build high for happiness


Author: xiaq

Summary: “Carry me,” Stiles says.


“But I’m injured.”

“You have a rash,” Derek says. “On your arm. Your feet work just fine.”


“No. You weigh almost as much as I do. And you ate a pound of chicken at lunch.”

“Well, yeah, but I pooped like an hour ago, so.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t play, you love me.”

I do, Derek thinks, relatively horrified. I really do.

Info: 62k | Teen and Up

Notes: Why I haven’t read it sooner?! It was so awesome, seriously, at first I was a little worried, but after reading a few pages I just loved Stiles and Derek and Scott and Padraig, even if his name is so weird XD Also bamf!Stiles with the best sense of humor and the puns, all of them! I can’t wait for the sequel! It was perfect fic for lazy Sunday and it made me smile a lot :D - K.

Sneak Peek:

School is weird. Stiles is used to walking the halls with Derek subtly glaring at everyone they pass, but being flanked by four werewolves as opposed to one is a new and decidedly annoying experience. The staring, which had died down a bit, is now back with full force.

“People are staring at us,” Erica says.

“It’s because of my dazzling beauty,” Stiles mutters, wrestling with his locker.