me set up a school after all. I could so some groundwork, familiarize myself with all the necessary stuff. I would have to ask Yoongi to give me a computer so I could do some research.

I would mostly be teaching to children, so some child friendly equipment would come in handy. Maybe I could get used pottery equipment from somewhere, without having to spend a lot of money. But as i worked on the food, adding some fresh flower from the small potted plant on the balcony, perfectly creasing the napkin in a complex origami of sorts and neatly arranging his egg rolls till they were symmetrical I couldn’t help but feel a little lost.

I’d taken some pretty huge detours, but I was essentially back where I’d started.

Married to a husband who did not really like me, let alone love me. A man, who given the choice would probably toss me out on my ear without a second thought. A man who could kill people with a few well aimed blows. My hands shook a bit as I poured a cup of tea into the expensive porcelain cup. I wasn’t sure why I didn’t hate him as much as I ought to. Maybe deep down I’d always known that it would be hard to find a guy who loved me. Love had been so non-existent for me, growing up. It had been foolish to assume it would be easily available when I grew up.

Still, I did find it hard to actively dislike Yoongi . In some ways he had helped me out. He didn’t have to come looking for me. He didn’t have to defend me in front of Hye Mi and he certainly didn’t have to set up a school for me to pursue a career.

Most importantly, he really didn’t hit me or threaten me into doing something. I’d noticed that because it was so different from the way I’d been raised. I’d never been given the choice to refuse, growing up.

But Yoongi..Yoongi always made sure that I was the one who decided what I did. Even if he did brow beat me a bit, at the end of the day, I knew I wasn’t really a slave or a prisoner without any power over my own decisions. For someone like me, that was quite enough.

For now.

I sighed . I wondered, rather fantastically, if there was actually any hope for us. Romantically. Maybe a few weeks together may change things, if we tried? Even if I did, Yoongi wouldn’t contribute, that much was certain. It would be all one-sided.

No. Best not try to build castles in the air.

“Coffee…” His voice grunted suddenly from the doorway of the kitchen and I nearly dropped the glass bowl I’d been washing. i hadn’t heard him wake up or move.

He looked rumpled and exhausted, leaning heavily against the doorway. The look on his face said that the morphine had probably faded. He was in a lot of pain. Quickly placing the bowl down, I rushed to his side. To my surprise, he leaned heavily on me, draping his left arm over my shoulder. I wasn’t really built to support his weight though and nearly buckled.

“You’re skin and bones. Don’t you eat?” He snapped, continuing to lean on me completely , his chest pressed against my back as I led him to the couch in the living space. Once he settled down, he groaned.

“I’m going to need some pain killers.” He muttered, shaking his head as though to clear his vision.

“You should eat something first …” I said quickly, carrying the breakfast tray over to him. He looked at the arrangement and gave me an impatient look.

“You really don’t have to go all out for every meal you serve me. You’re a nice cook and I’m a low maintenance guy. A napkin is used to wipe my mouth, it doesn’t have to be folded like it’s a piece of art.” He said shortly. I hesitated, briefly recalling the dozen times my father had slapped me for improperly folding one of them. I couldn’t make them messy, if i tried.

“I’m..” Don’t say sorry, i told myself urgently when the word nearly tumbled off my tongue, “ okay with doing that. Really I’ve been doing it for such a long time and it’s…really not that hard.” I said quickly.

He didn’t reply and went back to eating. Once he was done he left the room silently, and locked himself in the study.

And that was that.

At lunch he re-emerged for a while and ate in silence while i hovered around nervously.

“If you need anything for your pottery studio, you should call Hoseok up. He’s great at getting deals for stuff like this. Also, Seokjin is one of the best real estate guys around. You can go look at some of the places in the city. Something very central in the city, where it would be safe, alright? I’ll have a word with him… and also, I’m pretty sure Taehyung and Jimin are involved in some NGO that works with a lot of underprivileged children. If you’re going to teach pottery, it may as well be to kids who don’t usually get a chance to learn stuff like that you know? You should talk to them, maybe work things out.” He said, gaze still fixed on his laptop while he ate his food.

