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  • When the Lannisters wed her to Tyrion against her will, Ser Garlan the Gallant gave her comfort, not Littlefinger. Littlefinger never lifted so much as his little finger for her. Except to get me out. He did that for me. I thought it was Ser Dontos, my poor old drunken Florian, but it was Petyr all the while.
  • All I did was build a snow castle, and she meant to push me out the Moon Door. Petyr saved me. He loved my mother well, and …And her? How could she doubt it? He had saved her
  • He was vain and cruel, and soon he will be dead. She could not save him. And why should she want to? Marillion tried to rape her, and Petyr had saved her life not once but twice.
  • He had confessed as much to Lady Lysa just before he pushed her out the Moon Door. She was mad and dangerous. She murdered her own lord husband, and would have murdered me if Petyr had not come along to save me.

-Book quotes: Sansa thinking about how Petyr saved her life. 

“Just you, me, and the brick wall UB between us.”

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Alex Hirsch please let this be how it happened
  • Bill: So if I help you fake a moon landing, you'll get NASA to build me a portal?
  • Kubrick: Yeah sure thing
  • Bill: Well okay then! Shouldn't be too hard, but you're never gonna make it look convincing enough on Earth
  • Kubrick: Yeah that's what I was thinking. We need to film this thing on-location.
  • Bill: On the moon?
  • Kubrick: Yeah on the moon
  • Bill: Of course you do.

dear adam,
i am unwound.

dear adam,
my fists bite concrete like an apple, my knuckles are blood-stained and singing. my hands are confused. my hands are all turned around. they don’t know what to do when they’re not reaching for you.

dear adam,
if i dreamt you, does that mean we get to do what we do in my dreams? a wonder of muscles and organs, synapses and nerves. a miracle of moving- nevermind.

dear adam,
god doesn’t know who you are, but he knows who i am, what i am, what this is. i am always asking, “please?” and i am always looking at you.

dear adam,
i get reckless when i think about your mouth. gas pedal, shift. your skin. gas pedal, shift. your throat. gas pedal, shift. your mouth. crash.

dear adam,
the secrets inside of me know your name.

dear adam,
i can build that ramp to the moon for you. let me take you somewhere where you can finally sleep. i can build a world for us, for you. i can build eveything but you loving me back.

—  “DEAR ADAM”, kat excelsors

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hi dawn <3

47. If you could have any characters powers who’s would you have?

um, GREEN LANTERN. superman who? wonder woman where? green lanterns have the best power set, you can pretty much do anything - catch me flying to the moon. i can build a dragon, and then ride it. how awesome is that? i could fight people with swords while flying in the middle of space, that’s essentially my dream life. 

41. Jon kent or Damian Wayne?

damian. i love jon, but damian is too precious to me, batman and robin (2011) is one of my favorite things. also, i play favorites. sorry clark.

33. Batman the animated series or Superman the animated series?

B:TAS for sure, S:TAS has it’s good points, but there are parts i feel clark’s kind of an asshole (and that might well be the point) - and B:TAS, as we all know, is like the grand supreme of batman characterizations. and also i play favorites. i really love batman, don’t judge me.

“Cosmic Love” - [Dr. Chris Beck - One shot]

Based onImagine: Going on a mission to Mars and becoming friends with Dr.Chris Beck. After being together in space for too long and in a vulnerable state, he ends up confessing his love for you.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Song referenced in tittle“Cosmic Love” -Florence + the machine.

***Notes: You just might want to play this (Best with headphones):



They say there’s no sound in space and it can make you go insane or see God.

I was thankful for the soft humming of the spaceship we were trapped in because none of us were making a sound. A crew of 6 astronauts had been sent on a mission to Mars. Everything went according to plan until we were informed that we would have to stay longer in space and before they told us why, we lost contact with mission control. It was our 318th day in space, we had departed from the red planet 20 days ago, and we couldn’t establish communication with anyone on earth; it was as if they had abandoned us.

But if we had to stay longer, perhaps our task hadn’t been completed, yet we, not knowing what to do, were already on our way back and we could’ve traveled almost a year for nothing.

The 6 of us were in the dining area immersed in our own thoughts. I could see the fear in each one of them, Melissa, Alex, Rick, Chris, and Mark. If something went wrong with the space craft, no one would help us. We all had families and friends waiting for us but we felt like we would never see them again.

