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argonapricot – Bloodline: Captor  Inspo: From Under Bridges

Psiiiiiiii!  I’ve drawn him before as he is during current story events, but before he was the Condesce’s private trophy he was a skinny, fighty little asshole from the the distant hot reaches of the empire. UwU

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If vintage Harley-Davidsons are your scene, you need to check out the builds from Ehinger Kraftrad of Hamburg, Germany. You don’t even need to know your shovelheads from your panheads to appreciate the level of kraft that @uwe_ehinger pours into each bike.
Every two years, Uwe takes a break from commissioned builds and designs a bike for himself. This is the initial concept for his latest personal build, an understated, super-classy knucklehead.
Want to see the finished bike in the metal? Hit the link in our bio.
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