I could feel warmth seeping up through my body in a great , strong rush.

Why did he pretend to be such a heartless bastard when he was clearly a …nice person underneath? My heart was pounding dangerously.

Don’t do it…Don’t start liking him, my mind screamed.

Too late, Too late a voice whispered and I bit my lips in despair.

“Okay.” I whispered .

“And Jung Kook runs an interior designing firm. Take him along when you go to see places with Seokjin. He can advice you on how to decorate the studio and make optimum use of space and money. If your clientele is only going to be children, you ought to make sure that it’s kid friendly. Opt for non breakable things if you can…”

He sounded like he’d been thinking about it for a long time but i could tell the guy was just naturally street smart that way. His intelligence was almost a physical entity, tangible when you looked at him.

“Do all of your friends work for Bangtan Inc.,?” I said in genuine curiosity. He hesitated and looked at me for a second, like he wasn’t sure he wanted to encourage conversation between the both of us.

“They’re all partners. We’re equal partners , seven of us and my parents. My parents’ own the majority of the shares and the rest of it is owned by the seven of us. ”

“But technically they’re yours, right. I mean you’ll be inheriting the company after your father??”

He shrugged.

“My father’s 49. He’s good for another thirty years. I doubt I’d be getting his shares anytime soon. Till then , I get paid for my work. For the profit I bring in. All of us do and we earn almost the same amount. ” He said .

“And BTS?” I regretted asking it the moment I did.

He gave me a small smile.

“I know the dark side can be very…tempting sometimes. But trust me , you don’t want to know, sweetheart.” He shook his head.

I couldn’t agree more. turning on my heel, I quickly went back into the kitchen.

“Most of these places cost a fortune to rent out. I was telling Yoongi we should probably just buy one of them.” Seokjin said impatiently, flicking through a bunch of listings in his hand. We were sitting in his car, a navy blue Audi that probably cost a small fortune in itself. He was dressed like a college student,  in a worn out sweatshirt and ripped jeans. He also had prettier hair than me.

Scratch that, he had prettier everything.

“It is a permanent thing, right? ” Jung Kook said from where he was driving in the front seat.

“I..yeah…I guess.” I said nervously.

“In that case we’ll look for a place to buy. Yoongi ought to be able to afford it , anyway. ” Seokjin said firmly.

The rest of the morning was spent driving around various localities in Seoul visiting a bunch of shops. Finally, Seokjin settled on a nice three room studio on the first floor of a high-rise. The down payment itself boggled my mind but when he spoke to Yoongi over the phone, I heard a quiet “Fine. Book it.” from my husband.

A little surprised, I allowed Seokjin to give me a tour . But it was mostly just him and Jung Kook discussing ideas on how to make the place an effective classroom for kids. I let them do most of the discussion, they were better experienced at it, anyway.

Once they were done, Jung Kook sat me down and walked me through all the plans carefully.

“Most of the decor I’ve left blank for now. Once we set the place up, you and I can go shopping and pick out some nice vintage pieces. ” He smiled brightly. I nodded. I felt a surge of affection for my handsome husband. He was a nice guy, I thought with a pang. unfortunately, sometimes nice guys can hurt you way more than a horrible guy.

It was a little past six when I finally got back home, completely tired and sore. But I was also horribly happy. I’d had a wonderful time today and the only true regret was that I’d been worried about Yoongi all day. I’d made lunch for him of course, but sometimes he got so involved he forgot to have his meals. I made a silent vow to cook up something very delicious for the evening. As a sort of thank you for everything he’d done for me.

I found the lights  dimmed and there was a subtle scent of lavender candles in the air. I smiled in genuine surprise as I stepped up inside.

“Yoongi…?” I called out in surprise,

“Yoongi, baby…Would you like a glass of wine…”

I whirled around and stared speechless.

It was Hye Mi.