I looked up from my book and my eyes landed on Chris. Dr Chris Beck was our flight surgeon and probably the hopeful one of the team. 318 days were more than enough for us to become great friends. I knew he could almost read my thoughts, judging by the worried look on his face.

-What the fuck are we going to do!? –Dr. Alex snapped. –We’re not prepared for a longer stay and we’re just floating in space not knowing what to do!

-Calm down. –Commander Melissa said. –We have to be patient, I’m pretty sure they will find a way to contact us soon.

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The Red Keep: A SimDoughnut History Challenge Build

Lot Size: 40x30 (click images for Hi Res version)
Venue: Residence
Location: Willow Creek
CC: (1 object)

I know there are a lot of History Challenge players hitting the Middle Ages and in need of Castles. I also know that brendantheesimmer8900 is looking for castles for a project he is working on, so I built this castle last night.  As I remodel Willow Creek in my “Strange Worlds” gameplay save, I will be adding a “Lord’s Castle” to four of the “neighborhoods in Willow Creek.  So the Red Keep (named that cuz it’s um, Red) is essentially the second of the four with Burkett Manor being the first (which I will release in a few days). That means there are still two more castles I will be building.

The Red Keep is an empty facade. I haven’t decorated the interior yet so as to keep the custom content number at near zero. As such, the only bit of custom content in this build is the Pretty Pediments by Tea N Moon which I used to detail the windows around the keep.  While I will be setting this castle up as a five bedroom residence for my gameplay, the lot could just as easily be used as a library, or a museum, or whatever your heart’s desire.  Because the interiors are empty except for stairs and fireplaces, you can  decorate it any way you like.  It’s literally an open coloring book.

You can find the Red Keep in my SimDoughnut gallery on Origin. You will have to enable the “include custom content” button in advanced options for it to appear.  Once you do that just use the hastags #castle #redkeep #medieval or #historychallenge. I hope you enjoy the build, and if you use it in your game, please be sure to let me know.

Have fun :)!


All I did was build a snow castle, and she meant to push me out the Moon Door. Petyr saved me. He loved my mother well, and…

And her? How could she doubt it? He had saved her.

He saved Alayne, his daughter, a voice within her whispered. But she was Sansa too…and sometimes it seemed to her that the Lord Protector was two people as well. He was Petyr, her protector, warm and funny and gentle… but he was also Littlefinger, the lord she’d known at King’s Landing, smiling slyly and stroking his beard as he whispered in Queen Cersei’s ear. And Littlefinger was no friend of hers. When Joff had her beaten, the Imp defended her, not Littlefinger. When the mob sought to rape her, the Hound carried her to safety, not Littlefinger. When the Lannisters wed her to Tyrion against her will, Ser Garlan the Gallant gave her comfort, not Littlefinger. Littlefinger never lifted so much as his little finger for her.

After finally managing to coax myself out of bed this morning, I came into the computer room to see that a bunch of my Puchi Charas had been moved.

I thought Hubby had to move them to get to something and forgot to put them back this morning, but as I stood over them, I realized that wasn’t the case.

Hubby took the time before going to work to build me a heart out of tiny Sailor Moon figures to start my day.

Best Hubby truly is best.

dear adam, love ronan : i can build that ramp to the moon for you. let me take you somewhere where you can finally sleep. i can build a world for us, for you. i can build everything but you loving me back

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1. WILD - Troye Sivan / 2. My Fault - Imagine Dragons / 3. Shadow Preachers - Zella Day / 4. Every Other Freckle - alt-J / 5. fallingforyou - The 1975 / 6. Memo - Years & Years / 7. Young God - Halsey / 8. HEAVEN - Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who / 9. I Found - Amber Run / 10. ILYSB (stripped) - LANY 

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(via Drive Me To The Moon: Man Builds Space Age Automobiles - YouTube)

We’ve been together for 2 years but a year ago I had to move from the DMV to Texas, After a year of a hard long distance relationship This awesome man moved all the way to Texas to be with me and build a life together I love you to the moon and back @raatfashion and I’m the happiest woman to have you in my life ! I love you!! Now let’s build a Empire together and shut shit DOWN!