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I have a question—wait, that's pretty obvious, lol. Anyway, is Kara Zor-El stronger that's Superman in the New 52 or does it just seem that way since she doesn't have the same level of control as Clark does? Thank you and I love your blog by the way!

i’d say it’s because she has a lot less control than clark does! he’s lived his entire life in a world made of paper, and has had years to hone his control. not being in control of his powers is the most terrifying thing to him, and he lives in a state of constant fear that he’s going to slip, and people are going to get hurt because of that - that all leads to clark using way less strength in fights than he could, because he’s used to keeping it on such a tight rein, and that action is mostly subconscious for him. have i mentioned lately, just out of the blue, that i love superman and think he deserves the whole wide world.

but kara has not had any of that! at all! none of it! so it’s only natural that there appears to be a strength disparity. there is no real justification for kara to be actually stronger, because yellow radiation should affect them the same unilaterally. unless she’s pumping some serious iron, but then, how the hell do you lift weights when you can bench a car and not really sweat it? how would you be working out? follow for more quality questions

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you, of course, don't have to answer this, but out of curiosity, around how many more chapters do we have left before you anticipate reaching the end of lucky us ?

Me: *tries to answer this last night, dozes off*
Me: *tries to answer this now, dramatically lip syncs The Scientist instead*

UhhhhUUUUUUHHHHH… what chapter are we on?

Chapter 24 is… *squints* Wednesday of week six… one chapter to wrap up screaming week… at least two chapters to build up to the competition finale, the finale itself is two chapters with a cliffhanger right at the worst possible moment, and an epilogue chapter.

Looks like we might make it to Chapter 30 after all! :D

(But that could change. For my sake, I hope it doesn’t.)

honestly though i can’t believe how many fascinating subjects are taught in school in a way that makes you absolutely despise them. example: i had an electronics class in my first year of uni. it was boring as fuck and felt completely useless, and i remember nothing from it. but lately i found a book about building robots that also teaches you the very basics of electronics, and it’s so interesting??? i just spent my pocket money to buy a bunch of cables and LEDs and resistors and I can’t way to start building shit? i’m finally using my multimeter? i learned more from three chapters of this book than from entire semester of electronics at uni and i’m so sad that the topic was so butchered by my professors. honestly

In Japan, @harleydavidson has been running the same dealer-based Battle Of The Kings contest that we’ve seen in Europe. But it’s the Street Build Off competition that has made our jaws hit the floor.
This Street 750 flat tracker comes from @hideki_hoshikawa of Asterisk. It’s got a complete new cro-moly frame, classic 43mm Ceriani forks up front and a cutting-edge Öhlins TTX GP shock out back. The wheels are Roland Sands’ Del Mars—19 inches both front and back—shod with Dunlop DT3 race rubber.
We’d take it for a ride in a heartbeat—would you?
To see the other four incredible customs from the Street Build Off competition, hit the link in our bio.
@darkcustom_japan #streetbuildoff #harleydavidson #flattracker #harleygram #street750 #HDCustomKings #DarkCustom #LiveYourLegend #bikeexif

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Actually Nintendo has been doing the shortage thing to increase demand for like, ever,,, Look into the launch of Super Mario Bros 2, it was WILD lmao

I know that, but at least most people were able to obtain it. This is legit impossible; even my friends in retail can’t get a switch for me.

They’re playing the game TOO HARD rn :/

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What are some cute date ideas for the beach? My boyfriend absolutely loves going to the beach and has been dying to go!

get some plastic shovels and buckets and challenge each other to a sand castle building competition! or build one together!

pack a picnic if you aren’t too worried about sand getting in your food!

stay for the sunset! sunsets on the beach are amazing!

get those disposable underwater cameras that tourist always have! then you can take pictures without worrying about how they look until you get them developed! plus, getting them developed will be like reliving the day all over again!

let me know if none of these work out for y’all or if you need more!

“ Cardio, Abs & Obliques - Muffin Top ”.

(So I’m gonna post some workouts like this.. I don’t own any of this, but I’m sure as hell these will help us). Stay Healthy. All the love.