Dressed in nothing but bra and panties, with one of my husband’s thin white shirt’s thrown over her frame, essentially hiding nothing.

It took me a second to process the image.

When I finally did, nausea and bile rose up in my throat . I wanted to die.

I think a part of me actually did die.

I looked away, heart pounding.

“You? I thought Oppa was back from his shower…” Hye Mi said casually.


I tried not to let my emotions show as i nodded mutely.

“anyway, now that you’re here. I doubt we can get any privacy. Tell Oppa , I’ll call him later.” She walked over to the couch, picked up a stray skirt and slipped it on without pause. Slipping her handbag over her shoulder she walked right out.

I stood still for a really long time, unable to fully digest what had just happened.

He’d slept with her?

Was that why he’d sent me out?

I bit my lips in genuine confusion, all the pleasure from my day leaking out of me irrationally.

He doesn’t love you.

he doesn’t owe you fidelity.

“When did you get back?! where’s Hye Mi?” Yoongi’s voice sent my heart into overdrive.

I fought to rein in my scattered emotions.

“I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have…I should have called before coming…” I blurted, fighting the sudden sting of tears in my eyes . Yoongi looked at me suspiciously. His hair was still wet from the shower and he was dressed in a simple black t-shirt and white sweats. He had a file in his hand. He looked so handsome that the pain in my heart only intensified triple fold.

“What’s wrong…. Why’re you crying..? ” He demanded furiously, tossing the file away and walking over to me. I struggled to get my features under control and to manufacture an excuse .

Before I could move away, he grabbed my shoulders lightly, forcing me to look at him. His face softened a bit when a couple of tears slipped out.

“Damn it…Did she say something to upset you again?” He said , voice as gentle as he was capable of making it. I shook my head quickly.

“I’m just a little tired…” I lied, moving out of reach of his arm. He gave me one of his suspicious glances again.

“Are you sure? I thought we could order some food..”

“I’m not hungry…i..I need to lie down.” I said quickly, brushing past him to go the bedroom. I locked the door behind me and quickly changed. Once I was settled in the bed, I turned towards the wall.

The tears came slow and sure and i fought to rein in the pain that was shooting through me. I didn’t like sharing Yoongi I thought in genuine hopelessness. The thought of him with another woman, hurt me. It didn’t make sense at all, but it was true. He was my husband wasn’t he? The past few days I’d literally spent every breathing moment with him. I cooked for him, helped him around the house, made his bed and helped him dress and undress. I bought him soups, coffee when he worked late and I gave him his pain medicines on time.

In return , I didn’t want to share him.

I really didn’t.

But it wasn’t even sharing was it? I didn’t have any part of him to share, in the first place. That just brought a fresh bout of tears and I hated my self for being such a crybaby.

I cried for a really long time and when he finally came in, I held my breath, keeping my eyes closed, but well aware that he was standing right in front of me, looking down at my tear-soaked face.

Finally he sighed very loudly.

“What am i going to do with you, woman?” He said clearly, bending down and brushing my hair back.

My heart pounded so fast , i was sure he could hear it .

But then he was moving away, switching off the light and a few minutes later the bed sank under his weight. He fell asleep very quickly while I lay there, staring at the wall and contemplating just how badly I was in trouble.

If you liked the story be sure to follow me and also drop me a message and let me know what you think… Good or bad, let me know.  l. :) I’m new on tumblr and open to feedback. :) I have a lot of finished stories that i may consider posting here if I get good reviews. Thank you. :) 

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This prompt came to me for six senses. Not sure if it's something you'd feel like writing but here it is: Regina gives in slightly and starts to learn Braille and has no idea Robin is fluent in it and the discovery makes Regina fall in love with him even more than she already was.

Combining prompts here – the lovely @trina-deckers sent this prompt as well: Regina’s diagnosis gets worse.

As much as Regina Mills hates to admit defeat, she can’t deny the fact that she is, at this point, almost totally blind. She’s skated through with all her little coping mechanisms for long enough, but she can’t read on her iPad anymore – the screen just isn’t big enough. She can make out shapes on the TV, but as far as she knows, SpongeBob SquarePants is guarding Winterfell and Sofia the First just admitted to poisoning Joffrey.

It makes for an amusing show in her head, but the reality is…she’s out of time and options with regards to her vision, and she needs to accept the fact that her new reality needs to come with some new tools.

“Are you going to eat your muffin, or are you just going to pick apart its corpse?” Robin asks.

She’s so distracted, she hasn’t even noticed that her breakfast is in crumbs on the plate in front of her. She picks at the bits of streusel topping under her nails. “I guess I’m not hungry.”

“You don’t say.” She can hear the humor in his voice as he pulls her plate away. A swish, a thunk, and the clattering of china tells her that he’s loading the dishwasher, and she has to fight to keep her mouth shut, rather than reminding him that the plates go on the bottom rack.

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Sir Atticus, do you (or the shop) have calling cards? Most shops I ordered from online have one included in the packages, so I was wondering if you have one too. (I collect these things, you see.)

Not usually, no.

This will be more information than you bargained but the coffee is brewing and the waffles won’t be ready for another 5 minutes.

In general, packaging design and inserts into shipped out parcels, in my experience, follows one of two lines of thought: “go overboard” or “go lean.”

Evil Supply Co. is running a bit lean on this side of things. Earlier this year, I tweaked the free bits included at various tiers of order purchase so people would get more things at lower points and scaled back the limited package branding we do regularly. I can slate budget to “more stuff” or “package design” and that felt the best choice.

“Are you being cheap or saving your pennies?” (a question I ask myself regularly)

(Saving pennies to upgrade everything for more, bigger, free things.)

Evil Supply Co. started with a super lightweight, off-the-shelf tech platform that cost a few bucks a month. Last year, we built phase 1 of 3 at the cost of a few months of rent.

Late summer or early autumn, we’re launching the blog (because I want everything to fit together, this will cost about the same as a very cheap, very old used car). This is phase 2 of 3.

In late 2018 to mid 2019 (depending on how things shake down), phase 3 will launch, which costs about as much as a very small house in the middle of nowhere. The tech plans have been laid out, the programming bones are ready, I’m just saving up the pennies to build it up.

And then, things get really weird.

So once we have the tech system built up and things are humming, the rest of the year will be spent building, essentially, an internal ad agency exclusively servicing the companies I write about and draw for Evil Supply Co.

Along with my pennies, I’m hoarding favors from people who do things I cannot to teach me things I do not know to build up things in the background that won’t be seen for a few years yet.

But when you do!

You’ll either think “holy crap that crazy bastard did it” or have completely forgotten about this ramble or won’t have read it because you’re not part of the nearly 21,000 (this still staggers me) subscribers to this blog yet.

In short because breakfast-dinner is now ready:

I go basic on the non-product parts of your order to funnel limited resources into other things.

Frat Boy (Part 13)

Originally posted by gleefinn

Summary: Dean and the reader finish up the semester before heading off to spend winter break together…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Tags: @dancingalone21 @daydreamingintheimpala @pulgapelayo18@perpetualabsurdity  @jessiedangerous @charliebradbury1104 @squirels-angels-and-moose @imma-fcking–nerd@mint-and-pastel-pink @everyday-supernatural-af @dracsgirl​ @feelmyroarrrr​ @marcar44​ @drugpug@nerdygirlwithacrush @youwerelikeadream

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: A little dom reader for a change…

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Fruitcake and Bananas


Swept Away - Avett Brothers // Dreamer - The Head and the Heart // Dear Wormword - The Oh Hellos // Mausoleum - Seryn // Here Comes the Sun - Imaginary Future // Winter Song - Sara Bareilles; Ingrid Michaelson // Can’t Help Falling in Love - Ingrid Michaelson // Bent - Matchbox Twenty // The Minnow & The Trout - A Fine Frenzy // Across the Universe - Fiona Apple // Samson - Regina Spektor // Time After Time - Eva Cassidy // Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers, Coldplay // Sound of Silence - Kina Grannis // Unwell - Matchbox Twenty // Build Me Up From Bones - Sarah Jarosz // Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hellos // Stay (With Alessa Clare) - Zedd // First Day of My Life - Elizabeth Davis // Sunnyside - Leftover Cuties //  

Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis

Rated E

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anonymous asked:

Can you compare and contrast stelenas first love scene to delena"s?