30k Space Wolves

So with Russ nearing completion (Wednesday possibly Thursday night) I need to give him some back up on the battlefield, well probably… I like to think he could take on a whole army. But that’s just me…

Inferno has been out a little while now, I’ve had a chance to read the Space Wolf specific pages thanks to a google image search (the book is like £80, I’ll figure out how to justify that one day). Space Wolves look, interesting, different to other legions, as is only right and true. But has anyone else spotted any interesting builds? I don’t want to net list, Russ knows I’ve looked for them but they aren’t really there yet, but I do want to build a “competitive” army. I will be playing games with them I would like to win some of them.

Deathsworn look amazing (need to find more frost axes - more on that tomorrow). Artificer armour and a power axe as standard with the option to upgrade the axe to a frost weapon. And they swing at I1 even if they have died, so long as at least one member of the squad is still standing at that initiative stage. They are your proto Wulfen for sure. Now… Do I keep them all with the axes or upgrade one to something that’s only ap3 but striking before the axes swing… Rad grenades for 30points? Are they worth it?

Grey Slayers. These are your proto-Grey Hunters. They come stock with bolt pistol and combat weapon but you can also give them a bolter for 3 points and swap the combat weapon for a power weapon for 5 points (that almost seems a no brainer. No?) What’s going to be the best way to equip the Huscarl/Squad leader? Artificer armour, probably. But do I give him a different weapon? Power sword looks like the way to go with a powerfist on just a normal Grey Slayer?

Looking at their two rites of war I’ll probably go for the first option. It limits me to only one heavy choice (hello Fire Raptor) and no artillery or drop pods. Those I can live with… Artillery isn’t exactly the Warriors way, yeah I’m looking at you Perturabo!

But it gives me +1 to reserves, hit and run (2d6 rather than 3d6) on anything not in terminator armour and… and this is the rule that’s most tempting me. Fury of the Pack. If I charge an enemy that’s already locked in combat the charging squad gets +1 attack. Shenanigans wise, I’m thinking attach an independent character to a squad, break him off, charge with him and then charge with the rest of the squad… Risky but could be worth it…

Anything I’m missing? What other gems have people seen? Are rad grenades worth 30points?!?


Drum roll: Here’s the winner of the @HarleyDavidsonJapan Street Build Off competition.
It’s an incredible drag-style style Street 750, from Yoshikazu Ueda and Yuichi Yoshizawa of Custom Works Zon.
The motor is slung in a single-cradle frame and there’s completely new suspension front and back. The fuel tank has been moved to the seat cowl, permitting a low-slung fake front tank. Poking out is a jockey shifter, with the clutch operated by the pedal you’d normally use to change gear.
The other four customs from the Street Build Off competition are just as amazing. Hit the link in our bio to see them all.
Image by @banbi1125 | @cwzon @darkcustom_japan | #streetbuildoff #harleydavidson #chopper #harleygram #street750 #HDCustomKings #DarkCustom #LiveYourLegend #bikeexif

*Looking at pictures of yourself from before build season*

I was so happy, so… full of life. Totes were just totes, and recycling containers were just trash cans. The only place litter was thrown was in the garbage. Recycling was just something I did to help the environment. I… I had a social life, friends who didn’t know what “autonomous mode” meant. I was so naive. So rested. Just look at me. I’m even wearing a shirt without metal shavings or Mountain Dew stains on it. I was so alive. So free.

We’re seeing more and Milwaukee metal in the alt-moto and café racer scenes.
Harley’s European arm made a big splash last year with the first #BattleOfTheKings dealer build-off competition. BOTK is now back for a second run, this time with the Iron 833 Sportster as the base bike.
Several racier builds have caught our eye. Here’s one of our favorites, from the English builder @shawspeed and shot by @leebrettphotography.
Shaw have fitted their own seat, rear subframe and bars, and raided the @harleydavidson catalog for the headlight, grips and axle covers. A hike in power comes from a Screamin’ Eagle Race Tuner and air filter, with gases exiting via a very tidy Roland Sands Design Slant exhaust system.
To see five more killer Sportster builds, just hit the link in our bio.
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