Um, OK. First, I want to talk about the context because I maintain that in 4x07, what Elena needed was to talk to someone she trusted because her life is actually turned upside down.

I mean, she broke up with her boyfriend of three years literally a day previous; her brother brutally attacked her; her best friend tells her she doesn’t even recognize her anymore, like she’s in a really vulnerable place and she actually says earlier on in the episode that she’s confused and what she needs is to be alone to figure everything out. But instead what happens is this:

In 1x10, this is after Stefan tries to leave town because he doesn’t want to further endanger Elena’s life or the other people in the town but because Logan is a newbie vampire he stays around, checks up on her, asks if it’s OK that he’s there, he spends the entire night explaining to Elena why they can’t work:

and Elena has the entire night plus every episode since 1x07 to mull over the pros and cons of their relationship and they actually have a conversation about the danger of him being around her:

They speak about what they wanted their futures to be before their lives became what they are now:

Like they talk so much about each other, about their circumstance, about what this is, what they are, what they could[n’t] be throughout the episode and Stefan still tries to do the right thing and walk away from Elena and Elena has a moment in the car where she resolves herself and refuses to let him walk away from her, there’s build-up for the past 10 episodes and build-up within the episode that leads to this:

So now that context is out of the way, the physicality of their scenes. I mean, Damon and Elena were basically all about just finally being able to bone, relieving all of that sexual tension and frustration, like to me, it really looks like they just need to get it out of their system, it almost feels clinical in that sense because I watch them and I get it that it’s like this-is-so-hot-I-can’t-control-how-much-I-want-you frenzy type of sex but I’m like, you guys look so busy, you guys looks like you’re putting so much energy in being hot are you even enjoying anything you’re doing right now? It looks hella sloppy:

With Stelena, there’s this urgency to their kisses for sure, like they come into the living room from outside already kissing:

But there’s a sense of closeness to that urgency, they’re urgent because they have a physical need to express their love for each other, which is why Elena always brings Stefan’s head closer:

Because their first love scene is about intimacy through sex as opposed to sex for sex’s sake and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having sex just to have sex, not every time you have it has to be about love but the show is trying to convince me that DE was and it was like, you just needed to get that out of your system.

Like DE was also about, so how many spots in the living room can we hit before we get upstairs:

It’s like really quick. Stelena was about savouring being with each other, it was about connecting with each other, which also brings me to this, there’s so much eye contact between Stefan and Elena:

Because they want to see each other, they want to engage with each other, they really want to feel each other:

Like their lips linger against each other and Stefan actually kisses her again before they pull away to look at each other because they’re like legit connecting. And Damon and Elena do not make eye contact, they’re in bed and just, I mean I know it’s supposed to look like they know what they’re doing but it just looks like they’re clumsily trying to bone, like I’m just seeing limbs:

Like yeah, Elena’s smiling but that smile, to me, just looks like “lol, what are you doing?”

Stelena are like, so it’s about the journey, not the destination, I’m just really about being with you in this moment right now:

and the reciprocity of their pleasure:

And it looks like, I just want to kiss every inch of your skin, I want to memorize your body so let’s take our time.

Whereas this:

I get it, it’s supposed to be hot but again more limbs and Elena’s face just looks like, I mean yeah … as opposed to:

Where it looks like she’s reveling in Stefan’s touch and she strokes her hand over his, which is on her face and there’s MORE eye contact:

Because connection.

^^ Connection.

That’s honestly the biggest difference.

*edit* three years was supposed to be three seasons.